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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Tesco Beauty Advent Calendar - Week 1

This year I managed to get my hands on the Tesco Beauty Advent Calendar, it looked brilliant from the start when I first saw it advertised and hopefully it will live up to expectations.  It cost £50 and was available online and through some Tesco stores, I believe it is still available for half the original price if you still want it.

The Calendar is said to contain everything you need to complete your Christmas party look, with brands such as Nip+Fab, Korres, Katy Perry, Dr. LeWinns, Baylis & Harding and Tanya Burr behind each door, it is bound to be 24 exciting days.

In my introductory post I opened door number one which you can read all about HERE and today I am going to share with you what else I have had in my Calendar this week. Starting with door number two:

Tesco Beauty Advent Calendar - Day 2

Tanya Burr Nail Polish

So inside day 2 we have a Tanya Burr nail polish.  I am yet to encounter any of the Tanya Burr range but I do love the look of this nail polish which is shade Midnight Sparkles and it is described as being "is a sumptuous, purple nail colour infused with glitter, for a truly stunning finish". This Nail polish has an RRP £4.95.

Tesco Beauty Advent Calendar Day 3

Paul Smith Eau de Toilette

For day 3 there is a 5ml perfume sample from Paul Smith and it is the Extreme Eau de Toilette.  Described as being "A sensual yet playful floral fragrance with a blackcurrant and violet infusion and rich woody final notes" it is actually an alright scent, probably not one that I would go out and purchase for myself, but it is nice.

Tesco Beauty Advent Calendar Day 4

Spotlight Lipgloss in Fiesty

Behind door number 4 we have a Spotlight Lipgloss by Sue Moxley and I have shade 'Fiesty' and it an LED light up gloss and it incorporates a mirror on the lid as well.  The shade is a quite bright pink shade which I will show in a later post. 

It's been quite hard to find information on this brand but the lipglosses do have an RRP £6.99 on Amazon.

Tesco Beauty Advent Calendar Day 5

Katy Perry Meow Locket

Meow Locket - Katy Perry

Then behind door number 5 and here it is. A Katy Perry Meow Eau de Parfum locket.  The description is as follows "This solid perfume locket by Katy Perry is the perfect gift idea! The locket is in the shape of a cat's head with diamond effects on the ears and eyes. Twist it open to reveal solid perfume. This locket comes in a black drawstring pouch" I think this is such a fab item, it wasn't at all what I was expecting to find and I did initially think it was another perfume sample, which in a way it is, but it is a solid and in a locket which is super cute. It has an RRP £7.99

Tesco Beauty Advent Calendar - Day 6

Tesco Beauty Advent Calendar - Mini soap

Behind door number 6 we have a mini organic soap which smells absolutely amazing and I am pleased to see it is totally free from detergents, SLS, Alcohol, parabens, silicones, sulphates, preservatives and sorbates! It's from The Little Soap Company.

Tesco Beauty Advent Calendar day 7

Tesco Beauty Advent Calendar - Candy Kitten

Behind door number 7 which I have just opened, we have Candy Kittens Turquoise 20ml EDT which is described as follows: "This fragrance opens with a bright burst of citrus from bergamot and apple, followed by an enchanting heart comprised of earthy cedar wood and tender jasmine. The fragrance dries down slowly to a wonderfully sensual mix of earthy sandalwood and creamy vanilla".  As a fragrance it is quite nice, not one I would choose as I think it is something for  a teen but it is nice.

So there you have my first week of the Tesco Advent Calendar and I am totally chuffed with the contents so far.  What do you think?

Tesco Calendar week one

Monday, 1 December 2014

Tesco Beauty Advent Calendar - Day 1

This year I managed to get my hands on the Tesco Beauty Advent Calendar, it looked brilliant from the start when I first saw it advertised and hopefully it will live up to expectations.  it cost £50 and was available online and through some Tesco stores.

The Tesco Calendar Outer Bag

The Tesco Calendar

Tesco Beauty Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar

The Calendar is said to contain everything you need to complete your Christmas party look, with brands such as Nip+Fab, Korres, Katy Perry, Dr. LeWinns, Baylis & Harding and Tanya Burr behind each door, it is bound to be 24 exciting days.

So every week up until Christmas, I will do a weekly round up as to what has been found within my Advent Calendar and if you follow me on Instagram, you might be lucky enough to see each item as I open it!  As today is December 1st, I thought I would be kind enough to show you what was behind door number one:

Advent day 1

Eyelure Lashes

Eyelure Lashes

So behind door number 1 we have a pair of Eylure naturalites 116 eyelashes which have an RRP £5 from Tesco. Described as follows:

"Add instant glamour to your look with Eylure Naturalite false lashes in 116 Black. The reuseable strip lashes are suitable for all eye shapes and all occasions, even regular wear. Adhesive and instructions are included with the easy to apply, lightweight pair of false lashes".

I might give these a go, though I am not the most patient when it comes to applying them.  That said, I am quite pleased with the content behind door number one.

If you have an advent calendar, please tag me so I can see what you get from your calendar and if you have a Tesco calendar, I would love to see what you get!

Monday, 2 June 2014

My SS14 Wishlist

Every so often I see something and think "ooh I like that", make a note of it and then forget all about it. This wishlist is one of those, I have seen a dress or a top that I like, make a mental note to buy it or wait for the sale and then more often than not it is either too late or it is no longer available.

Here is my SS14 Wishlist

I never thought I would be someone to wear Jeggings, EVER but truth be told I really like them and find them comfortable.  The one and only pair I have from Asda, which are superb are no longer available so I have been keeping my eye on these skinny jeans which are very similar to the ones I have from the ASOS Curve Range.

F&F Clothing sometimes have some beautiful clothes in and the dress which you can see in the middle of my wishlist is from there, though sadly only now available in a size 6, I think it is stunning.

Ted Baker purses have appeared on more than one of my wishlists and one day I will get one in the sale, but for now, I have about 4 or 5 that I really like the look of and as soon as they hit the sale I will buy one.

MAC Lipstick, well yes Fanfare has become top of my target list.  I have read so much about it, love the colour and need to go and swatch it properly to make sure it is something I would wear.

The two tops in this post are both from Dorothy Perkins and are both in the sale which you can see HERE and HERE so I am currently debating whether or not to bit the bullet and buy them.  My problem is they are not normally tops that I would buy.  Neither of them have sleeves and I am conscious about my arms, but I think they are just so so pretty.

Make-up Revolution - Everyone is raving about this brand currently and it is a bandwagon I am yet to join and test, though I do have a palette from my BBB Bow to try.  The one item I do love the look of is the Baked Blusher and there are two which I currently love the look of - All I think about is you and Make Love Instead.

Fitflops - I bought my first pair about 6 years ago and they now look very tatty and in need of renewing.  That said they are the most comfortable pair of shoes I have EVER owned, if there was a holygrail for a flip flop then for me FitFlops would be them.  Recently I have kind of fancied these rather funky looking Fitflops called Bon Easy Sandal.  So as well as another pair of Fitflops which I will definitely be purchasing, I like the look of these too.

The final item on this list is from Marc Jacobs and as soon as I saw the bottle I wanted it.  Pink Honey as it is called is encased in this beautiful bottle, very similar to Honey itself only the bottle is a sheer pink and I love it.

What do you think to my list? Do you have any of the items on it? 
Do you have your own wishlist?

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Barbara Daly Lip Boost Lipstick

Barbara Daly make-up isn't something I have ever used before, though I do from time to time see it in my local Tesco Superstore.  A few weeks ago, I decided to randomly swatch one or two items to see what they were like, I didn't need anything else in the store and the specific item I went in for was out of stock, so I had some time to kill waiting for a friend - always dangerous!

Anyway, the one item I was drawn too was the Barbara Daly Lip Boost Lipstick in the shade Damson. What drew me to it was the sleek looking silver packaging and like a magpie to anything that is shiny, my attention was well and truly caught.

Described as follows:

"Lip Plumping formula. Wear this lipstick on its own during the day, or apply lip gloss over the top for a more polished evening look. The innovative square tip helps you a achieve precise and accurate application"

The shade itself is really stunning,  I love how creamy the formula is, how easy it is to apply and how it can be worn alone or with gloss to add that little something extra. You can also either apply just the one coat to your lips for a light covering as the bottom of the two swatches shows or if you want to the build the colour and have something a little more dramatic then the other swatch shows what th shade looks like after two coats and for me the difference is really noticeable.

I wear this shade most days at the minute, it has become one of my favourite lipsticks and I get a good 4-5 hours wear out of it before I need to re-apply which is better than MAC Creme Cup which I reviewed recently.

This lipstick and others from the range have an RRP of £7.00 which I think is quite a bargain and it has made me want to try other products from the Barbara Daly Range.

Have you ever tried anything from the Barbara Daly Range?

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