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Saturday, 24 October 2015


When someone utters the word 'Bikini' to me I almost break out into a sweat. There is absolutely no way that I was ever created to wear a bikini, not with my generous share of bosoms anyway! So when Blossom Lingerie sent me their interactive guide to finding the best bikini style for pear shaped body shapes, I thought nothing to lose, lets have a look. Take a look at the Blossom Lingerie website to see the full interactive guide.

So, if you have what is described as being a 'pear shaped body', you will carry more weight below the waist, meaning that your hips and thighs are much wider than your torso and possibly your shoulders. By following the right guides, you can accentuate your good bits, hide your not-so-good bits, and will end up looking and feeling absolutely gorgeous.

Apparently, a great way to lengthen your body is to wear what is called a tasselled bikini top that is longer in the middle.  Now I am not one to keep up with fashion, but anything with tassels is going to have my cats swinging from it and in this area no thank you. However, jokes aside, the angles of the tassels on a bikini top like this are said to create vertical curves that will complement your natural body shape. It is also said that this type of design will also draw out your stomach whilst lengthening your body. This boho look is in at the moment, and you have the added bonus of being able to play around with patterns and colours t your hearts content. Choose a clean-skirted brief that rests below the largest part of your thighs to best show off your smaller waist.

What type of Bikini are you comfortable in?


Wednesday, 25 June 2014

How to Rock Swimwear this Summer

How to Rock Swimwear this Summer

Whatever your shape or size there's guaranteed to a swimsuit or bikini to suit you. It's funny how, the minute the sun comes out, we all dread getting into our swimwear that summer - we hit the gym, jump on the wii fit, go out for more runs and try to eat healthier, just to look that little bit better on the beach and by the pool. There are certain tricks you can use however that will help transform your body, highlight your best bits and hide the ones you aren't so keen on, without upping the fitness routine. So how do you do that with swimwear? Read on and take a look:

Boyish and Slim Figures

If you want to create curves, go for a padded bikini top. You can also add the illusion of being slightly wider than you are by wearing horizontal stripes. You'll also find that you can wear pretty much any type of swimwear thanks to your fantastic figure, be it a string bikini or a cut out swimming costume. You may find it hard to believe but a cut out swimming costume can actually create curves thanks to the way in which it's cut, so don't shy away from them.

Big Bust

If you have a large bust, you need a costume that offers plenty of support. Whether that's in an underwired bikini, or a costume or tankini with built in support, is up to you, but you need to have your assets under control so to speak. Halternecks are great for this, but you can get away with wearing any style of neck if the support is right. If you want to create the illusion of smaller breasts, wear a lighter colour on your bottom half and a darker colour on top.

Large Stomachs

Many women are conscious of their tummies, particularly after having children, but the key is to disguise it. Buy a swimsuit with added support in the stomach area to help cinch you in where you need it, and consider one with ruching around the tummy or prints, both of which will help to disguise what's going on under your swimming cossie. George at ASDA's swimwear offers some great choices to help ladies who'd prefer to keep their tummy underwraps, including the Bodysculpt Mixed Animal Print Swimsuit and the Spot Ruche Swimsuit. Both of which are just what ladies with insecurities about their tummies need to feel confident on the beach this summer.

Pear Shaped

If you're bigger on the hips than you are on your bust, try a costume that is darker on the bottom than on the top. This will give the perception that you are in fact smaller on your bottom half than you are. You might also find that a chevron style print will work equally as well when worn all over the costume.

If all else fails of course there are some amazing cover ups that are just perfect for the beach and around the pool available to buy from George at ASDA and on the high street, so, no matter what, you'll end up feeling confident in your swimwear this year.


Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Spring Breaks in the Sun: Suitcase Essentials

It’s no surprise that many of us are dreaming of faraway lands; the weather in the UK is shocking at the moment and while spring should, technically, be around the corner, who knows when the nice weather will eventually turn up! In the meantime, visions of sun, sea and sand wouldn’t go amiss and with plenty of last minute deals available online, we wouldn’t blame you if you decided to go ahead and book. But, what should you pack to ensure that you will look and feel great? Many holiday destinations offer milder climes at this time of year, so you may wish to think about your staple holiday wardrobe and what you should take to ensure you’re warm, no matter what.
If the weather behaves itself and the winds stay low, you’ll undoubtedly head for the pool or the beach at least a couple of times during your break. Whether it’s an all-in-one cozzie, a tankini or one of the many bikinis on the market that take your fancy, there’s bound to be a perfect piece of swimwear available for you. Take a look at the George bikinis for some fabulous, affordable style inspiration.
Don’t forget to take something that you can use as a beach bag too, rather than trying to lug everything by hand every time you fancy bronzing your bod!

Day Clothes
Shorts and vest tops wouldn’t go amiss, but pack a few t shirts with short sleeves and cap sleeves, too. Depending on where you’re going, a couple of thin, long sleeve tops may be handy too, just in case it’s a little mild one day.
Evening Clothes
The evening is a great opportunity to dress up, whether you’re staying at the hotel restaurant or you’re venturing out into the resort. Your trusty little black dress would be ideal, and can be accessorised with jewellery, sandals and scarves or pashminas so that if you’re trying to travel light, it can be reworn. Maxi dresses are also a winner, while cotton or linen trousers with a simple strappy top or blouse would be perfect for an elegant evening.
Sun Hat
Even if you’re expecting mild weather, you can never be too sure. Pack a hat just in case the sun comes out in full force and remember that you can still burn, even if there’s cloud cover. Make sure you have plenty of suncream with you, too.

Light Jacket
You never know, do you? If you don’t pack a jacket, chances are you’ll be faced with a rainy or chilly day. Pack one, just in case, and at least you’re ready for it if the weather does take a turn for the worse.
Whether you are holidaying for a weekend, a week or more, packing appropriately can help you to ensure that your wardrobe requirements are covered, no matter what weather comes your way. While the UK’s weather is renowned for being a little unpredictable, you can never be too sure when you’re abroad, either!

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