Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Beds for kids

My nephew now considers himself to be a big boy, at the age of 2 i'm not sure how true that is but when asked what he wanted for his birthday the response "racing car bed" was the first thing that he said. He is totally crazy about Formula 1 and will happily sit for hours watching it over and over again.  There is something about the boys in my family who are obsessed with cars and they spend hours talking about them, watching them and tinkering with them.  So, if the birthday boy wants a car bed, then a car bed he shall have, I just wish I could have had a bright pink princess bed when I was growing up, but I am pretty sure no such thing ever existed and it was a pine wooden bed or nothing from the local bed shop that everyone in our town used.

So, knowing that is what he wanted, I spent quite some time online looking at various options, one quick search on Google presented with with over 11.5million options not to mention more choices than I really need to be looking at.  So armed with the type of car bed he wanted - my instructions being "Like Lewis' car" meaning I assume Lewis Hamilton, my task proved to be much easier than anticipated.

These are the two options that I presented my Sister-in-law with from Bedsonline:

 Option one

Option One is called the LPD Grand Prix Childrens Bed Frame which is described as follows:

"This will send your child's imagination run wild with this amazing sleek sports car design. Made with hard and durable mdf with a very hardwearing red gloss finish. Only comes in single".

The reason I chose this one is because it looks like a sports car, not quite Formula one but it is bright red, which also happens to be my nephews favourite colour and I love the detail with the wheels and the door handles.  Price wise this bed costs just £124.00 and you can see it HERE

Option two

The second option is much more of a formula one car with a lot of detail, called the GFW Rampage Car Bed Frame and is described as follows:

"The GFW Rampage Car Bed Frame is the perfect bed to make that transition between cot and big bed. With this been a novelty design bed they maybe inclined to stay in the bed and be a racing driver all night long. This bed has soft curves and perfectly safe for your child. This bed features a sprung slatted base allowing the use of any mattress with this frame".

I actually love this bed and it is a shame I can't fit into it myself, it looks to someone like me who is a total novice on F1 cars that this would infact be perfect and everything my nephew would want, it caught my attention because of the posters in this actual photo.  Priced at £164.00 again it isn't going to break the bank and is much better value for money than the boring old wooden one my brother and sister-in-law were thinking of buying.

Now I don't actually have children and tend to overcompensate with my nieces and nephews and I think these beds are just fantastic.



  1. They are brilliant! Is is wrong that I want x

  2. My 2 little brothers have the first one! They're totally F1 obsessed, and their room looks pretty cool with the car beds and F1 posters and flags.
    Emily | <3

  3. awh they are adorable, my nephew would love one!

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

  4. The formula one bed is super cool!



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