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Wednesday 6 December 2023

Understanding Fashion: Why Maxi Dresses Are Wardrobe Staples

Fashion is a dynamic and ever-evolving realm, with trends coming and going like the seasons. However, amidst the constant flux of style preferences, some wardrobe staples have stood the test of time. Maxi dresses, with their timeless appeal and versatility, have been a beloved choice for women's fashion for decades.
Understanding Fashion: Why Maxi Dresses Are Wardrobe Staples
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These graceful garments have a unique ability to seamlessly blend comfort, elegance, and style, making them a perennial favorite among fashion enthusiasts. In this article, we'll explore why maxi dresses have maintained their popularity and delve into the range of maxi dresses available to cater to various tastes and occasions.

A Timeless Classic
Maxi dresses have graced the fashion scene for many years, and their enduring popularity can be attributed to their timeless appeal. These floor-length dresses exude an effortless and chic charm that transcends passing trends. Whether you're attending a casual summer picnic, a beach wedding, or an upscale evening event, maxi dresses can adapt to the occasion with ease. Their ability to strike a balance between comfort and sophistication makes them an indispensable item in any woman's wardrobe.

The Range of Maxi Dresses
One of the most appealing aspects of maxi dresses is the vast range of styles, fabrics, and designs available. This versatility ensures that there's a maxi dress for every woman, regardless of her personal style or the event she's attending.

Casual Comfort
Maxi dresses come in various casual styles, perfect for everyday wear. Soft, breathable fabrics like cotton and jersey make these dresses ideal for relaxed outings. Whether you prefer a classic solid-colored maxi dress or one adorned with playful patterns, you can find a casual maxi dress that suits your taste. These dresses can be paired with sandals, sneakers, or even ankle boots for a laid-back, bohemian look.

Boho Chic
Bohemian-inspired maxi dresses are another popular choice. With their flowing silhouettes, vibrant prints, and intricate embroidery, these dresses capture the free-spirited essence of boho fashion. They are perfect for music festivals, beach vacations, or any event where you want to channel your inner bohemian goddess.

Elegant Evening Wear
Maxi dresses also shine as elegant evening wear. Designed with luxurious fabrics like silk, satin, or chiffon, these dresses exude sophistication and glamour. They often feature intricate details such as beading, sequins, or lace, making them ideal for formal events, galas, or romantic dinners. Accessorize with statement jewelry and high heels to complete the ensemble.

Effortless Beach Attire
For those sunny days by the shore, nothing beats a breezy beach maxi dress. These dresses are usually made from lightweight materials like linen or gauze, allowing you to stay cool and comfortable while enjoying the ocean breeze. Many beach maxi dresses also feature open backs, halter necks, or adjustable straps, adding an extra touch of summery allure.

Versatile Wrap Dresses
Wrap maxi dresses are a versatile option that suits a variety of body types. Their wrap-around design allows for a customizable fit, cinching the waist and accentuating curves. Whether you opt for a floral print, a solid color, or a trendy animal print, wrap maxi dresses can effortlessly transition from daytime outings to evening soirées.

The Timeless Appeal
Maxi dresses continue to captivate fashion enthusiasts for several reasons. Their versatility, comfort, and elegance make them a reliable choice for a range of occasions. Moreover, maxi dresses are incredibly forgiving when it comes to body types, offering a flattering silhouette that many women appreciate.

Their ability to adapt to different settings is also a significant factor in their enduring popularity. Whether you want to create a casual, boho, or upscale look, there's a maxi dress to match your vision. This adaptability allows women to express their personal style while staying comfortable and confident.

Another reason for the continued love for maxi dresses is their seasonal flexibility. While they are often associated with summer due to their airy designs and lightweight fabrics, maxi dresses can easily transition into other seasons with the right layering. Add a denim jacket, cardigan, or stylish blazer, and you can enjoy your maxi dress during spring and autumn as well.

In the world of women's fashion, certain items withstand the ever-changing tides of trends and remain steadfast in the hearts of fashion-conscious individuals. Maxi dresses are a prime example of such enduring classics. Their timeless appeal, versatility, and wide range of styles have ensured their continued popularity for decades.

From casual comfort to elegant evening wear, maxi dresses have proven themselves as wardrobe staples that can cater to various occasions and preferences. Whether you're strolling on the beach, attending a formal gala, or simply enjoying a sunny day, there's a maxi dress that can effortlessly elevate your style and make you feel both comfortable and chic. So, the next time you're in doubt about what to wear, consider reaching for a maxi dress, and you'll understand why these garments have remained beloved fashion choices for generations.

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Wednesday 16 August 2023

The Resurgence of Baggy Jeans: A Fashion Statement Worth Embracing

In the ever-evolving realm of fashion, trends come and go, often making a stylish resurgence when least expected. Baggy jeans, once deemed relics of the past, have reemerged on the fashion scene, commanding attention and challenging our notions of style. While some critics may argue that baggy jeans belong to a bygone era, it's undeniable that these roomy bottoms are making a triumphant comeback as a symbol of comfort, self-expression, and an ode to nostalgia.
The Resurgence of Baggy Jeans: A Fashion Statement Worth Embracing
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The idea of fashionable baggy jeans might have seemed paradoxical not too long ago, but today, this phrase encapsulates a prevailing trend that's taken the fashion world by storm. Baggy jeans, characterized by their relaxed fit and loose silhouette, evoke memories of the '90s and early 2000s when oversized clothing was all the rage. However, fashion has a cyclical nature, and what was once considered passé has now resurfaced with a fresh and modern twist. This comeback isn't just about replicating past styles; it's about embracing the comfort and confidence that baggy jeans offer in an increasingly fast-paced world.

One reason behind the resurgence of baggy jeans is their departure from the restrictive skinny jeans that have dominated the fashion landscape for years. As society's focus shifts towards body positivity and inclusivity, there's a growing demand for clothing that accommodates various body types and sizes. Baggy jeans, with their forgiving cut and relaxed fit, cater to this need by providing comfort without compromising on style. The popularity of baggy jeans is, therefore, a reflection of our changing attitudes towards embracing one's unique body shape and size.

Moreover, baggy jeans offer a canvas for self-expression that is both effortless and bold. The roomy nature of these jeans allows for creative styling, enabling wearers to experiment with different looks. Rolled cuffs, half-tucked shirts, and layered outfits are just a few examples of how individuals can personalize their appearance while sporting baggy jeans. This adaptability is one of the key factors that make baggy jeans fashionable—each person can imbue their own personality and flair into their outfits, setting themselves apart from the cookie-cutter styles of the past.

Nostalgia also plays a significant role in the resurgence of baggy jeans. As the adage goes, "What goes around comes around." The cyclical nature of fashion ensures that styles from previous decades are bound to resurface eventually. The return of baggy jeans taps into this collective yearning for the past, allowing both older generations to relive their youth and younger ones to experience a fashion era they missed. This blend of old and new creates a unique sense of nostalgia that resonates with a wide audience, further fueling the trend's popularity.

The rise of streetwear and athleisure aesthetics has also contributed to the fashionable status of baggy jeans. As casual and comfortable clothing becomes more mainstream, baggy jeans fit seamlessly into these contemporary styles. Paired with oversized hoodies, sneakers, and statement accessories, baggy jeans contribute to a relaxed yet stylish look that's favoured by celebrities, influencers, and fashion enthusiasts alike. This fusion of comfort and coolness is a driving force behind the appeal of baggy jeans in today's fashion landscape.

In conclusion, the question of whether baggy jeans are fashionable is unequivocally answered by the resounding return of this trend to the forefront of the fashion world. While detractors may have dismissed them as outdated, baggy jeans have reemerged with a fresh and modern perspective.

Their resurgence can be attributed to a variety of factors, including their departure from restrictive styles, their role in embracing body positivity, the canvas they provide for self-expression, the tug of nostalgia, and their seamless integration with contemporary streetwear. The amalgamation of these elements has propelled baggy jeans back into the limelight, capturing the hearts of fashion enthusiasts and casual wearers alike.

So, whether you're looking to make a bold style statement or simply seeking comfort without sacrificing style, it's safe to say that baggy jeans have once again proven their place in the world of fashion.

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Wednesday 18 August 2021

Turning Fashion Blogging Into A Money-making Career

If you have started a blog then there is a good chance that, like most, you started it because you have a genuine interest in what you’re writing and you want to cover it. Over time, you build a community and a commitment that makes you want to keep going, but you also want to make sure that your time is worth it. To that end, how do you make money from a beauty or fashion blog?

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Placing ads on the site

There are advertisement networks that you can connect your website to in order to generate revenue. Perhaps the most famous of these networks is Google AdSense, which lets you display ads with very little effort. In general, however, ads are becoming less and less popular in the online space, with more and more people using ad-blocking apps to make sure that they never see them in the first place so, if you do want to use ads, try to be subtle and considerate in how you place them.

Becoming an affiliate

Perhaps the most widely available option for most bloggers is to go the way of affiliate marketing. Before you start blogging, it’s important to know what kind of posts you’re okay with doing and what kinds of products and news you want to cover. When choosing affiliates, who will ask you to include links or products in your posts, you want to make sure that you’re choosing the kind of brands and products that you would cover anyway so that you find it easier to write about them and the subject matter isn’t jarring to your audience.

The path of the influencer

Nowadays, most people in the fashion and beauty space are aiming to become influencers. Influencers typically have a closer relationship with the brands they cover than affiliates, becoming publicly tied with the brand and often being shown wearing it. Getting ties with the high-end brands, like Rolex brand ambassadors, can be very difficult indeed since these brands are so well known they’re more likely to go for celebrity roles. However, there are a lot of up and coming fashion and beauty brands that may be better suited to developing relationships with fresher faces, too.

Sell your expertise

If you manage to make a name for yourself in the fashion and beauty world as having a good sense of style, then you might be able to sell that expertise. For instance, you might be able to teach your readers more about your niche through online classes, seminars, or even one-on-one sessions. It might not even be selling your fashion expertise, you might also want to look at the potential of selling photography tips or blog design lessons, using the skills that you used to build the blog in the first place.

It’s not easy to make money from fashion or beauty blogging, nor is it a path that is necessarily going to work for everyone. With the tips above, however, you might be able to find the path that works for you.

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Sunday 6 June 2021

Back To Work Outfit Help

Like most people, lockdown and Covid have really put a lot of plans on hold, on ice or still within that category of waiting to be reconfirmed.

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As life slowly and surely, begins to return to normal, we have high hopes that life on zoom is coming to an end, we have re-confirmed our belated Christmas Lunch and we have even set up a work lottery syndicate in the hope we win enough money for days out and to and we do one lottery a week using a site called Lottoland which gives you the option to try lotteries around the world.

Going back to what will be the new normal comes with it challenges, not being convinced I could get away with wearing loungewear to work or suddenly turn pyjamas into an acceptable form of work attire, it’s nice to go back to planning outfits and then comes the stress of finding things to wear at least five days a week.

I can’t afford to buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes, , I can afford to buy a few new items which I can swap and change over to wear in more than one way and thankfully, a friend of mine is a furloughed personal shopper and this was her advice for dressing on a budget - 5 items of clothing that come available at every budget from £5 right up to £500.


In short, you don't have to dress like a millionaire to look amazing, here are some tips:
  • A Black Cardigan - black goes with every single colour, even black on black clothing. It is an item which can be dressed up, dressed down, grabbed quickly and worn with absolutely everything - a dress, jeans, leggings, jeggings, shorts and skirts
  • A white shirt - as with a black cardigan, a white shirt is an absolute must have item for every single wardrobe. It can be dressed up, dressed down, worn for comfort or a more formal occasion and of course, it is an absolute classic with Jeans.
  • On the subject of Jeans, it is much more acceptable to wear jeans, a good fitted pair for many occasions and they look great with everything - tops, tunics, jumpers, T-shirt’s, vest tops, blazers and that all important cardigan.
  • Trousers - there is no end to the style of trouser you can choose to purchase with everything from fitted and Capri to flares and boot leg. A good pair of trousers can get you through every meeting, occasion and last minute outfit needed for a forgotten engagement.
  • The blazer - for those more formal occasions, a blazer can really finish an outfit. You can dress them up or down and wear them with trousers, skirts and even jeans.
Dressing on a budget should never be a stressful task, there are so many options available out there, it is just deciding what pieces of clothing you really need v's what you want and the two are very different.


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Sunday 10 February 2019

Valentines Gifting for him with V by Very Campaign

When it comes to Valentines Day gifts for him and deciding what to do to celebrate, we tend to opt for a night in, usually with a takeaway from our favourite places and have a night in front of the television all snug and warm.

As soon as I get home from work, the first thing I do is put my PJ's on, grab my dressing jacket and put on my slippers, for me, this signifies an end to the working day and any stresses or troubles are left at the front door allowing me to switch off entirely.  It has taken some persuading, but now the mister does exactly the same and this coming Valentines Day, he will have these men's pyjamas from Very to wear.  
Valentines Gifting with V by Very Campaign
Valentines Gifting with V by Very Campaign
Valentines Gifting with V by Very Campaign
The V by Very Blue Long Sleeved Jersey Top and Woven Check Bottoms are the perfect fit for him indoors, standing at just over 6ft tall, he has a long body and long arms, so finding something that sits past the wrists and ankles is sometimes a nightmare because you can never just order clothes online.  With these Pyjamas, I opted for the large based solely on the size guide and they are true to size.  The bottoms have an elasticated waist with drawstring ties so you can tighten them up and thankfully they also have pockets, an absolute must-have for Beautykinguk (or so he says).  The top, which is super soft to the touch is long sleeved and not too tight a fit.  

For me, part of a cosy night in means wearing something snug and warm but that also means being comfortable to wear. Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, a detail I was not expecting to find and was surprised by, these pyjamas are priced at £25 and are worth every single penny. helps customers get more out of every day. It’s famous for its combination of big name brands and on-trend fashion.  V by Very, is known for its quality and style – taking the latest trends and making them high street ready.

So this Valentines Day, we will both be settling down to watch a new series on Netflix, currently a choice between the Ted Bundy Tapes or Abducted in Plain Sight with a Chinese or Indian takeaway, some candles alight to help create that cosy atmosphere and new comfy PJs!

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Saturday 5 August 2017

The success of social media fashion campaigns

The power of celebrity endorsement on social media is becoming more apparent – with the number of likes measuring the success of many campaigns. In the worlds of music and fashion, ‘likes’ are now essential to a clothing brand’s or artist’s overall success.

Once upon a time, traditional methods such as billboards and TV advertisements led your campaign along the road to success – however, with the rise of the digital age and celebrity influencers, Trilogy Stores, retailers of J Brand Jeans, investigate how and why social media is having such a significant impact on the world of fashion.
High Rise Jeans
Who are the most liked?
The figure who leads the way within the worlds of music and fashion by claiming the most liked title is Queen Bey herself; when Beyoncé posted herself with a picture of her baby bump on February 1st 2017, she gained 11m likes, a dramatic increase of 4.3m on Gomez’s record the year before, when she participated in the Coca Cola campaign.

If popular figures such as Beyoncé, Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner create such an impact on social media – whilst influencing the world of fashion with the clothes that they wear – then how is social media influencing and changing the way the fashion industry operates to suit millions of users every day?

What comes first, the model or the followers?
Does success come with the model, or with the followers? In previous years, the popularity of a model would be founded upon their success within the fashion industry and the modelling shoots they appeared in. Now-a-days, have circumstances changed?

The model
At the age of just 15 years old, Naomi Campbell got her first break, and then went on to grace the covers of Time magazine, French Vogue, Russian Vogue, and was the first black model to appear on the cover of British Vogue. Her success then is based on how long she has been in the industry and how popular she has become over the years. Based on this fact, it has meant she is now known as one of first five original supermodels.

However, with new celebrity influencers such as Kendell Jenner, has the industry changed for good? Kendall Jenner is currently the world’s most popular and in-demand model, but was already famous before she became the model she is today. By appearing on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, her involvement with the world’s most televised family still has a direct impact on her popularity on social media, and consequently, her exposure within the world of fashion.

The followers
Kendell Jenner has over 81.6 million followers with 2,796 posts, almost guaranteeing a campaign some level of success on her social media account – it’s no wonder she has become the face of global cosmetics giant Estee Lauder. Having Jenner as the face of a campaign carries the already established success of the ‘ultimate Instagirl’, which encourages the industry to choose these popular faces over newcomers who haven’t already had their first break.

Similarly, when Brooklyn Beckham had 5.9 followers in 2016 – now 10m – Burberry approached him to photograph Maddie Demaine for Burberry’s Brit fragrances ad campaign. After being chosen over many professional photographers in the industry, this created a new precedent within the fashion industry. Now, fashion campaigns can be dictated by the level of followers a particular model or person has, not their knowledge of the industry or their contributions to popular culture outside the online world of social media. It’s not just the model that needs social media leverage, even the backstage team (make-up artists, stylists, and producers) need to be known on social media before they can be involved in a major fashion shoot.

Helping to change consumer behaviours

Evolving tradition
If the fashion industry and social media apps such as Instagram are joining forces, in certain instances, the celebrity endorsed image can be used to help drive sales and increase consumer awareness regarding branded products from fashion retailers.

Shifting away from the tradition fashion industry, which has been built on exclusivity and a ‘private members club’ mentality, social media is presenting campaigns with a more casual look – as though users are being exposed to this secretive world for the first time.

Buying the image

Now, some of the biggest fashion houses are starting to combine the ability to purchase their products with the images and catwalks that help to build-up their brand identity. By doing so, their online businesses receive more customers through greater engagement with smart devices.

Burberry was the first fashion house to integrate their fashion catwalks with their social media and buy platforms online. They were the first to stream their catwalk online, and in some instances, guests at the show were able to buy a garment on their smartphone as soon as the model walked past them. As well as this, to debut their spring/summer collection in 2016, Burberry previewed it on social media platform snapchat before its official release.

Michael Kors have also taken advantage of this by using smart hashtag campaigns. The fashion house sent an email to users who liked their products with the link to buy the product online, with the hashtag #InstaKors. Through considered hashtag campaigns such as these, fashion houses are able to bridge the gap between a fashionable image, and their ability to buy the product.

As a result of higher levels of engagement on Instagram, fashion brands are starting to increase their product portfolio online, and they are growing their online sales faster than competitors that aren’t taking advantage of online social platforms. If companies within the luxury brand market are unable to take advantage of how consumers are interacting online, in the future, they may lose out to their competitors who are.

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Saturday 20 May 2017

2017’s hottest trend: Athleisure

Every fashionista has their down days — the days we spend in comfy leggings and oversized tees. But what if we told you that our off-duty faves are this season’s hottest trend? Now, we can step out in trainers, leggings, loose-fitting tees and even jogging bottoms all in the name of Athleisure, officially our favourite EVER trend.
Ash Shoes

Of course, you can’t just crawl out of bed, throw on some loungewear and expect to become an instant fashionista. While the basics of this look are comfort classics, you’ll need to style it right to create a perfectly polished look. Here, Daniel Footwear – retailer of Ash trainers — explains the basics of Athleisure to take your look from slob to sass.

The must-haves:

To conquer the Athleisure trend, you’ll need a selection of style staples in your wardrobe. Make sure you’ve got:
  • A bomber jacket — HUGE in 2016 and set to be even bigger this year, the loose-fitting, bulky shape of a bomber is a must for creating this look. For a feminine look, choose fresh pastel shades.
  • Leggings or joggers — we’re not talking your old gym wear here. Instead, invest in a pair of branded leggings or jogging bottoms that are tapered and cuffed for a close fit.
  • Sports tops — cropped tops and hoodies are perfect when paired with a pair of leggings or jogging bottoms and bomber jacket. If you’re not quite ready to show off your tum, opt for a loose-fitting sports jersey with mesh detailing.
  • Trainers — forget heels, this trend is all about a great pair of trainers. The more sports-inspired they are, the better!
  • With these basics in place, you can create the ultimate sports-luxe look or carry them through into other outfits. For example, why not wear your trainers with a flirty, feminine day dress? The juxtaposition will cement your status as the ultimate fashionista!
  • Athleisure is such a versatile trend and much of its fun lies in its flexibility. That said, it’s wise to keep our golden rules in mind:
  • Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise! — sportswear is generally quite plain, so make your outfit pop with jewellery. Think 90s throwback gold hoops and choker and delicate gold necklaces.
  • Wear a coat — one of the easiest ways to take your look from the gym to the street is to wear a coat. Whether it’s a loose-fitting, vintage-inspired denim or bomber jacket or a longer, open duster coat, they’ll add to your look on cooler days.
  • Cover your bum — if the thought of wearing leggings fills you with dread, tie a checked or denim shirt around your waist. Acting as a super-cool, bottom-covering skirt, it will tie in with your look without cramping your style.
  • Keep your workout clothes separate — if you are going to the gym, keep your workout wear separate to your Athleisure wear so as not to cross-contaminate fashion with fitness.
Is this a trend you would willing embrace?

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Thursday 16 February 2017

Dressing up with JD Williams

I am a bit predictable when it comes to clothing. I like black it is my comfort colour and every day for work, I will usually wear black trousers or a skirt with a black top and coloured cardigan or a colourful top and a black cardigan and my shoes are always black - see the theme?  Out of work, pretty similar when it comes to clothing, though at home I am always in lounge pants or leggings. I am a creature of habit.

So, when I was given the opportunity to choose a dress and some shoes/boots from JD Williams, I had decided that black could be a feature but not the entirety of my choices. So I started looking through the site making a shortlist of the dresses I really liked and I managed to get down to a list of three:
Dressing up with JD Williams

My final choice being the dress in the middle from Scarlett & Jo, it is called leaf floral tea dress which has a really beautiful all-over leaf print which I feel I can wear to the office or dress up for a night out. It falls just below the knee on me and with the short sleeves and rounded neck, it is perfect to be worn with or without a cardigan. The elasticated waist is really flattering and it is perfect to be styled with tights and boots or heels for a chic look. With that in mind, I also chose the following:
Dressing up with JD Williams

I have flat feet so high heels are a huge no-no for me, but these shoes are the perfect height and because I need wide fitting these heavenly soles shoes comes in an extra wide eee fit. They have been made using a combination of materials for the front and back parts of the shoe and they have what is referred to as the 'Ultimate Comfort 3 layer padding' to provide comfort all day thanks to the memory foam insert and latex foam under the foot. Priced at £30 they are an absolute bargain.

The sole diva buckle high leg boots also come in different sizes, particularly with the calves in mind, for the comfort fit. The boots have a side zip and feature a double buckle strap which adds a bit of character to these boots. The heel is almost flat and with a gold trim running around the sole of the boot, they are so comfortable and can be styled with so many outfits I might possibly live in them for the next few months.

And here they are:
Dressing up with JD Williams
What do you think to my choices?

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Tuesday 7 February 2017


As the weather is still really very cold and I am not yet able to wear my Fitflops, I am still living quite comfortably in my warm snug, fur-lined boots which keep my as a snug as a bug in a rug after a hug, stop me sliding on that pesky black ice and wear well with my skinny jeans and leggings.
Skechers are a brand that I really really like. My trainers are Skechers and now my boots, Skechers Adorbs from Brantano are also made by Skechers. Grey in colour, these boots have a gum rubber flat heel and are pull on boots, so no pesky zips snagging on your tights and leggings.  On the back of the heel of the boot is a stitched tab with the brand name.

Made of faux suede and in an unusual grey colour, the faux fur lining is incredibly snug and the hiding underneath that cuff is woven, a grey pattern which is almost geometric in design which you can just about see under the faux fur, as these are ankle boots there isn't the option to roll the fur up to have calf length boots, but it does add a nice little extra design to the boots. 

For those like me with flat feet, a bit of comfort is a must when it comes to shoes and boots. As much as I would love to wear Louboutins and Jimmy Choo, I like my flat boots and shoes, walking like a hippo on rollerskates is not attractive. So inside the boots is a memory foam cushioned sole and it is so comfortable, I never want to take them off.

At just £62, these boots cost less than half that of other brands (from which I have owned boots from) and these are such fantastic value for money.  The heel doesn't sag in the rain, my feet are kept warm the entire time I wear them, so there is no need to buy extra thick socks. They are comfortable, they look great with jeans, leggings or skirts with tights and perfect for this horrible cold weather.

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Wednesday 7 December 2016

Cute Christmas Jumpers wishlist!

I love Christmas Jumper shopping, mainly online if I am honest but if I see something I like, I am off to try it on before buying. Rather than looking for those which are loud and proud, I wanted something a little more cute and reserved this year and it took literally minutes to find over 30 that I absolutely love and a lot longer to whittle them down.

However, these are my current favourites and one of them is on route to me as I type!

Xmas Jumper Guide
1. Dorothy Perkins. I have a love hate relationship with this store. I either find lots I want or nothing at all. Christmas jumpers however is a whole new subject and I love this Rocking Around The Christmas Treet Jumper. Currently on offer at £21 you'll need to grab it quick.

2. Asda George - This light up Christmas Penguin is very cute all tangled up in Christmas Lights and each fairy light really does light-up and it is on sale for just £16 here.

3. House of Fraser - This Yumi Sequin Santat Jumper is almost sold out (here) but it is too cute not to include and is the only jumper that features Santa that I have seen and liked. Priced at just £25 down from £35 I think it is rather cute.

4. New Look - This Cream Heart Reindeer jumper caught my attention because it isn't a dark colour and is rather cute. It has a rounded neck with a fair bit of glitter and costs just £14.99 here.

5. BooHoo - I am sure no Christmas Jumper list is the same without the inclusion of this one from Boohoo. A quote from Home Alone, I think it looks brilliant on a jumper and you can find it here for just £18.

6. ASOS - This Club L Plus Rockin Robin Christmas Jumper is as Christmassy as it is cute and at just £18 it is an absolute bargain here.

7. Marks and Spencer - As a cat lover with three of my own, I had to find a Christmas jumper which featured a cat and M&S came to my rescue with this one. A Black and White beauty wearing a Christmas crown and it costs £30.

8 - John Lewis - Everyone will have heard of Buster the Boxer by now and this Christmas Jumper from John Lewis is just too cute not to include and mention. Priced at £49.

9 - Matalan - Quite a surprising find in Matalan and having seen it in store it is such a great jumper. The Pompoms sit slightly off the jumper and the star at the top of the tree is sparkly and glittery. All for just £15!

10 - F&F at Tesco - Be the belle of the bauble in our sparkly festive jumper. Decorated with sequin baubles and stars that flash when touched, the jumper is knitted with a comfy crew neck and ribbed edging. Priced at £20.

Have you got a Christmas Jumper this year?

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Wednesday 2 November 2016

Dresses for a winter wedding

For someone who isn't a church-goer, I have spent quite a lot of time in a few this year attending 3 funerals and in the next 2 weeks, my third wedding! The one good thing about a wedding is the opportunity to dress up without trying to upstage the bride on her big day. But at this time of year knowing what to wear is an absolute nightmare, you can guarantee you will either be too cold or too hot and finding something that suits all occasions can be a nightmare. For me weddings are about wearing a nice dress with either a nice bolero jacket, a cardigan or even a pashmina, something to keep you warm but something you don't have to wear the whole time.

Choosing a dress to wear is the one thing I always find the hardest. My comfort zone is something black and whilst you can wear black to a wedding, it does need 'something' so you don't look as though are funeral bound. Sites such as Octer are ones I look too. An online shopping application which provides customers with a simple solution to shopping, allowing them to buy everything in one place - hundreds of stores and thousands of brands from high street to designer and brands such as ASOS, BooHoo, Debenhams, House of Fraser, John Lewis and M&S to name just a few, it cuts down the time spend browsing each site. Instead, you simply choose what you are looking for - Women's Clothing - Dresses - and then they appear before you. Or you can click on the store itself and take it from there.

The dresses above are all ones which have been sat in my basket for some time, seemingly perfect for that winter wedding setting. From left to right we have the multi-coloured Davinia Dress from Debenhams priced at £99. It features a striking placement floral print and flattering ruched detail at the waist. With a round neckline, it is fully lined and fastens with a concealed back zip. Next is the Chi Chi London floral print curve skater dress from Dorothy Perkins and it is priced at £57.99. It features a delicate floral pattern with a contrast belt and is fully lined. The Black Amber Floral Wrap Dress from Wallis is in the sale for £37.50 and is just stunning. The one plain dress in the mix is this Lands' End Purple regular jersey crossover midi dress, again from Debenhams and just £35. What drew my attention to it is the design of a wrap top and softly pleated skirt. The final dress is from Marks and Spencers a store which is capturing my attention more and more. What I love about this dress is the bold floral print pattern with the bodycon design and costing just £35, it is again an absolute bargain.

Anyone who knows me will know two things about my choice of dress. Firstly they are likely to be black or be predominantly black and secondly there will be a floral aspect to it. I am picky, I hate zips which run down the backs of dress or under the arm pit and I don't like dresses which sit on the calves. That said, with a choice of 5 dresses to choose between, I have 2 weeks decide which one to wear!

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Friday 7 October 2016

ASOS Fantastically Weird and Wonderful Items

I love ASOS, it’s one of the first places I look online when I need a new dress, coat, some shoes or because there is a sale on and who doesn't love an ASOS sale? Well there is one right now with 50% off so all those items saved to your favourites might very well be on offer.

One of my favourite things to do with ASOS, other than buy clothes, is search for all the weird and wonderful items they have on offer, you know the ones which make you laugh loudly, wonder who on earth buys them, send the links to your friends and look at the screen in pure bewilderment - well... I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the most weird and wonder items I have found over the past few weeks when looking for a dress to wear to a wedding (where I am right now wearing said ASOS purchase) and well, let me know what you think!
ASOS Fantastically Weird and Wonderful Items
So...erm yes as you can see there are some items which leave you lost for words. Starting with the Unicorn Mask is there ever a need to wear something like this? I mean I love Unicorns as much as the next person but a mask that is massive and costs £35? Next to said Unicorn is an item which is called the Vixen Caged Elastic Short Slip (the skirt) or you can get the full on outfit, I would just love to know when you would wear it! The last item on the top are pretty cool and I think I would possibly really want to wear them, the problem is the price - £285 to be exact. But these Minna Parikka Aero Pink Unicorn Trainers are just everything and they are just amazing right?

Onto the bottom row is the weird, lost for words items. Starting with the Bones High Neck Sheer Mesh Unitard Jumpsuit which retails for £35 erm.. well how would you wear it? The Bluebella 'Unwrap Me' Bridal Body Bow got a fair bit of media attention and is still on ASOS at £16 it just looks so incredibly uncomfortable to wear but quite a quirky product. Finally is the Tell Tails Shinosaur Tail and I just don't know when you would wear it, unless you were going to a Pete's Dragon party but it did make me chuckle.

Do you stalk ASOS for the weird and wonderful?

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Monday 19 September 2016

Tommy Hilfiger goes Natutical for AW16 | #TOMMYXGIGI

Top Supermodel Gigi Hadid stars in the new Autumn campaign for Tommy Hilfiger and if you live in London, like me, you will have no doubt walked through many tube stations where posters have appeared virtually overnight to highlight the new collection.
Tommy Hilfiger goes Natutical for AW16 | #TOMMYXGIGI
As brand ambassador, the 21 year old has collaborated with the legendary Tommy Hilfiger to design the new#TOMMYXGIGI AW16/17 range inspired by nautical themes and fashion pieces that Gigi herself would wear out and about and there are some pieces that I also absolutely adore. Now I will never be a fashionista, but I know what I like.

The Blue Silk Dress is detailed with nautical motifs and Love Tommy hearts. Made from Pure Silk, it has a V-neck and long sleeves, two things I absolutely love in a dress and the rope belt for me really finishes off the outfit.

The Ankle Boots which are made from Leather and again fit with the Nautical theme with the rope-inspired buckle details. A little higher in heel than I would usually ever wear, I happen to think these boots look just amazing with almost any outfit.

Nautical Pouch is super cute. Crafted from a cotton-wool blend, it has striped edges, embroidered stars above the bottom edge. It also features a flap pocket with branded metal snap button and a handy yet stylish metal chain shoulder strap with optional charm with anchor, faux fur pouf and branded medallion, both of which I think make this pouch stand out. 

The Blue Military Coat I also adore from the collection. Crafted from a wool blend it is a classic, double-breasted design and gold-toned Hilfiger crest buttons. With a striped accent tape on one lapel and stripes on the sleeves, it also has waist pockets.

You can see the rest of the #TOMMYXGIGI collection by clicking here and whilst I do need a winning lottery ticket to even think about purchasing a few of my favourite items, I can sit and admire from afar in hope and the advert featuring Gigi and some of the items from the collection is also below.

What do you think of the new Tommy Hilfiger collection? I'd love to know which piece is your favourite!

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Tuesday 5 April 2016

Spring Formal Office Wear

Office wear is something I have to think about every day and I can do smart/ casual on most days, but there are other days when I am going from meeting to meeting between my office, HQ or another associated office and I need to be a little smarter. However, travelling around London can be quite a hot and stuffy nightmare and wearing a suit is just not for me, I am more of a dress, tights, flat shoes and blazer kind of girl.

So, I have created an office wear wishlist that would see me both comfortably cool without a blazer and not to hot and stuffy when I do need to wear one and the blazers in this collage I actually own, so picking dresses to go with them was quite fun to do.

Spring Office Formal
There is a lot of choice when it comes to buying office wear both online and on the highstreet and there are always a nice variety of styles to suit every one.
  • Hale Bob UK Body con dress in black to the far left of the collage is the most expensive dress but I love that it goes from being a classic LBD but with a slight twist, it can be dressed up for going out with just a pair of boots and would work well with a leather jacket! 
  • House of Fraser caught my eye with the Dickins Jones Fit and Flare Dress which is currently in the sale here and it again has a slight twist in that the top half is detatchable, so you can again dress it up or down.  
  • In the middle is a black ruched sheath dress that I saw in TK Maxx at the weekend and almost bought, but I have one which is very similar with longer sleeves. What I love about these types of dresses is that when you are having one of those 'meh' days and nothing fits right, these dresses always make you look fabulous and again it is perfect for the office or going out afterwards.  
  • The Evans Jersey pocket dress is the only one with pockets and I love the shape and design of it, perfect for wearing to work and is a dress that can be glammed up for a night out.  
  • The final dress is from New Look and is a black scallop hem Tunic dress which has a v-neck, cap sleeves and a scalloped hem and is again perfect for the office, adding a blazer too or going out in.
Now that I have my office wear sorted, it is time to find some suitable shoes!  

Thursday 26 November 2015

Getting into the Christmas Spirit with a Festive Jumper!

Everyone wants and needs a Christmas Jumper in their life, true? Well, there are so many to choose from that I have chosen the ones I really want and would actually wear.  

I've seen many people comment across social media about how they always purchase a Christmas Jumper to wear on the day, or get matching ones with their partner and then there are some who don't bother at all.  I have quite a few Christmas jumpers, my favourite one being two bunnies with fluffy tales which I bought from Asda George a few years ago, it is pink and white and I wear it as soon as it starts to get cold.  Now I think it is about time I bought a new one and here are my choices:

So there are the 8 jumpers that I have become quite fond of and picking one of them is proving to be quite a hard task. There is the good old Home Alone quote jumper from Primark with 'Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal' emblazoned across the front, something which will always stifle a cackle or a lovely ice blue coloured jumper from Dorothy Perkins with the lyrics 'Let it Snow' which I think is really pretty. Then there are the animal ones which feature a Primark Robin and his fury hairy wings, New Look reindeer who is looking far too excited that it is Christmas and a jolly little owl from Next with his Santa hat on, Then we have a nice traditional grey jumper from House of Fraser which is really festive and goes with every outfit or a black one which is decorated with a Christmas Tree from BHS. The final jumper, perhaps the one most people will love features a Unicorn and that comes from Asda.

I think I have chosen jumpers which anyone could wear, there is nothing too cheesy except Home Alone, but that quote always amuses me and there are plenty which can be worn with jeans, leggings, jeggings and a skirt which just add a touch of festivity to an outfit.

Which ones of these jumpers would you choose and do you buy yourself a Christmas Jumper?

Thursday 29 October 2015

Accessories You Need For Winter

Now that Christmas is most definitely on its way, it’s time to think about stocking up those winter wardrobes. It’s the perfect time of year to dig out your favourite cozy cardigans and snazzy tights, perfect for mixing and matching with jeans for daytime, or warming up an LBD in the evening. We’ve already seen the trends this season for 1970s throwbacks in swishy dresses and androgynous silhouettes with long duster coats, capes, and trenches. These are the essentials you’ll need for the winter.
The perfect way to accessorize the fur coats and trenches in this season is with a stylish woollen hat. A knitted beanie adds a campus cutie vibe to a duffel coat and jeans, especially fairisle designs; while embellished riders’ caps add an extra sparkle to a black jumpsuit on a night out. Wide-brimmed wool or felt hats will keep you nice and toasty while remaining easy to pair with any style of coat, especially in keeping with this season’s key colours of mauve, camel, and black. For a stand-out effect, choose a colour to contrast with your hair - a camel hat for dark hair, and vice versa.

After the skinny scarf enjoyed a long-awaited revival last season, it’s time to embrace the humble scarf in its original, snuggly form. Wide, wool tartan scarves perfectly complement wool coats or fur, as well as adding a soft grunge edge to the leather trousers and skirts on trend this winter. For a snuggly casual outfit, pair a thick knitted scarf with a raincoat. Size is the most important matter when adding a scarf to an outfit - for an on trend, androgynous silhouette, the ‘boyfriend,’ or oversized scarf is the way to go. You’ll feel as cozy out on your coffee run as you do snuggled in a blanket at home.

Sadly it’s time to tidy away all the strappy heels from the summer. Fortunately, this season’s selection of boots have something for everyone, from chunky biker flats to 1960s go-go wedges. Chelsea boots, as with last year, are making a triumphant return, offering a perfect compromise between punky buckles, height, and comfort. Look out for different textures, which can add an extra element to an otherwise monochrome outfit, with snake, crocodile, and leopard skin fabrics dominating the market. For fashionistas looking to add some flair to an office dress code, both patent, matte, and suede loafers are ideal as either flats or heels. Sporty gals will love the return of 90s leisurewear, from skates to retro-inspired trainers (perfect for winter morning jogs).


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