Friday 24 September 2021

Creating a relaxing environment with Aery Living

Having spent 90% of the last 18months working from home, separating life from office hasn't been easy. It’s actually very easy to pick up your laptop and start work earlier than usual and log off later than usual, a slippery slope you don’t need to be going down when life has been hard.
Creating a relaxing environment with Aery Living
Creating a relaxing environment with Aery Living
I don’t need Autumn to light candles and make my living space a relaxing environment to be in, it’s something I do pretty much all year round in different ways with different products. Aery Living is a brand who believes in wellbeing and back in 2018, they set out to create an ethical and responsible brand that focused on sustainability before profitability. 

Having become inspired by the multi-sensory aspect of creating fragranced products. Through trial, error, heartache, and joy over the course of the last few years Aery Living have now perfected their craft and created their very own unique fragrances, some of which I have been fortunate to try and am now sharing with you today.
We believe in creating rituals that are personal to us and contribute to our mood and wellbeing. Sometimes it is simply the acknowledgement of needing some time out, creating the space and setting the scene with fragrance that will trigger the senses.
I choose my fragrances, be that perfume, Reed diffuser, room spray, candles, essential oils and even wax melts depending on my mood or the scene I want to create. If I am wanting to relax and wind down, then I’m looking for Lavender and Chamomile or if I am wanting to change my mood and want something uplifting then I’m looking for the more citrusy scented products. 

From Aery Living I chose three products to try and get to know, two candles and a Reed diffuser, the latter will feature on my blog in its own post. When it comes to candles, again, I always have one burning in whichever room I happen to be in. The two scents I chose from Aery Living are ones which can be paired together to create a unique scent or they can be used on their own, either setting is just beautiful.

The first candle is called Eternal Optimist and it is one of the strongest scented candles I have tried in a very long time.  I chose it because it has notes of Green Leaf, Neroli Blossom and Jasmin, all of which as notes I adore in fragrances that I wear most often. In this candle those notes are paired with Magnolia and Lily as well as having the base notes of amber, Sandalwood and Warm Musk.
Creating a relaxing environment with Aery Living
This is a candle which works in any room - the lounge, the office, the bedroom or even the bathroom. It has a 45 hour burn time and is made from 100% plant based wax and it pairs well with Positive energy as an ultimate mood-boosting hero, which takes me on to my second candle.

I loved the sound of the Positive Energy Candle from its description which described this candle as being a mix of carefully selected essential oils and perfumes. Uplifting grapefruit fills your home with punchy fresh and juicy notes.
Creating a relaxing environment with Aery Living
Within this candle you have notes of Lemon and Vetiver which are the scents you can detect as soon as the candle is removed from its packaging and then once alight as it settles you get further notes of Grapefruit and then the peppermint which comes through the middle and is said to help stimulate focus making these great home office additions, get some creativity flowing! Then finally with the base notes of both Amber and Violet Leaf which gives an earthy note to the fragrance, almost preventing it from becoming too fruity.

These candles have been some of the best I have ever used, their scents simply incredible and ones which last hours after the wick has been extinguished. Whether used alone or together, I would quite happily make my way through the entire catalogue of fragrances. Each candle is 200g and priced at £26 and they would make the most wonderful gift.

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