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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Moschino Gold Fresh Couture Eau De Parfum

Moschino, pronounced mos-keen-o have come up with not one, or two but now three incredible fragrances which are unlike anything else I have ever owned, tried or worn. Why? Well the bottle is always a good place to start.  
Moschino Gold Fresh Couture Eau De Parfum
Moschino Gold Fresh Couture Eau De Parfum
Moschino Gold Fresh Couture Eau De Parfum
Moschino Gold Fresh Couture is the third fragrance within the collection and once again taking inspiration from from the iconic cleaning spray bottle, which most of us quite possibly have within our kitchens. Taking on that bottle and making it incredible more than once is quite an achievement and this time it is a whole new level of incredible because it is blingtastic, it is gold and perhaps most importantly of all, the fragrance is simply amazing.
In the spirit of its wearer, the Moschino Gold Fresh Couture Eau de Parfum was made to grab your attention. Just as she sparkles and shines in her own way, the intoxicating sensuality of the sublime gold bottle paired with its sensual aroma of feminity will become an indispensable part of your daily routine.

Sitting within the Fruity Floral family but with woody facets and for me, it is that which makes it an incredible scent. Gold Fresh Couture has top notes of Yellow Mandarine Orpur®, Pear and Rhubarb Granita, White Vine Peach which it give it an incredible fruity blast as the middle notes of Jasmine, Mahonial, Golden Chain Orchid (Scenttrek®) brings about the floral notes which come together with the fruity notes to give this fragrance one amazing scent before the base notes of Precious Sandalwood, Musk, Vanilla, Akigalawood give a dark and warm woody subtleness which, for me, makes this scent and one that I couldn't fail to not love instantly.

On the skin, what I love about this fragrance is that it comes into its own as it starts to dry down.  The immediate burst of fruit when combined with the rest of the notes are just delightful and for me, it is a scent which lasts all day and is not one I need to re-apply mid-afternoon which is quite some staying power and it is also a scent I can still catch a sniff of the following day on my clothes.  Without a doubt, this is my favourite fragrance within the Moschino collection and it is available in 30ml (£42), 50ml (£60) and 100ml (£80) and you can find it in places such as House of Fraser, Feelunique, Escentual and all other know fragrance stores nationwide.

Have you tried any of the Moschino fragrances?

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Friday, 6 October 2017

Moschino Pink Fresh Couture EDT

Whoever came up with the idea of making a perfume look like a bottle of Windex is nothing short of a genius, the man in question of course is one Jeremy Scott, a designer who is known for his outlandish and cartoonish designs and one who was appointed creative director of Moschino in 2013.
Moschino Pink Fresh Couture EDT
Moschino Pink Fresh Couture EDT
Moschino introduced Fresh Couture, my social media went mad for the fragrance and this year with the launch of Pink Fresh Couture, the very same thing happened and it comes with the following description: 
The story of the now world-famous 'cleaning spray' bottle moves on to the next chapter, with the captivating irony of the design continuing to cause a stir. Moschino pink fresh couture is the new, fresh floral fragrance for her. A brand new object of desire by moschino that interprets the original essence in a delightful and refreshing way.
Slightly humorous, ironic but every bit amazing, Pink Fresh Couture is incredibly pink and everything about it is amazing. How could anyone not want to have this within their collection?
Moschino Pink Fresh Couture EDT
Moschino Pink Fresh Couture EDT

The scent itself very much sits within the Fruity Floral group, my favourite and I am not sure anyone would have been expecting the scent to be as good as it is, infact I prefer it to the original. Opening up with top of of pink grapefruit alongside Cassis and Lily of the Valley which already are an incredible mix together, though the Cassis which is a deep dark scent of wild blackcurrants and blackberries for me are the notable opening scent. With the heart notes as the scent settles we have Pomegranate, Wild Rose and Pink Hyacinth which for me allows the wild rose and Pomegranate to dominate before the base notes of Cedar Wood, Ambrox and Musk which are much lighter than expected but it gives a great fresh scent which for me works really well. After around 15 minutes on the skin, for me this is when the Pink Grapefruit and the Musk, they are both incredible together and it is without question a very feminine fragrance.

Thankfully for me the mister also likes the scent which is always a good thing when I douse myself in it. Even though it is an eau de toilette it has a really strong scent and amazing lasting power to the point that I can spray this in a morning and still catch a whiff some 7-8 hours later.  A 30ml bottle retails for around £30 and a 50ml costs in the region of £42 here

A really lovely, quirky and beautiful scent that is one you will remember for years to come!

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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Victor&Rolf Flowerbomb Bloom Perfume

If you are a fan of perfumes as much as I am, then each new release causes a little stir of excitement. Victor &Rolf Flowerbomb Bloom is a scent I have pretty worn for the last few weeks on a daily basis and it is just incredible. Flowerbomb Bloom is an updated of the iconic Flowerbomb scent which was released back in 2005 (feeling old right now) and it is every bit as beautiful perhaps even more so, than its older sister.

Victor&Rolf Flowerbomb Bloom Perfume
Victor&Rolf Flowerbomb Bloom Perfume
Victor&Rolf Flowerbomb Bloom Perfume
Victor&Rolf Flowerbomb Bloom Perfume
Victor&Rolf Flowerbomb Bloom Perfume
Arriving in a similar bottle to the original design, this one is a slightly more elgonated diamond shaped bottle but it is just as pretty and again the logo themed wax stamp is also present and for me, it does add a little extra to the packaging and then again to the bottle.

I love that this fragrance comes with a mantra and it is "to turn the impossible to the possible and celebrate going from winter into spring when flowers start to bloom".  There was no doubt that I would adore this perfume as I am already a fan of the original and anything with Jasmine as a note within a fragrance always gets the thumbs up.  Sitting firmly in the floriental category, Flowerbomb Bloom has top notes of pomegranate accord, Bergamot and Mandarin and as an opener to a perfume, this is really quite stunning because it is strong and fruity but soon settles as the heart notes of Rose, Jasmine, Freesia and Pure Air Molecule which is an intriguing note but as whole, they bring together the beautiful floral notes to the scent which then lead to the base notes of Musk, Vanilla and Patchouli which add a sort of powdery scent to what is an incredible scent which is just perfect for Spring.

On the skin, Flowerbomb Blooms last such an incredible amount of time and it is one of those scents which when applied in a morning you can still smell it in an evening. Available from £45 you can find this perfume in most stores such as Boots, House of Fraser, Debenhams and John Lewis to name a few, you need to try it.

*this post contains PR samples/Affiliate Links unless indicated otherwise

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Library of Fragrance Perfume

If you hadn't guessed by now, one of the most popular items in this household bwteen Beautykinguk and I is something smelly - either a candle or some perfume/aftershave, infact between us, we probably make The Perfume Shop look half empty! When I heard about the new launch of The Library of Fragrance, I was really excited, if you are a US reader then your version is called Demeter. The Library of Fragrance here in the UK has a massive collection of 101 different fragrances to choose from, and secondly, each of the 101 fragrances have been designed to smell exactly like an object and experience from life so imagine my difficulty when it came to selecting a scent!

I looked at each and everyone within the catalogue to choose from and randomly rattled it down to five - Jasmine, Holy Water, Bulgarian Rose, Peony and Rain. All of which to me sounded like scents I would love. That said Thunderstorm, Fresh coconut, Fireplace, Wet Garden and Play Dough are all quirky enough to have caught my attention.  So if you do struggle to select a scent and want to order a few, then you can actually layer these scents one over the other to create your own individual scent - how amazing is that?  This is the first time I have heard of doing something like that and it is definitely something i am going to try.

I was sent the Jasmine scent which happens to be my favourite scent currently and it is every bit as amazing as I was expecting it to be. firstly the packaging, it is such a great rectangular shape that it stands out immediately, then the label which is quite old-fashioned but clear to read, with everything you need to know being visible right on front of you. described as follows:

"Jasmine – exotic, sweet, warm and heady. Our Jasmine fragrance is the experience of the living flowers picked on a beautifully fragrant spring night – at night because this is when the jasmine flower opens its petals and bestows us with its most intoxicating fragrance.

Captivating and seductive, jasmine is one of the flowers most valued by perfumers, and is largely grown in the French region of Grasse, the home of perfumery. Jasmine’s mood-inducing scent is one of the most distinct of all natural odours. If you like your fragrance to make an impact and to announce your arrival, our Jasmine is the scent for you"

Jasmine scent from The Library of Fragrance

The Library of Fragrance Close Up

The Library of Fragrance - jasmine without lid

I absolutely love this scent and have worn it a lot since it came into my possession, it isn't over the top when first spritzed but it does last a good 4-5 hours before you need to re-apply and given the size of the bottle, it is a handy size for carrying around in your handbag.

You can purchase The Library of Fragrance's scents from their own website, or you buy from selected Boots stores. Each of The Library of Fragrance perfumes are 30ml in size, and cost just £15 each.

What do you think to this concept? Has any of the scents caught your attention?

Friday, 22 August 2014

DKNY Be Delicious!

Every now and again I come across a product/brand and have an obsession. The current obsession is DKNY Be Delicious perfumes, they smell absolutely phenomenal and I cannot get enough of them.

I currently have three of the eight (that I have seen) that are available and I absolutely love the scent of all the ones I have tried and am sure I will be adding to my collection.

DKNY Be Delicious!DKNY Be Delicious!DKNY Be Delicious!

DKNY Be Delicious  - This perfume is described as being "A refreshing scent in an iconic apple-shaped bottle tempts you to take a bite out of life. A sophisticated blend of apples, exotic flowers and woods creates a fresh, juicy scent that can only be called delicious."  This was the first DKNY Be Delicious perfume I tried and I loved it from the first spritz, it works well with my skin and is really long lasting and I use it so much I have recently re-purchased, hence the reason I have two.

DKNY Red Delicious - This perfume is described as being "Sunflowers symbolizes the sun, capturing its goodness, naturalness and energy. The sunflower best represents what women today strive to become: strong, beautiful, healthy, smart and intuitive".  I bought this without smelling it, there was an offer in Boots and it was less than half price, last bottle, slightly damaged box and it was too good for me not to buy it.  That said, as soon as I spritzed it, I loved it.  Again it works well on my skin and is quite floral and simply lovely, I can't help but love it.

Be Delicious Fresh Blossom - This perfume is described as follows: "DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom transports you to that first stroll of spring in Central Park when it's abloom with flowers. Like a flirtatious smile it charms everyone it encounters. Light-hearted and intensely feminine, the scent is a mix of luscious fruit and delectable flowers. A blend of sparkling grapefruit, cassis and sun-kissed apricot meets a heart of sheer muguet and petal rose, wrapped in luminous jasmine. The apple sensation finishes with a body-lingering base of blonde woods and smooth skin accords. You can't help be instantly smitten as will he". I bought this in the airport in France a it was on offer for £19 and I knew it was missing from my collection, luckily I was able to try it before I bought it and surprise surprise I loved it, so much so I managed to encourage one of my work colleagues to buy it for his girlfriend who also loved it.

Now all I need are the following to complete my collection:

From LtoR - Be Delicious Night, Be Delicious City Blossom Urban Violet, Be Delicious Golden Delicious Hydrating, Be Delicious Skin Hydrating, Be Delicious Fresh Blossom Skin Hydrating

And of course the new DKNY My NY which I cannot wait to try.

Do you have any of the DKNY perfumes in your collection?
Do you have a favorite?

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Fragrance Shop Discovery Club - Summer Edition 2014

I am a huge perfume fan, love it and I am one of thoe people who loves perfume samples.  What better way to decide whether or not you like the scent of something? We do it with make-up, so why not perfume? Back in April 2013 I brought to my blog a new subcription box from The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club which you can see HERE and again in June which is HERE and then September which is HEREthen the final box of 2013 HERE if you didn’t see it.  Already in 2014 I have had the spring edition which you can find HERE.

For those of you not in the know this is the description of the box, which is a subscription:

"If you love fragrance, then you'll love our Discovery Club.

Our exciting new club allows you to explore the very latest fragrance launches from the comfort of your own home. For just £5 per quarter, each edition comes with fragrance samples for you to try, details on each of the fragrances included, as well as discount vouchers so you can make some big savings on all the scents featured."

This quarter I have the Summer Edition 2014 which includes both male and female scents and this is what is in the box:

So I have seven different samples this month and I am quite excited by some of them.

Prada Candy Florale - Evolved from the concept of an imaginary flower created especially for Candy. Candy's fantasy flower must be unique, embodying her many facets: the fragrance’s light airiness puts the sparkle in her, tender powdery notes echo her grace. A whisper of warmth & honey reflects sensuality.

I have seen this perfume everywhere but have never found a bottle with any in it to try it out.  So having now been able to try it, with a name like 'Florale' it comes as no surprise that it is lightly floral yet sweet and a scent I actually really like.

Paco Rabanne Lady Million Eau -  The Million freshness is an episode of luxurious delirium and an over-the-top celebration, provoking an exhilarating euphoria. Lady Million, immersed in a state of freedom & ecstasy follows her instincts; flirtatious, eccentric and more mischievous than ever.

If ever there was a scent talked about so much, it is this one.  I was really not expecting to like it at all, I am not really a fan of the female Paco Rabanne perfumes, they usually have an odd scent to them and I dislike the male version intensely but I quite like this. It wouldn't be a perfume of choice because the woody notes are too strong for my liking once it has settled on the skin.

Agent Provocateur Fatale - Enticing and seductive it has a irresistible signature personality, that embodies the Femme Fatale. A blend of Pink Pepper, Mango & Blackcurrant. A heart of Gardenia, Orris Absolute & Patchouli. On a sultry base of Musk, Vanilla Orchid, Chocolate Gourmand & Labdanum.

Having already had a sample of this in my You Beauty box and as a scent I liked it, quite floral and fruity at the same time and it tends to last quite a long time on my skin.

Givenchy Dahlia Divin - Like an Haute Couture gown this golden fragrance envelopes with its divine golden hues for a lasting enchanting memory. Dahlia Divin makes its perfumery debut with notes of golden fruit; Mirabelle Plum. Entwined with the aroma of a bouquet of white flowers, highlighted by Jasmine like a ray of pure light.

I am a huge fan of Givenchy perfumes having fallen in love with Irresistible not too long ago.  Dahlia Divine is a scent which I neither like not hate, it is quite floral smelling and takes quite a while to settle down, but I love the scent of Jasmine and once the scent has settled down, it is quite lovely.

Ghost Eclipse - Invigorating, dynamic and fresh, Eclipse, the brand new fragrance from GHOST, will awaken the senses and evoke a feeling of femininity. Eclipse, resonant with sunlight, but is now joined with the darkness of the Deep Night fragrance. Capturing the warm energy of the sun, and the sultriness of night.

This scent I really don't like much at all, the woody notes again are too strong for me and take over the floral scent which is actually really nice from the first spritz.

Then we have two male fragrances which is also nice to get, particularly when you live with BeautykingUk who is obsessed with aftershave.

Lacoste L!ve - A fresh yet deep fragrance blending edgy style and authenticity. Energetic,creative and cool. The ingredients are expertly blended, but also stand out individually.The zesty notes of this fragrance reflect the unique nature of LACOSTE L!VE: energetic and bright.

He says - "Incredibly subtle with a slight hint of zest, though you wouldn't know it was lime".  

Givenchy Gentlemen Only Intense - Gentlemen Only Intense offers a sensual, powerful and subtle version of Gentlemen Only. Complementing its predecessor, this new fragrance reaches new heights, where the seductive power of a rich, almost hypnotic scent naturally asserts itself.

He says (after smelling the wrong arm!!) "It is quite light and fresh with a slight zing, you can tell it is going to be spicy as soon as you apply to the skin, once settled it creates a really nice fragrance" 

Once again, I am really pleased with this box and I love the fact I have new samples to test and try out without having to go into a shop and cover myself in perfumes to see if they smell okay on my skin, yes I am that lazy.  

Within the accompanying magazine which tells you about all of the fragrances is also an offer of £5 off each fragrance if you purchase them online.

If you think this is something you would like to sign up to, you can find the link HERE along with further information.

So what do you think to my box? Are you a subscriber? 

Are any of these perfumes/aftershaves ones you own?

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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Signorina Eleganza by Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo is not a name of a brand I have ever come across and this is one of the things I love about blogging, the things it introduces you too and allows you to be a part of.

Elegance and femininity are two things which spring to mind when I look at Signorina Eleganza.  The bottle is very dainty and delicate not to mention beautiful to look at, everything from the writing on the bottle to the dusky pink ribbon, which gives it that extra feminine touch, makes me want to use it.

Signorina Eleganza

Signorina Eleganza by Salvatore Ferragamo

Signorina Eleganza by Salvatore Ferragamo

The fragrance hosts a lot of different ingredients which include:

Head notes - Grapefruit, pear
Heart notes - Almond powder and Osmanthus petals
Base notes - Patchouli and White Leather

All together they work to give the most beautiful floral and fruity scent which lingers on the skin.  Once on the skin, it lasts such a long time, it is one of those scents which leaves a trail behind it, whilst being subtle yet noticeable, this is one fragrance that I have come to absolutely love wearing and have had quite a few compliments about.

Launched this March, the bottle comes in three different sizes which are:
  • 30 ml Eau de Parfum Spray £42 
  • 50 ml Eau de Parfum Spray £60 
  • 100 ml Eau de Parfum Spray £81
Have you tried any scents from Salvatore Ferragamo?

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Top 5 Summer Scents

This post is about my favourite scents for the summer, it appeared on the lovely Vicky of Lots of Love, Me blog as a guest post. I am a huge lover of perfume and my collection is slowly growing, there are one or two favourites that I could never be without - Bvlgari Pour Femme being one of them.  Every now and again though I like a change and often find my inspiration from some samples that I receive.  All of the perfumes which feature within this post have grown on me and have been purchased from samples.

Top 5 summer scents

So as you can see there us quite a few brands here and starting in the top left we have Bvlgari Rose which was released in 2006 and is a scent that I loved from a very first spritz. described as follows:

Rose Essentielle is the richest and most sophisticated fragrance in the Bvlgari pour Femme Collection. Since 2006, this scent has been the ultimate expression of luxury, it offers women who seek an extremely sensual floral signature the perfect evening complement.

The ingredients add a youthful and graceful touch to the original scent, reminiscent of a delicate Rose. The added fruity notes of Bergamot and Orange add a zesty sparkle to the richness of the precious Rose notes in the heart of the composition, making this fragrance refined, transparent and luminous.

The fact there are two rose scents make this perfume absolutely stunning and is something you should all try and sample if like me you love rose scented products.  It has a really good longevity about it once spritzed and is one of those fragrances which will last all day.

Next we have DKNY Be Delicious. This is the only perfume from the range that I currently own, I say currently because I am keen to add more of them to my collection. Again I loved this from the first spritz and is described as follows:

"A modern feast for the senses, this juicy fragrance combines the scent of apple with a sophisticated blend of exotic flowers and sensual woods"

It literally smells just like the description and is one of those scents that has a long lasting scent and I find that if I spray it on my way to work in a morning, I can still catch a sniff of it on my way home 8-9 hours later.

Givenchy Very Irresistible is next and I got a sample of this in a perfume sample subscription box and wore it everyday until the sample ran out and then bought a full sized version.  It is described as follows:

"Very Irresistable Givenchy eau de toilette was created, from a unique alliance of 5 roses, the queen of flowers, emblematic of Hubert de Givenchy and Audrey Hepburn. The 5 roses are sublimated by their association with star anise, giving a bright, radiant, energetic and mouth-watering twist to the fragrance. The end result is a unique sensation of sheer seduction and luminous attraction".

Again for me it is that rose scent which catches my love and attention, there is something about it which works well with my skin and makes it last for a long time once it has been spritzed.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine was gifted to me by my work colleagues and at first I wasn't too sure that I liked it.  I persevered with it and now I absolutely love it, more so than the original Daisy.  It is described as a:

"Radiant and sparkling, the fragrance captivates with a mood-brightening infusion of juicy red fruits. The heart blooms with notes of vivid spring blossoms and tender lychee, then dries down to a velvety base of blushing apricot skin and musky woods".

Once you spritz it, the first scent you get is one of fruit and as the scent settles it does become less vibrant and in your face and more subtle and that is when I love it the most. Again it lasts a good 5-6 hours before you would need to re-apply it.

The final perfume is Miss Dior Cherie, a classic and another scent which took a while to grow on me, but once it did I loved it.  Described as follows:

"Romantic by nature, Miss Dior Chérie inspires an intense and playful love, for which she is also searching. She personifies the spontaneous joie de vivre of today's young women, representing a particular type of freedom and seduction. The fragrance is characterised by an instant and captivating charm".

Again this fragrance combines the use of Turkish Rose and Bulgarian Rose to give it one of its main scents so it is not a surprise that I like it, but it also includes Patchouli and Neroli which make up the fruity scent.  This perfume is one which needs just a slight spritzing as it is quite a powerful scent and another one which can and will last all day long, it takes a good 2-3 hours when on my skin to fade slightly and again I can still smell it on my skin 8-9 hours later.

So those are my favourite scents for the summer.  Do you change your perfume during each season?  Do you have a signature scent for the summer and is there anything you would recommend I try?

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Yves Rocher Comme une Evidence Eau de parfum

Perfume is one of the things I love in life and I am quite choosy about what I like and what I don't like, so when I was sent some Yves Rocher Comme Une Evidence Eau De Parfum** to review I was initially quite nervous that it wouldn't be something I liked.

Packaged inside a dusty pink coloured box, The bottle looks to be slightly plain until you look a little more closely whereupon which it is made of quite chunky glass and when the sun shines on it, you can see just hows pink the bottle is and one of the first things I noticed was the solidness of the bottom of the bottle where the pink colour is more evident.  

Yves Rocher Comme une Evidence Eau de parfum

Yves Rocher Comme une Evidence Eau de parfum

This perfume features two of my favourite scents -  Rose and Jasmine and for me these are the two most detectable scents within the perfume.  Working with:

  • Top notes of both bergamot and violet leaves. 
  • Heart notes: rose, jasmine, wild lily of the valley
  • Base note: patchouli
All these come together to create a lovely perfume. Once it has been spritzed onto the skin, the rose and jasmine for me really come to life to make it a wonderful spring and summer scent and the fragrance itself on the skin lasts pretty much all day when I am wearing it.  

So from a perfume I initially didn't think I would like, it has become one that I absolutely love and I would definitely want to check out more perfumes from this range.

What's your perfect Spring/Summer scent? 

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Love Rocks Candle - Bomb Cosmetics

If you hadn't gathered by now, I am a huge fan of candles, whatever their shape or size, I love them.  I find them relaxing, they create a relaxing atmosphere and of course send wonderful scents throughout the home.

Bomb Cosmetics have so many amazing candles, they come in tins, glasses, paint tins and teacups to name but a few, all of which you can see HERE.  I am currently burning Love Rocks which is a tinned candle and described as being 'truly sensuous'.

Love Rocks Candle - Bomb Cosmetics

Love Rocks Candle - Bomb Cosmetics

Love Rocks Candle - Bomb Cosmetics

Love Rocks Candle - Bomb Cosmetics

As you can see it is very decorative and a little biy funky, quite different to alot of the candles you purchase online, in your local supermarket or from specialist shops.  I love the design and colour of this candle, the hearts which are placed around the wick, for me, give it such a fabulous and fun finish.

A further description of this candle reads "A truly opulent floral- musky fragrance fashioned from luxurious accords of heliotrope and lilac blossoms, white violets and ylang ylang, enveloped in layers of velvety musks. Vanilla and soft woods infuse the base, while a sparkle of bergamot freshens the top".  Now this candle contains some of my favourite scents and as soon as the lid is removed, some of those scents have already come to life.

Priced at £7.99 you get around 35 hours burn time with this candle and the amazing thing is, you only need to burn it for 2-3 hours before extinguishing the wick for that scent to have filled every room in your home, it is lovely and floral and thankfully the vanilla isn't too overpowering, it is there and noticeable within the scent but it is the Lilac and violet that are the more dominant scents, or the ones I can detect the most.

Have you ever tried one of these candles?

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Fruity Melon Yankee Candles!

I love the fact my local Asda now sells Yankee Candles, though it can sometimes be too difficult to walk past the aisle within which they reside and not pick up a few everytime I am in there.

The latest additions to my collection is this set - Fruity Melon.  Priced at £13 for the Large jar which has a burn time of 60-95 hours and the samplers which have a burn time of around 15 hours are £1 each they are total bargains.

Fruity Melon Yankee Candles

Fruity Melon Yankee Candles

Fruity Melon Yankee Candles

Fruity Melon Yankee Candles

I always smell the candles before I buy them because if I don't like the scent on first sniff, then I know I won't like it once it is lit.  One thing I am always looking for is a hint of vanilla because it is one of those scents which can give me a headache, so I stay well clear.  This candle though was an instant hit as soon as I sniffed it.

So what does it smell like?  A fresh melon, a watermelon to be exact.  The first time you cut into a watermelon and you pick up that fruity scent, that is what you get with this candle, but obviously no seeds and no mess.  Once it is alight, the same scent permeates the room within which the candle resides and slowly works it way around the house.  The reason I have come to like it so much is because it is such a fresh scent and one that is definitely designed to burn on a chilly spring morning to just add a hint of scent.

I am a big fan of this candle, everything from the bright green colour to the fruity scent, it isn't too heavy and it smells wonderful from the moment it begins to burn to a good few hours after you have blown it out.

Have you bought any new Yankee Candles lately?

Monday, 17 February 2014

Treasured Orchid Range - Ted Baker

When Ted Bakers new and indulgent Treasured Orchid** bath and body range dropped through my letterbox to try, I knew I wouldn't be disappointed.  Over the last few months, I have been really surprised at how good the Ted Baker Range is, whether it is a handbag perfume, nail polish or something for the man in your life, these products have been amazing quality.

The Treasured Orchid Range, is said to be inspired by Ted's latest fashion collection.  Described as being Beautifully Feminine, the print packaging which is a lovely shade of pink, is one that stands out.

The products I have been using are a hand cream, body wash and body spray which all feature the scent of rose, so if you are a fan of products with a rose scent, then these might just be for you.

Treasured Obsessions - Ted Baker

Treasured Obsessions - Ted Baker

Treasured Obsessions - Ted Baker

Treasured Obsessions - Ted Baker

Treasured Obsessions - Ted Baker

The hand cream is a moisturising hand cream which is made with rose, sandalwood and raspberry, is white in colour and of a medium texture.  As soon as it comes into contact with the skin it absorbs itself instantly, leaving behind a floral yet fruity scent on your skin. It also contains Shea Butter which has natural moisturising properties.

The body wash, which is clear in colour with no tint to it again features rose, sandalwood and raspberry and the scent is similar, though not quite the same as the hand cream, it is much more of a floral scent.

The final product is the aptly described 'vivacious' body spray, in its clear plastic bottle with spritz applicator, the liquid inside looks the colour I would expect the hand cream and the shower gel to look.  once it has been spritzed, again with a combination of rose, sandalwood and raspberry and for me this is the one which has the fruitiest scent to it, the raspberry being more notable than the rose.

These products are available in Boots with prices starting at just £5.50 right up to £10 for a travel set and £15 for a gift box.  All of which make a lovely present and a great addition to your collection.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Ted Baker Purse Spray

When I took the Ted Baker test to see which Purse Spray I was most like, I was quite surprised.  The Purse Sprays comes in four different scents and are 10ml each in size, so they are perfect for popping into your handbag.

So here is the test - which one are you?

Ted Baker Purse Spray

I spent a few minutes pondering my response to each question and my repsonses mostly matched B which is Polly.

Ted Baker Purse Spray

So let me introduce Polly** to you:

Ted Baker Purse Spray

Ted Baker Purse Spray

Ted Baker Purse Spray

Ted Baker Purse Spray

Ted Baker Purse Spray

Polly is described as follows "Girly yet grown up, Polly's a sweet Heart with a wild streak. For Ladies who like to spice things up, she's the ultimate partner-in-crime on a girl's night out.  This sweet floral aroma begins with juicy tones of mandarin, red berries and peach whilst the Heart entwines white jasmine, honeysuckle and peony with shades of vanilla, amber, patchouli and white musk in the Base".

As soon as I spritzed this on my wrist to get a scent, the first thing you notice is that mixture of floral and juicy tones together which smell simply divine. Once it has been sprayed the scent is fairly strong to begin with and once it settles down it lasts for hours and I can wear this all day at work and still smell it on my clothes when I am on my home after a 9 hour day.

I really like the bottle this perfume comes in, taking on the Ombre look with its purple bottle, the lid features the Ted Baker initials and really makes for a stunning finish.

Retailing at just £15, this perfume is perfect for carrying in your handbag and it looks pretty alongside the rest of your collection.

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