Wednesday 20 December 2023

Seoulista Supercharged Cryo Powered Daily Skin System Gift Set

Meet the Supercharged Cryo Recovery Daily Skin System by Seoulista, the beauty gift for anyone who wants kooky and fun plus it is an absolute bargain too! Over the past few years, ive shared some great gifts from Seoulista, but I think this is my favourite so far.
Seoulista Supercharged Cryo Powered Daily Skin System Gift Set
Designed to help you to maintain a fresh and glowing complexion, this kit features everything you need for that pre or post party prep and is perfect for parched, dry and dehydrated skin.

The gift set itself features a Hydration Super Serum, the Cryo Cool Skin Tool and a handy headband to keep hair free of your face as you relax and pamper yourself. It is worth noting that these products can be purchased separately and there is a host of other serums that can also be purchased.
Seoulista Supercharged Cryo Powered Daily Skin System Gift Set
Starting with the Cryo Cool Skin Tool which uses the power of cryo-technology to soothe, depuff, and lift the complexion for a healthy glow. This innovative device also helps to soothe irritation, reduce the appearance of pores, and the most obvious for anyone who likes the use of cryotherapy, is to encourage lymphatic drainage to help reduce puffiness.

Lightweight in design, the Cryo Tool has thick aluminium cooling plates which remain icy cool to the touch, even if the device is stored at room temperature. 
Seoulista Supercharged Cryo Powered Daily Skin System Gift Set
When the device is placed on the skin, the coldness of the plates constricts the blood vessels which causes your blood to rush away from the surface, this in turns helps with improving circulation and as new blood returns renewed with fresh nutrients to help brighten and firm the complexion for a healthy glow.

As mentioned, this Cryo Tool is designed to be used alongside a Seoulista Serum, so there is a choice of Brightening Super Serum, Calming Super Serum and Hydration Super Serum, the latter is the one I have been using.
Seoulista Supercharged Cryo Powered Daily Skin System Gift Set
The Seoulista Hydration Super Serum has been created by dermatologists and it is described as being a lightweight serum that penetrates the deeper layers of the skin to help stimulate the production of collagen, while larger molecules bind together to moisturise the skin’s surface.

You can choose to use this serum on its own without the Cryo Tool, but it is less fun!  So having cleansed your skin as part of your usual skincare routine, you simply remove the handle from top of the tool and then insert the serum bottle into the space by turning it clockwise to ensure it is fully secure. Once you have done this, you simply press the button to dispense a perfect pea-sized amount of serum and then you simply massage the face with the tool until the serum is fully absorbed.
Seoulista Supercharged Cryo Powered Daily Skin System Gift Set
Perfect for use in the morning to help to de-puff and awaken the skin and also great to use when your skin is feeling hot and irritated to help minimise inflammation and reduce redness.

Currently on offer with Boots for just £30 instead of £38 it makes a great gift and you can your hands on it right now.

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