Friday, 22 March 2019

Justbox Perfumes - Live 'N' Loud Eau de Parfum

This week is National Fragrance Week and what a better way to celebrate it than to introduce a brand new scent from a brand that until now, I had never come across.  Jusbox fragrances are described collectively as being an exclusive range of luxury fragrances inspired by the connection between perfume and music.
Justbox Perfumes - Live 'N' Loud Eau de Parfum
Justbox Perfumes - Live 'N' Loud Eau de Parfum
Two things that evoke thoughts, feelings, memories and in some cases nostalgia are music and perfume.  I can always remember where I was and what I was doing when one of my favourite songs comes onto my Spotify playlist, it is on that favourites list for a reason and with it comes a whole host of memories.  With perfume, I have a collection of fragrances that mean something to me personally, be it Tribe (review here) which brings me back to my teenage years of Bvlgari Pour Femme which I wore on my wedding day, the two things combined is quite powerful.

Anyone who knows me will know that I love an Oud, not just any Oud, it has to be a good one and when you find one, you will know it is for you.  Live 'N' Loud comes exquisitely packaged from its brightly coloured musical note decorated outer box, to the inner detailing and the bottle itself, it screams luxury and it most definitely is and it also has quite the description.
Live’n’Loud is a scented compilation whose notes reproduce, through the aroma therapeutic power of smells, similar beneficial sensation as music genres. It conveys playlists that boost the mind. An opulent yet celebratory fragrance which starts with a hint of Disco and Hip-hop and then turns into more sensual accords of Latino and Rock. Punk and Heavy metal perform in the end to give power and adrenaline. Dominique Ropion played with spices, flowers, woods, amber and leather, to convey energy and zest.
The fragrance has top notes of Bergamot and Cardamom and when sprayed it is bright, it is fresh, it is zingy and it is warm. It is definitely a strong in your face kind of opening scent that you cannot help but love, I did as soon as I spritzed it. The middle notes of Cinnamon, Rose and Geranium take those strong opening notes and really brings them back down to earth as the freshness of the rose and geranium take control and allow the cinnamon to sit there in the background without taking over and dominating the fragrance.  As the scent settles the base notes of Patchouli, Amber, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Labdanum, musk and Oud which in this scent is Agarwood come together to bring about this incredible earthy scent that just grabs your attention and gives Live 'N' Loud its place within the Oudy Florential family.
Justbox Perfumes - Live 'N' Loud Eau de Parfum
Justbox Perfumes - Live 'N' Loud Eau de Parfum
Available from Selfridges for £140 this is one fragrance you will definitely remember purchasing, it is one you will not forget wearing and it is as beautiful a fragrance as the packaging within it sits.

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Thursday, 21 March 2019

Roccabox - March Edition

Roccabox launched almost two years ago and I am delighted to see that it is still in circulation and have featured quite a few of the previous boxes on my blog, including the launch box.  Last week, I was surprised with the March Edition of Roccabox and it is all about GRLPWR following on from International Women's Day.  This box wants to see sassiness, smiles and selfies and celebrate everything that makes us fabulously female.  
Roccabox - March Edition
Everything inside this months box has been chosen to help you feel confident and ready for anything and it is a brilliant edit.

The first item out of the box comes from Grow Gorgeous Thickening Hair & Scalp Mask Intense. Described as being a deeply nourishing treatment for thin, fine and flat hair. 
Grow Gorgeous Thickening Hair and Scalp Mask Intense
Using a powerful blend of amino acids and Caffeine which work to strengthen individual strands of hair, the formula is also enriched with Coconut Oil and Hyaluronic Acid which works to replenish and add intense moisture for a hydrated scalp as well as to promote healthy hair growth, all without weighing down the hair.

Next is the Perfect V Beauty Sheet, a brand I have never come across until now.  This beauty sheet is designed to cleanse, refresh and pamper the V area as it is so delicately described. 
V Beauty Sheet
Refreshing and pH balanced, they are great for being on-the-go and as they are individually packaged, they are also kept clean and fresh each time you need to use one.

I am a huge fan of This Works and within this box we have the Stress Check Roller Ball and it is definitely one of those products I have on my desk and my bedside table.
This Works Stress Check Roller Ball
Using a blend of essential oils which includes Lavender, Vetivert, Camomile, Frankincense and Eucalyptus, they come together to help to relieve mental and physical feelings of tension and stress.  What I love about this is the fact it is a rollerball, so it is something you can use whilst being on the go, all you need to do is roll the rollerball across your pulse points and breathe in, allowing the essential oils to work their magic.

I absolutely love a good face mask and within this box is the Detox Purifying Recovery Mask by Mudmasky. 
Mudmasky Detox Purifying Recovery Mask
This mask is designed to refine pores and brighten the complexion while keeping your skin hydrated and smooth.  This mask works to balance the skin's pH and it is packed full of amazing ingredients which include premium Montmorillonite Clay safely eliminates toxic substances and impurities from your skin, Allantoin, which comes from the COmfrey Plant which smooths your skin and helps to reduce redness as well as flaking, Citrus acid of the Calamondin fruit which removes dead skin cells and leaves the skin looking much brighter and more radiant and Raw uncut Japanese Matcha tea which not only protects against harmful UV rays, it also works to restore your skins elasticity and repairs environmental damage.

With two different masks being included within this box, it was great to see the inclusion of Popbands.  I have been a huge fan of Popbands for what feels like years now and I have amassed quite the collection in all different colours.
Popband Essentials
Popbands are soft and stretchy which when worn in the hair, particularly to secure a ponytail, does not leave a dent/kink in the hair.  They also don't rip hair from the head when you unfasten your ponytail likesome traditional bobbles do and I usually have a Popband around my wrist on in my makeup for when I need to tie up my hair. 

Vitamin Infused teas are not something I am too familiar with, but within this box, there was the inclusion of a sachet and it stood out because of how brightly coloured the packaging was.
Tea+ Cleanse
This is the Tea+ Cleanse and the blurb states that they have been designed to give your body a little TLC, both inside and out. This particular option is a supercharged antioxidant blend of Selenium, Vitamin C, Biotin, Milk Thistle and Dandelion Root which work to support the immune system as well as to maintain the health of your hair, skin and nails.

The final product within the box is the Hude Beauty Liquid Lipstick Matte in shade Girlfriend. I have quite a few of these matte liquid lipsticks within my stash and I absolutely love the formula.
Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick in shade Girlfriend
The shade Girlfriend is described as being a light apricot nude and whilst it isn't a shade I would personally wear, the formula is just so lovely to apply and wear. It is non-drying, it applies like a dream as it glides onto the lips and when it has dried to a matte, it doesn' leave your lips feeling as though they might crack if you talk or smile.

I think this has been a fabulous box and one which really fits in within its theme.  I love that there is something for the hair and face and a mixture of makeup and beauty tools too. Priced at just £10 per month if bought separately, Roccabox is a subscription service and there are further subscription offers available to choose from here.

I would love to know what you think of this months Roccabox!

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