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Friday, 3 April 2015

Chocolate Beauty Gifts for Easter

Easter is the best excuse there is to eat chocolate for breakfast (along with Christmas) and alongside munching away on your Easter egg, there is a whole host of other chocolatey goodness to be enjoyed.

Hotel Chocolat whom are well known for their chocolate range, also have a beauty section that is worthy of drooling over. This Quilesse Body Scrub is described as being uplifting, enlivening, invigorating – the energising scent of our cocoa groves at sunrise.

Bomb Cosmetics Ballotin Gift Set is a must for any chocolate lover who loves to chill out and relax in the bath. The set contains six luxuriously hand crafted bath products all with a chocolate theme:
  • Vanilla Bath Creamer
  • Chocolate Orange Bath Creamer
  • Coffee Mocha Bath Meltz
  • Chocolate Bath Mallow
  • Double Choc Chip Bath Gem
  • Chocolate Buttercup
All containing natural Cocoa Butter and essential oils.

Lush has one of my favourite facemasks - Cupcake - Using Rhassoul mud, which is highly absorbent, it works with cocoa powder to draw out all the dirt, grime and impurities to give your skin a deep cleanse. The use of fresh mint also stimulates and tones the skin, whilst linseed and cocoa butter soften and moisturise. 

Yankee Candle have some of the most interesting scents that I have come across. I am a huge candle fan and from the new Cafe Culture collection from Yankee Candle, inspired by relaxing city breaks is Cappucino Truffle. Described as being a decadent pairing of bold, roasted coffee and luscious, velvety chocolate.

Too Faced - One of my favourite palettes is the Too Faced Chocolate Palette which I use all the time.  Now with Semi-Sweet on the horizon, it too would make a perfect Easter Gift.  Described as having 16 antioxidant-rich, cocoa powder-infused matte and shimmer shades of warm caramels, deep mochas, bronzy chocolate hues and a pop of sugared blueberry, it sounds totally divine. Add to the Too Faced raving of products comes the Milk Chocolate Bronzer, which I have fallen back in love with and have been using daily, it smells absolutely amazing and works really well with my skin tone too.

Flamingo Candles caught my attention during the week with their Scent Eggs - Scent Eggs are small, oval-shaped eggs which are made from natural soy wax, etched with Florrie the flamingo and come in a variety of simple fragrances. They’re designed to be mixed up, to create wild and wonderful scent combinations!  Place three or four Scent Eggs in an oil/fragrance burner, along with a tealight and wait for the gorgeous aroma to fill the room. Scent Eggs make the perfect gift, packaged in a glass jar with our lovely flamingo lid.

Essie - One of my favourite nail polish brands is Essie and whilst brown nail polish wouldn't be my personal choice, one called Chocolate Cakes certainly grabbed my attention.

What will you be hoping for this Easter?

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Primark Haul!!

I won't lie - I love Primark and can happily spend hours wandering around looking at everything and indeed I do tend to buy a fair bit from there.

My latest purchases come from the 'Home' section, usually I tend to stick to clothes, but my local Primark expanded and the Home section grew a little bit bigger and now it stocks towels, bedding, cushions and other items you might want or need.

I am obsessed with candles, I have them in every room of the house and my recent purchases are these:

These candles cost a mere £2 each and they come in a variety of scents.  I chose Coconut and mango because when I opened the lid on one to smell it, I loved it straight away.  As you can see, the candle, which is white in colour, is encased in a lovely tin which is almost a lilac colour under the light.

The best thing about them, other than the scent which is simply divine, is the fact that they burn for 25 hours, the same as a small Yankee Candle Jar.  An absolute bargain!  I keep both of my candles in the bathroom, these are the second ones I have bought and even if you don't use them, they still omit the lovely scent.

Naturally, that isn't all I bought! Let me introduce you to a further product from this range:

You'll have to excuse the poor photographs, but this is a Reed Diffuser in exactly the same scent as the candles shown above and again it is totally divine.  It costs £3 and is packaged inside a cardboard box with the reeds themselves wrapped up to protect them.  Once the box is opened and you have followed all of the instructions, really easily, you simply place it somewhere within your home and the first thing you will notice after an hour or two is that the scent has come alive. 

I am really surprised at how long lasting they are too, past experiences with products like these is not a good one, infact I have been quite disappointed in every Reed Diffuser I have tried and that being the case, I haven't tempted fate by trying a Yankee Candle version!  I bought this Reed diffuser in the last week of January and here it sits on my shelf today with this much left:

So as you can see there is just over half the bottle left after 5 and a half weeks and this diffuser is constantly in use, it never moves off the shelf and the scent is just as strong now as it was when I first bought it.  Naturally to keep the scent strong, you should regularly flip the Reeds, which I do on a weekly basis.

Have you ever tried these products from Primark?  Do you have a favourite scent?  Would you even purchase them?
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