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Friday, 15 January 2021

NAF! Stuff: Remove Your Gel Nails SAFELY At Home Kit

I haven't been able to see my local nail technician for over a year now and I know she will be horrified when she does finally get to see the state my nails are in!  Across my social media feed over the last week, I have seen so many people asking how they can safely remove their gel nails, which once looked perfect and now, not so perfect.  Not being able to get to your favourite Nail Tech doesn’t mean you have to neglect your hands and nails! In fact right now, it is the perfect time to ensure you give them all as much TLC as you can - starting with the removal of those pre-christmas nails.
- 10 Removals Per Pack  - 3.5ml Mint & Eucalyptus Cuticle Oil  - 100ml Peppermint Acetone  - Cuticle Pusher  - White Buffing Block  - 100 Foil Wraps  - A Step By Step Guide
NAF! Stuff, a brand I was recently introduced to has everything you need to take care of those nails with their SOS Soak Off Savior Kits.  This Gel Polish Remover Kit has absolutely everything you need to remove your nails not just once, but as many as 10 times. Inside the kit you are given everything you need to ensure the easy removal and those items are:


  • 10 Removals Per Pack 
  • 3.5ml Mint & Eucalyptus Cuticle Oil
  • 100ml Peppermint Acetone 
  • Cuticle Pusher
  • White Buffing Block
  • 100 Foil Wraps 
  • A Step By Step Guide
All of the products from NAF! Stuff are developed by Nail Technicians, so not only can you be sure that you have Salon Quality tools but also the products to do the job right.
Tammy Koslowski, founder of NAF! Stuff and owner of NAF! Salon says: 
“I absolutely love our SOS Soak Off Savior Kit, it’s so handy to have in the house and I often reach for it when I can’t make it into the salon because the Foil Wraps already have soak off pads applied which makes removals quicker and easier! When we were putting it together it was really important for us to use the same products that we would use at NAF! Salon and I just love that that the Salon Grade Acetone has a Peppermint scent too. But my favourite part? The cuticle oil obviously!” 
This Gel Polish Removal Kit makes it super easy to remove your gel polish at home and it is priced at just £22 here.  

This is not a sponsored post

NAF! Stuff: Remove Your Gel Nails SAFELY At Home Kit

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Saturday, 21 December 2019

CND Crystal Alchemy Collection

I am a huge fan of CND nail polishes and just before Christmas, this CND Crystal Alchemy Collection arrived and it is just a beautiful collection and one I have been making full use of, despite my nails being absolutely horrendous right now!
CND Crystal Alchemy Collection
CND Crystal Alchemy Collection
The Crystal Alchemy collection is said to have been inspired by Swarovski, each of the colours within the collection are inspired by jewels and stones.  There is five polishes within the collection which includes:
  • Powerful Hematite - This polish was not at all as I was expecting it to be. Instead of being a deep black, it is instead a shimmery cool-toned black which makes a great shade for any occasion.
  • Divine Diamond - A Gold Shift shade which looks totally different depending on the environment you are in, it can have a hint of silver or a darker run of gold.
  • Lovely Quartz - This is a peachy pale shade of pink and one which again is perfect for any nude nail polish fan and one which can be worn on any occasion.
  • Rebellious Ruby - My favourite shade of the collection and it is a very classic elegant shade of red which has a really lovely shimmer to it under bright lights.
  • Sassy Sapphire - As you can imagine this is a beautiful stunning bold blue and again depending on your environment it does have a hint of shimmer.

What I have found with all of these nail polishes is that they differ in the number of coats they actually need.  
Show off your inner sparkle with the CND Crystal Alchemy collection as it celebrates the many facets of one’s personality, whether elegant, passionate, reserved, or spirited. 
Some need just one and others need three for really good coverage, on the whole, I have worn both Rebellious Ruby and Powerful Hematite the most and am happy with the coverage two coats gives.
CND Crystal Alchemy Collection
CND Crystal Alchemy Collection
Saving you from having to see the state that is my nails, the swatches above feature just two coats of each polish and from left to right we have Powerful Hematite, Rebellious Ruby, Sassy Sapphire, Lovely Quartz and Divine Diamond.  The shade which is the hardest to work with is Divine Diamond, I found it slightly runnier than the other four shades, but I do love the finish once it has dried. 

Each one of these nail polishes can be purchased separately here from Nail Polish direct and they are currently on offer for £7.96 each.

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Monday, 1 April 2019

MAVALA’S 60th Birthday Limited Edition Polka Dot Cosmetics Bag

Mavala is celebrating its 60th birthday and in some style too. The iconic nail care brand launches John Lewis Roadshow for April 2019 and 60s Inspired Limited Edition Polka Dot Purse.  Created in 1958 by Madelaine Van Landeghem, with the introduction of Scientifique K+ Nail Hardener, which remains one its best-selling products to date, Mavala is available globally in over 100 countries, with stockists ranging from small independent salons to large department stores.
MAVALA’S 60th Birthday Limited Edition Polka Dot Cosmetics Bag Offer
Inside MAVALA’S 60th Birthday Limited Edition Polka Dot Cosmetics Bag

I got to know Mavala via their Mavala STOP, a product which helps to encourage you to not bite your nails. Growing up, I was one of those horrible nail biters, any second I got, my fingers were in my mouth and I was chewing away. Mavala STOP tastes absolutely horrendous, so much so, I stopped biting my nails and it is something I now never do. 

Moving on from that product, I have over the years slowly used quite a few of the nail care products within the range, but that isn't all Mavala are known for. They now have products reaching across the hand, feet, face and make-up categories and they all created from rigorous research and manufactured in the company’s Geneva factories to impeccable quality demands.

MAVALA’S 60th Birthday Limited Edition Polka Dot Cosmetics Bag
MAVALA’S 60th Birthday Limited Edition Polka Dot Cosmetics Bag Contents

To honour the 60th birthday, Mavalawill be heading back to the 60s by launching a new and limited edition Polka Dot Cosmetics Bag packed full of the brands iconic and most popular products including 

  • Oil Seal Dryer - Dry your manicure in an instant with Mavala Oil Seal Dryer. The unique formula leaves nails touch-dry within seconds, whilst nourishing and softening dry cuticles.
  • Protecting Hand Cream - specially formulated for dry, damaged hands and sensitive skin. Its composition blends marine collagen, very moisturising, and allantoin well-known for its healing properties, to soften dry skin and prevent redness and roughness.
  • Base Coat - This Base Coat prevents the yellowing sometimes caused by nail polish by protecting the nail plate and the outer area of your nails.
  • Colour Fix - This is a clear top coat which is reinforced with acryl which forms a glossy, hard but flexible film and “fixes“ nail polish, protects it against chipping and extends the life of manicure.
  • Mild Nail Polish Remover - An effective and mild nail polish remover.

In addition, and so that everyone can enjoy this special occasion, Mavala will also be launching a John Lewis roadshow in April 2019, offering complimentary Mavala mini treatments and promotions at stores across the UK. The Mavala nail specialists will be travelling to 12 of the biggest John Lewis stores, offering mini Mavala treatments and expert nail advice. 

There will also be a competition running for the duration of the roadshow to find the ‘Hands of Mavala’, with selfie stations set up so that customers can capture their fresh manis and share on social media with the hashtag #Diamondnails. One lucky winner will receive a collection of 60 fabulous Mavala shades! At the roadshow, the Mavala nail technicians will be on hand to offer expert nail care advice, arming customers with the know-how to ensure they have the healthiest, most beautiful nails possible. Mavala produces simple, effective solutions for all nail related woes, such as improving dry, weak or flaking nails and they can even help customers help kick the nail biting habit.

Have you tried any products from Mavala?

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Friday, 15 March 2019

Nail HQ London + Giveaway

I long to be one of those people with strong nails that always look good, in an amazing condition and never break, chip or flake - alas, that is not what I am blessed with.  I have over the years tried acrylics, gels, regular manicures and nothing has seemed to prevent the splitting and breaking. I tried shaping my nails different, moving from square to squoval but again once my nails reach a nice length, one would break and like dominos the rest followed.
Nail HQ London Treatments
Nail HQ London Nail Treatments
Nail Care
Then I was introduced to Nail HQ, a brand who uses cutting edge technology found in hair care and they have a wide range of products which includes 9 core nail Treatments. Nail HQ is described as being a problem, solution range with each product targeting a different problem area of your nails. Each product is infused with different oils, vitamins and proteins which can be used directly onto your nail.  So I have gone back to basics with my nails with thanks to Nail HQ London and that included ensuring all my nails had been cut and shaped to the same size and length and I've sorted my cuticles out too.

The first item I have in my little package is the Nail HQ Cuticle Oil and its role is to moisturise and condition both the nail bed and the cuticle area.  I hold my hands up and admit that this is not something I regularly use and really should.  
Nail HQ London Cuticle Oil
Nail HQ London Cuticle Oil Brush
The formula is non-greasy and it contains a whole host of ingredients to rejuvenate and soften those dry and lifeless cuticles and they include Jojoba Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil and Beta-Carotene as well as Vitamins E, A and D3.  Coming together the ingredients work to restore the moisture and lubrication levels which are necessary to stop the cracking and the peeling. 

What I like about this oil is how easy it to use and this is partly owing to the formula not being greasy and just sitting on your nail bed taking ages to absorb, but also to the brush, which is exactly the same as a nail polish brush, makes the application much easier and much more precise. There is no chemical or nail polish scent to the oil and what I also like is that you can apply it more than once daily if your cuticles are really dry.

The second product is the Nail HQ Base Coat and it is quite a unique product in that it is both a treatment and one which has a rubberised formulation to ensure it helps prepare the nail for colour application. With the formula being as it is, it creates a barrier to prevent discolouration of the nails, particularly with shades which have really high pigmentation.  I have often found with darker nail shades that if I don't use a base coat, my nail bed does discolour and it can often take months to get rid of it entirely.
Nail HQ Base Coat
Nail HQ London Base Coat Brush
The Base Coat again is one I have just worn on its own and remove every few days and reapply when I need too.  As I am taking my nail care as back to as basic as I can, I don't want to be sticking to my darker nail shades.  So for me, this is working just fine for now.

The product which really intrigued me was the Nail HQ All In One and it is described as being a nail treatment designed to be a multi-solution product. Using Acai Berry and Argan Oil as well as a replenishing Mineral Complex, these ingredients come together and their job is to provide moisture and nourishment which help maintain healthy but flexible nails whilst preventing brittleness and breakage.
Nail HQ London All In One
Nail HQ London All In One Brush
The Formula of this treatment is slightly different to the others within the range in that it is blue in colour, though on the nails it is clear and the formula is that little bit thicker in texture, but it applies like a dream. 

Finally, we have the Nail HQ Gel Top Coat and it is described as being a nail treatment which contains an exclusive dual polymer which has been developed exclusively to create a long-lasting, extra durable high gloss finish. The acrylic provides non-yellowing properties that help preserve and protect the colour underneath and the inclusion of Shellac also helps for added durability.
Nail HQ London Gel Top Coat
Nail HQ London Gel Top Coat Brush
This top coat includes Argan Oil for its moisturising properties and it helps to benefit the health of your nails.

What I like about these products is that as well as making your nails look good, even mine which really are in a sorry state, is that they work to protect our nails as well as work as a treatment and they don't cost the earth to purchase either.  If your nails need a bit of TLC then as well as the four products I have mentioned within this post, you will also find a Ridge Filler, A Growth treatment, A Nail Hardener, A Nail Protect and Repair and a Nail Strengthener.

I have a set of these products to give away over on my Instagram (here) so to be in with a chance of winning them, all you need to do is follow the rules which are on that Instagram post!

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Monday, 15 October 2018

Mavala’s Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

Mavala is the world leader in nail care with a heritage spanning over 50 years and for me, if you ask me what Mavala does, the first thing I say is Nail Care, but did you know they do a whole lot more than that? As well as nails, they have products for the hand, feet, face and makeup and they are all created from rigorous research and manufactured in the Geneva factories to impeccable quality demands.
Mavala’s Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide with gift sets for different budgets
For Christmas, Mavala have some really cute and purse friendly gift sets featuring Tree Baubles, Duo Products, Hand care products and more.  Today I have a selection from the Christmas collection.

The first product is the Mavala Nail Colour Duo. Featuring a duo of 5ml nail polishes which compliment each other for the festive season. My box contains Riga which is a beautiful natural pink shade and to top it off comes Pink Diamond which is full of glitter and incredibly sparkly. 
Mavala Nail Colour Duo
They come packaged inside a box with an accompanying red bow to give it that special touch. Priced at £9.95.

Next comes something we all need at some point and that is the Mavala Mava+ Extreme Care for Hands. The sun, cold, wind, use of solvents and cleaning detergents can all have damaging effects on the hands which can result in hands becoming very dry and stressed.
Mavala Mava+ Extreme Care for Hands
With all of that in mind, Mavala designed a cream for very dry and stressed hands, this cream is an intense repairing and moisturising treatment containing Chamomile and Vitamin E to reduce redness and soothe, Shea Butter to nourish, smooth and repair, and a botanical complex which acts as a protective shield to reinforce the skin's barrier defences.  Again, an addition of a red bow makes a lovely stocking filler gift and the cream is priced at £15.70.

The final gift in my Gift Guide from Mavala is the Mavala Nourishing kit and this is one clever kit which has everything you need to look after those nails.  Inside there are three products which work together to ensure your nails are protected and nourished.
Mavala Nourishing Gift Set
Mavala Nourishing Gift set trio of products

The first product of the trio is Mavaderma and it is described as being a protein and essential vitamin enriched nutritive oil that penetrates the pores to feed the nail matrix, in order to accelerate blood circulation and stimulate nail growth.  Matched with the Super Base polish which protects the nail from damage and staining and finally 97 Wichita which is a beautiful nude pink.  Priced around £16.95.

If, like me, you have friends and work colleagues who are obsessed with keeping their nails in their absolute best condition, these sets are just brilliant gift ideas and whether you need a secret santa, stocking filler or just a nice gift set, there is something here which will fit that bill.

Are you a fan of Mavala nail products?

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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Christmas Gift Sets from Scholl

Most people will have heard of Scholl, not only are they experts in foot care and treatments they also have a range of nail care products too and each one is designed to keep your feet and nails in tip top condition. With that in mind, this Christmas Scholl have some amazing gift sets and I am sharing two of hem with you in this post - one for feet and one for nails.
Christmas Gift Sets from Scholl
Scholl Velvet Smooth Ultimate Party Feet Collection with Diamond Crystals (£30 here) has everything you need to turn those trotters into beautiful party ready feet.
Christmas Gift Sets from Scholl
Inside the box are four beautifully presented products which includes:
  • Electronic Foot File with Extra Course Roller Head - With an ergonomically-designed soft touch handle, the Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot File comes with a extra Coarse Roller Head which has long lasting micro-abrasive particles which now includes finely ground diamond crystals. Having used a previous design from Scholl, this one is so much better at removing dead and dry skin in one go, so there is no need to spend an age trying to remove it and there is little need to use the device too regularly. On its own this device retails for £39.99 so the kit as a whole is an absolute bargain. 
  • 1 x Regular Coarse Replacement Roller Head (RRP £12.99) - I am glad to see that there is the inclusion of an extra roller within this kit and it is one which can be used on wet and dry skin. 
  • Velvet Smooth Intense Serum (RRP £6.99) - This serum is specially formulated with hyaluronic acid, Green Caviar and Pentavitin to help keep your feet hydrated, giving you visibly softer looking feet. Designed to be used after you have used the electronic foot file to help keep your feet looking their best. 
  • Gel Activ Extreme Heels Insoles (RRP £15) - These insolves work to provide double the cushioning for extreme heels vs not wearing insoles and an ultra soft gel arch, to help relieve pressure from the ball of the foot. The are suitable for shoes with heels above 5.5cm and sizes 3 - 7.5 (UK)
With everything you need in one box to get your feet ready for Party Season, it is hard not to be impressed with it and its retail price.

The second kit is the Scholl Velvet Smooth Perfect Nails Electronic Nail Care System (34.50 here).

Christmas Gift Sets from Scholl
Again, as with the Party Feet Collection, it includes four items.

  • Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System (£39.99) - Not just for using on your finger nails but also your toe nails and it is designed to keep them looking healthy and shiny. Scholl's Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System acts as a nail file, buffer and polisher to give natural looking shiny nails, effortlessly.
  • 3 x Nail Care Heads (£9.99) - These replaceable heads for the Nail Care device help to File, buffer and shine and again I think this is a great inclusion. 
  • Velvet Smooth Nail Oil (£7.99) - This Nail Oil is exclusively formulated with a nourishing 7 Oil complex which work to moisturise and condition the cuticles and nails leaving you with visibly shinier and natural looking toe and finger nails.
  • Rouge by Nailberry Nail Lacquer (£14.50) - If ever there was a festive colour to paint your nails it is a beautiful red. This polish by Nailberry is free from carcinogenic chemicals, breathable, and cruelty free.

Again, this is an incredible kit with absolutely everything you need to sort your nails out in one sitting and I have found the nail file so incredibly easy to use and much more straightforward than an ordinary nail file.
So there you have two amazing kits from Scholl which you still have time to run out and purchase (here) ready for the big day!

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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Elegant Touch Premium Implement Kit

When it comes to my nails I’m pretty obsessed and love nothing more than having a pampering manicure and hand massage, it is incredibly relaxing and stress relieving, particularly as my hands are on the go all of the time. So a few hours in a salon is absolute bliss, but when I haven't found the time to ensure my talons are in tip top condition, I do like to take care of them at home.  The Elegant Touch Premium Implement Kit is the newest addition to my nail care collection and it is perfectly sized for being on the go, on holidays and at home.
Elegant Touch Premium Implement Kit
Elegant Touch Premium Implement Kit
Elegant Touch Premium Implement Kit
Elegant Touch Premium Implement Kit

Retailing at £25, the Elegant Touch Premium Implement Kit is housed inside a stunning watercolour floral print case which opens by simply pressing the silver metal button on the side. Opening up there are four nail tools inside the kit which are: 

Elegant Touch Nail Clippers - Crafted from high-quality stainless steel with perfectly aligned, sharp blades for precision cutting of the nails.

Elegant Touch Cuticle Pusher and Cleaner - This is a dual-ended tool to preen and perfect cuticles and for cleaning under the nails. Allows secure, comfortable grip for controlled tidying.

Elegant Touch Glass Nail File - This helps to gently shape natural and artificial nails, whilst protecting from splitting and peeling.

Elegant Touch Nail Buffer - This is a super-fine grit buffer which smoothes ridges and imperfections for a neater polish application

This really is a cute kit which would be perfect for any beauty lover, and who doesn't want to have Pink coloured tools to keep their nails in tip-top condition? This kit also comes with it even includes a 5-year guarantee and it can here found here.

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Monday, 28 March 2016

Elegant Touch Don't be Sheepish Nails

I have only recently become obsessed with false nails, so when Don't Be Sheepish landed on my doorstep, I was overwhelmed by how cute they are. Whenever I do use false nails, Elegant Touch are my go to nails because I find them easy to apply, they suit my nail shape and they re incredibly purse friendly.

The Elegant Touch Don't Be Sheepish nails are an online exclusive and are the perfect designed nails to wear not only for the Easter weekend but for the whole of Spring. Within each pack of nails you will find nail glue, a buffer, an instruction leaflet and 24 nails in 10 different sizes all compactly packed so you have everything you need to get going and make those nails pretty and they last for up to 10 days without chipping or peeling.

Elegant Touch Don't be Sheepish Nails
Elegant Touch Don't be Sheepish Nails
Elegant Touch Don't be Sheepish Nails
Elegant Touch Don't be Sheepish Nails

My own nails are currently going through a bit of a bad time and are all cracked, broken and peeling, so I am currently applying products to get them back to their former glory so I have only tested one or two of these nails, that said, they are really easy to apply. The nails are an almost squoval shape, which doesn't different too much from how I shape my own nails.  Once I have washed and dried my hands, I always apply handcream and then cuticle oil before buffering my nails.  Once I am happy with that, I select the right sized nails and then begin to apply the glue, then apply and press down on the nail.  They stick immediately and I have never found a need to remove and reapply before a week.  

As there are two designs within this set, you can choose whether you want more lambs or more daisies or an equal mixture of the two. The Elegant Touch Don't Be Sheepish Nails retail for £6.95 and are available from the Elegant Touch website - HERE.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Blogger Beauty Box - December

The Blogger Beauty Box is, like the name suggests a beauty box which is created by a Blogger who goes by the name of Vix and she blogs over at Vix Meldrew. The Blogger Beauty Box began back in August of this year and I am chuffed to have finally got my hands on one and it costs just £10 per month. I have the gigantic December box to share with you and it is amazing.

Blogger Beauty Box

Inside this box is 7 different items with the dominant theme of skincare and nails with many of the brands being absolutely new to me and I am really excited to give them a try.

Elegant Touch Nail Guards - These nail guards act as a protective barrier and are designed to be worn under not only press-on nails but also gel manicures & acrylics. These nail guards prevent glue damage to the natural nail and are really thin and to use them, you simply apply the sticky strip to your nail and then file to shape you need before applying your preferred finish. These nail guards are said to last for up to 14 days and also easy to remove. Each pack contains 36 nail guards in 9 sizes and retails around £2.95.

Blogger Beauty Box

House of HoHoHo Christmas Nails by Elegant Touch - A collaboration between House of Holland and Elegant Touch to create some unique and fun press on nail designs ready for the Christmas season. These nails are easy to use attach to the nail easily by using the enclosed glue. They dry in just 5 minutes and are said to last for 10 days. Each pack contains 24 nails in 10 different sizes, a nail file, bottle of glue and full easy to read and follow instructions. Available in several designs they retail around £8.99.

Blogger Beauty Box

AcuRegen Rose Body OilThe oil caught my attention as soon as I opened the box. The body oil looks similar to Olive Oil and contains rose petal pot pourri in a pump dispenser bottle to make it easier to use. The oil can be used in the bath, as a body oil or you can add it to your body lotion. Ingredients such as Rose Oil which has renowned purifying and detoxing properties, Argan Kernal Oil which is not only hydrating but also helps regulate sebum secretion and is extremely moisturising and finally Geranium Oil which is said to deliver nerve tissue support for boosted skin balancing. Priced at £32.99 I am really looking forward to giving this a try.

Blogger Beauty Box
Blogger Beauty Box

Seascape Island Apothecary Soothe Body ButterSeascape is part of a locally produced skincare range which hails from Jersey. This Body Butter is full of natural ingredients and essential oils which includes Lavender to relax and calm, Ylang Ylang to balance the mind and Mandarin to rejuvenate the skin. Contains Jersey Beeswax, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Rosehip Seed Oil, Grape Seed Oil and Sweet Almond Oil rich in Omega 3, 6 and vitamin E to help reduce stretch marks and repair damaged skin. This butter smells absolutely incredible and feels so lovely on the skin. It contains no parabens, no silicones, no SLS, no petroleum, no artificial colours, no artificial fragrances and retails at £22.00

Blogger Beauty Box
Blogger Beauty Box
Anubis Effectivity Gold Mask and Caviar &Pearl Peeling - I have never come across this brand before, so it is always exciting to discover something new. Anubis comes from Barcelona. The Caviar & Pearl is a described as being a nourishing and revitalizing exfoliator which is specifically forumalted to deeply nourish and regenerate. It states it will reduce wrinkles, brighten skin and to smooth and soothe. To be used after cleansing your face, it has to be left for up to 10 minutes before being rinsed off. The Gold Mask which is another anti-aging product from this brand is an intensive rejuvenating gel mask which is said to leave your skin with an intense glow. As before, you apply to clean skin and leave for up to 15 minutes before rinsing. Both of these masks retail between £10-£20 depending on where you choose to shop.

Blogger Beauty Box
Blogger Beauty Box

Finally nestled inside a cute linen organza bag are two lip products by Dusty Girls which is part of the MooGoo brand. MooGoo make skincare for people who have skin problems and/or very sensitive skin and their makeup range uses the sample principles of the skincare range which you can read more about here and here.

Blogger Beauty Box
Blogger Beauty Box

Dusty Girls Sun Shower – Natural Mineral Lip Gloss. This is a clear gloss to add shine and create silky smooth lips. This gloss hydrates and softens your pout with natural moisturising oils and soft micas. It can be purchases for just £9.00.

Blogger Beauty Box
Blogger Beauty Box
Blogger Beauty Box

Dusty Girls Argyle Pink Lip Shine - A gorgeous soft shade of pink with a subtle light reflecting shimmer to enhance your natural smile. We use a blend of nourishing ingredients such as Apricot Seed Oil, Watermelon Seed Oil and Sweet Almond Oil to make application a breeze and to ensure you are left with a perfectly polished pout with every pop! We steer clear of synthetic dyes and Carmine, both of which are commonly found in many generic lip products to get a more vibrant colour, however most people aren’t aware that Carmine is in fact, boiled beetle wings (cringe). Instead we use natural micas for a beautiful, long lasting pigment and a clear conscience. Priced at £9.50 and can be found here.

Blogger Beauty Box
Blogger Beauty Box
Blogger Beauty Box

So there you have the December Beauty Blogger Box and as you can see it is packed full of amazing products with new brands to discover. If you like the sound of Beauty Blogger Box and want to try it out for yourself, you can find information right here.

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