Wednesday 18 August 2021

Turning Fashion Blogging Into A Money-making Career

If you have started a blog then there is a good chance that, like most, you started it because you have a genuine interest in what you’re writing and you want to cover it. Over time, you build a community and a commitment that makes you want to keep going, but you also want to make sure that your time is worth it. To that end, how do you make money from a beauty or fashion blog?

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Placing ads on the site

There are advertisement networks that you can connect your website to in order to generate revenue. Perhaps the most famous of these networks is Google AdSense, which lets you display ads with very little effort. In general, however, ads are becoming less and less popular in the online space, with more and more people using ad-blocking apps to make sure that they never see them in the first place so, if you do want to use ads, try to be subtle and considerate in how you place them.

Becoming an affiliate

Perhaps the most widely available option for most bloggers is to go the way of affiliate marketing. Before you start blogging, it’s important to know what kind of posts you’re okay with doing and what kinds of products and news you want to cover. When choosing affiliates, who will ask you to include links or products in your posts, you want to make sure that you’re choosing the kind of brands and products that you would cover anyway so that you find it easier to write about them and the subject matter isn’t jarring to your audience.

The path of the influencer

Nowadays, most people in the fashion and beauty space are aiming to become influencers. Influencers typically have a closer relationship with the brands they cover than affiliates, becoming publicly tied with the brand and often being shown wearing it. Getting ties with the high-end brands, like Rolex brand ambassadors, can be very difficult indeed since these brands are so well known they’re more likely to go for celebrity roles. However, there are a lot of up and coming fashion and beauty brands that may be better suited to developing relationships with fresher faces, too.

Sell your expertise

If you manage to make a name for yourself in the fashion and beauty world as having a good sense of style, then you might be able to sell that expertise. For instance, you might be able to teach your readers more about your niche through online classes, seminars, or even one-on-one sessions. It might not even be selling your fashion expertise, you might also want to look at the potential of selling photography tips or blog design lessons, using the skills that you used to build the blog in the first place.

It’s not easy to make money from fashion or beauty blogging, nor is it a path that is necessarily going to work for everyone. With the tips above, however, you might be able to find the path that works for you.

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