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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Julep It's Whipped v's It's Balm

It might not have escaped your notice that I am a bit of a fan of K-Beauty, it has just got me right now and it started with skincare and has moved on to makeup.  Recently launched onto QVC is Julep, a brand who has me obsessed with THIS Cleansing stick.  Whilst I am still just writing a few posts on the rest of the skincare I have been lucky enough to try from Julep, I am today switching to makeup.
Julep It's Whipped v's It's Balm
For the last few months I have been incredibly lucky to have 7 lip products to try from the It's Whipped and the It's Balm range. The It's Whipped range was born after some extensive market research with Julep fans (known as Mavens) who help develop and shape the concept from the applicator to the shades and even the name itself.  It's Whipped is described as being "A weightless matte lip colour that lasts all day and never feels dry" and  what Julep have managed to create is a hydrating liquid lipstick that dries down matte whilst at the same time, being comfortable on the lips. Julep promise that It's Whipped will give a vibrant, lasting colour that smooths the appearance of the lips and it does so thank to the use of a blend of light-diffusing pigments and formula also contains Julep's exclusive Power Cell Complex, a blend of powerful plant oils and extracts to soothe, repair, and nourish.   

Julep It's Whipped v's It's Balm
The packaging is nice and weighty with a metallic lid and I love the bulkiness to the tube, it makes it easy to find in your makeup bag because I certainly have nothing similar in there.  However, nice packaging aside, for me what makes this product amazing is the applicator, it is almost like an hourglass shape which almost hugs your lips as you apply the product and it always manages to have just the right amount of product loaded on for the application.  I should also add that I absolutely love the formula too, it is lightweight and definitely has a mousse like texture to it and on the lips it is nourishing and I like how the colour sits once it has dried down.
Julep It's Whipped v's It's Balm
Julep It's Whipped v's It's Balm
Julep It's Whipped v's It's Balm
Julep It's Whipped v's It's Balm
Julep It's Whipped v's It's Balm
There shades I have the nudes which are called Bisou which is a Modern Mauve and Ooh la la which is a Sepia Taupe Matte plus the pinks which are called Pillow Talk which is a Victorian Pink Matte and Amore which is a Vivid Rose Matte. They are currently on QVC and they retail for £24 for a duo pack.  The swatches above show Pillow Talk, Ooh La La, Amore and Bisou from left to right,

Then we have It's Balm which is described as being "A full-coverage lip crayon with extra-finely milled pigments provide full coverage with a semi-gloss finish". I love a good lip crayon, they are easy to use, easy to carry and don't ever seem to make as much mess rolling around my bag as lipsticks do. It's Balm has a really hydrating feel to it and I like that that the formula glides onto the lips with no dragging and because it is enriched with sunflower butter and vitamin E as well as and nourishing botanical extracts.
Julep It's Whipped v's It's Balm
Julep It's Whipped v's It's Balm
Julep It's Whipped v's It's Balm
Packaged inside a gun metal case, each crayon applies really smoothly and I really like that the white centre that you can see within the colour is referred to as the super-hydrating treatment core which is where you will find those nourishing ingredients. Texture wise, it definitely has that lip balm feel to it and whilst it isn't as pigmented as It's Whipped, what you do get is a slight colour pay off. I have three of the shades available which are Blossom Pink which is a Cool Rose Crème, Vintage Mauve Crème which is a Muted Mauve Crème and finally Nectar Pink Crème which is a Peach Coral Crème and all three shades are incredibly wearable. These crayons are yet to be available here in the UK but over the water in the States they are sold for $20 each.

Overall, I am really impressed with both of these offerings from Julep.  I really like It's Whipped and think the shades available are stunning and I like how even when they have dried down, my lips don't feel as though I have dipped them into cement. It's Balm offers something different altogether and I like that there is a product that looks after my lips as well as giving them a hint of colour.

Have you tried anything from Julep?

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Friday, 26 January 2018

Lancome L'Absolu Roses

When Lancome release new products, they are exciting, you have to mention Juicy Shakers.  Over the last few months, I have been using two of the L'absolut Glosses which are available in 14 shades in a sheer, cream or matte finishes.
Lancome L'Absolu Roses
Lancome L'Absolu Roses
Lancome L'Absolu Roses
Packaged in a transparent bottle with a black lacquered lid which is stamped with a golden rose to match the golden lettering of the brand name, these glosses make quite the statement.  Once opened, the glosses come with a precise applicator which is designed to ensure you pick up enough product to coat your lips.

I have shades 317 and 382 which sit in the Lip Cream and Sheer ranges.  The Lip Cream range is designed to give a comfortable balmy base yet pigmented for buildable colour with a subtle, shiny finish and the Gloss Sheer gives a non-sticky base which is enriched with pigments & pearls for translucent colour with a shine finish.

Pourquoi Pas 317 sits in the sheer range and is described as being a demure ingenue rose shade with shine. Not only is it a beautiful bright pink. 
Lancome L'Absolu Roses
Non-sticky on contact, it glides onto the lips and once there it feels lightweight and doesn't transfer.  It can be worn alone or over the top of your favourite lipstick for some extra shine.

Grafitti 382 sits within the cream range and this is a really bright pink shade and what you see in the tube is the shade you get when applied. 
Lancome L'Absolu Roses
With a balm like texture, I love how hydrating this lip cream is, non-sticky or tacky, it glides onto the lips for a beautiful finish.

I have never been the biggest fan of lip glosses. One thing which really puts me off is having something sticky or tacky on my lips or as though I have rubbed a Pritt Stick onto my lips to then spend half my time picking my hair off them.  
Lancome L'Absolu Roses
For me, a gloss has to be none of those things, it just needs to be glossy and have a shine to it, something Lancome have managed to do with different finishes.  Both of these products are fairly long lasting and you get between 4-5 hours wear time before you need to reapply and even if pink isn't quite your shade, there will be a version of pink which will work for you.  I prefer Pourquoi Pas of the two shades I have and it is the one I have worn the most.

Priced around £21, these glosses are widely available online and in stores such as John Lewis and Lookfantastic.

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Monday, 26 January 2015

Generation Next - The Spring Collection from KIKO

One brand of make-up I haven't ever used or played with is KIKO, a brand I know a lot of my blogging friends adored, so imagine how excited I was when this little lot dropped through my door!

Generation Next - The Spring Collection from KIKO
KIKO Milano Generation Next Colletion is new for the spring and it is full of all kinds of amazing shiny packaging that every magpie would love, not to mention lots of colour with the main theme being celebrating the future.  The dynamic geomatric packaging has been inspired by the famous italian Murano glassware, using those designed to capture the playful multicolours used throughout his work. 

Starting with the KIKO Mosaic Highlighter in 01 Future Light.  Everything about this highlighter is stunning, from the outer box, to the silver casing within which the highlighter sits.  Once opened, as you can see, in front of you is a mixture of matte and shimmery shades which help to create a perfect glow. Enriched with multi-reflective pearls the soft powder makes it easy to blend, highlight, illuminate, enhance and brighten any skin tone.  As you can see from the swatch below, it is a very delicate shimmer and that is just one swipe of my finger across the top of the mosaic pattern, you can of course build it up.

What I also love is that there is also a mirror which is always handy to have. This highlighter has an RRP £14.90

KIKO Mosaic Highlighter
KIKO Mosaic Highlighter
KIKO Mosaic Highlighter swatch
KIKO Cool Touch Eyeshadow in 01 Original Cream is one of eight creamy intense eyeshadows.  Once applied it gives a long-lasting metallic and glossy finish. Again it is packaged inside a truly stunning case which compliments the highlighter and the shade I have is absolutely stunning, it works with any shade and highlights the eye area.  There is an RRP £8.90
KIKO Cool Touch Eyeshadow
KIKO Cream Eyeshadow
KIKO eyeshadow Swatch
KIKO Frosted Look Lipstick in shade 01 of 6 shades.  To look at, as you can see, it is a creamy chubby pencil lipstick which makes the application quick and easy, especially if are on the go.  Given that it is called a frosted lipstick it gives you a satin finish with colour that holds for a good 4-5 hours after application.  I applied this when I went to see Slipnot at Wembley as I left work at 5pm, when we got home at midnight, there was still a hint of the colour on my lips, which considering I had eaten some chilli beef nachos and had a few bottles of desperado beer, is quite impressive! you easy and quick application on-the-go. There is an RRP £7.50
KIKO Frosted Look Lipstick Crayon
KIKO Frosted Look Lipstick Swatch
To work alongside lipsticks is a lip gloss and the KIKO Glassy Lipgloss which I have in shade 02 is again beautiful, from the outer casing which again looks stunning alongside the Highlighter and eyeshadow compacts with the silvery finish, is one of six shades.  This liquid lipgloss provides intense pigmentation with a really glossy wet-look finish.  It is described as being a hybrid of a lipstick and lipgloss and has a water-based formula which coats the lips whilst moisturizing them at the same time, but it is not at all sticky or tacky when applied. When you first come to use it, there is a really subtle vanillery scent which soon disappears. There is an RRP £7.90 

KIKO Glassy Lipgloss
KIKO Glassy Lipgloss
KIKO Glassy Lipgloss swatch
The final item in my little bundle of joy is two KIKO Crystal Eyeliner in shades (5) which is a stunning bright blue and shade (6) which is an almost black shade.  As these are pencil eyeliners, they are really smooth on the eye area, given they are formulated with a combination of waxes and filmogens, it gives the feel of a liquid liner and once it has been applied, nothing budges it, not even a day in front of a computer screen, even with a hand swatch, it is really hard to remove. There are six shades available and they have an RRP £6.90
KIKO Crystal Eyeliner
KIKO Eyeliner pencils
KIKO Crystal Eyeliner Swatches
As someone who has just been introduced to the world of KIKO, I am really impressed with these products and love everything about them from the amazing packaging to the long-lasting formulas, it is an exciting collection to have and it doesn't stop there.  The collection also includes a Generation Next Face Brush, CC Cream Cushion, Masterpiece Bronzer, Mosaic Blush and Crystal Fusion Super Moisture Face Serum which sounds amazing. The Generation Next collection launches in March.

What do you think to this collection? Are you a KIKO fan?

Friday, 31 October 2014

LOLA IT Girl Range

LOLA is an exciting New British designed make up brand. Created by professional make-up artists, LOLA offers a wide range of colours, High quality textures and professional artistry tools. LOLA is retailed exclusively at Marks & Spencer.

To date, the only products I have ever owned from LOLA was a miniature kabuki Brush which I got in a beauty box and it happens to be pretty fantastic and one which resides in my everyday work make-up bag and a finishing brush which came in a You Beauty Discovery Box.  So when I was offered the chance to try out some of the make up from the range, I jumped at the chance.

The products found in the IT girl range are inspired from three of the periods (60s and 79s) most iconic IT Girls - Edie Sedgwick, Debbie Harry, Angie & David Bowie.  The range features Lip Gloss, 6 eyeshadows, Automatic pencil, Eye Pencil, an intense lipstick shade, Matte Lipstick, 3 nail polishes.  I have some of the products** from across the three looks - Icon, Factory Girl and Studio 54 which are Eyeshadow in Satinado which is a dusty pink shade, a eye pencil in gold dust and a lip gloss in 009 which is Hot Pink.

The first thing I noticed about each of these products is how lovely they look within their packing, the white writing on a black background looks very classy to me and really standing out.  Then the actual product inside is just amazing. 

Both pinks shades suit most skin tones, even mine which is very pale and the lip gloss and eyeshadow can be used to give a light smattering of colour or built up to give a really edgy shade, depending on your preference. 

Have you ever tried a product from Lola?

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Wantable Make-up Box for February

I don't know whether you have heard of Wantable and that they now ship to the UK?  Well I was offered the chance to try and test out of their boxes** for review purposes.  The choice of boxes with Wantable are:
  • Make-up - within your box you will get 4-5 full sized products
  • Fashion Accessories - 3-4 boutique accessories
  • Intimate - 4-5 premium essentials
All the products you get within your box come from your profile which you set-up and then complete a series of questions answering how much you like/dislike things, it is quite a comprehensive form and the idea is that it is used to select products for you box, so for example, if you don't like mascara, you can say so and you should not get any within your box.

I opted for the make-up box to try and test, completed my questionnaire and firstly, I was quite impressed with how sturdy the box is and how really nice packaged the contents were as to avoid them getting broken, dented or smashed during its shipment.

Now to the contents in a bit more detail:

ncLA Nail Lacquer - retails for $16
In shade Drop Dead Gorgeous which is deep royal blue shade with added sparkle, I am yet to try this, but it is the kind of shade I would wear on my toes.

LAQA & Co - Fat lip pencil in Wolfman - retails for $18
This isn't a product I have come across before, though I do love how pretty the shade is and it is really lovely once applied.

DEX New York Lipgloss - retails for $18
The shade of this is called Christopher Street Orchid and as you can see from the picture above it is a lovely shade of pink and once on the lips it is slightly tacky, but not so much that I want to rub it off.  It looks great on its own or over some lipstick

Sorme Shimmer Glow - retails for $24.5
This is a sparkling mineral face and body bronzer in Bronzed 85 and it is like nothing I have used before.  You simply shake the powder down into the brush by turning it upside down and then brush it over your face and body as you deem appropriate.  Inside the wand, the shade does look quite dark, but once applied it is quite light and there is a lot of sparkle.

Sorme Anti-aging Trial Size - retails for $0
It says on the packet that this is a silky perfecting primer which smoothes skins surface, fills in wrinkles and diminishes discolourations for flawless long lasting make-up.  It then goes on to say "cliniqually proven Dermaxyl helps reduce the depth of lines, wrinkles and crows feet as Vitamins A, C and E plus nourishing Grape Seed Oil hydrate the skin and help prevent free radical damage".  So quite a lot of claims for this little sachet to live up too and I am looking forward to putting it to the test. 

Wantable boxes cost $36 per box, which is roughly £21-£22 per month, my box is worth a whopping $76.5 or £46 which is amazing really and I have been introduced to some new brands and some products I have never used before. 

If this is something you think you might like to try, simply click HERE and choose your box.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Lily Lolo - my introduction!

I have seen Lily Lolo products on so many blogs but have never branched out and tried them myself, so when the chance to do just that was given to me, I jumped at the chance. They claim that "Whether your skin is dry, oily or anywhere in-between, Lily Lolo makeup will give you a light, flawless and seamless finish without clogging or irritating" which I am interested to check out.

Lily Lolo is a British brand launched by Vikki Khan in 2005. Named after her two sisters Lisa (Lily) and Lorraine (Lolo) though for some reason I keep calling it Lily Lilo, don't ask why!

Lily Lolo have just re-branded their make up range which you can see on their website and in recognition of that I was sent two of their products to try and review.

Lily Lolo

Natural Lip Gloss in English Rose (£7.99)** - I would describe this as being a dusky pink shade which looks really pink when you first apply it and then as it settled down it becomes quite a pale pink which I really like. It is perfect for wearing on its own or over the top of a pinky/nude lipstick to add a little glossy look. One of my bug bears with some lipglosses is the tacky feel they leave on your lips, this lip gloss doesn't have this *hurrah* it is not sticky at all, it simply glides on. This gloss does also contains Vitamin E and Jojoba oil to nourish and protect.

Lily Lolo

Lily Lolo

Mineral Eye Shadow in Miami Taupe (£5.99)** - This is most definitely the shade I would opt for, it is perfect for daytime or nighttime and one of those shades which you can have as a light coverage or build it up so that you can have a much deeper coverage, which to do you simply use it wet and the video I have mentioned below shows you how to do this. It is highly pigmented and as the shade suggests it is Taupe which is described as being a dusky browny grey shade or warm grey.

Lily Lolo

Lily Lolo

Lily Lolo

Lily Lolo

Now if like me you often struggle to decide how best to apply certain items of make-up, I was pleased to find that there are some really handy tutorials online, one of which you can see HERE

Which are your favourite Lily Lolo products?

The range itself is  BUAV approved as well as being free from parabens, synthetic fragrances, dyes, fillers and there is no animal testing.

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