Thursday 8 November 2018

CryoPress - A Game Changing Beauty Gadget For Cryotherapy At Home

I love my beauty gadgets and when I was given the chance to try the CryoPress at home, I jumped at the chance to give it a try, intrigued by the name and the device. CRYOpress Facial Device and Alpha-Glow Flash Facial Oil
I have a weird fascination with Cryotherapy and what it can be used for - weight loss, skin problems, tissue damage and so on. 
“CRYOpress performs an exhilaratingly ‘ice-cold’ lymphatic facial that will dramatically improve blood circulation, help eliminate toxins and reduce sagging to alleviate a whole host of skin concerns from the core, not just the skin’s surface. This non-invasive biological trigger kick starts our skin’s natural active processes, giving it the foundation to recover and rejuvenate from all immediate and prolonged skin damage caused by internal or external factors.” - Ada Ooi, 001 Founder & Expert Facialist.
I have always been told that opening your pores with hot water and then closing them with a blast of cold water is a really good thing to do for your skin, not something I have ever professed to do because how cold is cold? To some, it is freezing and to others, it is anything not considered lukewarm. I do however use a facial steamer and that on its own produced enough gunk to make anyone feel slightly ill. 

The CRYOpress is a device which allows you to try Cryotherapy at home and in this way of using it, it helps to improve blood circulation, to eliminate toxins and to help reduce sagging in the skin. The CRYOpress device combines cryotherapy with a facial massage and not being sure what to expect at all, I absolutely love it. Described as being a 'Gym for your face' the instructions on the back of the box are really detailed on how best to use the device. Ideally, 15 minutes is the time needed but if that isn't an option, then 5 minutes is absolutely workable. The CRYOpress device should be kept inside its accompanying cotton bag and then kept in your freezer at all times.
Alpha-Glow Flash Facial Oil
It comes with a serum called the Alpha Glow Flash Facial (£85) a powerful serum that is described as being a 3-in-1 Serum, Primer and Mask which tackles four skin concerns that occur as we age - loss of moisture, collagen depletion, inflammation and melanin irregularities and to do that, it uses 9 active ingredients.  
  • Loss of moisture, the ingredients are sodium hyaluronate, which is a low molecular form of hyaluronic acid that can deeply penetrate the skin and phospholipids, the head of which is said to attract water and then the tail holds water - admittedly I am totally fascinated by this ingredient.
  • Collagen depletion the use of Vitamin A in the form of retinyl palmitate, which is described as being a much gentler form of retinol and it deeply penetrates the skin due to its small molecular size. Also included is salicylic acid, which gently exfoliates the surface of your skin as well as unclogging pores and it is also said to help reduce inflammation.
  • Melanin irregularities (hyperpigmentation) - For this, we have the inclusion of alpha arbutin, which hinders melanin production and alongside it comes vitamin C, which brightens the skin.
  • Inflammation - To treat this we have Aloe polysaccharides which hosts anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamin E which is an anti-oxidant and it helps to protect against environmental damage and finally rose stem cells which help to constrict over-active capillaries which in turn helps to calm down redness in the skin. 
Using this serum alongside the CRYOpress is quite the team.  The device itself is much lighter than I had expected it to be and whilst it can be used in both the morning and evening, I tend to use it once a day and sometimes twice a day at weekends when I have a lot more time.  
CryoPress - A Game Changing Beauty Gadget For Cryotherapy At Home
CRYOpress Facial Roller
When I use my device, I always start with my forehead and I move it across using an up and down motion - think using a paint roller on the wall (if you paint like I do) and then once I have been across my forehead once, I turn the device round and move from left to right.  From there I move to both cheeks and at this point, please ensure you don't do what I did and smack myself in the nose (it hurts... a lot), you need to pay attention to the contours of your face to get the best out of the device.  Again rolling upwards and downwards.  Next comes the chin and again, rolling up and down along the chin before finally both sides of the jaw.  If you are used to using a roller or a Jade stone (Hay'ou Method) then you will be comfortable with moving backwards and forwards as you do with your lymphatic massage.  You can also run this CRYOpress down from your ear to your collarbone and across your throat too.

After using, my skin does look a little more flushed than usual but this is nothing to worry about, it is due to the increased blood flow. When the CRYOpress is in contact with skin (usually at 27C degrees), the cold receptors are stimulated which causes what is called vasoconstriction, this is an opening of blood vessel 3-4times their normal size and this allows the increased blood circulation. The continuous rolling motions across the skin also improve blood circulation and both of these actions together work to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the skin’s surface thus encouraging new cell growth. Whilst all of this happens, the flushing of toxins and impurities away from the skin occurs. Continued usage is said to give you:
  • Tightened, firmed and lifted skin
  • Minimises pore size
  • Releases muscle tension to reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Soothes inflammation, redness and reduces puffiness
  • Improves stress-linked skin conditions, such as rosacea, acne, eczema and psoriasis
  • Regenerates tissue to aid scar recovery
  • Reduces pigmentation or uneven skin tone
  • Rejuvenate fatigued skin for a clearer and more radiant complexion from every angle
I have been using the CRYOpress for around 6 weeks now and I have noticed changes to my skin, particularly where the dreaded double chin makes its appearance and oddly, one of my volunteers at work asked which new products I had been using on my skin because it looked much plumper and radiant than usual - I am clearly doing something right!

I think you can probably tell that I adore my CRYOpress and there is a Christmas Edition which I think would make the most amazing gift. Priced at £134 it comes with the CRYOpress device and the Alpha-Glow- Flash Facial.

Have you ever used a device like this?

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