Thursday, 13 November 2014

Prep your feet for Party Season with Compeed

Did you know that British ladies own 25 pairs of shoes on average? Well I probably do but Compeed have just commissioned a survey with some very interesting results:

Compeed survey

So, with party season upon us, invitations flooding the inbox and arrangements being made, the team at the UK's number one blister brand Compeed have collaborated with renowned fashion illustrator Jordi Labranda for a second year running, to create a new and stylish limited edition Compeed Blister Relief Pack and I was very kindly sent a beautifully packaged hamper**.

Compeed Hamper with Leighton Denny and Bobbi Brown

The Compeed brand is known to me as I occasionally suffer from horrendous cold-sores and as soon as I know one is coming, I use the Compeed coldsore patches to try and heed it away.  The reason I am really glad to see the blister relief pack, is because with party season upon us, it means one thing - fabulouos shoes but horribly painful blisters!

The Compeed blister relief plasters are said to offer instant pain relief and 20% faster healing time than your traditional plaster and the perfect handbag companion and once applied they stay in place for up to 24 hours.  The heel plasters are also cleverly designed to fit just under the Achilles which for me is where most blisters occur with shoes, especially ones with heels. What's more, the plasters are designed so that they are barely visible whilst wearing them and for me this is a big plus because there is nothing worse than ruining an outfit and making an amazing sparkly shoe look ugly than seeing a plaster peeking out!  These plaster retail for around £5 per pack.

Compeed Blister plasters

Compeed Blister Plasters

Blister Pack by Compeed

Blister Plasters by Compeed

Also in my little hamper was the Compeed Cracked Heel Overnight Cream which is said to moisturise and repair dry skin.  Again feet undergo a lot of pressure and strain all year round, but more so for me at Christmas time with the number of engagements I have coming up and where possible I want to ensure they are in as good condition as possible, there is nothing worse than having cracked heels, overgrown toe nails and dry skin in sight, so as with the summer, when you dig out your flip flops, the same level of pampering should occur. This cream retails for around £5.

Compeed Cracked Heel Cream

Compeed Cracked Heel Cream tube

So for me Compeed have got it covered for party season, with the cracked heel cream to pamper your feet before you are ready to go out and then whilst you are out, the plasters to ensure your night is as comfortable as it is enjoyable.  I loved the little added extras in my pack too

Bobbi Brown make-up bag

Bobbi Brown make-up bag with Compeed

Leighton Denny Quattro File

what products do you use to get your feet in tip top condition and have you ever used Compeed?


  1. I just bought some of these today to try out! Sounds like they are fab, so I'm looking forward to using them now!

    Emma | DollfaceBlogs

  2. Looks like a lovely package to receive, I've never tried compeed but luckily have never had any problems with my feet (probably due to boring sensible shoes lol)

  3. Compeed are fab, my eldest runs a lot, he uses them all the time!

  4. Ah compeed is such a godsend!!!! <3 xx

  5. I swear by compeed, Since I had the boys my feet are never the same

  6. What a fab pack for the holiday season with all those nights with sore feet, the Compeed are great I have tried them before :)


  7. I have used it but am going to stick to wearing Hotter shoes I think

  8. I don't use any products on my feet, but I should. I lvoe the sound of the Compeed Cracked Heel Overnight Cream.

  9. What a useful set! It will be handy on the holiday season :)

    Pink Frenzy

  10. It's been ages I wore heels but will keep this in mind for the holiday season and the times we will be going out!xx

  11. I have a very special place in my life for Compeed! I've fractured my toes several times during my athletics days and with every new pair of shoes, there are blisters and so-h much pain. I wouldn't be able to live as happily as I do without compede.

  12. These are a Godsend and I never go for long walking days without them. Last one came in very handy for my 6 year old daughter whose new shoes were rubbing her. We were able to continue our sightseeing with no grumps or moans.

  13. Ooh I have tried those things before ^^ when I had to wear heels for a long time ~ not sure if it's the same brand thou.

  14. And this is why I rarely wear heels! ;) Great tips for those that do tho!

  15. I need a pedicure like badly. I just haven't had the time to get one and this could possibly be a great answer for some of my foot needs.

  16. Blister plasters can be so useful. I love the Christmas party season, but it does make for some tired feet.

  17. I've heard some great things about Compeed. I'm not surprised that 93% of women find heals painful to walk in. I'm not great with heals.


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