Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Area H20 Hair Care

Living in London means hard water, very hard water which at times means is a nightmare for washing my hair and getting that 'clean' feel, instead it feels weighted down, becomes a struggle to untangle and i'm just left with that feeling of dirty hair, even though it has just been washed and it drives me insane.

I was recently introduced to Area H20 Haircare** which is scientifically tailored to water type, having become quite intrigued as to how this would work, I was very kindly sent a bottle of shampoo and conditioner to try.   Developed by Patrick Lehane, a hairdresser from London and a team of biochemists, they came up with Area H20 after 4 years of hard work. Now, I have to say having used it for the past 6 weeks, I am really impressed.

Area H20 Hair Care

Area H20 Hair Care

Area H20 Hair Care

Area H20 Hair Care

Area H20 Hair Care

Living in a hard water area, it is suggested that the left over mineral deposits is limescale, it is formed after the water has evaporated and it is those insoluble salt residues that remain on my hair after washing. So, here comes the science which even I understand. By identifying your water type, Area H20 attracts the metal ions that are present within all types of water, like a magent and it is those ions which react with your shampoo and create what are referred to as mineral deposits which cling to your hair, having got their attention, this shampoo makes it easierfor you to wash them away much more easily than before thus leaving you with cleaner, healthier looking hair.

There are many benefits of Area H20 which include:

  • Scientifically tailored to water type
  • Gives a more thorough and effective cleansing of the hair
  • Gives an improved lather using less water
  • Metal ions present on the hair prior to washing are removed
  • No known scum is formed
  • Hair is less flyaway and has a noticeably smoother texture
  • Paraben Free
  • Both Shampoo and Conditioner contain a pH of 5.5 - the bodys natural pH
The shampoo itself is like a clear gel and the only way I can describe the scent is a fresh clean smell, one which remains on the hair after washing. For me this is not a shampoo I would use every time I was my hair but one I use at least once a week to ensure my hair gets a thorough wash and deep cleanse and then with the added luxury of using the conditioner, my hair feels just like I have walked out of the salon. I also find no irritation of my scalp, no drying feeling on my hair and nor does it feel greasy and dirty, instead it feels soft, smooth and easy to manage and style.

I had expected this duo to be really expensive but was surprised to find that it is not too pricey at all, costing just £8 each for the shampoo and conditioner or £17 for the duo which you can buy on the Area H2O website or sites such as Feelunique and LookFantastic.

Have you tired this shampoo and conditioner combination?  Do you find that living in a hard water area effects you?


  1. You women are so lucky! You get to use the nicest product.. wear the nicest clothes.. I just would not suit a skirt and blouse... It's just 'not' me.. and me and fashion sense? Apparently I have not.. I am a bit like delboy... traffic light colours lol

  2. I used to live in a hard water area which killed my hair, my location is much better now though!


  3. i think its funny how we live in an age of amazing computers advanced medicine but cant fix something as simple as hard water
    this product sounds great though!


  4. Sounds great! I don't have hard water currently but have battled it in the past!
    Kallie - But First, Coffee

  5. o I love the sound of this! I live about 2 hours by car south east from London, and we are in a very hard water area, sounds great!

    Catherine x



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