Friday, 12 April 2013

Shoe's that make you slim?

So summer time is almost here and feet will be out! Back in 2009 I discovered my first ever pair of FitFlops and ever since then I haven't looked back.  This is how I discovered them.

My Dilema...

Despite the fact I hate feet, I do love shoes. If my husband knew how many pairs of shoes I actually had, he probably wouldn't be a happy bunny. But what is a girl to do when her favourite pair of Flip Flops which she has had for almost 10 years decides that they have had enough and retire themselves off to Flip Flop heaven? Yes you guessed it right, buy a new pair and that is just what I did. When it comes to Flip Flops I have never ever quite found a comfortable pair that I could literally live in and that is part of the reason why I stuck with my last pair for so long. Then I saw an advert online for some FitFlops which sounded far too good to be true, so I Googled the website and went off to read more about them. 

What is it that they do?

Now, if I told you that it was possible to buy a pair of FitFlops that "will make your bum look smaller" or if I told you that they would be responsible for:
  • Toning and trimming your legs
  • Improving your muscle tone
  • Improving posture and balance
  • Burning calories
  • Absorb shock on your feet, knees and back

would you believe me? "No" I thought not and I didn't believe it either, but that was just the feedback from Tina who writes for the Saturday Times Magazine. Not only Tina but Helen from Wales reckons she had less dimples on her thighs through wearing the FitFlops everyday and Tricia stated she lost 4 inches on her thighs and then if you read through further testimonials on the website you can kind further good news stories on these miracle Fit Flops and they are self styled as being "the FitFlop, with the GYM built in" and then it went on to say "The FitFlop WalkStar (the type of FitFlop I bought) gives you a work out while you walk". The FitFlops have been designed by two Biomechanics making the FitFlops biomechanically engineered so that they absorb shock, lesson joint strain and recreate the gait of barefoot walking.
I suffer from back pain, it is hereditary condition within through my dads side of the family and it something you learn to live with. I've been a regular patient at the chiropractors which solves the problem for a few months at a time, but eventually the pain comes back, so I did mention to him on my last visit that I would be purchasing a pair of these FitFlops after reading about them on the internet and even he thought it would be a good idea to try something other than rolling around on a tennis ball to ease the pain (yes it does help...really). So with all of those positive statements and an approval from my chiropractor, I quickly purchased some lovely new shiney black FitFlops and sat back and waited, with a lot of excitement, for them to arrive.

So what a FitFlops and do they do what they claim to? Well to look at they resemble nothing more then a pair of FitFlops and if you didn't know any better, you would be hard pushed to think they were anything different, the only thing which does stand out is that on the front of them are the words FitFlops. When you receive the FitFlops they come with a little care booklet which tells you in a lot more detail about what FitFlops are, how it works and what it has been designed to do. Most strikingly is the bright yellow warning card which warns you to use your FitFlops progressively to avoid excessive muscle soreness because potentially they can increase the muscle activity. 

The FitFlops have been designed quite cleverly and each part of the FitFlop be it the toe end, mid section or heel end, they all have a role to play in the toning of your legs by making your muscles work harder whilst encouraging blood circulation. The cushioned sole of the FitFlop is shaped for your foot to fit snuggly into it and it is said that this sole and the way it fits your foot is designed to slightly destabilse the way you walk which in turn makes you use more muscles in your legs when walking because the muscles in your legs work harder to ensure that the instability is conquered therefore giving you a work out as you walk. 

However, it doesn't end there. FitFlops have been around for some time now and as with most products they are often re-released and marketed along of the guise of being new and improved, well the FitFlop is no different. They are now available in all kinds of styles ranging from WalkStar , WalkStar II, Electra, The Gill and Dass to name but a few and FitFlops are now linked with the improving of your posture, minimizing back stress and make it easier to stay in shape to name but a few. All of this is achieved with how the FitFlop makes you balance when walking, how hard your muscles have to work and acting as a work out as you walk. 

I ordered my pair online from Boots for the price of £40 and they arrived the following morning in the black colour that I had ordered. FitFlops come in a variety of colours such as yellow, white red, blue and black and in some cases even Pink. They are also available for men and women and come in a range of sizes from a 3 to 9. However before you do buy them, I would recommend visiting a recommended retailer selling FitFlops to download and use the size guide prior to purchasing and the reason being that I am usually a size 6.5 in shoe but in the case of FitFlops I needed to purchase a size 6 which fitted both my feet perfectly. 

When they arrived, not in a shoe like box, which I was slightly annoyed about, I opened the plastic bag within which they were sealed and the first thing you notice is the plastic smell which soon wears off. You will also receive a booklet which as mentioned gives you more information about the FitFlop and how to care for it, keep it clean and most importantly washing them! With all that aside I couldn't wait to try them out and immediately put them on to walk around the house in and I was surprised at how comfortable they are and how easy they are to walk in, they is a slight bounce to your walk which I was immediately aware of although it doesn't look unnatural in any way, it just feels a little odd until you get used to it. Over the top of the FitFlop is a strap, which is quite thick to hold your foot in place as well as the piece of plastic which sits between your big and second toe. I found both parts to be really comfortable when wearing. After reading the blurb about making your walking style unstable to ensure you use more muscles, I was expecting to walk like I was slightly intoxicated until I got the hang of walking in the FitFlops, but bizarrely they seem no different to any other Fit Flop that I have owned or walked in. 

I now wear these FitFlops constantly, I now carry my work shoes in a bag and wear my FitFlops to walk to and from work in. and although I am not supposed to wear them in the office due to health and safety, if I have a quiet day I do tend to wear them. Having owned a pair now for over 4 months I have to say they are the best FitFlops that I have ever owned, they are just so comfortable and easy to wear. I have never suffered so much as a blister, sore skin or any other ailment due to wearing these FitFlops other than after wearing them constantly for the first few days I did feel slight tightness in my calf muscles. I think the money they cost me is definitely justified, its just a shame I cannot wear them all wear round. 

Would I recommend them? Yes I would for being so comfortable more than anything else and because I do a lot of walking anyway so my legs are not in that bad a condition, for me the FitFlops act as an extra work out when I am not at the gym taking a spinning or step aerobic class. So not only are they comfortable but they help to keep your feet feeling cool, whereas when they are covered up all day in socks and shoes the feet naturally sweat and this leads to further problems, with FitFlops they are uncovered and the skin can breathe naturally. 

The main improvement for me however has been my posture, whereas before I would slouch into my work chair to try and ease the pain in my lower back, I now seem to suffer less with the ache in the first place and it has been commented upon that I now seem to sit with a straight back and rounded shoulders, which again helps with my lower back muscles and since I have been wearing my FitFlops I haven't been back to the Chiropractor which is not only saving me £35 per visit, but it also means I am suffering a lot less than I used to and for that reason alone, for me the cost of £40 for some FitFlops was justified. Sadly, you cannot just pop into your High street supermarket or chain shop to buy FitFlops, although I have already seen replicas in some local shoe shops, they are available through online stores likes Boots, Amazon and their own homepage has a link to other websites which also sell them. FitFlops range in price from £36 to £60 depending on make and colour, so it is worth having a browse before punching in your credit card details to make the purchase. 

They are also easy to look after and take care of. Like most shoes after wearing them for an excessive amount of time they can begin to pong slightly so it is essential that they are cleaned. To do this task you simply need to use an old toothbrush or a cloth and with a small amount of washing powder scrub them lightly and then leave them to dry. 

Finally, If you intend to wear them a lot of the time and are not just buying them because you read good reviews about them then they are definitely worth an investment and at the end of the day they are probably the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever owned, I can walk around in them for hours and don't end up with aching feet or sore toes.
And as if all that isn't enough... I actually have a Fit Flop wishlist and here it is...

Top row we have Hibiscus Ballerina Pumps Coral £75 / Middle Row Purple Frou Fitflop £75 / Bottom Row Hibiscus Ballerina Pumps in Black and Tan £75


  1. These sound really neat. I LOVE wearing flip flops, they're my go to no snow shoe and I'd love to get a pair that would help my posture and help get my legs a bit more toned. After I get a new job I think I'm going to have to get a pair of these. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. These look lovely - I didn't know you could get pumps as well - hmmm I think I might have to save up for some! Thank you so much xx


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