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Tuesday 14 November 2023

Maintaining Your Conservatory’s Sparkle: Cleaning and Upkeep Tips

Conservatories are beautiful and practical additions to homes, providing extra space and a connection to the outdoors. However, to keep them sparkling and in top condition, regular cleaning and upkeep are essential. This article will provide valuable tips and guidelines for maintaining the cleanliness and overall appeal of your conservatory, ensuring that it remains a delightful and welcoming space for years to come.
Importance of Regular Cleaning
A clean conservatory not only looks visually appealing but also ensures that it functions optimally. Regular cleaning helps prevent the build-up of dirt, grime, and debris, which can cause long-term damage and deterioration of the structure. Moreover, maintaining a clean conservatory enhances the natural light flow and preserves the aesthetic appeal of the space, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere.

When considering the cleaning frequency, it’s crucial to align it with the specific needs of your conservatory. Factors such as the surrounding environment, climate, and material of the conservatory will influence how often it needs to be cleaned. Generally, a thorough conservatory cleaning every 3-6 months is recommended, with regular maintenance in between to keep it looking its best.

Cleaning Materials and Methods
Before embarking on the cleaning process, it’s essential to gather the right materials to ensure effective and safe cleaning. The choice of cleaning products should be tailored to the material of the conservatory, whether it’s glass, uPVC, aluminium, or wood. Using non-abrasive cleaning solutions, microfibre cloths, squeegees, and a soft-bristled brush enables a thorough yet gentle clean, preventing scratches or damage to the surfaces.

When cleaning, start by removing loose debris and dust, then proceed to wash the windows, frames, and any other surfaces. Pay particular attention to the joints and seals, as these areas are susceptible to dirt accumulation and require meticulous cleaning to prevent leaks and damage.

Addressing Mold and Mildew
Conservatories, especially those with a high level of humidity, are prone to mold and mildew growth. These not only mar the appearance of the conservatory but can also pose health risks and compromise the structural integrity. Regularly inspecting and addressing any signs of mold or mildew is crucial in maintaining a healthy and clean environment.

To tackle mold and mildew, a mixture of water and white vinegar can be an effective and eco-friendly solution. Apply this mixture to the affected areas, leave it for a few minutes, then gently scrub and rinse. Additionally, ensuring proper ventilation and moisture control within the conservatory can help prevent the recurrence of mold and mildew.

Maintaining the Roof and Guttering
The roof and guttering of the conservatory are integral components that require regular maintenance to ensure functionality and longevity. Leaves, dirt, and other debris can accumulate in the guttering, leading to blockages and potential water damage. Regularly clearing the guttering and inspecting the roof for any signs of damage or leaks is essential to prevent costly repairs and maintain the overall condition of the conservatory.

Upholstery and Furniture Care
If your conservatory is furnished, regular care and maintenance of the upholstery and furniture are equally important. Dusting and vacuuming upholstery, cushions, and any fabric-based furniture is recommended to prevent dust and dirt build-up. Additionally, consider using protective covers for furniture to shield them from direct sunlight and maintain their condition.

Bottom Line
A well-maintained conservatory not only enhances the overall appeal of your home but also extends the lifespan of the structure. By following these cleaning and upkeep tips, you can ensure that your conservatory remains a sparkling, inviting space that you can enjoy for years to come. Regular cleaning, addressing mold and mildew, maintaining the roof and guttering, and caring for the upholstery are all integral parts of the process that, when carried out effectively, contribute to the long-term success of your conservatory.

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Saturday 28 August 2021

Creating Your Perfect Dressing Table

Not everyone is lucky enough to have their own dressing room at home. While this may not be practical due to space, having a dedicated space in your home where you can get ready, apply your make-up, style your hair, or carry out your skincare routine can help you make sure you can store all of your products in one place.

If you already have your dressing table or vanity space, you need to know how to make the most of it to help you organise it in a way that works for you.

Ideally, you would be better placing your vanity in front of a window to make the most of any natural light. This will give you a better base to work with. If this isn't possible, you need to place your table opposite a window and use a mirror to reflect the light. After all, lighting is vital when it comes to applying makeup.

You want a natural white light when adding artificial lighting. Avoid fluorescent or yellow lighting. If you cannot make the most of the natural light, or your natural light needs a helping hand. Choose a cool white LED bulb or led strip lighting such as to place around your mirror or on your shelving to help you to illuminate the space properly.

The type of chair you choose needs to be more comfortable than Instagram ready. While some chairs may look great in images, they might become uncomfortable if you need to sit in them for long periods to apply makeup or style your hair. Choose a chair that you can sit at for long periods and fits into your space well. If you are short on space, a storage chair can give you a place to store items you need to hand but don't use them frequently.

No one likes a messy dressing table. Being able to store your makeup in an orderly fashion can allow you to find things more manageable. Choose small plastic or metal boxes to organise your space, or use specially designed makeup holders to display what you use on the surface of your desk. Alternatively, separate your drawers with small trays to allow for more organisation and easy access for a more streamlined, organised look.

A mirror is an essential part of any dressing table, that is, unless you can perform your makeup routine off by heart! Many people choose a three-sided angled mirror with added lighting for the best angles when applying makeup or styling their hair. If your vanity is small, then a well-hung mirror low to the top of the vanity can offer you the best option. A free-standing full-length floor mirror is an excellent option if you prefer to stand when applying styling or hair. Even better, choose one that has hidden storage to keep all of your jewellery and accessories and provide more space for those extra bits you do not need just now.

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Sunday 22 November 2020

BENQ WiT e-Reading Desk Lamp

The BENQ WiT e-Reading Desk Lamp was kindly sent to me for a review a good few months ago now and I really wanted to get to grips with how it worked before sharing it on my blog. Having redecorated every room except the bedroom and kitchen, we needed new lamps, so this arrived at an amazing time.
BENQ WiT e-Reading Desk Lamp
I am an avid reader, so if I am not writing a blog post, the chances are I am curled up on the sofa under my blanket with a book - be it on my Kindle or an actual book in my hand. On dull rainy days, I prefer not to have all the lights on in the house, I love to create an atmosphere by lighting a candle and having some low lights on. If I am reading on my Kindle, it has its own light so the low light isn't so much of a problem, but with a  book, a little more light is needed and that is where this lamp came into its own.

Now I love everything there is to love about this lamp. It comes presented inside the hugest of boxes with clear instructions on how assemble the lamp to the really heavily weighted base and then your are good to go.  It does come with instructions on how to use and plugs for use in the USA, the EU and of course here in the UK which really impressed me.  I chose the grey lamp as it works with my decor, but it is available in other shades - pink, gold and blue and it is priced at £169* and available from Amazon.

Once the lamp has been configured and set up there are just three things you need to know and it involves the grey metal ring and the white button shown below.
BENQ WiT e-Reading Desk Lamp
Once the lamp has been plugged in, it comes on immediately with no need to switch an on/off button anywhere. The white adjustment knob enables you to adjust the light between cool and warm colour temperatures as well as giving you the ability to control your brightness levels, this comes in really handy when you use a kindle to read or if you are sat working at your desk and the weather turns suddenly becoming dark. If all of that isn't impressive enough, this light will also remember the settings when you turn the lamp off and on.

The silver ring which sits on the end of the lamp, when touched for up to 2 seconds will detect ambient brightness and then dynamically adjust to the brightness level for a comfortable work environment all day and night, this is known as the eye-care mode.  Again, this is really handy when you are in the middle of a Zoom meeting or a spreadsheet and it suddenly goes dark with a storm brewing, this setting is one I didn't know I needed!

The lamp itself, which is curved gives the lamp wider lighting coverage. It has been developed specifically for the usage of monitors, kindles, tablets and other devices, and is also perfect for use in large workspaces too. 
BENQ WiT e-Reading Desk Lamp
The BenQ desk lamp, thanks to its design, it distributes light evenly across the desk is measured at a 90 cm illumination range and a 150 per cent wider than any known regular reading lamp, this design helps you see everything from your keyboard to your entire desk. Its patented brighter at the sides and darker in the middle illumination is designed to also eliminate glare, so when you are using the computer, the lighting should be sufficient enough for you to see the text as well as the screen.

This really has been an absolute delight to use during lockdown, the lighting at home isn't the same as that in my office, where I sit next to a window and have amazing light all day long. I also have a desktop monitor which adjusts its brightness according to the light I have at the time, not something my laptop does.  Adjusting to working from home has been challenging enough but thankfully, this light has meant I can work easily and not have to strain to see the screen of my laptop.

Available from Amazon it is on sale for £169 here* and is worth every single penny!

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Saturday 21 March 2020

Laminate vs Luxury Vinyl Tiles

If you’re looking for a flooring product which replicates solid wood but without the substantial price tag, then Luxury Vinyl Tiles and laminate are the clear front runners. But what exactly is the difference? Which one should you choose? We’ve put together a guide to help you decide between the two!
Luxury Vinyl Tiles - Vinyl has been used in homes and commercial properties for many years, but it’s only recently that it’s become as popular as it is. Although many of us associate vinyl with being the ugly, old fashioned sheets from the 1980s, vinyl has been revolutionised to produce the practical, stylish Luxury Vinyl Tiles of today.

Vinyl is incredibly durable and will last for many years after it’s installed. This makes it perfect for rooms that see high foot traffic and lots of use such as the kitchen and living room. Additionally, it is scratch, stain and water-resistant as well as being very easy to keep clean, making for a very easy going flooring.

So, what is exactly the difference between LVT and standard sheet vinyl? LVT comes in individual pieces, most commonly in tiles but plank style is also available. whereas traditional vinyl comes in a sheet that is cut to the length of the room. The layers that make up LVT are thicker than regular vinyl too, making it more durable and a better insulator than its predecessor. So, let’s have a look at the individual layers:
  • Protective wear layer: This is the last thing to be placed on top of the floor and is what protects the floor from any wear and tear.
  • Design layer: This is likely the most distinctive layer as it gives the vinyl the all-important realistic appearance. It is made up of a photo print which gives the wood or stone look.
  • Backing layer: The bottom layer is the backbone of this floor, providing LVT’s famous solid structure.
As previously mentioned, one of the main advantages of LVT is that it can replicate pretty much any surface. You can often get the realistic look of real wood, stone or ceramic tile but at a much cheaper price and with easier installation and maintenance. This makes it the number one choice for busy family households and any property that sees lots of foot traffic. 

Laminate - Laminate is another worthy choice and is popular in homes across the world and shares many similarities with LVT. Like the aforementioned, laminate it is another impressive replica of real wood at a much cheaper price and is also made up of many different layers, which are then topped with a photo image of the desired surface and protective layer.

Like LVT, laminate is very easy to keep clean, with only warm soapy water and a sweep a few times a week necessary - no fancy chemicals! In most cases, it’s very easy to install, with a click system making it easy for those amateur DIYers. Laminate, however, is only resistant to scratches, stains and water so we’d recommend being aware of anything that may scratch or stain it and keep it away from rooms that see high water exposure. 


Overall, both laminate and LVT hold very similar qualities. In terms of aesthetics, there isn’t much difference between the two of them with it often being hard to tell them apart from the real thing. We’d say that LVT is the best option if you want something completely practical and care free, whereas laminate is ideal if you need a cheap and easy fix.

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Friday 21 June 2019

Creative Ways to Add Colour to Your Home

AD| You will find that many people’s homes are a little bland and monotonous when you walk through the door. This is because people are often hesitant to add too much colour or style because they worry that it will not look good and go against interior design trends. The home should be a reflection of your personality so you should not shy away from adding colour and style if this is what you like.
Creative Ways to Add Colour to Your Home
Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Here are a few creative and unexpected ways that you can inject colour into your home. 

Paint the Ceiling
The ceiling takes up a huge amount of space in a room, yet it is usually completely ignored. Painting the ceiling an interesting shade can add colour and style to an otherwise bland room. 

Paint One Wall
Similarly, painting just one wall and having the others more neutral colours is a trend right now in interior design. This can change the focal point and make the room more visually appealing. 

Plant Life
There are many reasons why you should have plant life in the home and adding colour is one of these. Any kind of plant can add a healthy splash of colour, add visual interest, improve your mood and improve the fragrance amongst other benefits.

Curtains can take up a huge amount of space in a room when they are drawn yet often they are an overlooked aspect of the room’s decor. Opting for a bright and colourful shade from a specialist like Direct Blinds can be a great way to add colour to any room and can work particularly well if the rest of the room is somewhat muted.

Throws & Cushions
One of the easiest and cheapest ways to add splashes of colour to an otherwise neutral room is to purchase colourful throws and cushions. These can look fantastic and highly stylish while also adding plenty of comfort to the room too.

Paint the Inside of Bookshelf
Painting the inside of a bookshelf can add colour to the room and improve the appearance of the unit. Not only this, but this is a great way to add colour without having to paint the walls (this may not be allowed if you rent) or without having to buy expensive new items for the home.

These are just a few of the most effective ways that you can add colour to your home. You should not shy away from bold injections of colour as this can make a home feel more welcoming, vibrant and a reflection of your personality.

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Tuesday 29 April 2014

Yankee Candle Sweet Pea Reed Diffusers

Anyone who is a regular reader of my blog (for which I am very thankful) will know that I have an obsession with candles and I have on more than one occasion written posts about my love for them and the relaxing atmosphere they create for me personally.

Candles aside, I also have an obsession for Reed a Diffusers and there is always one in every room we have.  I usually purchas my diffuses from places like Primark, Wilkinsons and even Camden Market because you can get some unbelievable bargains and the ones from Primark for example are not only brilliant value for money but they have lasted much longer than some of the bigger brands I have tried.

Yankee candles are amongst my favourite candles and I have two scents which I would happily purchase again and again - Clean Cotton and Sweet Pea.  When in my local Asda I saw that they now sold Yankee Candle Reed Diffusers I decided to purchase two to see what they would be like having not yet tried them and at the time they were on offer but usually retail for £12 each.

I opted for two Sweet Pea reed diffusers which are really beautifully packaged and look something like this:

The one thing which stood out to me is the fact the actual glass bottle is round in shape instead of being square and that is really what caught my eye when I was stocking up on wax tarts.  The way in which the bottle is designed means that I can use it for other things once it is empty, unless of course I can find the oil separately to top these ones up.

As with all products of this type, you simply remove all the packaging, remove the lid and place the reeds into the fragrance oil and they say you need to allow up to 24 hours for the scent to become noticeable.  This particular option comes with the following description:

"Like spring in a cottage garden, the air is filled with heavenly floral nectars"

If like me you are a fan of the candle version, Sweet Pea smells exactly the same, the only difference being is that these reed diffusers can be left unattended and the scent is free to linger all day long throughout your home.  I have both of mine in two separate rooms, one is in the hallway and one in the bedroom.  As soon as I step into the hallway I can immediately smell the sweet pea fragrance and the same for going into the bedroom, if the door is shut the scent is also much stronger.

I am a big fan of these reed diffusers and really love this scent that they produce, so much so that I would happily purchase more from the range.  

Do you use Reed Diffusers?  
Do you have a favourite scent and favourite brand?

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