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Monday, 26 October 2015

The Best Winter Breaks In Europe

With the freezing winds back again, for most of us holiday planning is at the bottom of the priority list. Most Brits are used to enjoying a trip to a European city in the heights of summer, when ice cream can be taste-tested and there are plenty of beaches to enjoy. That said, if any of your loved ones are a stickler for a good Christmas gift, a little trip could be the perfect answer. Nowhere does Christmas better than the Baltics, from gorgeous craft markets to incredible fruit wines. A few luxury winter cruise ideas, courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Lines, might spark that wanderlust.

For plenty of hearty food and excellent hospitality, look no further than Sweden. Not only can you take a winter safari to see the wild elk and moose in the snow, but you can experience the Northern Lights in December. Alternatively, experience indigenous Samí culture, including learning to cook traditional recipes like dried Reindeer soup. Southwards, in Malmo and Stockholm, you can get some souvenirs or gifts from the bustling markets.
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Winter in Finland is truly a snowy wonderland, with something for any age. Visit Santa and his Deer at Lapland, where you can stay in an Igloo between skiing, dog-sledding, and ice-fishing. For a more cosmopolitan break, Helsinki is awash with great things to do, from enjoying a steam in a traditional Sauna at the grand Kotiharjun, or watch the parades marching through the city for St. Lucia’s Day. There’s plenty for the eyes and the ears, as during December many city church choirs perform recitals for passers by.

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Britain’s Christmas spirit has absolutely nothing on Germany. Hamburg’s Christmas market is incredibly diverse, from a toy street to a nightclub area; Stuttgart’s 320 year old annual market offers traditional Black Forest treats and crafts over a background of stunning lantern decorations and free choral concerts. Be sure to make the most of the delicious locally-made stollen and brandy on your way through the crowds.

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One of the best ports of call in Lithuania is Vilinius, which in spite of the blankets of snow refuses to slow down for a minute. Christmas markets are a rarity here compared with other cities, but the grand Christmas tree in the centre of town makes a magnificent centrepiece to the eclectic architecture of the city. A walk to Subaciaus Street provides gorgeous panoramic views of the city, while Vingus Park has some great hills for sledding in the snow.

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Where would your ideal winter break be?

Thursday, 20 November 2014

How to Control Frizz on Your Winter Holiday + Winter Sun Giveaway

Now winter is on its way your hair is probably used to the cold, rainy weather here in Britain but once you step off that plane on your winter holiday this year into the heat and humidity of lands afar, the chances are frizz will attack. 

Even if you’re lucky enough to escape the heat then, by the time you’ve been in and out of the sea you’re almost certainly going to fall victim to flyaway hairs and messy tangles. So what can you do to control your frizzy hair whilst you’re away on holiday this winter? Here are my top tips on how to tame those locks and maintain the perfect hair on holiday. 

Hydrate Your Hair 
Damaged, dry hair usually means that the cuticles of your hair have been raised and it is this damage to the cuticles that cause your hair to appear frizzy. To help combat this problem, make sure that you’re using a moisturising shampoo and conditioner and try using a hair mask to help re-hydrate your locks.

Use What Nature Gave You
Your hair contains natural oils that help to combat frizz without even having to touch a bottle of hair care product. Avoid washing your hair every day to allow the natural oils to do their thing and use a boar-bristle hairbrush to help distribute these oils across your hair evenly. 

Don’t Over-Style Your Hair 

Being away on holiday gives you the chance to bathe in the endless sunshine, take a dip in the hotel pool or even splash around in the crystal blue sea. But all that sun exposure, chlorine and sea salt, unfortunately, isn’t so appealing to your poor hair. Understandably you want to glam yourself up as you hit the town in the evening but the trick to escape frizz is to not style your hair too much. 

Avoid blow drying your hair and if possible, try to find a style that suits you that doesn’t involve any heat styling at all. If you’re lucky enough to get natural beach waves, enhance these curls with a sea-salt spray or even use specially designed curly hair products to help add more shape and definition. If your hair can’t be tamed so easily try a simple up-do or an easy plait to keep your hair away from of your face.

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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Spring Breaks in the Sun: Suitcase Essentials

It’s no surprise that many of us are dreaming of faraway lands; the weather in the UK is shocking at the moment and while spring should, technically, be around the corner, who knows when the nice weather will eventually turn up! In the meantime, visions of sun, sea and sand wouldn’t go amiss and with plenty of last minute deals available online, we wouldn’t blame you if you decided to go ahead and book. But, what should you pack to ensure that you will look and feel great? Many holiday destinations offer milder climes at this time of year, so you may wish to think about your staple holiday wardrobe and what you should take to ensure you’re warm, no matter what.
If the weather behaves itself and the winds stay low, you’ll undoubtedly head for the pool or the beach at least a couple of times during your break. Whether it’s an all-in-one cozzie, a tankini or one of the many bikinis on the market that take your fancy, there’s bound to be a perfect piece of swimwear available for you. Take a look at the George bikinis for some fabulous, affordable style inspiration.
Don’t forget to take something that you can use as a beach bag too, rather than trying to lug everything by hand every time you fancy bronzing your bod!

Day Clothes
Shorts and vest tops wouldn’t go amiss, but pack a few t shirts with short sleeves and cap sleeves, too. Depending on where you’re going, a couple of thin, long sleeve tops may be handy too, just in case it’s a little mild one day.
Evening Clothes
The evening is a great opportunity to dress up, whether you’re staying at the hotel restaurant or you’re venturing out into the resort. Your trusty little black dress would be ideal, and can be accessorised with jewellery, sandals and scarves or pashminas so that if you’re trying to travel light, it can be reworn. Maxi dresses are also a winner, while cotton or linen trousers with a simple strappy top or blouse would be perfect for an elegant evening.
Sun Hat
Even if you’re expecting mild weather, you can never be too sure. Pack a hat just in case the sun comes out in full force and remember that you can still burn, even if there’s cloud cover. Make sure you have plenty of suncream with you, too.

Light Jacket
You never know, do you? If you don’t pack a jacket, chances are you’ll be faced with a rainy or chilly day. Pack one, just in case, and at least you’re ready for it if the weather does take a turn for the worse.
Whether you are holidaying for a weekend, a week or more, packing appropriately can help you to ensure that your wardrobe requirements are covered, no matter what weather comes your way. While the UK’s weather is renowned for being a little unpredictable, you can never be too sure when you’re abroad, either!


Monday, 5 August 2013

Dirty Works V Soap and Glory - is it a dupe?

You know when you use a few different products and suddenly one reminds you of another? Well that happened to me whilst I was on holiday.  As mentioned in a previous post, see HERE, I took with me lots of travel sized lotions and potions and whilst using my Soap and Glory products I realised they smelt similar to another product that I had received for my birthday from a friend.

Here are those products:

Dirty Works are a brand of bath and body products that you find for sale in Sainsburys and quite a lot of the Blogs I follow have reviewed them.  I got the package above as a birthday present from a friend who knew I liked Soap and Glory but promised me this brand would be just as good if not better.

However, I don't know if anyone else has noticed this and please note I did say 'similar' and not the same, but it was with Scrub of your life that I first noticed that there was a similar scent to Buff your Stuff and when I got home I used both of the products one after another to look further into it:

Dirty works on the left and Soap and Glory on the right

Neither product look similar and truth me told the Soap and Glory Scrub is much thicker in texture than Dirty Works though the scrub particles are similar.  The similarity comes with the scent and that is all it is, similar.  The fruity smell I have come to know and love with Soap and Glory products is very similar with this particular Dirty Works product and could it be a very good dupe?

The Scrub of your life currently costs £7 for 200ml whereas Buff Your Stuff from Dirty Works costs £3.99 for 200ml which is quite a big saving.

Have you noticed this? Have you tried a Dirty Works product?

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Inhibitif: The End of being a Shave Slave - on holiday!!

You'll probably know by now that I have been trialling Inhibitif on my blog and not only do I like it... I love it. For those of you who haven't read about it, my Inhibitif series can be found:
The idea of this product is that you apply Inhibitif evenly on shaved or waxed body areas twice per day for 2 months or until body hair appears nearly invisible. Then reduce application to 3 times per week to maintain results. Then you should see initial results within 2 weeks and then within 2 months hair should appear finer and finer until the hair removal routine becomes easier and less in frequency as the graphic below shows.

The End of being a Shave Slave - on holiday!!

So as I was going away for 6 nights and couldn't take my Inhibitif with me and nor could I at the last minute find a bottle to transfer some into that would be okay for hand luggage (that is all I took) then I would have to go without it and see how my legs reacted.  So before I left, I continued using Inhibitif as you do 3 times a week and I found I had to shave my legs once, twice a week at the most (beforehand it was every other day).

So the morning that I left, my legs were shaved and sprayed leaving them all nice, soft, smooth, hair free and moisurised as shown below:

The End of being a Shave Slave - on holiday!!

When I came back 6 days later, this is what you can see...

The End of being a Shave Slave - on holiday!!

Just a few small stubbly bits of hair had become visible and for the first time I didn't feel I had to rush out and grab a razor whilst on holiday to shave my legs due to paranoia particularly as I wouldn't have got one in my hand luggage.

Have you tried Inhibitif yet? What are your thoughts on it?

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