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Monday, 12 January 2015

Birchbox - January 2015

It's the first box of the year for Birchbox** and it kicks off being partnered with the go-to for all things health, fitness and well-being - Women's Health and a box titled 'Hit Refresh'. Inside the box are products that will help you start the year with your best foot forward! There is also a 'Hit Refresh' booklet which contains 12 bite-sized challenges with some tips. Each page has a hole which allows you to hang it up with perforated pages it allows you, should you wish you, the ability to pull out pages after completing them and I am determined to give some of them a go.

The first item in this month's box is a full size Stila Lip Glaze worth £15, in the shade  Glimmer which is a rosy pink shade to describe it.  As a twist up lip gloss which has a built in brush, it is quite a handy little item to have in your make up bag for a quick touch of gloss.

Stila Lip Glaze

The next item is a 20ml sample tube of the Philip Kingsley Body Building Conditioner worth around £1.50. I have only ever tried the Elasticizer from Philip Kingsley, so I am looking forward to giving this a go.  This conditioner claims to transform lifeless locks and help seal flyaways due to the lustrous, wheat-protein conditioner.
Philip Kingsley Conditioner

The next product is a 5ml tube of HealGel Intensive worth £3.75.  I am a huge fan of HealGel products and have used this before which I have reviewed HERE.  As you only need a teeny amount at any one time to use it, this tube will last a good few weeks and it is perfect for that overnight or weekend away bag.

HealGel Intensive

REN is one of my favourite brands and one I have been using for well over a year now, so I am always pleased to see a product from them in any box I get.  Within this box I have the Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask which I have used once or twice from a smaller sample sized tube, so I am glad to see a 10ml version, which will at least give me 5-6 masks.  It is described as being a fast-working exfoliating treatment which improves texture, tone and combats congestion.  Has a value of around £6

REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask

The next product is one I haven't heard of before from Activbod and the product is called a Cooling Finish Lotion. It is a 20ml tube and is said to re-energise after a work-out as it is an invigorating menthol packed lotion. You use it by massaging it into clean skin and then you get a cool tingle. So I tried it out and there is most definitely a tingling sensation there.  This tube has a value of around £2.50

ActivBod Cooling Finish Lotion

The final two products in this box are a Green Matcha Tea from Embrace which is apparently 100% natural with 10 times the antioxidents of a regular green tea.  You are told to take half a teaspoon and whisk it into hot water or cold water and you can also add it to smoothies and juices too.  On its own it is worth 99p

Embrace Green Tea Matcha

Then we have a Birchbox Pilates Band. It is said to tone, increase strength and improve muscle endurance with its resistance. So if anyone has a use for this and would like it, please do let me know as it isn't something I would use, but I did like to see it included because it does at least fit with the theme of the box. It also has a value of £7.99
Birchbox Pilates Band

So overall, I am really impressed with this month's Birchbox and I I really liked the theme, which for January is really appropriate. The box is worth around £37 which is great value for money when it costs just £12.95**.
Did you get a Birchbox this month?

Sunday, 13 July 2014

HealGel Intensive

If you are a regular reader of Beautyqueenuk then you will be aware that I am a bit of a big fan of the HealGel range and have reviewed both Heal Gel Eye and Heal Gel Face and honestly they are simply fabulous, so when asked if I would like to try a further product from the range I jumped at the chance and through my letterbox came HealGel Intensive.

I have said this before and will say it again, the packaging is always the first thing I love about this brand.  There is something about the design and the font which for me stands right out and catches my attention.  As with the other products, HealGel Intensive comes in a tube which is bright green in colour.

The aqueous gel can be used anywhere on your face and body to help soothe, repair & protect the skin.  It does have a lot of uses such as helping to fade any scarring left over from blemishes, helping to heal up skin problems like eczema and it is said to help with both sunburn and bruises. The part which excited me the most though was that you can even use it as a primer before applying your make-up, now how amazing is that?  It is like a multi-use balm with more uses than anything I have yet to like and guess what? It does exactly what it states it will do.

The clever people behind Heal gel describe this product as follows:

"HealGel is an aqueous gel, bringing together the best active ingredients to soothe, repair and protect your skin.

The advanced skin rescue formula was designed by a team of the world's leading plastic surgeons and a renowned dermatological biochemist.

It is cleverly designed; the nano-technological elements deliver predictably to the depth of the skin where they are needed most.

It is easy to use, being light, non-greasy and delicately fragranced. It provides a perfect primer for any make-up applied, and you only need to use it sparingly".

So there you have it. 

Once the gel is on your hand, it feels quite similar to Maybelline Baby Skin, but softer.  It is silicone based, but given my skin has no issue with that I was more than happy to use it. It is said that silicone is used because it helps to seal in the active ingredients of Arbica and Madecassoside given them more of a chance to penetrate deeper into the skin to where they are most needed.  Further ingredients include powerful peptides to increase collagen production, decrease fine lines, swelling and puffinessIn short it is said to be good for burns, redness, bruises, strains and stretchmarks, rosacea and wrinkles. 

As this isn't just for your face but for anywhere on your body, for me it has that little extra something.  Now I do suffer with rosacea occasionally, it flares up and then goes again plus I have a dry patch of skin on each cheek.  So I have been using this product as a primer before applying make-up and all you need is just a few pumps of the gel from the dispenser to apply to your skin.  For the first few weeks of using this, I applied it to my entire face and having done so, I was surprised at how soft and smooth my skin immediately became once it had absorbed.  Applying make-up over the top was also a breeze and it was so nice to not have foundation and CC creams sticking to those dry patches of skin on my cheeks - so already I am impressed!

Did my make-up last? Well yes it did and better than it had done with any other primer that I had tried, including Porefessional, which, in this weather is more than amazing!  I found that applying my make-up at 8am it was still in place at 7pm when I was getting home from work, the only thing I was touching up throughout the day was lipstick, but I would be doing that anyway, everything else remained in place.

The dry patches on my cheeks? Well after two weeks of using this gel they had totally gone, not a hint or trace of dry skin, instead my cheeks are as smooth as a babys bottom to coin a phrase.

The Roseacea?  Well it hasn't gone completely and it is quite hard to describe it, but if I was to say it looks as though someone has used a red crayon and then rubbed it out so it becomes a slightly less red, that is exactly what has happened, not so much the rosy red cheeks but just slightly pink, which for me is amazing and it does make me feel much less self-conscious.

Considering that I have been using HealGel Intensive for just 5 weeks it has been incredibly amazing and I am truly amazed at its results, yet again HealGel continues to be an impressive brand which lives up to each and everyone of its claims.

This sells for £37.50 and you can read more about it and the rest of the products within the range on the HealGel Website which you can find HERE

Have you tried any of the products from the HealGel range?  
Do you have a favourite?

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