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Thursday, 29 October 2015

Accessories You Need For Winter

Now that Christmas is most definitely on its way, it’s time to think about stocking up those winter wardrobes. It’s the perfect time of year to dig out your favourite cozy cardigans and snazzy tights, perfect for mixing and matching with jeans for daytime, or warming up an LBD in the evening. We’ve already seen the trends this season for 1970s throwbacks in swishy dresses and androgynous silhouettes with long duster coats, capes, and trenches. These are the essentials you’ll need for the winter.
The perfect way to accessorize the fur coats and trenches in this season is with a stylish woollen hat. A knitted beanie adds a campus cutie vibe to a duffel coat and jeans, especially fairisle designs; while embellished riders’ caps add an extra sparkle to a black jumpsuit on a night out. Wide-brimmed wool or felt hats will keep you nice and toasty while remaining easy to pair with any style of coat, especially in keeping with this season’s key colours of mauve, camel, and black. For a stand-out effect, choose a colour to contrast with your hair - a camel hat for dark hair, and vice versa.

After the skinny scarf enjoyed a long-awaited revival last season, it’s time to embrace the humble scarf in its original, snuggly form. Wide, wool tartan scarves perfectly complement wool coats or fur, as well as adding a soft grunge edge to the leather trousers and skirts on trend this winter. For a snuggly casual outfit, pair a thick knitted scarf with a raincoat. Size is the most important matter when adding a scarf to an outfit - for an on trend, androgynous silhouette, the ‘boyfriend,’ or oversized scarf is the way to go. You’ll feel as cozy out on your coffee run as you do snuggled in a blanket at home.

Sadly it’s time to tidy away all the strappy heels from the summer. Fortunately, this season’s selection of boots have something for everyone, from chunky biker flats to 1960s go-go wedges. Chelsea boots, as with last year, are making a triumphant return, offering a perfect compromise between punky buckles, height, and comfort. Look out for different textures, which can add an extra element to an otherwise monochrome outfit, with snake, crocodile, and leopard skin fabrics dominating the market. For fashionistas looking to add some flair to an office dress code, both patent, matte, and suede loafers are ideal as either flats or heels. Sporty gals will love the return of 90s leisurewear, from skates to retro-inspired trainers (perfect for winter morning jogs).


Monday, 15 December 2014

6 Tips for Decluttering Your Wardrobe

A cluttered wardrobe is the equivalent of sheer horror for any true fashionista. You wake up scratching your head with no idea where that little black dress went, or if your favourite denim jeans are clean or dirty. We all know that between those late mornings when you are rushing to get dressed, to those lazy weeks when you simply do not want to deal with it, closets clutter easily. Today, we will highlight 6 tips to help you restore that fierce wardrobe of yours.

1. Eliminate excess

Do not be a hoarder. Haven't worn it in a year? Toss it. This is pretty much the hardest step to take but it is the first one that needs to be done. We all do it. We tell ourselves that we will lose those extra 15 lbs. this year, or that we will go on a fad diet, or that the trend will come back, but instead the too-small or unused item ends up collecting dust and taking up precious closet space. Don't be that kind of fashionista!

2. Create a focal point

Themes are not just for movies and novels; wardrobes need themes too. Every fashionista has an inner knowing of her personal style. More often than not, trendy items make their way out of your closet as swiftly as they made it in. The focal point pieces of your wardrobe are the nest representatives of your personal style. You can pick a top, a bottom, a pair of shoes, and a vest or jacket. In order to locate these pieces ask yourself:

~ What colour(s) do I wear most often?
~ What is my favourite piece in my closet?
~ What items can I not live without?
~ What items are multifunctional?

Try to pick 3-4 items that sum up your style. These will be your focal point items, and the rest of your wardrobe will enhance these items.

3. Love your basics

Boiling it down to the basics is the key to decluttering any wardrobe. The beauty of the basics is that they are not recognisable when worn repeatedly. What this suggests is that you don't need many of them. Basics are items such as tanks, tees, plain jackets, versatile shoes, and plain bottoms. Basics are normally neutrals. Some fashionistas gravitate towards black, some tan, and some navy or grey. Vogue magazine highlights a few closet staples that get better with time.

4. Say hello to your little accessories

Accessories are often neglected as wardrobe staples, but they are truly life savers when put to use. Necklaces, headbands, and scarves are all perfect accents that will spice up any wardrobe basics. Be sure to be intentional when shopping for your accessories. They should complement your basics and focal point pieces.

5. Get organised

You know it's bad when you have lost a jacket or a pair of jeans. Organisation is crucial when it comes to understanding your wardrobe. The best way to visually organise your wardrobe would be to put like colours together, as well as like items. This way, when you are assessing what you should wear, you can easily see your options.

6. Believe in back stock

In retail, I am sure you have heard of back stock. This is sort of a way for you to continue your hoarding. Back stock in closet organisation simply means to put certain items back that you only won't necessarily wear too often. This is especially applicable if you live in an environment where the seasons are starkly different. In the colder months, back stock your summer clothing, and vice versa.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

The big trends in accessories for 2015

Yep, Christmas is well and truly upon us. It is easily the best time of the year, and a time for indulgence, from food to gifts. It is of course the perfect time of year to show your loved ones you care, and this doesn’t mean spending a gazillion pounds either.

It won’t be long before Christmas is forgotten; the mince pies have been devoured, the decoration are in the attic for another year and we look ahead to a brand new belonging in the form of 2015. Have you thought of any resolutions yet?

Everyone knows I love my beauty, but fashion and accessorising is all part and parcel of the whole package. What’s the point in showing off your amazing new watch if your nails aren’t shiny from a post-manicure?!
The New Year also means sales and there are big savings to be had. Whether it’s a stylish designer watch from Watches of Switzerland or a gorgeous pair of earrings and necklace combo from your favourite high street (that happens to now be half price too=win!) there will always be an accessory that takes your fancy.
Here are some of the best to look out for in 2015:
Bright and Bold Earrings
Whether it’s sporting just one absolute show-stopper or opting for traditional Avant Garde style jewels, if you want one focus next spring/summer, opt for the statement earrings. I mean, check out these ‘crocodile tear’ earrings:
So clever! And I love the Parisian style jewels and Art Deco style, and you can find such perfect jewels at market and vintage stores whether they’re online or in person. Often one of a kind, you can really make your sense of style as unique as you really are.
Experimenting with your looks is so fun so why not try teaming your minimal outfits with crazy big gold or silver hoops and added bling in the form of a Chanel chain bag.

Gorgeous Gladiator sandals

It’s weird even meaning the word “sandals” when we’re in the midst of such a chill (winter is well and truly here ladies and gentlemen) but before you know it, the sun will be back and summer holiday will be booked. Save yourself the effort and rush that comes with missing the  fashionista boat and get ahead of the game.
SS15 has brought with it a more stylish gladiator sandal in the form of thin, high heel and gladiator style boots that can easily be styled with your festive party outfits for that extra bit of “Wow!” factor.

Circular detailing

This is a peculiar trend and one generally not spotted, but circular shapes are everywhere this season; they’re hard to miss in fact!
Where you will see a lot of them is handbags. The clasp detailing has been seen from Victoria Beckham to Celine with many clutch bag incorporating this into the handle so that striking clasp is at the fall front. Of course, a metallic handle also looks so striking.
It isn’t just bags and purse opting for the circular motion, but necklaces, bracelets and even sunglasses too.
In terms of the bracelets and necklaces, it’s all about being bold. Bamboo style rings decorated the front and geometric shapes gives a real 60s feel. When styling, you can leave your clothes minimal and express yourself through the bling instead!

Pastels pastels pastels!

Come to mention the 60s, I couldn’t help but fall madly in love with the Moschino show for SS15 ; it was Barbie themed. The outfits all looked so much fun, and there was definitely a pink theme running throughout.
Now, not every woman is a pink fan, and it can look a little tacky in the wrong concept so what are the basic rules. For starters, if you’re wearing all pink from head-to-toe, you better have the attitude to back it up! It’s a daring look and can easily look either frumpy or overkill when not executed properly.
The easiest way would be to opt for a light sugary pink knit. It will keep you cosy during chilly winter days and will be perfect come spring for those slightly less chiller evenings.
I might be looking a little far into the future, but the top designer have already had their spring/summer shows for 2015 so hop to it! And be one step ahead of the rest.  

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Accessory Wednesday - Brightly Coloured Beads!

With summer drawing to an end and the dark darks and mornings soon to be upon us, I tend to opt for black trousers, black cardigans and vest tops for work attire and if it is really cold I love my chunky knits, but usually all of them being dark shades.  With that in mind, I tend to accessorise using brightly coloured bracelets, necklaces, beads or whatever I can find that catches my attention. I am not one for chunky gold or silver things you find in places like Primark because they turn green when I wear them, but these featured in my post today are perfect.

Whilst in Spain, I came across a little store which sold the loveliest little hand made bracelets and I bought three for 5 Euros, total bargain and this is then:

Accessory Wednesday

Accessory Wednesday

Accessory Wednesday

Accessory Wednesday

Accessory Wednesday

Accessory Wednesday

Sadly there was no matching necklace or long chain to go with any of them, so for that I am still searching.

Where do you get your accessories from? Do you have a favourite shop? Do you change your accessories throughout the year?
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