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Sunday, 7 June 2020

Why use wax melts in your home

Using wax melts is a fun way of fragrance your home, a great way of avoiding the use of household chemicals. Wax melt is made from the same material as a candle. 
Why use wax melts in your home
The method of using both is very different from each other. A scented candle is required to be burnt to release its aromas while a wax melt is heated. Most scented candles contain paraffin which can be harmful to your health. It can also cause discoloration to your walls and curtains. Using soy wax melts contains no paraffin and you will get cleaner fresher aromas.

Soy wax melts
Soy wax melts are made from soy-bean oils, they are fragrance with essential oils. Soy wax melts have a lower melting point than normal wax, be sure to store it in a cool dry place to preserve its fragrance and prevent it from melting. People that often react to paraffin within normal wax melts, using soy wax melts are a great alternative.

How to use wax melts
Wax melts are required to be heated, this can be achieved with an electric wax melt burner or an oil burner. Using an oil burner requires a tea light, the heat fro the tea light will melt the wax. Some people might be restricted using this method in the presence of children. An electric wax melt burner requires no open flame to melt the wax. A heated plate is heated, and you can melt your wax by a switch of a button.
Why use wax melts in your home
Once there are no more aromas coming from the melted wax you will need to dispose of the old wax and replace it with a new one. Or you can simply add essential oils to your old wax melts.

Be creative with wax melts
There are hundreds of different scented wax melts to choose from, you can mix different aromas to your choice to create your own unique aroma. It is also very easy to create your own. You melt some old candles until liquid in a pan, and add you're essential oils. Place the liquid wax melts into a muffin tray, wait 24 hours for the wax melts to cool down.

Which wax melts to choose from
Some cheap wax melts are scented with chemicals, be sure to go for the essential oils used as a fragrance. For the best quality aromas go for soy wax melts.

If you are looking to fragrance your home with natural aromas be sure to check The natural gift for their great products.

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Saturday, 22 December 2018

Christmas with Heyland & Whittle

The house has been cleaned to within an inch of its life, I have de-junked and cleared out things that should have been cleaned out years ago, the Christmas decorations have been up a few weeks, the tree has survived the cats, there are presents under the tree and all of the food is bought ready. 
Christmas with Heyland & Whittle
The last thing I do is to ensure the house smells like Christmas and this year, it is smelling pretty amazing thanks to Heyland and Whittle.
Heyland & Whittle is a quality soap and home fragrance manufacturer based in England. We create what we believe are outstanding natural products with tradition, style and authenticity for a discerning market.
Inspired by our original location on a farm in rural Surrey, Heyland & Whittle produce a range of handmade soaps in the traditional cold-processed method, using only the very best natural ingredients. Essential oils, herbs and spices are combined to create our sulphate and paraben-free range. 
Whether you want candles, reed diffusers, soaps, room spray, hand creams, body scrubs or even hand lotion, Heyland and Whittle have absolutely everything for you to have at home.  Then you have the decision as to whether you want your candle in a glass jar, in a tin or as a votive. Your Reed Diffuser, which can also match the scent of your candle if you so wish. 

I absolutely love candles and have one burning the entire time I am at home. I tend to change the fragrance with the weather and the seasons but at Christmas Time, I like scents that define Christmas to me.
Heyland & Whittle Earl Grey Candle
Earl Grey (£25) is one of those fragrances that could be used at any time of the year, it is bold, it is citrusy and if you are a fan of Earl Grey tea, then that scent has been transported into this candle and it smells as good as a freshly brewed cup. Made from a blend of sustainable soy wax which burns very evenly down the glass, it has a burn time of around 40 hours.  It smells absolutely incredible before it has even been lit and the fragrance very quickly comes to life and filters throughout the house.

As mentioned, you can choose a Reed Diffuser to match the fragrance of your candle should you wish.  One of my favourite candle fragrances from Heyland & Whittle is Clementine and Prosecco (£35), which is the exact candle burning as I write this post.  To intensify that scent, we have the Reed Diffuser.
Heyland & Whittle Clementine & Prosecco Reed Diffuser
With its cork stopper and rattan reeds, the fragrance comes to life really quickly.  What I like about Reed Diffusers is the ease of using them.  Once the reeds are set up in the oil, you simply turn them upside down every week to ensure that fragrance remains strong.  These products tend to last for up to 4 months before you need to refill the oil and replace the reeds.

When it comes to soaps, I like something that is a lot more exciting than shop bought supermarket soap.  Heyland & Whittle have some incredible sounding soaps and right now in my bathroom right now is Queen of the Nile (£6).
 Heyland & Whittle Queen of the Nile Soap
This soap is one that is seriously rich and creamy whilst at the same time being very fragrant. This soap which is free from parabens and sulphates is made with goat's milk and cocoa butter with essential oils - patchouli, vetivert, ylang-ylang and sweet orange. Luxurious and moisturising, this soap suits dry skin types.

Finally within my little stash is the Clementine and Prosecco Room Sachet. Currently hanging on my Christmas Tree, this Room Sachet smells absolutely incredible.
Heyland & Whittle Scented Room Sachet
Scented exactly the same as the Reed Diffuser and this sachet is just as potent. Whenever I walk past the tree, it is the first scent I get and they are ideal for hanging on wardrobes, on doorknobs and even in cars.

Heyland & Whittle is an incredible company who have managed to take the fragrances and bring them to life through candles and Reed Diffusers and I now have my eye on the Kitchen Candles especially the Tomato and Basil scent.

Do you have some favourite scented products that you use for this time of the year?

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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

La Montana - Scented Candles Inspired by Spain

I am yet to meet someone who isn't a fan of candles, I personally am a huge fan and can never have too many. Whenever I am at home, there is always one burning in whichever room I tend to be in.

I was recently introduced to La Montana fragranced candles**, a brand that has been inspired by life in a Spain Village. Founders Cass and Jonathan Hall decided to leave London life behind back in 2011 and move to move to a Valencian mountainside where they became inspired enough to create their own home fragrance range that captured the beautiful surroundings and the new smells of the area.

La Montana - Scented Candles Inspired by Spain

I was very kindly sent two candles from the range and I was blown away by the delicious scents which hit me as soon as I opened the box.  
I also really love the candles packaging, all of which have a vintage 1930s travel poster design printed on both the labels on the candle and then onto packaging. 

First Light which is La Montanas signature fragrance and is described as being 
"A unique, intoxicating blend of wild, aromatic mountain herbs: fennel, bergamot, rosemary, mountain pepper, and rockrose" Now for me, this literally brings about the sense of sunshine and mountains and what it would be like to breathe in the morning air. 

Once alight, that scent becomes more intense as it filters through the house and the entire time the candle is burning, that scent remains strong.

La Montana - Scented Candles Inspired by Spain

The second candle is called Alfredo's CafĂ© and it is the latest scent from La Montana and it is described as being "An unusual, rich, comforting blend of the best aromas of our village square – coffee, brandy, and black tobacco, laced with leather and incense from the church" and to me, it is the kind of scent you get whilst sitting outside a cafe on holiday as all the scents mix together. It is quite a warm and comforting scent and one which is ideal for both men and women. 

Again once it is alight, the fragrance really comes to life and for me the scent of coffee is the most dominant and it is such a wonderful fresh scent.

La Montana - Scented Candles Inspired by Spain

La Montana candles have approximately 40+ hours burn time and retail at just £35 each.  You can find the full La Montana range via their website.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Flamingo Candles Lemon and Lime Mojito

Flamingo candles is a brand I have seen on many blogs, so when I got the chance to try out my own candle, I was every bit as excited because I am candle obsessed, even as I sit and type this, my Flamingo candle is burning away. If you haven't heard of the brand, Flamingo Candles are handmade candles which use soybeans and natural cotton wicks, they contain no no petroleum, paraffin or beeswax products and more information about the brand can be found HERE.

The candle I was kindly sent is Lemon and Lime Mojito and it smells exactly as the name would suggest and is described as follows:

"Fruity and exotic Lemon & Lime Mojito is a fruity aroma incorporating notes of freshly squeezed juicy lemons combined with notes of warm orchids, infused with fresh lime with added notes of cool aldehydes, mandarin and grapefruit".

Once the lid has been removed there is a sudden citrusy scent which captures your senses and once alight, that scent is magnified and quickly spreads throughout the entire house. I am a huge fan of candles which have a big scent and this one is definitely one of those, it is fresh, zesty and is perfect for those Sunday afternoons once everything has been cleaned, scrubbed and polish to sit back and relax too with a cuppa whilst browsing blogs or reading the paper. 

Flamingo Candles' Classic Jar Candles cost just £12 each and you can find them on the Flamingo Candle website, Amazon and Asos to name a few. They also offer upto 50 hours of burning time which I think is really impressive for a candle of this size. Next on my list of Flamingo Candles to try is
Oriental Lotus & Rose Otto Scent Melt and the Coconut Lemongrass Scent Melt to see if they are as good or better than similar products out there!

Have you tried anything from Flamingo Candles? Do you have a favourite scent?
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