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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Soap and Glory Foot Buffer

Well given the weather it looks like it is going to be quite a while before I can wear my beloved Fit Flops, there might have been a bit of sunshine today, but the wind was blooming cold. Anyway, spring and summer are on their way, so in the meantime it does give me time to sort my feet out and make sure they are not a total embarrassment to put on show when the time does eventually arrive. 

I hate feet! I make no secret of that fact and it is one thing most people know about me. I cannot stand them especially my own and to make matters worse I cant even stand to let anyone else touch them, it makes me feel queasy, I don't know why I feel this way about feet, I just do. But... if I just left them alone and ignored them as I wished I could do, then I would eventually have to go and see some professional type to sort them out, faced with that dilemma I tend to take quite good care of my feet, gagging in the process. 

Soap and Glory Foot Buffer

Over the years I have used and reviewed quite a lot of products for the feet that deal with pretty much everything from dry skin to dead skin. The one product on the market which I cannot bring myself to purchase is the Ped Egg, it is to all intents and purposes a cheese grater for your feet and the less said about it better. So far I have tended to stick to traditional methods of removing dry skin from the heels of my feet in the shape of a pumice stone and it isn't the perfect solution but I have just made do. Then whilst I was on Boots buying some deodorant when I came across the 'Soap and Glory Foot buffer' which intrigued me to the point of buying it and better still on the beloved 3 for 2 offer it meant I could also buy some bubble bath and lip balm. Thankfully this item is sold in protective packaging so no one can have a go of your product and then put it back on the shelf! Just think about it! 

The Foot Buffer retails at £8.75 in Boots and size wise it looks like a Loofah crossed with a golf club and is white in colour. It is sold with the following marketing blurb "Give yourself a 5 star pedicure treatment in the comfort of your home with our utterly fantastic Soap & GloryTM Foot Buffer" which isn't what sold it to me it was the fact I was told it came with 3 different filing heads which are described as being: 

1. The ruff side - for getting rid of the ruff stuff 

2. The smoother side - for a final buff 

3. The toe piece - for filing in between the toes 

Soap and Glory Foot Buffer

Now naturally number three isn't for the faint hearted or someone like me who hates feet but given the 'head' of this device is golf club shaped with two sides I was intrigued to find the 'third' filing head and in all honesty it took me quite a while to work it out. Located at the bottom of the 'club' is the third and final filing head, hidden away from sight, you simply tug at the bottom and it appears looking slightly fatter but shorter than your average nail file. 

So once you have your foot buffer home attached to it is a set of instructions which you really should read before you get home because you need a lemon! Once you have your lemon the instructions tell you to 'rub rough heels with lemon juice first, to dissolve the glue that gives dead skin cells their grippiness. Wait ten minutes before you buff, and they wont be as tough' so having cut a lemon in half and rubbed it into the heels of my feet (obviously if you have any sort of open wound this is not advised) which was slightly weird, thankfully I did it in the comfort of my own home, alone and felt daft enough. I had at least thought to put a towel on the floor under my feet to catch bits of juice that went everywhere and as instructed allowed the lemon juice to sink into my skin. Then picking up my buffer I used the first side and gently rubbed it along my heels to attack the dead skin moving from one side of the heel to the other backwards and forwards, as you use the tool you can feel it being scraped across your skin, something I had to not think about at the time and instead just get on with the job of removing the dead skin. Then I wiped my feet to remove anything that might be left there and flipped the buffer over to use side number two defined as being 'The smoother side' and repeated action number one and was surprised to see that all of the dead skin had been removed and having once again towelled my feet to remove anything left sticking to them, my feet were lovely and soft. So I covered them with some Soap and Glory Heel Genius and slipped my feet into the accompanying socks to give the cream time to sink into my skin. 

To date I haven't felt the need to use the in-between the toe file as this is not a problem area for me, but it is there should that change. For me this was the first time that I had ever used a metal buffer on my feet, I have always stuck to using a pumice stone or a foot scrub of sorts from places like Lush, so I was a bit apprehensive as to how effective it would be. To my surprise using this 'Foot buffer' was not only easy it was much quicker and produced much better results than a pumice stone because it is much easier to hold on to and it is also much sturdier in your hands than a pumice stone which at times can be like trying to hold a bar of soap with wet hands. 

So whilst I still hate feet, I do like this Foot Buffer and it has now replaced my pumice stone which I hated having to use and because this product lives in the bathroom in its own little storage pot (which I bought myself) I use it once a week when I am in the shower just to ensure that my feet are kept in good condition until the sun finally decides it is time to make an appearance for summertime to finally begin. So I feel this is a brilliant product which is worthy of its price. Having said I use this once a week, the filing heads are still as good now as they were a few weeks ago when I bought it, but I would guess over time they will become blunt and the way this product is designed means you cannot buy replacement heads which is a bit of a shame. I however will simply purchase another one the next time I need to stock up on products.
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