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Luxury Anniversary Gifts for Her

It’s coming up to that special time of year – your anniversary. Firstly, a big congratulations for this triumph, no matter how long you’ve been married it is definitely an achievement. Secondly, congratulations on remembering your anniversary, that can be a challenge in itself! The next challenge is what to buy her for your anniversary. Don’t fret just yet. Today, I’m going to explore different types of luxury anniversary gifts for her that will earn you many brownie points. 
Luxury Anniversary Gifts for Her
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One of the perks of buying a gift for an anniversary is that there are already themes that you can align your gift buying with. 
  • 1st = Paper 
  • 2nd = Cotton 
  • 3rd = Leather 
  • 4th = Linen 
  • 5th = Wooden 
  • 6th = Iron 
  • 7th = Wool 
  • 8th = Bronze 
  • 9th = Pottery 
  • 10th = Tin 
  • 11th = Steel 
  • 12th = Silk 
  • 13th = Lace 
  • 14th = Ivory 
  • 15th = Crystal 
  • 20th = China 
  • 25th = Silver 
  • 30th = Pearl 
  • 35th = Coral 
  • 40th = Ruby 
  • 45th = Sapphire 
  • 50th = Gold 
  • 55th = Emerald 
  • 60th = Diamond 
I’ve chosen some of the themes above to discuss. 

This symbolises the first year of your marriage. Paper might not scream luxury, however if she is a stationary lover then sticking with the paper theme will go very far. How about getting her a luxury writing set, or a gorgeous decorative journal? You could even encourage her to document the next year of marriage (highs and the lows) in said journal. 

If you got married in autumn, winter, or even spring, and you’re celebrating your 7th year of marriage, how about buying her a beautiful woollen jumper? You could choose something such as a 100% lamb’s wool cardigan, or a stunningly soft cashmere jumper. Not only will it be a practical piece for the colder seasons, but it will also fit in perfectly with the anniversary theme. 

I’m not sure if you are aware, but the boho/ natural trend isn’t leaving us any time soon. So, how about leaning into the trend and looking into getting some gorgeous high-end or homemade ceramics for the table. You could get a lovely set of mugs made out of pottery, or perhaps a nice set of plates or bowls. This is a great luxury option if your wife is keen on this earthy trend, or if she simply likes her tableware to be on trend. Not to mention if you’ve been married for nine years – pottery can certainly be a beautiful luxury anniversary gift for her. 

Now silk definitely screams luxury, anything silk in fact screams luxury – so you really can’t go wrong with a silk-related gift. The obvious choice is to go for an item of clothing: a silky dress, a lingerie set, or a silk scarf. Another option would be to get some silk pillowcases; not only are they lovely to sleep on, they have so many other benefits: skincare and haircare related benefits! 

Gemstone Years 
Once you hit your 30th Wedding Anniversary you enter the gemstone years: pearl, coral, ruby, sapphire, emerald, and diamond. So naturally these years really do call for the gift of gemstone jewellery. A piece of gemstone jewellery is truly a luxury anniversary gift for that special someone in your life. Some options: a diamond tennis bracelet, a pair of sapphire stud earrings, a ruby drop pendant, a pearl choker, or an antique emerald ring. If you have a piece of gemstone heirloom jewellery, perhaps now is the time to gift it to your one true love. If you don’t own a piece of heirloom jewellery, then you could even make a trip of it and let her choose what she wants, you can’t go wrong with a pick-your-own gift! 

So there we have it, a guide and a small selection of luxury anniversary gifts for her. I hope this has helped inspire you. Let us know in the comments below if you have any stand-out anniversary gifts you’ve bought in the past; we would love to know!

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