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Saturday, 23 December 2017

Getting Rid of a Verruca for Good

Most people get a verruca at some point in their lives. It is one of the most common foot problems. These small lumps of hard skin are actually warts. To be precise, plantar warts and they are pretty painful. Typically, they appear on the ball of the foot, which is a weight bearing area. This is part of the reason they are often so painful. 
A new way to treat verrucas
When it comes to treating verrucas there are several options. Unfortunately, not all of them are that effective. However, there is a new approach that has a very good clear up rate. Currently, it is available from Northwich Foot Clinic and a few other treatment centres.

Treating verrucas with microwave energy
The new verruca treatment method was developed in the UK and podiatrists in that country are now licensed to use it. Instead of using salicylic acid or cold sprays, this new method makes use of microwave energy. The energy is delivered via a wand that is held by the practitioner. They can calibrate the equipment to make sure that exactly the right level of power is delivered. This ensures consistency. 

Microwave energy has been used in clinical settings for over three decades now, so it is considered safe. In some countries, it is used to treat certain types of lung, liver, breast and kidney cancer. For example, in Japan, this technology is used in the treatment of some forms of liver cancer.

How microwaves kill off the verruca
When the microwave energy is delivered to the verruca cells heat is generated as the water molecules collide. This highly, localised energy quickly kills the infected tissue. 

The microwaves penetrate fast and go deep enough to destroy all of the infected tissue and verruca cells. Acids and freezing can be effective, but they work at a slower rate. The acids have to slowly work their way through the layers of the verruca and cold sprays only penetrate so far. Sometimes, it feels like the planter wart has gone, when in fact there are a few rogue cells left that gradually grow into another verruca.

A high first time clear up rate
Usually, with the microwave system only one treatment is needed. To date, most practitioners report an 80% clear up rate. This is the case, even with stubborn verrucas that have not responded to other forms of treatment. If one treatment does not work, having one further microwave session is usually enough to get rid of it for good.

Other advantages of microwave energy verruca treatments
The treatment can be delivered in seconds, so it is something you can easily get done during your lunch break. It is virtually painless. Naturally, it stings a bit when the area heats up, but most people find it no more painful that the acid or cold spray treatments. As a result, no anaesthetic spray is needed. Last, but by no means least, you can walk as normal immediately after treatment. So, you can easily go back to work.

Stop yourself from picking up more verrucas
Once you have had your verrucas treated, you will want to avoid getting anymore. You can read about how to do this, by clicking this link.

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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Prep your feet for Party Season with Compeed

Did you know that British ladies own 25 pairs of shoes on average? Well I probably do but Compeed have just commissioned a survey with some very interesting results:

Compeed survey

So, with party season upon us, invitations flooding the inbox and arrangements being made, the team at the UK's number one blister brand Compeed have collaborated with renowned fashion illustrator Jordi Labranda for a second year running, to create a new and stylish limited edition Compeed Blister Relief Pack and I was very kindly sent a beautifully packaged hamper**.

Compeed Hamper with Leighton Denny and Bobbi Brown

The Compeed brand is known to me as I occasionally suffer from horrendous cold-sores and as soon as I know one is coming, I use the Compeed coldsore patches to try and heed it away.  The reason I am really glad to see the blister relief pack, is because with party season upon us, it means one thing - fabulouos shoes but horribly painful blisters!

The Compeed blister relief plasters are said to offer instant pain relief and 20% faster healing time than your traditional plaster and the perfect handbag companion and once applied they stay in place for up to 24 hours.  The heel plasters are also cleverly designed to fit just under the Achilles which for me is where most blisters occur with shoes, especially ones with heels. What's more, the plasters are designed so that they are barely visible whilst wearing them and for me this is a big plus because there is nothing worse than ruining an outfit and making an amazing sparkly shoe look ugly than seeing a plaster peeking out!  These plaster retail for around £5 per pack.

Compeed Blister plasters

Compeed Blister Plasters

Blister Pack by Compeed

Blister Plasters by Compeed

Also in my little hamper was the Compeed Cracked Heel Overnight Cream which is said to moisturise and repair dry skin.  Again feet undergo a lot of pressure and strain all year round, but more so for me at Christmas time with the number of engagements I have coming up and where possible I want to ensure they are in as good condition as possible, there is nothing worse than having cracked heels, overgrown toe nails and dry skin in sight, so as with the summer, when you dig out your flip flops, the same level of pampering should occur. This cream retails for around £5.

Compeed Cracked Heel Cream

Compeed Cracked Heel Cream tube

So for me Compeed have got it covered for party season, with the cracked heel cream to pamper your feet before you are ready to go out and then whilst you are out, the plasters to ensure your night is as comfortable as it is enjoyable.  I loved the little added extras in my pack too

Bobbi Brown make-up bag

Bobbi Brown make-up bag with Compeed

Leighton Denny Quattro File

what products do you use to get your feet in tip top condition and have you ever used Compeed?

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Privet Body - My First EVER Pedicure!

Everyone who reads my blog will know I have a hatred of feet, not just mine own but everyone elses too and the thought of them being touched or me having to touch anyone elses literally makes my stomach lurch, so when I was challenged on Twitter to try a pedicure, I decided to give it a go, having never had one, I couldn't wait to give it a try, though admittedly I was really nervous incase I did empty the contents of my stomach.

Privet Body is a brand new, luxury, top-to-toe body topiary service, for men and women in the heart of Notting Hill and was to be the place I ventured too for this pedicure by the lovely Erinah, who was just fabulous. As I walked to Privet Body, I was struck by how amazing the decor was and it is the kind of place where your inner child comes out and you just want to touch everything. I was shown to a lovely little table and chair, offered a drink and then asked to complete a form, which is essential incase you have any allergies. Once completed, I was then handed a tray of Essie Nail polishes and asked to choose, well I could have sat there all day trying to decide which one I wanted and in the end it came down to a choice of two, which as you can see below are quite different.

Having made my choice, I was shown to the Log Cabin and upon entry I was awestruck at how amazing the decor was, simply look at the photo ive shown below. Not only was it really relaxing, there was definite similarities to how my Granddad had his lounge whilst he was alive, with the fire and mantelpiece being very similar. The treatment I was to have is called The Central Park Pedicure which lasts for around 75 minutes and in a word it is absolute bliss. There ive said it, got it out of the way, I enjoyed it!

The treatment included - a Foot soak, nail file and shape, cuticle work, exfoliation of legs and feet, hard skin removal, callus peel, foot file, deep conditioning paraffin treatment with heated booties, lower leg and foot massage. The if that isn't enough for you, you then have your toe nails painted with the polish you chose upon your arrival, which in my case was Smoking Hot by Essie which is described as being a creamy gun-metal griege.

As Erinah began touching my feet, I did warn her that I might voluntary kick out, it is a reaction to hating my feet being touch, but she put me at ease and I am sure the soothing music in the background helped a lot and I managed not to kick anyone or anything and I don't think I flinched and grimaced too much. Once my feet had been soaked, filed, buffed and then exfoliated, I was then treated to the deep conditioning paraffin treatment, not if you have never had anything like this before, like me, it is a little strange but wholly amazing all at the same time. As your feet are immersed into the hot paraffin, it feels like candle wax when it is melted. After a few minutes, your feet are removed from the paraffin and then placed inside some plastic booties and then wrapped in warm towels and left to soak.  Ir was absolute heaven, I could feel the aches and pains in my feet simply melting away.  As the paraffin is left on for a good 15 minutes, I got an amazing hand and arm massage too which was also wonderful and very very relaxing.

Once my feet had been removed from my plastic booties and then soaked again in warm water, my feet and lower legs were then massaged, now I admit, this I wasn't looking forward too, someone rubbing my feet is usually a massive no-no, but I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and Erniah was so gentle, it was actually amazingly relaxing and my poor aching feet no longer ached.

The final part of the treatment was the painting of the toenails and again this treatment was quite extensive as my nails were buffed, cuticles dealt with, filed and then a basecoat, the Essie Polish and a top coat all added to my toes to make them look extra nice.  As the polish was drying on my toes, I was able to relax and read a magazine, which again was amazing.

I have to say that I had an amazing experience and am extremely grateful to Privet Body for allowing me into the lovely place and for giving me the opportunity to try a pedicure for the very first time in my life.  Erinah was amazing and my feet have never looked and felt so good, and I actually enjoyed it too!

If you ever are in need of a pedicure, I cannot recommend a visit to Privet Body highly enough, absolutely amazing place and everyone is so friendly and welcoming, I loved it.

Do you like having pedicures?

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Emjoi Micro Pedi Mini + Giveaway

When asked if I would like to try the Emjoi Micro Pedi Mini foot file with roller, I jumped at the chance.  With a holiday looming and needing to make sure my feet are in the best possible condition they can be, I needed all the help I could get.  Yes I have a hatred of feet, especially other peoples and cannot stand them being touched, even if it is me. 

The Emjoi Micro Pedi first launched on QVC in the UK at QVC.  Described as being a portable, battery-operated device which features a unique micro-mineral crystal roller for use on tough skin including cracked heels, calluses and corns, also gently and effectively exfoliates and buffs away dry, hard and rough skin - stomach churning stuff but important all the same.

Inside the box is the Micro Pedi and a brush for cleaning. It features a protective cover and a safety switch. The device needs two AA batteries which do not come with it, but a soon as they are loaded in you are good to go. The first thing I noticed about this device was the rubberised handles on the side, making it easy to grip onto, it is quite small in size, possibly lighter and smaller than your iPhone, but it fits into the palm of my hand perfectly.

To use you are advised to ensure you feet have been properly washed and dried and then once you are ready simply switch the device on, it comes with the roller in place, and then using gentle back and forth, side to side motion over your feet, you will notice the dead and dry skin coming away. A bit of advice, have a towel underneath your feet! If you have harder skin on certain parts of your feet, you are advised not too press too hard otherwise the devise will switch itself off, instead just complete the actions mentioned above.

Now my feet are as looked after as every other part of my body.  I regularly exfoliate and moisturise but because I have been wearing my Fitflops for the last week, I have noticed slight patches of dry skin on the soles of my feet toward the heel, which no-one else but me would notice, but it is the perfect excuse to try this machine out.

The Micro Pedi states you will have smooth and soft feet in seconds because the "unique micro-mineral roller spins 360⁰ at 30 times a second, quickly, painlessly and safely removing microscopic layers of hard skin on the soles and heels, giving immediate results".  So batteries in and on button located, the roller starts to spin quite quickly and then as you apply it to your feet, there is a slight tickling sensation, but you then see bits of what is best described as dust falling onto your towel so you can see it working, rather than show you my feet, you can see what I am talking about in the photo below.

To use this device on both feet took just a couple of minutes, gone was the hard skin and in its place, soft smooth skin and it was both pain and hassle free.

I have a giveaway for you lovely readers and 
it is this fantastic prize:

Nails Inc Electronic Foot File Kit - Powered by MICRO Pedi

This kit contains everything you need for fabulous feet in seconds. The electronic foot file powers mineral rollers to gently buff away hard and rough skin leaving your feet amazingly smooth and soft. We have also included two of our favourite Nails Inc Polishes so you can give your nails some love and complete your pedicure. Fabulous feet has never been easier.
- Nails Inc Electric Foot File and Mineral Roller (2 x AA Batteries are not included)
- Cleaning Brush
- Two Nails Inc Nail Polishes - Porchester Place and Brook Street

All you have to do is complete the Rafflecopter form below (UK only giveaway sorry) - Good Luck!

The Winner was no.16 which is Becky from Lilblogofbeauty

Friday, 30 May 2014

Exfoliating Feet Mask

With Spring here and Summer on the horizon and the chance to hide away my winter boots and bring out my Fitflops, it is time to do something about my feet and and make sure they are in tip top condition.  Many of you will by now know that I have a hatred of feet, I can't think of anything worse than having to touch someone's feet and the thought of someone touching mine makes me feel quite ill. You only need to show me a contraption like a Ped egg and I am heaving. That said, like every other part of my body, I take care of my feet to avoid any eventuality of needing some form of specialist care.

In Primark, I came across this Exfoliating Foot Mask from Purederm, only it isn't a cream that you rub on, massage and wash off, it is more of a treatment in that it comes as a pair of wearable masks which are sock shaped and I bought them because for £1.50 curiosity got the better of me.

An exfoliating foot mask isn't something I would class as a must have product usually, BUT, get this bloggers , this product is amazing, there I've said it... Something amazing and it involves feet!  Yes I have a hatred of feet, always have had and probably always will have, but I love this product.

Once the packet is opened, there are two plastic socks. These plastic socks contain a clear liquid which is made up of papaya, lemon, apple and orange which with other botanical extracts work on breaking down the dead skin and calluses on your feet whilst using chamomile extract to help calm the skin. The socks only have to be worn for 60-90 minutes, and then after about 4 - 7 days the dry skin and calluses start to peel off, and eventually you end up with super soft feet.  Once they are on your feet, do not try and attempt to walk around because it isn't safe and is really hard to master.

Now I do apologise for the next few photos but as with every product you need to see how they work right?  These are my feet and this is the process of the product working

Top left day 4, Top right day 5, Bottom left day 6 and Bottom right day 7

As you can see within 4 days my feet began to look rather disgusting and the skin began to come a bit loose, then on the 5th and 6th day more skin became loose and fell off and finally on day 7 was the day of reckoning when like a snake, I practically shed a second skin.  The instructions on the packet state that you MUST NOT use a callus remover nor must you pick at and pull off the skin, which I will admit is really really annoying and I had to try really really hard to not pull it off.  That said, all of the skin has now come off on its own and I am left with very soft and smooth feet.

Not exactly a beautiful product that I have shared with you today, but it is one of the most useful ones I have ever bought and for an absolute bargain price.  It did everything it said it was going to do and it left my feet feeling in great condition so that now (should we ever get some sun) I can wear my Fitflops without worrying too much about my feet being on show.  A product I would definitely purchase and use again.

Have you tried this product or anything similar?  
Did you get similar results to me?

Friday, 12 April 2013

Shoe's that make you slim?

So summer time is almost here and feet will be out! Back in 2009 I discovered my first ever pair of FitFlops and ever since then I haven't looked back.  This is how I discovered them.

My Dilema...

Despite the fact I hate feet, I do love shoes. If my husband knew how many pairs of shoes I actually had, he probably wouldn't be a happy bunny. But what is a girl to do when her favourite pair of Flip Flops which she has had for almost 10 years decides that they have had enough and retire themselves off to Flip Flop heaven? Yes you guessed it right, buy a new pair and that is just what I did. When it comes to Flip Flops I have never ever quite found a comfortable pair that I could literally live in and that is part of the reason why I stuck with my last pair for so long. Then I saw an advert online for some FitFlops which sounded far too good to be true, so I Googled the website and went off to read more about them. 

What is it that they do?

Now, if I told you that it was possible to buy a pair of FitFlops that "will make your bum look smaller" or if I told you that they would be responsible for:
  • Toning and trimming your legs
  • Improving your muscle tone
  • Improving posture and balance
  • Burning calories
  • Absorb shock on your feet, knees and back

would you believe me? "No" I thought not and I didn't believe it either, but that was just the feedback from Tina who writes for the Saturday Times Magazine. Not only Tina but Helen from Wales reckons she had less dimples on her thighs through wearing the FitFlops everyday and Tricia stated she lost 4 inches on her thighs and then if you read through further testimonials on the website you can kind further good news stories on these miracle Fit Flops and they are self styled as being "the FitFlop, with the GYM built in" and then it went on to say "The FitFlop WalkStar (the type of FitFlop I bought) gives you a work out while you walk". The FitFlops have been designed by two Biomechanics making the FitFlops biomechanically engineered so that they absorb shock, lesson joint strain and recreate the gait of barefoot walking.
I suffer from back pain, it is hereditary condition within through my dads side of the family and it something you learn to live with. I've been a regular patient at the chiropractors which solves the problem for a few months at a time, but eventually the pain comes back, so I did mention to him on my last visit that I would be purchasing a pair of these FitFlops after reading about them on the internet and even he thought it would be a good idea to try something other than rolling around on a tennis ball to ease the pain (yes it does help...really). So with all of those positive statements and an approval from my chiropractor, I quickly purchased some lovely new shiney black FitFlops and sat back and waited, with a lot of excitement, for them to arrive.

So what a FitFlops and do they do what they claim to? Well to look at they resemble nothing more then a pair of FitFlops and if you didn't know any better, you would be hard pushed to think they were anything different, the only thing which does stand out is that on the front of them are the words FitFlops. When you receive the FitFlops they come with a little care booklet which tells you in a lot more detail about what FitFlops are, how it works and what it has been designed to do. Most strikingly is the bright yellow warning card which warns you to use your FitFlops progressively to avoid excessive muscle soreness because potentially they can increase the muscle activity. 

The FitFlops have been designed quite cleverly and each part of the FitFlop be it the toe end, mid section or heel end, they all have a role to play in the toning of your legs by making your muscles work harder whilst encouraging blood circulation. The cushioned sole of the FitFlop is shaped for your foot to fit snuggly into it and it is said that this sole and the way it fits your foot is designed to slightly destabilse the way you walk which in turn makes you use more muscles in your legs when walking because the muscles in your legs work harder to ensure that the instability is conquered therefore giving you a work out as you walk. 

However, it doesn't end there. FitFlops have been around for some time now and as with most products they are often re-released and marketed along of the guise of being new and improved, well the FitFlop is no different. They are now available in all kinds of styles ranging from WalkStar , WalkStar II, Electra, The Gill and Dass to name but a few and FitFlops are now linked with the improving of your posture, minimizing back stress and make it easier to stay in shape to name but a few. All of this is achieved with how the FitFlop makes you balance when walking, how hard your muscles have to work and acting as a work out as you walk. 

I ordered my pair online from Boots for the price of £40 and they arrived the following morning in the black colour that I had ordered. FitFlops come in a variety of colours such as yellow, white red, blue and black and in some cases even Pink. They are also available for men and women and come in a range of sizes from a 3 to 9. However before you do buy them, I would recommend visiting a recommended retailer selling FitFlops to download and use the size guide prior to purchasing and the reason being that I am usually a size 6.5 in shoe but in the case of FitFlops I needed to purchase a size 6 which fitted both my feet perfectly. 

When they arrived, not in a shoe like box, which I was slightly annoyed about, I opened the plastic bag within which they were sealed and the first thing you notice is the plastic smell which soon wears off. You will also receive a booklet which as mentioned gives you more information about the FitFlop and how to care for it, keep it clean and most importantly washing them! With all that aside I couldn't wait to try them out and immediately put them on to walk around the house in and I was surprised at how comfortable they are and how easy they are to walk in, they is a slight bounce to your walk which I was immediately aware of although it doesn't look unnatural in any way, it just feels a little odd until you get used to it. Over the top of the FitFlop is a strap, which is quite thick to hold your foot in place as well as the piece of plastic which sits between your big and second toe. I found both parts to be really comfortable when wearing. After reading the blurb about making your walking style unstable to ensure you use more muscles, I was expecting to walk like I was slightly intoxicated until I got the hang of walking in the FitFlops, but bizarrely they seem no different to any other Fit Flop that I have owned or walked in. 

I now wear these FitFlops constantly, I now carry my work shoes in a bag and wear my FitFlops to walk to and from work in. and although I am not supposed to wear them in the office due to health and safety, if I have a quiet day I do tend to wear them. Having owned a pair now for over 4 months I have to say they are the best FitFlops that I have ever owned, they are just so comfortable and easy to wear. I have never suffered so much as a blister, sore skin or any other ailment due to wearing these FitFlops other than after wearing them constantly for the first few days I did feel slight tightness in my calf muscles. I think the money they cost me is definitely justified, its just a shame I cannot wear them all wear round. 

Would I recommend them? Yes I would for being so comfortable more than anything else and because I do a lot of walking anyway so my legs are not in that bad a condition, for me the FitFlops act as an extra work out when I am not at the gym taking a spinning or step aerobic class. So not only are they comfortable but they help to keep your feet feeling cool, whereas when they are covered up all day in socks and shoes the feet naturally sweat and this leads to further problems, with FitFlops they are uncovered and the skin can breathe naturally. 

The main improvement for me however has been my posture, whereas before I would slouch into my work chair to try and ease the pain in my lower back, I now seem to suffer less with the ache in the first place and it has been commented upon that I now seem to sit with a straight back and rounded shoulders, which again helps with my lower back muscles and since I have been wearing my FitFlops I haven't been back to the Chiropractor which is not only saving me £35 per visit, but it also means I am suffering a lot less than I used to and for that reason alone, for me the cost of £40 for some FitFlops was justified. Sadly, you cannot just pop into your High street supermarket or chain shop to buy FitFlops, although I have already seen replicas in some local shoe shops, they are available through online stores likes Boots, Amazon and their own homepage has a link to other websites which also sell them. FitFlops range in price from £36 to £60 depending on make and colour, so it is worth having a browse before punching in your credit card details to make the purchase. 

They are also easy to look after and take care of. Like most shoes after wearing them for an excessive amount of time they can begin to pong slightly so it is essential that they are cleaned. To do this task you simply need to use an old toothbrush or a cloth and with a small amount of washing powder scrub them lightly and then leave them to dry. 

Finally, If you intend to wear them a lot of the time and are not just buying them because you read good reviews about them then they are definitely worth an investment and at the end of the day they are probably the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever owned, I can walk around in them for hours and don't end up with aching feet or sore toes.
And as if all that isn't enough... I actually have a Fit Flop wishlist and here it is...

Top row we have Hibiscus Ballerina Pumps Coral £75 / Middle Row Purple Frou Fitflop £75 / Bottom Row Hibiscus Ballerina Pumps in Black and Tan £75

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Soap and Glory Foot Buffer

Well given the weather it looks like it is going to be quite a while before I can wear my beloved Fit Flops, there might have been a bit of sunshine today, but the wind was blooming cold. Anyway, spring and summer are on their way, so in the meantime it does give me time to sort my feet out and make sure they are not a total embarrassment to put on show when the time does eventually arrive. 

I hate feet! I make no secret of that fact and it is one thing most people know about me. I cannot stand them especially my own and to make matters worse I cant even stand to let anyone else touch them, it makes me feel queasy, I don't know why I feel this way about feet, I just do. But... if I just left them alone and ignored them as I wished I could do, then I would eventually have to go and see some professional type to sort them out, faced with that dilemma I tend to take quite good care of my feet, gagging in the process. 

Soap and Glory Foot Buffer

Over the years I have used and reviewed quite a lot of products for the feet that deal with pretty much everything from dry skin to dead skin. The one product on the market which I cannot bring myself to purchase is the Ped Egg, it is to all intents and purposes a cheese grater for your feet and the less said about it better. So far I have tended to stick to traditional methods of removing dry skin from the heels of my feet in the shape of a pumice stone and it isn't the perfect solution but I have just made do. Then whilst I was on Boots buying some deodorant when I came across the 'Soap and Glory Foot buffer' which intrigued me to the point of buying it and better still on the beloved 3 for 2 offer it meant I could also buy some bubble bath and lip balm. Thankfully this item is sold in protective packaging so no one can have a go of your product and then put it back on the shelf! Just think about it! 

The Foot Buffer retails at £8.75 in Boots and size wise it looks like a Loofah crossed with a golf club and is white in colour. It is sold with the following marketing blurb "Give yourself a 5 star pedicure treatment in the comfort of your home with our utterly fantastic Soap & GloryTM Foot Buffer" which isn't what sold it to me it was the fact I was told it came with 3 different filing heads which are described as being: 

1. The ruff side - for getting rid of the ruff stuff 

2. The smoother side - for a final buff 

3. The toe piece - for filing in between the toes 

Soap and Glory Foot Buffer

Now naturally number three isn't for the faint hearted or someone like me who hates feet but given the 'head' of this device is golf club shaped with two sides I was intrigued to find the 'third' filing head and in all honesty it took me quite a while to work it out. Located at the bottom of the 'club' is the third and final filing head, hidden away from sight, you simply tug at the bottom and it appears looking slightly fatter but shorter than your average nail file. 

So once you have your foot buffer home attached to it is a set of instructions which you really should read before you get home because you need a lemon! Once you have your lemon the instructions tell you to 'rub rough heels with lemon juice first, to dissolve the glue that gives dead skin cells their grippiness. Wait ten minutes before you buff, and they wont be as tough' so having cut a lemon in half and rubbed it into the heels of my feet (obviously if you have any sort of open wound this is not advised) which was slightly weird, thankfully I did it in the comfort of my own home, alone and felt daft enough. I had at least thought to put a towel on the floor under my feet to catch bits of juice that went everywhere and as instructed allowed the lemon juice to sink into my skin. Then picking up my buffer I used the first side and gently rubbed it along my heels to attack the dead skin moving from one side of the heel to the other backwards and forwards, as you use the tool you can feel it being scraped across your skin, something I had to not think about at the time and instead just get on with the job of removing the dead skin. Then I wiped my feet to remove anything that might be left there and flipped the buffer over to use side number two defined as being 'The smoother side' and repeated action number one and was surprised to see that all of the dead skin had been removed and having once again towelled my feet to remove anything left sticking to them, my feet were lovely and soft. So I covered them with some Soap and Glory Heel Genius and slipped my feet into the accompanying socks to give the cream time to sink into my skin. 

To date I haven't felt the need to use the in-between the toe file as this is not a problem area for me, but it is there should that change. For me this was the first time that I had ever used a metal buffer on my feet, I have always stuck to using a pumice stone or a foot scrub of sorts from places like Lush, so I was a bit apprehensive as to how effective it would be. To my surprise using this 'Foot buffer' was not only easy it was much quicker and produced much better results than a pumice stone because it is much easier to hold on to and it is also much sturdier in your hands than a pumice stone which at times can be like trying to hold a bar of soap with wet hands. 

So whilst I still hate feet, I do like this Foot Buffer and it has now replaced my pumice stone which I hated having to use and because this product lives in the bathroom in its own little storage pot (which I bought myself) I use it once a week when I am in the shower just to ensure that my feet are kept in good condition until the sun finally decides it is time to make an appearance for summertime to finally begin. So I feel this is a brilliant product which is worthy of its price. Having said I use this once a week, the filing heads are still as good now as they were a few weeks ago when I bought it, but I would guess over time they will become blunt and the way this product is designed means you cannot buy replacement heads which is a bit of a shame. I however will simply purchase another one the next time I need to stock up on products.
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