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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Beds for kids

My nephew now considers himself to be a big boy, at the age of 2 i'm not sure how true that is but when asked what he wanted for his birthday the response "racing car bed" was the first thing that he said. He is totally crazy about Formula 1 and will happily sit for hours watching it over and over again.  There is something about the boys in my family who are obsessed with cars and they spend hours talking about them, watching them and tinkering with them.  So, if the birthday boy wants a car bed, then a car bed he shall have, I just wish I could have had a bright pink princess bed when I was growing up, but I am pretty sure no such thing ever existed and it was a pine wooden bed or nothing from the local bed shop that everyone in our town used.

So, knowing that is what he wanted, I spent quite some time online looking at various options, one quick search on Google presented with with over 11.5million options not to mention more choices than I really need to be looking at.  So armed with the type of car bed he wanted - my instructions being "Like Lewis' car" meaning I assume Lewis Hamilton, my task proved to be much easier than anticipated.

These are the two options that I presented my Sister-in-law with from Bedsonline:

 Option one

Option One is called the LPD Grand Prix Childrens Bed Frame which is described as follows:

"This will send your child's imagination run wild with this amazing sleek sports car design. Made with hard and durable mdf with a very hardwearing red gloss finish. Only comes in single".

The reason I chose this one is because it looks like a sports car, not quite Formula one but it is bright red, which also happens to be my nephews favourite colour and I love the detail with the wheels and the door handles.  Price wise this bed costs just £124.00 and you can see it HERE

Option two

The second option is much more of a formula one car with a lot of detail, called the GFW Rampage Car Bed Frame and is described as follows:

"The GFW Rampage Car Bed Frame is the perfect bed to make that transition between cot and big bed. With this been a novelty design bed they maybe inclined to stay in the bed and be a racing driver all night long. This bed has soft curves and perfectly safe for your child. This bed features a sprung slatted base allowing the use of any mattress with this frame".

I actually love this bed and it is a shame I can't fit into it myself, it looks to someone like me who is a total novice on F1 cars that this would infact be perfect and everything my nephew would want, it caught my attention because of the posters in this actual photo.  Priced at £164.00 again it isn't going to break the bank and is much better value for money than the boring old wooden one my brother and sister-in-law were thinking of buying.

Now I don't actually have children and tend to overcompensate with my nieces and nephews and I think these beds are just fantastic.


Saturday, 15 March 2014

Have you tried Amazon Prime Instant Video yet?

I have just got into the whole Youtube video thing, don’t get excited, I am not about to start vlogging, that is not for me, but I do love to watch other people and can happily spend a good few hours entertaining myself.

Youtube obviously isn’t just for bloggers of course; you can of course relive your youth with some music, watch clips of TV shows and this video:

Yes, I managed to find some really cute kids aged 4-12 years old being TV critics.  They give their expert opinion on the Amazon Original Kid’s Pilots and what I love about it is the innocent honestly in their opinions and whilst watching it, I did find myself laughing along and agreeing with some of the things they had to say.

Amazon Studios is the new way to commission films and television series, it doesn’t just let us viewers decide what they watch; it lets them or you, have your say on what shows Amazon makes. TV fans can then watch, rate and review the latest Amazon Original pilots, some of which include drama, comedy and of course kids shows.

I am an Amazon Prime Customer and when I heard about the Instant Prime Video I logged in immediately to have a look and I am really enjoying the service right now.  For me it is quite a new and modern concept and as a blogger and someone who has an opinion on everything, the fact that I can now, as a Prime Member watch, rate and review the latest pilots is a brilliant concept!

If you want to watch, rate and review those latest pilots all you need to do is click and have your say on the future of TV!

Have you tried Amazon Prime Instant Video yet?

**This is a sponsored post

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Snails for your Nails!

I have no little people, but I am a mummy of three fur-kids whom most of you now know are my cats. Child issue aside, I was asked if I would like to try some nail polishes designed for little princesses called Snails, which stands for Safe Nails, a French-made chemical-free brand of kids nail polish.

Snails was started when Jeanette Sklivanou, a mum of two, scoured the market for safe non-toxic nail polish to add colour to the imaginative play of her little ones. She quickly found that such a product just didn't exist — so she created SNAILS**.

A brief description

"SNAILS Kids nail polish is unlike any other you will find. You’ll delight in our simple natural nail polish formula which is optimally safe and child-friendly. Our revolutionary patented formula contains just three main ingredients: water, acrylic polymer and non-toxic colorants and is paraben free. This sets us apart from other products. The toxic trio of Dibutyle Phythalate (DBP), Toluene and Formaldehyde dominate many children’s nail polishes currently on the market. Such chemicals are banned in Europe due to their links with cancer, birth defects and other illness. So you will not find a trace of these harmful substances in SNAILS. Just pure ingredients that are kind and gentle on little nails".

Some of the highlights of this brand:
  • Revolutionary formula — containing just water, acrylic polymer and non-toxic colorants, SNAILS is safe in its simplicity. 
  • Totally water soluble — SNAILS washes off easily with simple soap and water, making harsh solvent-based toxic remover a thing of the past.
  • Environmentally friendly — from biodegradable packaging and lead-free bottles, to a strict no animal testing policy. 
  • Hypoallergenic — SNAILS is chemical, Paraben and toxin free, so little nails are kept safe and sound and splendidly coloured.
  • Vivacious colour choices — every SNAILS polish delivers glorious high-quality gloss and a deliciously gentle fragrance.
Here are the products:

These polishes come in a cute little bottle with a white lid and a pretty little bow to match the shade of polish, almost like a childrens version of Ciate in many ways.  The polish itself is smooth and is really easy to apply, more so than some of my adult brands, a few of whom could learn a thing or two here!

The two shades:
  • Raspberry Pie - Glossy purple. Wear purple when you want to encourage fantasy, mystery and imagination
  • Gingerbread - A hot, sun kissed orange shade, summer sunset in a bottle!

Raspberry pie I absolutely love, it would fit in perfectly with the whole pantone of the year "radiant orchid" theme.  Once applied it dries in just over a minute, which is perfect for little ones because I know they are not going to sit and wait much longer.  Last-ability is also quite impressive, I managed to wear mine all day without too much wear and tear but when it came to removing it properly there was no need to nail polish remover, I simply used soap and water and rubbed each nail and the polish came off and there was no staining to my fingernails and no trace of colour left on my nail.

Available from polishes are €8 each, the site also shows all the countries they are for sale.
What are your thoughts on washable nail polish?

Friday, 13 December 2013

Christmas Gifts for the Kids

When it comes to Christmas, my Nieces and Nephews get more toys given to them than the local Toys-R-Us and as much as I want to be the 'fun' Auntie, I also want to buy them something useful, that will get used and not played with a few seconds on Christmas Day and then forgotten about until the time comes for Mum to have a sort through and donate unwanted toys to those less fortunate.

This year, I have something fun yet useful that will get used as an idea and something that fits in with all of their age-groups

Now if I was a small child, I would be wanting one of these for myself.  Naturally I wouldn't just give them as they are, I would hide things in them to make sure I still command and hold the title of 'Fun' Auntie.

So allow me to introduce you to the Trolleys, cases, backpacks and Trunkies that I came across on Direct luggage and whilst there is quite a selection to choose from, these are my favourite items.

At Number One we have Cuties and Chick Trolley Case and Backpack Set in Yellow and Orange and it consists of both a backpack and suitcase which is on wheels, as well as an adjustable handle.

At Number Two for the boys or the girls we have Cuties and Pals Penguin Trolley Case and Backpack Set in White and Black and as above this set also consists of both a backpack and suitcase which is on wheels, as well as an adjustable handle.

As well as Penguins and Chicks, there is also bee's and pigs within this range as well as a Dinosaur.

Numbers Three and Four are the well known and advertised Trunkies and these comes actually come with names.  So Number Three with have Trixie and Number Four is Terence and they are designed to be used as hand luggage and so the kids can pack Trunki with all their favourite toys then ride off, whilst parents keep an eye on them.

I personally think these would make great gifts, more so if they have a selection box and toy hidden inside them and they are both practical and useful.  If these are not really your thing then there are a lot of other products, for example Samsonite Holdalls with wheels, Cabin Luggage, Totes and casual bags to name but a few.

What type of gift do you buy your nieces and nephews? 
 Are you the 'Fun' Auntie/Uncle?
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