Sunday, 16 March 2014

Wantable Make-up Box for February

I don't know whether you have heard of Wantable and that they now ship to the UK?  Well I was offered the chance to try and test out of their boxes** for review purposes.  The choice of boxes with Wantable are:
  • Make-up - within your box you will get 4-5 full sized products
  • Fashion Accessories - 3-4 boutique accessories
  • Intimate - 4-5 premium essentials
All the products you get within your box come from your profile which you set-up and then complete a series of questions answering how much you like/dislike things, it is quite a comprehensive form and the idea is that it is used to select products for you box, so for example, if you don't like mascara, you can say so and you should not get any within your box.

I opted for the make-up box to try and test, completed my questionnaire and firstly, I was quite impressed with how sturdy the box is and how really nice packaged the contents were as to avoid them getting broken, dented or smashed during its shipment.

Now to the contents in a bit more detail:

ncLA Nail Lacquer - retails for $16
In shade Drop Dead Gorgeous which is deep royal blue shade with added sparkle, I am yet to try this, but it is the kind of shade I would wear on my toes.

LAQA & Co - Fat lip pencil in Wolfman - retails for $18
This isn't a product I have come across before, though I do love how pretty the shade is and it is really lovely once applied.

DEX New York Lipgloss - retails for $18
The shade of this is called Christopher Street Orchid and as you can see from the picture above it is a lovely shade of pink and once on the lips it is slightly tacky, but not so much that I want to rub it off.  It looks great on its own or over some lipstick

Sorme Shimmer Glow - retails for $24.5
This is a sparkling mineral face and body bronzer in Bronzed 85 and it is like nothing I have used before.  You simply shake the powder down into the brush by turning it upside down and then brush it over your face and body as you deem appropriate.  Inside the wand, the shade does look quite dark, but once applied it is quite light and there is a lot of sparkle.

Sorme Anti-aging Trial Size - retails for $0
It says on the packet that this is a silky perfecting primer which smoothes skins surface, fills in wrinkles and diminishes discolourations for flawless long lasting make-up.  It then goes on to say "cliniqually proven Dermaxyl helps reduce the depth of lines, wrinkles and crows feet as Vitamins A, C and E plus nourishing Grape Seed Oil hydrate the skin and help prevent free radical damage".  So quite a lot of claims for this little sachet to live up too and I am looking forward to putting it to the test. 

Wantable boxes cost $36 per box, which is roughly £21-£22 per month, my box is worth a whopping $76.5 or £46 which is amazing really and I have been introduced to some new brands and some products I have never used before. 

If this is something you think you might like to try, simply click HERE and choose your box.


  1. Your box was great value for money. I have never heard of this box before. The nail polish & lip crayon look fab

  2. that's great, I noticed overseas boxes have a better selection generally. then a box full of make up sounds like heaven to me!!!! :D x

  3. Love the look of the LAQA & CO lip pencil. I haven't heard of this box before. I'm not signed up to any beauty box subscription but I probably would if there were more skincare products inside :)

  4. Great value for money!
    I haven't seen many good makeup unboxing posts being as good as this one! :)

  5. Looks pretty good. I'd never heard of it before now. x

  6. I hadn't heard of wantable before, but I do like the little selection they sent you. So nice to include the "hello gorgeous" on the top :)

  7. Laqa & Co is an amazing brand, I love their products xx

  8. I love boxes from different countries. I always feel like they offer something special, brands you wouldn't hear about over here!



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