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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Spring Breaks in the Sun: Suitcase Essentials

It’s no surprise that many of us are dreaming of faraway lands; the weather in the UK is shocking at the moment and while spring should, technically, be around the corner, who knows when the nice weather will eventually turn up! In the meantime, visions of sun, sea and sand wouldn’t go amiss and with plenty of last minute deals available online, we wouldn’t blame you if you decided to go ahead and book. But, what should you pack to ensure that you will look and feel great? Many holiday destinations offer milder climes at this time of year, so you may wish to think about your staple holiday wardrobe and what you should take to ensure you’re warm, no matter what.
If the weather behaves itself and the winds stay low, you’ll undoubtedly head for the pool or the beach at least a couple of times during your break. Whether it’s an all-in-one cozzie, a tankini or one of the many bikinis on the market that take your fancy, there’s bound to be a perfect piece of swimwear available for you. Take a look at the George bikinis for some fabulous, affordable style inspiration.
Don’t forget to take something that you can use as a beach bag too, rather than trying to lug everything by hand every time you fancy bronzing your bod!

Day Clothes
Shorts and vest tops wouldn’t go amiss, but pack a few t shirts with short sleeves and cap sleeves, too. Depending on where you’re going, a couple of thin, long sleeve tops may be handy too, just in case it’s a little mild one day.
Evening Clothes
The evening is a great opportunity to dress up, whether you’re staying at the hotel restaurant or you’re venturing out into the resort. Your trusty little black dress would be ideal, and can be accessorised with jewellery, sandals and scarves or pashminas so that if you’re trying to travel light, it can be reworn. Maxi dresses are also a winner, while cotton or linen trousers with a simple strappy top or blouse would be perfect for an elegant evening.
Sun Hat
Even if you’re expecting mild weather, you can never be too sure. Pack a hat just in case the sun comes out in full force and remember that you can still burn, even if there’s cloud cover. Make sure you have plenty of suncream with you, too.

Light Jacket
You never know, do you? If you don’t pack a jacket, chances are you’ll be faced with a rainy or chilly day. Pack one, just in case, and at least you’re ready for it if the weather does take a turn for the worse.
Whether you are holidaying for a weekend, a week or more, packing appropriately can help you to ensure that your wardrobe requirements are covered, no matter what weather comes your way. While the UK’s weather is renowned for being a little unpredictable, you can never be too sure when you’re abroad, either!


Friday, 13 December 2013

Christmas Gifts for the Kids

When it comes to Christmas, my Nieces and Nephews get more toys given to them than the local Toys-R-Us and as much as I want to be the 'fun' Auntie, I also want to buy them something useful, that will get used and not played with a few seconds on Christmas Day and then forgotten about until the time comes for Mum to have a sort through and donate unwanted toys to those less fortunate.

This year, I have something fun yet useful that will get used as an idea and something that fits in with all of their age-groups

Now if I was a small child, I would be wanting one of these for myself.  Naturally I wouldn't just give them as they are, I would hide things in them to make sure I still command and hold the title of 'Fun' Auntie.

So allow me to introduce you to the Trolleys, cases, backpacks and Trunkies that I came across on Direct luggage and whilst there is quite a selection to choose from, these are my favourite items.

At Number One we have Cuties and Chick Trolley Case and Backpack Set in Yellow and Orange and it consists of both a backpack and suitcase which is on wheels, as well as an adjustable handle.

At Number Two for the boys or the girls we have Cuties and Pals Penguin Trolley Case and Backpack Set in White and Black and as above this set also consists of both a backpack and suitcase which is on wheels, as well as an adjustable handle.

As well as Penguins and Chicks, there is also bee's and pigs within this range as well as a Dinosaur.

Numbers Three and Four are the well known and advertised Trunkies and these comes actually come with names.  So Number Three with have Trixie and Number Four is Terence and they are designed to be used as hand luggage and so the kids can pack Trunki with all their favourite toys then ride off, whilst parents keep an eye on them.

I personally think these would make great gifts, more so if they have a selection box and toy hidden inside them and they are both practical and useful.  If these are not really your thing then there are a lot of other products, for example Samsonite Holdalls with wheels, Cabin Luggage, Totes and casual bags to name but a few.

What type of gift do you buy your nieces and nephews? 
 Are you the 'Fun' Auntie/Uncle?
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