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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Privet Body - My First EVER Pedicure!

Everyone who reads my blog will know I have a hatred of feet, not just mine own but everyone elses too and the thought of them being touched or me having to touch anyone elses literally makes my stomach lurch, so when I was challenged on Twitter to try a pedicure, I decided to give it a go, having never had one, I couldn't wait to give it a try, though admittedly I was really nervous incase I did empty the contents of my stomach.

Privet Body is a brand new, luxury, top-to-toe body topiary service, for men and women in the heart of Notting Hill and was to be the place I ventured too for this pedicure by the lovely Erinah, who was just fabulous. As I walked to Privet Body, I was struck by how amazing the decor was and it is the kind of place where your inner child comes out and you just want to touch everything. I was shown to a lovely little table and chair, offered a drink and then asked to complete a form, which is essential incase you have any allergies. Once completed, I was then handed a tray of Essie Nail polishes and asked to choose, well I could have sat there all day trying to decide which one I wanted and in the end it came down to a choice of two, which as you can see below are quite different.

Having made my choice, I was shown to the Log Cabin and upon entry I was awestruck at how amazing the decor was, simply look at the photo ive shown below. Not only was it really relaxing, there was definite similarities to how my Granddad had his lounge whilst he was alive, with the fire and mantelpiece being very similar. The treatment I was to have is called The Central Park Pedicure which lasts for around 75 minutes and in a word it is absolute bliss. There ive said it, got it out of the way, I enjoyed it!

The treatment included - a Foot soak, nail file and shape, cuticle work, exfoliation of legs and feet, hard skin removal, callus peel, foot file, deep conditioning paraffin treatment with heated booties, lower leg and foot massage. The if that isn't enough for you, you then have your toe nails painted with the polish you chose upon your arrival, which in my case was Smoking Hot by Essie which is described as being a creamy gun-metal griege.

As Erinah began touching my feet, I did warn her that I might voluntary kick out, it is a reaction to hating my feet being touch, but she put me at ease and I am sure the soothing music in the background helped a lot and I managed not to kick anyone or anything and I don't think I flinched and grimaced too much. Once my feet had been soaked, filed, buffed and then exfoliated, I was then treated to the deep conditioning paraffin treatment, not if you have never had anything like this before, like me, it is a little strange but wholly amazing all at the same time. As your feet are immersed into the hot paraffin, it feels like candle wax when it is melted. After a few minutes, your feet are removed from the paraffin and then placed inside some plastic booties and then wrapped in warm towels and left to soak.  Ir was absolute heaven, I could feel the aches and pains in my feet simply melting away.  As the paraffin is left on for a good 15 minutes, I got an amazing hand and arm massage too which was also wonderful and very very relaxing.

Once my feet had been removed from my plastic booties and then soaked again in warm water, my feet and lower legs were then massaged, now I admit, this I wasn't looking forward too, someone rubbing my feet is usually a massive no-no, but I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and Erniah was so gentle, it was actually amazingly relaxing and my poor aching feet no longer ached.

The final part of the treatment was the painting of the toenails and again this treatment was quite extensive as my nails were buffed, cuticles dealt with, filed and then a basecoat, the Essie Polish and a top coat all added to my toes to make them look extra nice.  As the polish was drying on my toes, I was able to relax and read a magazine, which again was amazing.

I have to say that I had an amazing experience and am extremely grateful to Privet Body for allowing me into the lovely place and for giving me the opportunity to try a pedicure for the very first time in my life.  Erinah was amazing and my feet have never looked and felt so good, and I actually enjoyed it too!

If you ever are in need of a pedicure, I cannot recommend a visit to Privet Body highly enough, absolutely amazing place and everyone is so friendly and welcoming, I loved it.

Do you like having pedicures?
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