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Thursday 21 December 2023

Environ Clarity+ Celebration Trio Gift Set

Environ is a professional skincare brand that is built on science, beauty and care. Their belief is that skin has a life and that Vitamin A, a cornerstone ingredients for this brand, is the Oxygen needed to look beautiful. 
Environ Clarity+ Celebration Trio Gift Set
If you have never come as Environ as a brand, which often features in Beauty Advent Calendars, then there are a whole host of gist sets to become acquainted with and the one I am sharing is the Environ Clarity+ Celebration Trio Set. Described as being the ideal collection for anyone who suffers from oily skin, acne conditions and breakouts.  Featuring a trio of products which are designed to:
  • Help to reduce breakouts.
  • Improve the texture and tone of blemish-prone skin.
  • Leave your skin looking and feeling healthier.
In essence, what this kit gives you is a simple to follow skincare routine and to achieve all of the above.

Starting with the Clarity+ Sebu-Wash Gel Cleanser 150ml - Or phase one as environ refer to it. This foaming and mattifying cleanser features Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids that work to gently remove excess surface oils and environmental debris - all without drying out your skin skin and helping it to retain its acid value. Ideal for use both morning and evening as part of this routine.

Phase two within this routine is the Clarity+ Sebu-ACE Lotion (60ml) - This is a non-oily lotion which works to reduce breakouts whilst at the same time improving the texture and tone of blemish-prone skin. Using a combination of lactic acid and moisturisers, the lotion will leave your skin feeling softer and smoother to the touch. Again, it isn't drying on the skin and again, can be used both morning and evening.

Then finally we have the Clarity+ Sebu-ACE Oil 60ml - This product should be used in conjunction with the lotion above in equal parts and again, it is non-greasy and it is formulated with a combination of botanicals, Lactic Acid and vitamins A, C and E that work to control the appearance of breakouts which in turn leaves your skin looking and feeling healthier.

This is such a great gift set for anyone who is looking to have a simple and easy to follow skincare routine and one which is highly effective. It is worth £110.00 but is on sale for just £76 and it features

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Wednesday 20 December 2023

Seoulista Supercharged Cryo Powered Daily Skin System Gift Set

Meet the Supercharged Cryo Recovery Daily Skin System by Seoulista, the beauty gift for anyone who wants kooky and fun plus it is an absolute bargain too! Over the past few years, ive shared some great gifts from Seoulista, but I think this is my favourite so far.
Seoulista Supercharged Cryo Powered Daily Skin System Gift Set
Designed to help you to maintain a fresh and glowing complexion, this kit features everything you need for that pre or post party prep and is perfect for parched, dry and dehydrated skin.

The gift set itself features a Hydration Super Serum, the Cryo Cool Skin Tool and a handy headband to keep hair free of your face as you relax and pamper yourself. It is worth noting that these products can be purchased separately and there is a host of other serums that can also be purchased.
Seoulista Supercharged Cryo Powered Daily Skin System Gift Set
Starting with the Cryo Cool Skin Tool which uses the power of cryo-technology to soothe, depuff, and lift the complexion for a healthy glow. This innovative device also helps to soothe irritation, reduce the appearance of pores, and the most obvious for anyone who likes the use of cryotherapy, is to encourage lymphatic drainage to help reduce puffiness.

Lightweight in design, the Cryo Tool has thick aluminium cooling plates which remain icy cool to the touch, even if the device is stored at room temperature. 
Seoulista Supercharged Cryo Powered Daily Skin System Gift Set
When the device is placed on the skin, the coldness of the plates constricts the blood vessels which causes your blood to rush away from the surface, this in turns helps with improving circulation and as new blood returns renewed with fresh nutrients to help brighten and firm the complexion for a healthy glow.

As mentioned, this Cryo Tool is designed to be used alongside a Seoulista Serum, so there is a choice of Brightening Super Serum, Calming Super Serum and Hydration Super Serum, the latter is the one I have been using.
Seoulista Supercharged Cryo Powered Daily Skin System Gift Set
The Seoulista Hydration Super Serum has been created by dermatologists and it is described as being a lightweight serum that penetrates the deeper layers of the skin to help stimulate the production of collagen, while larger molecules bind together to moisturise the skin’s surface.

You can choose to use this serum on its own without the Cryo Tool, but it is less fun!  So having cleansed your skin as part of your usual skincare routine, you simply remove the handle from top of the tool and then insert the serum bottle into the space by turning it clockwise to ensure it is fully secure. Once you have done this, you simply press the button to dispense a perfect pea-sized amount of serum and then you simply massage the face with the tool until the serum is fully absorbed.
Seoulista Supercharged Cryo Powered Daily Skin System Gift Set
Perfect for use in the morning to help to de-puff and awaken the skin and also great to use when your skin is feeling hot and irritated to help minimise inflammation and reduce redness.

Currently on offer with Boots for just £30 instead of £38 it makes a great gift and you can your hands on it right now.

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Monday 18 December 2023

Murad Christmas Gift Guide 2023

If you are a fan of the Murad skincare range, which of course I am, then for 2023 there is a whole host of superb Christmas Gift Sets and I am sharing two of them with you.
Murad Christmas Gift Guide 2023
In recent years I have shared some amazing Murad products on this blog which includes the Murad City Skin Age Defense SPF50 PA++++ and in the coming weeks I have some Murad newness scheduled to share, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

The first gift set on my blog is called The Glow Infusers (£21.75) and inside the set, you get 2 travel size products that are ideal for trying something new or taking with you on the go.
Murad Christmas Gift Guide 2023
The first product is the Essential-C Cleanser and this is a vitamin-rich product described as being an energising cleanser that washes away impurities without over-drying skin. Packed with a whole host of ingredients, you will find the antioxidant properties of vitamins A, C and E which help to defend skin from free radical damage. Then to help to encourage healthy hydration levels comes moisture-binding sodium PCA and soothing allantoin which grant a soft and supple finish for the skin. This cleanser is also infused with Mandarin orange, basil and grapefruit scents for that uplifting sense of feeling.

The second product within this set is the Vita-C Glycolic Serum and Murad describes this serum as being their gold-stabilised vitamin C and glycolic acid treatment for radiant, healthier-looking skin. This potent antioxidant works to shield against the damage wrought by everyday aggressors as it works to lessen dark spots and recover luminosity, vitamin C both protects and perfects your complexion. Using three main ingredients, the first is Gold-stabilised Vitamin C which delivers higher antioxidant defense and is highly bio-available for increased absorption, but more importantly it ensures the stability and potency of vitamin C in skin. Then we have Glycolic Acid which removes the dulling surface cells to enhance vitamin C delivery before finally Phyto-Luminescent Extract transforms UV into a source of light that radiates directly from the skin.

The second gift set is the Murad 24-Hour Hydrators (£53) and this kit features a 3-piece set made up of one full-sized product and 2 travel sized products that helps skin attract and hold more moisture for a dewy glow. 

Murad Christmas Gift Guide 2023
Starting with one of my favourite Murad products and that is the AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser. This is a creamy, 2-in-1 cleanser which uses 3 skin-smoothing acids which are:
  • Salicylic acid - a penetrating beta hydroxy acid which works to unclog pores and control excess sebum,
  • Lactic acid - a gentle AHA with is used for its moisturising properties,
  • Glycolic acid - which works to melt the bonds between dead skin cells).
On this skin, this creamy cleanser is delightful to use because whilst it isn't overly abrasive and harsh on the skin, it does an amazing job at removing the dead and dry skin cells without drying out the skin.

The second product within this set is the Revitalixir Recovery Serum visibly refreshes and renews vibrancy. Its  calming and corrective formula inhibits stress signals and thereby helps to smooth lines, reduce under-eye puffiness and dark circles, all while restoring your skin's natural radiance.  I have a full review of this serum right here.

The last product within this gift set is the Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture is a rich, but not greasy cream which has proven to instantly comfort, smooth and plump skin with moisture.  Infused with the likes of avocado, sunflower and olive fruit oils which work together alongside shea butter they not only strengthen your skin’s natural protective barrier but also help to restore suppleness.

So there you two offering from Murad for this Christmas and both are on offer right now!

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Wednesday 13 December 2023

Olivianna London Face Masks

I have kindly been sent two products from the Olivianna London Skincare collection.  Until now, I had only seen the brand across my social media and  had been really wanting to see if it lives up to the hype.
Olivianna London Face Masks
Formulated and manufactured in the UK, the brand was created by Janine Summers to empower and inspire women, starting with her daughters. From your very first skincare needs, My Olivanna and Olivanna are said to have been designed to be passed from mother to daughter, friend to friend and women at every stage of their lives. Born out of her love for her children and belief in the power of botanicals, they come together to combine potent, high-performing ingredients that are as safe for your skin as they are effective.

I have the Masking Collection which is made up of two products - the Detox Oceanic Mask and the Instant Hydra Glow Sheet Mask. Described as being the perfect addition to any skincare regime, these two products exfoliate and nourish to instantly renew skin, improves skin tone and texture whilst at the same time providing a boost of hydration and radiance through the addition of antioxidant-rich, skin-enhancing algae, leaving skin feeling plump, smooth and radiant in an instant.

Starting with the Detox Oceanic Mask (£52) is a Soothing, clarifying and purifying this mask contains British coastal Seaweed Extract to re-balance the skin whilst improving the tone and texture of the skin.
Olivianna London Face Masks
Potent Algae polyphenols and carotenoids protect the skin from free radical damage and prevent signs of ageing. Seaweed extract in this face mask is 100% traceable, sustainably sourced from remotes shores, hand cut, in the far north of England and Scotland.

Formulated with British triple seaweed extract harvested in season from remote shores in the far north of Scotland and the north of England, this superior ingredient provides a multitude of skin benefits from improved suppleness to increased moisturisation.
  • Helps minimise blemishes and fight further breakouts
  • Gently exfoliates and mattifies shine
  • Improves skin's texture and tone
To use - Smooth onto cleansed skin, avoiding the eye contour, and allow to dry for 15 minutes. Remove with warm water and gently pat skin dry.

The Instant Hydra Glow Sheet mask (£74 for a pack of 5 masks) is a soothing serum-infused bio-cellulose sheet mask that provides a triple dose of potent actives to give tired, dull skin a boost of hydration and radiance.
Olivianna London Face Masks
This biodegradable sheet mask hugs the contours of your face with a second-skin effect to hydrate and leave skin glowing.
  • Hyaluronic Acid floods the skin with long-term hydration
  • Aloe Vera soothes and calms dry and sensitive skin
  • Brown Algae helps to plump fine lines and protects against collagen degradation
To use After a thorough cleanse, apply the serum-soaked bio-cellulose sheet mask over your face, lining it up with your features. Remove the sheet after 15 minutes and gently massage any leftover serum into your skin. For an extra cooling sensation, you can also put your mask in the fridge before use.

I cannot tell you just how much I adore this brand already and I have only tried these two products.  These two products can be bought as a collection for just £96 or separately depending on your need.

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Tuesday 12 December 2023

Dr Sam's Flawless Transformation Kit

A brand that is loved by so many on social media has landed on my desk and that is Dr Sam Bunting. Known as The Queen of Glow, Dr Sam's skincare has three 'Basics' that everyone should have - SPF, moisturiser and a cleanser and in this Transformation is everything you need to become acquainted with the brand.Dr Sam's Flawless Transformation Kit
Dr Sam's Flawless Transformation Kit
The Flawless Transformation Kit features five of the brands most iconic products and they come together to create a simple and straightforward routine, giving you enough of each product to last for a good few weeks and at just £35, it is a great gift to give to a skincare lover.

This set includes:

Flawless Cleanser 25 ml -  This is a jelly cleanser that removes makeup and daily impurities. Said to be perfect for all skin types, including those who have sensitive or redness-prone skin. This cleanser effectively removes make-up, sunscreen, oil and other detritus that is present on the skins surface whilst at the same time, respecting the skin’s natural barrier with its acid mantle-friendly pH of 5.0.

Flawless Moisturiser 25 ml - This is a really lightweight cream which is described as being a 'hug for your skin' and I really love the gel-cream texture which just melts when it comes into contact with your skin.  Featuring 5% Niacinamide, Shea Butter and Sodium Hyaluronate which come together to not only brighten and boost the look of your skin, but it also helps with keeping your pores clear and skin calm. Very hydrating and just wonderful to use.

Flawless Daily Sunscreen 25 ml - Described as being a product to calm and coddle blemish-prone skin, with a soft-focus primer-like finish. What I love is that it doesn't leave that much hated white chalky cast on the skin when using, it absorbs really quickly and is really hydrating and I have loved using it every day since it arrived and love how it sits on my skin, whether I am wearing makeup or not.

Flawless Brightly 10% Azelaic Acid Serum 7ml - This is designed to tackle dull, lacklustre skin as well as to evens out skin-tone, calm bump and clears pores. It's hero ingredient is azelaic acid which works to visibly tackle pigmentation and redness, clear clogged pores, and reduce the appearance of blemishes. Alongside it is the inclusion of 5% Niacinamide, referred to as the barrier-boosting, pore-unclogging B vitamin ingredient that makes skin like retinoids better, followed by 2% Ascorbyl Glucoside which is said to be a stable yet gentle antioxidant powerhouse partnered with brightening and collagen-boosting properties, 1% Bakuchiol, this seed extract is said to think it's a retinoid, which it isn't, but its job is to diffuse blemish-prone skin and reduce the visible signs of premature ageing.  My skin absolutely loves this serum and I love the difference it has made to a slight bit of redness on my cheeks.

Flawless Nightly 2% Retinoid Serum 7ml - Featuring three key ingredients – 2% Granactive retinoid which It clears out pores, softens crinkles and improves clarity, 5% Azelaic Acid to tackles redness, blemishes and pigmentation, 1% Bakuchiol to help blemish-prone skin and premature ageing and finally 10% Niacinamide which Dr Sam refers too as the barrier-boosting, pore-unclogging vitamin that makes skin like retinoids better. The serum, which is an almost light yellow colour is definitely the one with the most luxurious feel to it and on my skin, it absorbs really quickly and it doesn't cause any irritation, so if you are looking to move to something a little more powerful, this would be a really good place to start.

As you can see, this set of five incredible mini Dr Sam products is the perfect way to try the range for yourself and at just £35 it is such a great introduction to the brand and what it has to offer. 

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Monday 11 December 2023

Marie Reynolds London Skincare Review

It's not every day you attempt to make some soup and the cat is so offended he knocks it over you and in the process sends you to A&E with a burn on your wrist, but that happened and when I started sharing pictures of my rather gruesome injury online, the lovely people at Marie Reynolds reached out to offer some products to help the healing and prevent scarring.
Marie Reynolds Skincare
The advice was to use these two products on my wrist to help heal and soothe and hopefully over time, they would support my skin and diminish any scarring that would usually occur from such an injury.

The first product, Anoint is the brands best selling Skin Integrity Oil and it has been created to aid skin healing for issues and concerns such as stretch marks and scars, as well as softening and smoothing the skin.
Marie Reynolds Skincare
Anoint is made using a specific blend of base oils that have a high fatty acid, antioxidant and vitamin contents including Vitamins A, C & E to condition and support the skins integrity. Those oils such as Apricot Kernal Oil, Aleurites Molluccana Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil and Kukui Nut Oil and they come together to protect the lipid barrier, decrease inflammation and nourish the skin.

To use Anoint, I have applied directly to my wrist after showering and gently massaged it into my skin to let it work its magic. As an oil, it is as you might expect a runny texture, so I only needed one pump to cover the entire area that was affected, though I have used it on other areas of the body too and it is just a delightful product to use.

The second product I have been using is called Restore (£69) and it is designed to feed the skin and support imbalances within the epidermal flora through the skins microorganisms.
Marie Reynolds Skincare
Designed to be used as a mask, which as you can see, is a product you mix up yourself and it offers the following benefits:
  • Fortified in phytonutrients
  • Balances skin’s fatural Flora
  • Antibacterial
  • Anti- inflammatory
  • Rejuvenating
  • Brightening
  • Uses probiotic technology
  • Includes 8 strains of live bacteria culture
To use this on my wrist, I have mixed a small amount of the powder with a teaspoon of water to work it into a paste and then applied it to directly to the skin on my wrist, always after showering and left it to works its magic for around 15 minutes before removing it with a soft flannel carefully, as to not tear the delicate skin. It is also an incredible facemask too and it doesn't irritate the skin or leave it feeling dry and in need of moisture.

So how have these products worked on my wrist? Below is a series of photos over the last four weeks which show the changes to my skin. I didn't start to use either of these products until the second week for reference.
Marie Reynolds Skincare
Marie Reynolds Skincare
Marie Reynolds Skincare
Marie Reynolds Skincare
As you can see, my wrist has really improved over the last four weeks since I started to use both of these products and until my wrist heals completely, I will continue to use both of them, but I am so delighted that there is no scarring, no dry itching skin and almost no sign there was ever an injury to start with.  Both are seemingly magical potions!

To find our more about the brand and its founder Marie Reynolds, there is a whole host of information alongside an incredible catalogue of products to discover.

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Sunday 10 December 2023

The Skin Geek Cryo Roller + Mask

I do love a good skincare gadget and The Skin Geek was created by aestitician Nicola, an award-winning facialist and international skincare consultant with over two decades of experience. The Skin Geek line up features a huge array of skincare products and tools from micro-needling rollers and cryo rollers to hydrogel sheet masks and serums.
The Skin Geek Cryo Roller + Mask
The Skin Geek Cryo Roller + Mask
I was kindly sent a Hydrogel Mask and The Skin Geek Cryo Roller, which is described as being your Sub Zero Hero!  This isn't the first time I have used a Cryo Roller, so I am always keen to try newer ones.

Designed to reduce puffiness, The Skin Geek Cryo Roller also comes with a whole host of other benefits of use which includes
  • Reduces puffiness and inflammation
  • Smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Soothes redness.
  • Firms the skin.
  • Sculpts and Contours by Increasing facial lymphatic drainage.
  • Brightens
  • Tightens pores (temporarily!)
  • Relaxes muscle tension
Plus you can also use it for use on the body too, perfect SOS for burns and pain relief but also, if like me you suffer from migraines, it is also a delight to use across your forehead and back of the neck.  The advice whenever you use the Cryo Roller is to use a serum on the skin rather than just applying it directly.
The Skin Geek Cryo Roller + Mask
After using, my skin does look a little more flushed than usual but this is nothing to worry about, it is due to the increased blood flow. But the whiole process of using it is very relaxing and therapeutic, especially with a headache.

I keep my Cryo Roller in the freezer in its Skin Geek zipper bag so that whenever I need to use it and the best part is you only need up to 15 minutes of your time to use it. For me, as it is in the freezer, I tend to use it whilst waiting for the kettle to boil and tea to brew, or when I am sat on the sofa, its so handy to use, you can use it anytime. Once you have finished your Cryo session, always wash the roller in warm soapy water and once dry, put it back into the zipper bag and back into the freezer ready for your next usage.

The second products I have is the Hydra Boost Face Mask for hydrating and as with similar masks, this one comes in two parts to fit the upper and lower contours of the face, for me, it also means it moulds better to my face and stays in place.
The Skin Geek Cryo Roller + Mask
Infused with powerful humectants such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid, that draw moisture into the skin; anti-inflammatories to soothe the skin and reduce redness; and antioxidants to shield the skin from free radicals.

To use, once you have removed the mask from the pouch, you apply both sections to freshly cleansed but dry skin and then sit back and relax for up to 30 minutes, the mask has been drenched in a serum, so it is quite wet when applied to the skin, but also quite soothing too. It is worth noting that there is also around 10ml of serum that will remain in the pouch to use as a hydrating serum, once you have discarded the mask, or you can use it before you try the Cryo Roller.

The Skin Geek Cryo Roller is priced at just £39 and the Hydro Boost Face Mask is just £7 or you can get a pack of 4 for just £21.

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Thursday 7 December 2023

REN Clean Skincare - Radiance Gentle Glow Heroes

Everyone needs some Ren Clean Skincare products within their stash. Without a doubt, one of my absolute favourite brands, this Radiance Gentle Glow Heroes Gift Set is amazing value for money and a great introduction to having skin that glows.
REN Clean Skincare - Radiance Gentle Glow Heroes
This trio of Ren Clean Skincare products is a great morning and evening collection and one that will leave your skin healthy-looking, smooth and radiant all day.


  • Ready Steady Glow Tonic 100ml
  • Glycol Lactic Renewal Mask 15ml
  • Overnight Glow Dark Spot Recovery Cream 15ml

I am a huge fan of the Ready Steady Glow Tonic (review here) - suitable for the most sensitive of skin, it is Described by REN as being a toner that provides a daily dose of clean bio-active extracts to help your skin get glowing, it is formulated with the pH of 3.5; the optimum pH at which your skin naturally exfoliates. Within Ready Steady Glow, REN use and harness the power of three sustainable, natural bio-actives - Lactic Acid, Salicin and Azelaic Acid Precursor and each one of these ingredients works together to dissolve dead and dey skin, cleanse your pores, help balance the skin's natural sebum levels and helps to boost radiance, hydration and elasticity.

The second product is the Glycol Lactic Renewal Mask (Review here) - This is an exfoliating gel mask which is clinically proven to brighten and smooth for firmer looking skin after 30 minutes. This Exfoliating mask uses a powerful formula of natural fruit acids, such as Citric, Passion Fruit, Grape and Pineapple, which work to loosen dead cells and decongest pores. Then there is the inclusion of Omega 7 which boosts radiance for a brighter skin tone. This mask is designed to be used once a week and it also helps to reduce inflammation while healing and repairing your skin.

The final products is the Overnight Glow Dark Spot Recovery Cream (Full Review here) - Clinically proven to reduce the appearance of dark spots from 7 days, the expert Dark Spot Sleeping Cream works to target uneven pigmentation on all skin tones and types – without affecting or lightening your natural skin tone. It uses Encapsulated Algae Complex which works to target the appearance of excessive pigmentation and alongside it is an ingredient called PhytoGlycogen and it works to recharge the skin for a smoother, more radiant-looking complexion

This Ren Clean Skincare Radiance Gentle Glow Heroes Gift Set is priced at just £36 and widely available.

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Monday 4 December 2023

Skinsense Christmas Gifting 2023

Skinsense is a brand which is described as being a modern, effective and logical skincare and it is the brainchild of beauty expert Abi Cleeve, a name you might be more familiar with when it comes to the sun protection brand Ultrasun. For Christmas, I am sharing two beautiful gift sets in this post and they feature everything you need for a pamper session.
Skinsense Christmas Gifting 2023
Starting with the skinSense Advanced Restore Collection (£45) which is packaged inside an unmissable bright pink package. This collection is said to be or those with more mature skin that has begun to show signs of ageing, so it offers targeted, highly potent ingredients to tackle common skin concerns such as pigmentation, loss of firmness and fine lines.
Skinsense Christmas Gifting 2023
Inside this collection there is a total of 4 products, all of which work together to create a nice, easy to follow routine.
  • Advanced Lifting Day Cream 50ml - Newly formulated, this cream contains skinSense's trio of proven ingredients to tackle fine lines and pigmentation: Linefill™, Hexylresorcinol and Liquorice Extract and alongside it is a unique lifting complex, a skin pro-biotic derived from the bark of a Sequoia tree which helps creates a balanced healthy skin microbiome.
  • Restorative Eye Cream 15ml - This cream contains clever light-reflecting formula which helps camouflage dark shadows and the appearance of fine lines, whilst silk tree extract tackles inflammation and puffiness. The delicate texture is able to treat the entire eye area with a gentle lifting effect, which creates a more refreshed appearance.
  • Reinforcing Vitamin Complex 15ml - Described as having a formula which is supercharged with fruit and plant extracts that are rich in vitamins A, B and C to deliver powerful brightening benefits to skin in need of a boost. There is also the inclusion of Vitamin C derivatives and Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate which work to reverse free radical damage including stubborn hyper-pigmentation caused by UV exposure. Then finally Turmeric, passion fruit and ginger root extracts which work to further improve the clarity, tone, and texture of the skin to achieve and overall brighter, clearer and more even appearance.
  • Overnight Leave-On Mask 100ml - If your skin can be described as dull and lacklustre and indeed of hydration, then this is the mask you need. Alongside Hyaluronic Acid, Lactic acid diminishes the signs of premature ageing, by brightening and improving skin tone and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Copper peptides improve skin elasticity, firmness and hyperpigmentation.  Perfect for use once or twice a week.
This is a lovely set of skincare for anyone who loves looking after their skin but needs something a little more.  RRP £120 but on sale here for just £45

The second gift set I have to share is the Ceramide24 Luxe Barrier Repair Collection and it comes presented in a sparkly gold cosmetic bag
Skinsense Christmas Gifting 2023
Inside this gold case is a collection of four products to leave you with nourished and healthy skin and again all of these products work together to create a nice, easy to follow routine.
  • Ceramide24 Pro-Resilience Day Cream 50ml - Described as being a highly compatible ceramide lipid complex, it provides intense moisture to replenish and hydrate dry, stressed-out skin. Using nourishing fatty acids provide essential recovery and support to a compromised skin barrier, soothing discomfort and fighting the dehydration caused by environmental stress.
  • Ceramide24 Recovery Support Night Cream 50ml - A deeply nourishing night cream which plumps and firms the skin, it is packed with Sweet Almond oil to ensure noticeable moisture is restored and then skin's barrier against environmental stress is reinforced.
  • Ceramide24 Comforting Eye Cream 15ml - This cream contains what is called Shadownyl™ and it is an innovative ingredient that is derived from marine algae. This delicate eye cream visibly brightens dark circles and smooths fine lines and wrinkles thanks to the inclusion of essential fatty acids and a unique ceramide lipid complex which delivers moisture and hydration, leaving a comforted and hydrated feeling to the skin.
  • Ceramide24 Ceramide Complex Serum 30ml - Possibly my favourite skinSense product, this serum contains a highly compatible ceramide lipid complex and it helps to restore elasticity, tone and radiance to mature skin. The skin's moisture barrier is strengthened as elasticity and firmness is restored to the skin, resulting in a healthier, younger looking complexion.
The Ceramide24 Luxe Barrier Repair Collection £56.00 but is worth £144, so it is an absolute bargain, you can find this gift set here.

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Wednesday 29 November 2023

Evolve - The Firm Favourites

If an environmentally friendly Christmas with an offering of exceptional beauty products is the one to tick all the boxes for you, then Evolve Organic Beauty is once again ticking those boxes.
Evolve - The Firm Favourites
The Firm Favourites Gift Set (£50), which is perfect for all skin types is designed to firm, soothe and hydrate the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and increasing skin luminosity. Described as being the perfect gift for anyone who is looking to treat their skin and give it a bit of TLC in the run up to Christmas or as we wind down from Party Season to enter a new year! 
Containing a vitamin-rich oil booster serum, an age-defying daily moisturiser and a radiance-boosting face mask, this gift set provides a truly indulgent and rejuvenating experience, leaving skin looking radiant this festive season.
Essentially this box is giving you a facial and an excuse to sit down, relax, unwind and just give yourself a little pamper.

This trio includes:
  • Bio-Retinol Gold Mask 30ml - Bio-Retinol Gold Mask and the name suggests, this mask uses Bio-Retinol, which is a natural retinol-like plant extract from Bidens Pilosa which works to smooth the skin, plump up wrinkles, stimulate collagen synthesis and rejuvenate the skin, as well reducing the appearance of wrinkles and the production of free-radicals. This mask also contains both organic Argan Oil and Rosehip Oil which work together to really nourish and moisturise your skin, so it glows just as much as the sustainably sourced mineral Mica that has been used for the golden shimmers! Full review
  • Bio-Retinol + C Booster 15ml - This oil brings together Vitamin C and Bio-Retinol into what is described as being an innovative cocktail of vitamins and their job is to improve the appearance of dull and tired skin, and provide the nourishment your skin needs to look radiant.  Full review
  • Multi Peptide 360 Anti-Ageing Cream 30ml - This is described as being a certified organic moisturising cream is designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and visibly firm and smooth ageing skin. Packed with superfoods to deliver comprehensive age-protection benefits as well as providing intense daily hydration for skin.
This is just one gift idea from Evolve Organic Beauty and with many more in the offering which are all just amazing to give.  If you fancy trying a lot more products from the brand, they have a huge selection of gift sets available with everything from stocking fillers and tree baubles to amazing bundles.

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Tuesday 28 November 2023

Nourish Pure Joy Hydration Heroes Gift Set

I was first introduced to Nourish London back in 2021 and since then have been lucky enough to get to know the brand really well, one of my favourite products Antioxidant Multi-Tasking Super Balm.
Nourish Pure Joy Hydration Heroes Gift Set
For Christmas this year, Nourish London has a whole host of gift sets and the one I am sharing is the Nourish Pure Joy Hydration Heroes Gift Set. Described as being a luxurious gift, it features 3 of the brand's bestselling hydration heroes which are designed to quench thirsty skin and achieve a smooth, replenished, glowing complexion.

Inside your natural skincare gift set is:
  • Ceramide Moisture Boost Essence - 100ml
  • Argan Anti-Ageing Peptide Serum - 30ml
  • Argan Skin Renew Moisturiser - 50ml

The Ceramide Moisture Boost Essence is new to the Nourish London collection and it is described as being a lightweight essence which provides an intensive boost of hydration. Featuring a moisture-boosting blend of Hyaluronic Acid, Trehalose that mimics the skin’s natural moisturising factor, Ceramides which help to repair the skin barrier, and increase moisture levels, reducing skin dryness and soothing the skin.Them there is the inclusion of skin repairing Probiotic Minerals such as Magnesium, Zinc, Copper and Iron work to calm the skin and finally supercharged Kale Sprout extract, skin will look and feel nourished, plumped and radiant.

The second product is the Argan Anti-Ageing Peptide Serum and it is said to boost collagen, reduces fine lines, smooths and nourishes the skin. Again, it is formulated with a whole host of powerful anti-ageing ingredients which includes peptides, whilst hyaluronic acid and argan hydrate and replenish the skinkale to boost collagen and finally tonka bean extract which boosts natural luminosity.

The final product within this trio is the Argan Skin Renew Moisturiser and it has been  clinically proven to boost hydration by 25% for 24 hours. Featuring a blend of omega-rich argan oil, collagen-boosting tripeptides and antioxidant vitamin E, this daily moisturiser is said to help increase hydration to the skin as it nourishes, smooths and firms whilst at the same time, working to minimise fine lines and other signs of ageing. Added to this moisturiser is the inclusion of frankincense, myrrh and borage oil and their job is to rejuvenate the skin, then with the rose of Jericho, it not only optimises hydration but also helps to strengthen skin cells to help improve elasticity and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

This makes an amazing gift for her, him and you and it comes beautifully presented in a fully recyclable gift box. Nourish London skincare formulations are 100% vegan, made with natural organic ingredients, alcohol (ethanol) free & cruelty-free.

Worth £93.00, the Nourish Pure Joy Hydration Heroes Gift Set is 

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Sunday 26 November 2023

Caci Skin Gift Guide 2023

With all the running around, stresses, strains and queuing to be done in the run up to Christmas, one of the best gifts you can give to yourself is some time out and self love. Just over a year ago, I was introduced to Caci Beauty and as a brand it is one you don't forget using and thoroughly enjoying, and the products won't annoy your bank manager with their pricing!
Caci Skin Gift Guide 2023
Today, I have a selection of amazing products to share, which give you time to sit down and relax and just take some time out.

Starting with the eyes, I have an Eye Revive Mask (£7.50/£35) and it is one of my favourite products from the brand. This is a transparent silicon gel eye mask which has a soothing and calming effect on tired eyes. On the skin, this mask feels absolutely incredible when applied to the face as it is cool to the touch but soaked in enough serum to really feel relaxing. For anyone who suffers with tired, puffy eyes, then the soothing and calming action works wonders.
Caci Skin Gift Guide 2023
Packed full of amazing ingredients including Hyaluronic acid and Cucumber extract which work together to deeply nourish, cool and moisturise the skin, there is also the inclusion of Green Tea extract which helps to detoxify the skin and reduce puffiness and Collagen to plump up the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Staying with the eyes is the Eye Revive Serum (£36) and it is described as being a line-smoothing, vegan-friendly lightweight eye wonder serum that delivers long-lasting hydration and visibly brightens the eye area - So quite the clam. 
Caci Skin Gift Guide 2023
It uses calming and conditioning seaweed extracts alongside powerful rice and soy peptides that work to diffuse the appearance of dark circles and boost collagen for smoother, firmer skin, water-binding hyaluronic acid, and line-reducing biotin. What I love about this product is how it is packaged, almost like a syringe, you get to use just enough product without any waste and it is easily absorbed with a few finger tappings.

Next is something for the hands and it is the Rejuvenating Hand Mask (£8/£37.50). I am lucky enough to have used these before and have re-purchased them because they are just so lovely to use.  
Caci Skin Gift Guide 2023
Described as being a hydrating and nourishing pair of gloves which are perfect to use at home as part of your regular hand care routine. Hydrating and nourishing, these gloves contain a host of powerful ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Hydrolysed Collagen and Shea Butter, they come together to help combat the signs of ageing by softening the skin and smoothing the appearance of fine lines. After use, these Rejuvenating Hand Mask will leave your hands feeling soft, supple and re-hydrated, all for just 20 minutes of your time.

If you love face masks, then this Hydro Mask (£8.50/£40) is one of the most soothing and easy to use masks I have come across. The mask itself comes in two parts, one for the upper part of your face and one for the lower part of your face and I find that it fits really well to all contours of the face and it doesn't slip off either.
Caci Skin Gift Guide 2023
The mask with its infusion of ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, collagen and rose water instantly sooth and calm as soon as it has been applied to the skin as well as to pump the skin with moisture, so if you have dry skin, then this is a mask you really should try.

The Amino Peptide Lift Complex (£45) is a product you didn't know you needed to try until now! Utilising a combination of clinically effective peptides and amino acids which help to improve the firmness of the skin, reduce expression lines and wrinkles and help combat the signs of ageing.
Caci Skin Gift Guide 2023
Using an Amino-Lift Peptide Complex which helps to improve skin firmness and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and it works along Peptides to achieve what is referred to as being a Botox™ like effect that inhibits the contraction of the facial muscles responsible for the formation of lines and wrinkles.  I don't have enough wrinkles to show the difference this product has made, but what it does is help with firmness, especially around the jowls!

The last product I have to share in this gift guide is the Purifying Silver Mask (£8.50/£40) and its job is to soothe, calm and improve the appearance of problematic skin.
Caci Skin Gift Guide 2023
Like the Hydro Mask above, this mask comes in two parts, one for the upper part of your face and one for the lower part of your face. Infused with pure colloidal silver, for its anti-bacterial properties, it works to help skin that is prone to blemishes and breakouts. There is also a combination of other key ingredients such as Aloe Leaf Extract, Seaweed Extract and Marine Collagen and they work together to maintain healthy skin and a clearer complexion.  I adore this mask, instantly soothing, especially when it has been in the fridge for a few hours before use, it fits onto the contours of your face and doesn't budge - though my advice is to use the 10-20 minutes of time that this mask needs to work, to lie down somewhere and relax, to really reap the benefits.

So there you have three inexpensive but amazingly good products from CACI Beauty which would make an incredible gift to yourself!

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