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Monday 6 January 2014

My Favourite Products 2013 - Part 4

Having brought to you my favourite products for my lips, body and hair and then face, today I am bringing to you my favourite Make-up products of 2013, these are products that I have gone back to time and time again and absolutely love.


Make-up is one of those 'terms' and some of those 'products' that I love to use.  I am by no means an expert and nor I am overly confident in what I am doing which is why you will rarely see a FOTD post from me.  I tend to stick with what I know and like and experimenting isn't something I am good at, but here are my favourite products of 2013.

Seche Vite - Whilst I need to look after my nails a little bit more than I do to ensure they are not as weak and brittle as they are now, Seche Vite is by far one of the best products I have used on my nails.  I always use it as a top coat whenever I polish my nails and it dries so quickly and gives me a few extra days of no chipping with my nail polish.

Rough Dior 649 - I reviewed this lipstick HERE and it is to date my most favourite lipstick.  I was introduced to it at a Debenhams Beauty event that I was lucky to attend and have my make-up done by Dior and I was so impressed with the lip colour, I now own two for myself.

Porefessional - The first product I am to feature from Benefit and one of my favourites.  As a balm that minimises the pores I love that it does exactly that for me and I have gone through quite a few tubes of it to date and I am now using up my mini samples before deciding whether or not to re-purchase or try something else.

Fine One One - Another product from Benefit and one that I won from a Blogger Competition.  I wanted this product as soon as it came out, but I held off for ages reading review after review of it, some great and some not so great.  I love it and use it more as a highlighter on my cheek bones and it gives this really lovely shimmer and sheen once it is applied.

They-re Real - My current favourite mascara, the first time I used it, I knew it would be one of those products that would stay in my make-up bag.  I love how it makes my lashes look and appear longer, how it doesnt clump or flake once it is applied and it lasts a really long time once it is on my lashes.

Dream Weave & Co. Original Lash Extension Magnet Mascara - I was introduced to this product in October when I was kindly sent one to try out and review which you can see HERE.  I am so impressed with it that it is always in my bag.

Hoola - Again from Benefit, Hoola is my all time favourite Bronzer and when I was first given this I thought it would be far too dark for my very light skin-tone, however, I was mildly surprised that it actually looks really good on my skin and as long as I don't apply too much of it, it can look really natural.

Suede by Sleek - This product was my first introduction to the world that is Sleek make-up and it is currently my favourite product from Sleek.  I reviewed it back in October which you can see HERE and I pretty much wear it everyday because it is quite subtle and gives a lovely colour to my cheeks.

Hello Flawless - My all time favourite powder from Benefit and I wear it everyday, usually over a BB Cream as I am yet to find my Holy Grail foundation, they always seem too dark for my skintone, so I stick with a BB cream and this to give me a look I am comfortable with and it has an SPF15 which impresses me.

That Gal - Yep another Benefit product from me and I use That Gal quite a lot because I like it a Primer, it definitely does make my make-up last much longer and I dont get the feeling of clogged pores from using it, which is something I disliked from a similar product from another brand.

Collection Eyeshadow Pencils - I bought two of them on a whim a few months ago and Vintage Blush which is shown above is the shade I use more often than not.  As well as an eyeshadow, which is really easy to apply, I have also used it as a highlighter and it works really well.  I reviewed the two crayons  which you can read HERE

Max Factor Colour Elixir - I was introduced to these products when I took part in my very first beauty box swap and I instantly liked them.  My favourite colour of the two was Subtle Coral which is featured in the photograph above and reviewed HERE and I like the shade they give me when I wear them.

There you have my favourite make-up products.  
Do you think I am missing out on using anything or is there a product you think I should try?

Monday 1 April 2013

Get the Benefit!

The one thing you might realise about me fellow bloggers is that I have a few obsessions in life - Lush, Soap and Glory and BeneFit, that is not to say I love everything they do, far from it, they are more like a security blanket for me and when I need something and am not sure what or where to go, those three are probably more often than not my fall back plan. I do love trying new brands and discovering new products as well though.

This post is about my love affair with BeneFit.  I am not a huge make-up fan nor am I the worlds most made up girl in the world.  It is true to say that I never leave the house without a bit of foundation (usually a powder), mascara, bronzer or blusher and lip balm.  Aside from that I tend not to experiment as much as I should because I am never sure what colours suit me and applying eyeliner is just something I cannot get the hang of, I can sit in front of a mirror for hours and not once get it right, I find it stressful, so just don't do it -  a fear I need to overcome.

So starting with my favourite Benefit travel set which is called 'The Big 10' and it looks like this:

This was given to me by a friend as a birthday gift and I absolutely love it, it has everything in there that you might want to try out or take on your travels with you because it is a travel set essentially.   Naturally it is called 'The Big 10' because it contains ten different products which are:
  1. Erase Paste which in this set is No.2 medium and it is a 3.2g tub
  2. Stay Don't stray which is a primer for your concealer or eyeshadow and it is lovely 2.5ml tube
  3. Benetint which is a rose-tinted lip and cheek stain and again it is a 2.5ml tube
  4. Posietint which is a poppy pink lip and cheek stain and again a 2.5ml tube
  5. High Beam which is a luminescent complexion enhancer and a 2.5ml tube
  6. Ooh La Lift another 2.5ml tube and it is an instant under-eye brightening boost
  7. 'That Gal' is a brightening face primer and in a 7.5ml tube
  8. Dandelion a 3g pot and it is a brightening face powder
  9. Coralista another 3g pot and it is a face powder
  10. Porefessional is a balm to minimise the pores and is in a 7.5ml tube
So all of these lovely products in one package and I do take them with me when I travel, that is why some look a little more battered than others.

Then... we move to my favourite products from BeneFit, the ones that are always in my make-up bag and my go to products when I feel the need and of course one new addition to my collection!!

Starting with She's so jetset which I got for Christmas from a friend of mine, this kit which I adore because it is so cute contains:

 a 7.5ml POREfessional (primer and pore minimiser), 0.14oz they're real mascara, 5.2ml Life on the A list Lipgloss, 0.1oz First-class face powder with brush and 0.25 eye shadow palette (with Champagne please (golden colour), Gold card (slightly lighter gold), Pretty in mink (mink of course?) and Elegant Espresso (a brown)

Then you can see Hoola which is my absolute favourite bronzer ever... it gives such good coverage, is easy to use and apply and I have had this box for about 2 years and I use it more or less everyday and I am almost at the end of it, by that I mean it will need replacing in the next 6 months and I intend to replace it.

BeneFit Fine One one which has become my latest addition thanks to a competition win has been used once since I got it and I love it, the colours look really orange when you see them on the stick, but once applied, they are really lovely.

Finally the top right hand side photo which contains the rest of my BeneFit kit.  Starting with Dr Feelgood, a face balm which I did a post about HERE then there is a very old version of Lemonaid which is an eyeshadow primer and it works really well even though it is a few years old.  Next comes They're Real which is my current favourite Mascara, I love everything about it and it makes my lashes look lovely and long. Hello Flawless is one of my favourite foundations and this was matched to me in Debenhams not long after it hit the shelves and I love it.  As well as the face powder you get a mirror, a brush and a sponge, it glides on wonderfully.  Finally there is Moon Beam that is described as being an iridescent complexion enhancer and you add it around your cheeks and brow bones to a warm shimmer.  I use this quite a lot because I like the look it gives to me and again this bottle is just over a year old and there is more than half the bottle left, such good value for money.

Now I just need to get my hands on Fake Up and I will be well and truly happy...

So there you have it, my BeneFit make-up collection which features a lot of my favourite products! 

      Which BeneFit products do you like and use the most?

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