Friday 12 February 2021

How to Work in the Fashion Industry

For many people, fashion is just something that they do as part of their lifestyle. They love it, but it’s not something that they engage with on a serious level. But then there are the people that really want to be as involved in the fashion world as possible, and this typically means working in the industry. Indeed, isn’t this a dream job for so many people? Alas, the social prestige and glamour of working in the industry mean that competition for places can be tough. But it’s not impossible -- there are, after all, many people working in fashion! So how can you land yourself a position? We’ll take a look below.
How to Work in the Fashion Industry
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Throw Yourself In
If you read the memoirs of the people that really made a splash in the fashion world, you’ll find that they went on a long journey before they finally reached the top of their profession. And it all began with an all-consuming passion. They were highly interested in fashion well before they were ever paid for it. While you might need or want to do an internship at a fashion house along the way, the real internship will begin before then, when you’re obsessed with the fashion world.

Get Educated
You might know that you’ve got the skills required to succeed in the fashion world, but that’s not going to necessarily convince employers. That may want to see that you’ve received a formal education in all things fashion-related. Happily, there are plenty of universities that offer top-quality fashion degrees. Most of them, such as the London College of Fashion and Central Saint Martins, are based in the capital. Could it be for you? Take a look at what’s on offer, find out more information on student accommodation in London, and look to begin your studies. As well as giving you all the need to know information, you’ll also find that studying helps to build your network. And talking of which...

Build Your Network
There are some jobs where you can do things entirely on your own, but the fashion world is not one of them. As well as what you know, there’s also the matter of who you know. As such, it’s important to learn the art of networking, and then take steps to put it into practice and build your network. They’ll be friends first that push you further along your journey, but at some point, they might just present an opportunity that gives you your first big break in the business.

Be Bold
Finally, remember to bring some attitude! In any profession where competition is tough, you generally don’t get anything if you’re just sitting quietly in the background. If you want to be noticed, then you’ll need to put your best foot forward and make sure that you’re heard. Many people who end up being a success in the fashion or other creative industries usually bulldozed themselves through the front door. Make it so that people have no option other than to pay attention to you.

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