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Friday, 16 October 2020

Luxury Anniversary Gifts for Her

It’s coming up to that special time of year – your anniversary. Firstly, a big congratulations for this triumph, no matter how long you’ve been married it is definitely an achievement. Secondly, congratulations on remembering your anniversary, that can be a challenge in itself! The next challenge is what to buy her for your anniversary. Don’t fret just yet. Today, I’m going to explore different types of luxury anniversary gifts for her that will earn you many brownie points. 
Luxury Anniversary Gifts for Her
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One of the perks of buying a gift for an anniversary is that there are already themes that you can align your gift buying with. 
  • 1st = Paper 
  • 2nd = Cotton 
  • 3rd = Leather 
  • 4th = Linen 
  • 5th = Wooden 
  • 6th = Iron 
  • 7th = Wool 
  • 8th = Bronze 
  • 9th = Pottery 
  • 10th = Tin 
  • 11th = Steel 
  • 12th = Silk 
  • 13th = Lace 
  • 14th = Ivory 
  • 15th = Crystal 
  • 20th = China 
  • 25th = Silver 
  • 30th = Pearl 
  • 35th = Coral 
  • 40th = Ruby 
  • 45th = Sapphire 
  • 50th = Gold 
  • 55th = Emerald 
  • 60th = Diamond 
I’ve chosen some of the themes above to discuss. 

This symbolises the first year of your marriage. Paper might not scream luxury, however if she is a stationary lover then sticking with the paper theme will go very far. How about getting her a luxury writing set, or a gorgeous decorative journal? You could even encourage her to document the next year of marriage (highs and the lows) in said journal. 

If you got married in autumn, winter, or even spring, and you’re celebrating your 7th year of marriage, how about buying her a beautiful woollen jumper? You could choose something such as a 100% lamb’s wool cardigan, or a stunningly soft cashmere jumper. Not only will it be a practical piece for the colder seasons, but it will also fit in perfectly with the anniversary theme. 

I’m not sure if you are aware, but the boho/ natural trend isn’t leaving us any time soon. So, how about leaning into the trend and looking into getting some gorgeous high-end or homemade ceramics for the table. You could get a lovely set of mugs made out of pottery, or perhaps a nice set of plates or bowls. This is a great luxury option if your wife is keen on this earthy trend, or if she simply likes her tableware to be on trend. Not to mention if you’ve been married for nine years – pottery can certainly be a beautiful luxury anniversary gift for her. 

Now silk definitely screams luxury, anything silk in fact screams luxury – so you really can’t go wrong with a silk-related gift. The obvious choice is to go for an item of clothing: a silky dress, a lingerie set, or a silk scarf. Another option would be to get some silk pillowcases; not only are they lovely to sleep on, they have so many other benefits: skincare and haircare related benefits! 

Gemstone Years 
Once you hit your 30th Wedding Anniversary you enter the gemstone years: pearl, coral, ruby, sapphire, emerald, and diamond. So naturally these years really do call for the gift of gemstone jewellery. A piece of gemstone jewellery is truly a luxury anniversary gift for that special someone in your life. Some options: a diamond tennis bracelet, a pair of sapphire stud earrings, a ruby drop pendant, a pearl choker, or an antique emerald ring. If you have a piece of gemstone heirloom jewellery, perhaps now is the time to gift it to your one true love. If you don’t own a piece of heirloom jewellery, then you could even make a trip of it and let her choose what she wants, you can’t go wrong with a pick-your-own gift! 

So there we have it, a guide and a small selection of luxury anniversary gifts for her. I hope this has helped inspire you. Let us know in the comments below if you have any stand-out anniversary gifts you’ve bought in the past; we would love to know!

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Saturday, 21 October 2017

Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

Are you fed up of buying him what you thought was the perfect gift, only to find it tucked away untouched in a drawer a year later? That jumper that you thought he would look great in still hasn’t made it out of his wardrobe and for some reason he wasn’t that thankful for his new toolbox! If you want some new ideas to try and impress him this year then we have pulled some together for you:

Experience days – If he loves high performance cars then you could treat him to an experience day where he will get to drive his ultimate car. Let him unleash his inner Lewis Hamilton with a day out that he won’t forget in a hurry. Or if he is an outdoor adventure kind of guy, how about vouchers for a day at Go Ape or something similar?
Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Him
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Designer accessories – Treat him to some cool cufflinks, maybe get some with his football’s team’s badge on or an item that you know is close to his heart. Or how about a nice tie clip to stop his tie from landing in his lunch? Both are the perfect gifts for businessmen who like to look smart and stand out a little bit.

Smartwatch – If he hasn’t got a smartwatch then this could be a real hit. If he spends ages playing with his phone then he probably loves his gadgets and smartwatches are becoming a very popular gift choice. Apple smartwatches allow you to answer calls and send messages without the need of carrying your phone around. Perfect for busy people and sporty people who don’t always want to carry their phone around with them.

Sports gear – Is he a keen golfer, a football season ticket holder or loves to go to the pub to watch his favourite rugby team in action? If so, you could have some really easy shopping ahead of you this year. Golfers are always in need of new golf balls, so check out which make he plays with and buy him a box of balls. Other good golfing gifts include towels, ball markers and tees – all great for stocking filler type presents. Most sports shops stock all of these.
For the football/rugby fans, head onto the club’s official website to see their range of clothing and accessories. Maybe he would like the latest home shirt or how about a retro jacket? There are so many different designs to choose from for the guy who loves to show his allegiance to his club. Scarves, woolly hats, mugs and key rings all are great for smaller gift ideas.

Video games – If he is a gamer then the way to his heart is without a doubt, a new game for his video console. You might not like how much time he spends playing it but it will make him happy, at least. You might have to act like you are interested in which games he plays to make sure that you get the right one though. Check out his collection of games to see what kind of genres he likes i.e. is a FIFA fan or a Call of Duty fan? See what is coming up for release and surprise him with a present that will keep him quiet for some time, leaving you to relax with your favourite soaps or this week’s episode of Strictly in peace.

Men can be hard to buy for but there are loads of ideas here to give you a bit of inspiration. If all else fails, just ask him what he likes and you cannot get the wrong thing then!

*this post contains PR samples and/or Affiliate Links unless indicated otherwise - you can learn more on my Disclaimer page.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Lovers Corner with London Perfume Company

Are you still looking for ideas and gifts for Valentines Day? Are you low on ideas and don't know where to look?  Well let me give you a helping hand. This year The London Perfume Company have launched Lovers Corner on their website and with every order you get to choose one free gift from a choice of four.

As a customer, you get to choose between a free Solid Perfume Heart or one of three Giorgio Beverly Hills Teddy Bears, when you buy any fragrance listed in the 'Lover's Corner' section for Valentine's Day and these are the items to choose between:

Lovers Corner with London Perfume Company

The perfume which you can find within Lovers Corner is quite a wide and varied mixture such as Nina Ricci, Vera Wang, Ralph Lauren and Nine West plus a few gifts sets to name just a few of them, so I am sure there will be something for everyone.

Lovers Corner with London Perfume Company

Now if this isn't enough to tempt you boys and girls, there is one more offer and that is as well as your gift of choice and one of the options above, you will also receive some Love Heart Swizzles and a very cute makeshift gift tag in within your parcels to add a little extra love and style to your package.

Lovers Corner with London Perfume Company

All you have to do to claim all these offers is to go to the London Perfume Company website, go to Lovers Corner which is clearly displayed on the top taskbar and you cannot miss it because the text is bright red.  You will need to add your choice of free gift to your basket, the price of which will be deducted at the check-out and in order to get your free gift, your item must be chosen from the Lovers Corner section only.

I would love to know which product you purchase and what free gift you choose, I would struggle to choose between those teddy bears which are totally adorable.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Christmas Gifts for the Kids

When it comes to Christmas, my Nieces and Nephews get more toys given to them than the local Toys-R-Us and as much as I want to be the 'fun' Auntie, I also want to buy them something useful, that will get used and not played with a few seconds on Christmas Day and then forgotten about until the time comes for Mum to have a sort through and donate unwanted toys to those less fortunate.

This year, I have something fun yet useful that will get used as an idea and something that fits in with all of their age-groups

Now if I was a small child, I would be wanting one of these for myself.  Naturally I wouldn't just give them as they are, I would hide things in them to make sure I still command and hold the title of 'Fun' Auntie.

So allow me to introduce you to the Trolleys, cases, backpacks and Trunkies that I came across on Direct luggage and whilst there is quite a selection to choose from, these are my favourite items.

At Number One we have Cuties and Chick Trolley Case and Backpack Set in Yellow and Orange and it consists of both a backpack and suitcase which is on wheels, as well as an adjustable handle.

At Number Two for the boys or the girls we have Cuties and Pals Penguin Trolley Case and Backpack Set in White and Black and as above this set also consists of both a backpack and suitcase which is on wheels, as well as an adjustable handle.

As well as Penguins and Chicks, there is also bee's and pigs within this range as well as a Dinosaur.

Numbers Three and Four are the well known and advertised Trunkies and these comes actually come with names.  So Number Three with have Trixie and Number Four is Terence and they are designed to be used as hand luggage and so the kids can pack Trunki with all their favourite toys then ride off, whilst parents keep an eye on them.

I personally think these would make great gifts, more so if they have a selection box and toy hidden inside them and they are both practical and useful.  If these are not really your thing then there are a lot of other products, for example Samsonite Holdalls with wheels, Cabin Luggage, Totes and casual bags to name but a few.

What type of gift do you buy your nieces and nephews? 
 Are you the 'Fun' Auntie/Uncle?

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas - What To Buy For Him?

Yes we all have a 'HIM' to buy for, whether it be Dad, Husband, Boyfriend, Brother or Nephew, I find the 'HIM' quite difficult at times. However, after some searching, reading and dropping subtle hints, this is my ideas list.

Beautysets - Christmas Gift Ideas for HIM

01. Bvlgari Man Extreme - A personal favourite choice of aftershave for my Mister is something from Bvlgari and this is one he is yet to have within his collection. Described as being "A fresh and sophisticated Eau de Toilette with top notes of pink grapefruit and Mediterranean cactus. Freesia combines with the intense warmth of amber and cardamom in the heart notes and balsa wood and vetiver give an addictive dry down" this is one I know he will like.

02. Gap Jumper - Almost, well most years, there is a new item of clothing or two on the pile of presents to open and it is usually from Gap. This particular Jumper is a Shawlneck Cable knit jumper which can be dressed up or down.

03. Tabletop Mini CD Digital Jukebox available from Home Wet Bar, a US Based website, this is something that would look great anywhere and I am more than sure my other half would love an actual Jukebox at home. A 21st-century, miniature version of the adored diner's music maker, this digital jukebox updates everything but the poodle skirts! Designed in a classic, fox hop inspired 1950's style finished cabinet, completely cool with a vibrant glow, this Crosley jukebox lets you throw in a CD for an easy jam! Boasting a single-CD player, great sounding stereo speakers, and an AM/FM radio, this digital jukebox home entertainment system is an unheard of way to hear your favorites!

04. Breaking Bad DVD Collection - No doubt most of you will have heard about this TV show or have watched it, seen bits of it and so on. In short the complete series of the blackly comic drama starring Bryan Cranston as a high school chemistry teacher who discovers that he is dying from inoperable lung cancer and decides to raise money for his family by embarking on a new career as a crystal meth dealer.  A must have for any man.

05. PS Vita - As we have an Xbox, Wii and a PS3, I am not sure we need an Xbox One or PS4, however, something to use when travelling around London or on holiday is always quite useful and a nice break from reading a book.  Something like a PS Vita appeals because it means the Hubby can play his games to his hearts content and I am free to have the TV to myself.

What have you bought for the man in your life?

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