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Monday, 18 April 2016

Kiehls Turmeric and Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque

There are a number of brands that I have wanted to try for ages now and when I was given the chance to try Kiehls, I jumped at the chance. In my entire lifetime, I have only ever used one Kiehl's products (here) and yet everyone raves about them. This time it was the turn of the Turmeric and Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque 75ml. Described by Kiehls as being an ‘instant facial’, the Turmeric and Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque works to brighten and energise the look of dull, fatigued skin whilst helping it to regain its natural, healthy appearance.

To look at, the mask is quite yellow looking and as Tumeric is one of the ingredients, this didn't surprise me at all. It is also quite a thick consistency, almost like a mud mask and one I find easier to apply with an old concealer brush than with my fingers, to ensure I get an equal covering on my face. Add to Tumeric, as the name suggests is Cranberry and it is this ingredient which adds the 'scrub' to the mask. Together, the cranberry and turmeric work to help visibly even the look of your skin tone whilst the crushed cranberry seeds gently exfoliate, giving that smoother, brighter, illuminated-looking skin.
Kiehls Turmeric and Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque
Kiehls Turmeric and Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque
Kiehls Turmeric and Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque
The scent of this mask is what intrigued me the most, more so because Tumeric is an ingredient I associate with a good curry!  It doesn't smell like a Chicken Balti I am pleased to say, but there is a hint of spice with the cranberries that I find really quite pleasant.

As I apply the mask using an old concealer brush, I find it really easy to stand in front of the mirror and slap it on. You only need to apply a thin layer and remember that when doing so, be careful not too apply too much pressure because the cranberry seeds are there to exfoliate. Once on the face, the mask dries incredibly quickly and I like to leave it to work its magic for up to ten minutes, so again, perfect for use if you are a busy bee like me. After those ten minutes are up, you need a warm flannel/muslin cloth and then in circular movements, gently massage your face and let those cranberry seeds work their magic to gently buff the skin, removing surface dirt, grime and dead skin cells.

Once removed, the mask leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth as well as hydrated, moisturised and I am glad to say there is no hint or sign of irritation or redness. For me this mask is such an amazing treat and it is one that works as well on its own or as part of your multi-masking pampering.

If you find your skin looks a tad dull and lacklustre, dry in parts and in need of a good exfoliation and cleansing, then at £28 this is an absolute steal and is worth hunting down to give a try!  As a first face mask that I have used from Kiehls, I am eager to work my way right through the entire collection, that is how impressed I am.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Squeeky Clean Beauty

Squeeky Clean is a brand new beauty range which is said to leave you fruity fresh and full of zest. Available in Poundland, this collection of products comprises of:
  • Scrubaholic Face Scrub
  • Pore Wow Wow Face Mask
  • Daisy Fresh Shower Detox
  • Body Better Body Lotion
  • Super Strong Nail and Cutie Cream
  • Glow Stopper Instant Tan Matte
  • Saint or Shimmer Lotion
I was kindly sent The Scrubaholic Face Scrub and the Pore Wow Wow Face Mask which arrive in these very cute and very pink tube and tub.

Squeeky Clean

The Scrubaholic Face Scrub which is on a 250ml tube (£1) and is described as follows:

"In need of a skin perfecting pick-me-up? No need to rough it, buff it with Squeeky Clean scrubaholic face scrub. This polishing facia scrub gently exfoliates and sweeps away everyday impurities to leave skin feeling bright, fresh and renewed."

The formula is quite a thick texture, more like a moisturising cream than a scrub, but as soon as you start to massage it into the skin, the exfoliating particles are definitely present and you can feel them working on your skin to remove dead and dry skin.  Fragrance wise it is definitely fruity and is Raspberry Scented, not too overly sweet and it does linger slightly on the skin after using.  I have never used this on my face, but have used it on my shins which is where I tend to suffer with dry skin and it does an average job of removing that skin and it does leave the skin silky smooth.  For £1 it is better than I expected.

Squeeky Clean
Squeeky Clean

Pore Wow Wow Facemask is in a 100ml tub (£1) and it has a screw on and off lid.  It is described as:

"Get fresh faced and fancy free with this pore refining wonder mask. Smooth onto skin and massage in gently, focusing on problem areas where needed. Enjoy as a fast acting 5 minute facial or leave on for longer for a deep cleansing detox."

Inside the tub, the mask is white in colour and again is quite a thick texture but it the application is an absolute dream as it glides on to the skin.  Once applied, you leave it on the skin for just 5 minutes before removing using warm water. I personally didn't find that it did anything for my pores, but it did leave my skin feeling quite smooth to the touch and again for £1 it is a pleasant surprise.

Squeeky Clean
Squeeky Clean

The Squeeky Clean range has been something of a surprise and again I am guilty of assuming that a price tag of £1 would mean it would not be any good, but actually they are both did a pretty good job and not one I could complain about.

Have you tried this range?

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Detox Diva by Maskeraide

I have become a huge fan of sheet masks and my latest choice of mask comes from Maskeraide** which you can find in Selfridges. Now for me the first thing which stands out is the packaging, I absolutely love it, not only is it bright and eye-catching, it just grabs my attention.

The Detox Diva mask is filled with really good nutrients such as Green Tea Leaf Extracts, Geranium Oil and Seaweed all of which work together to minimise pores, absorb impurities. There is also Chinese Plum, Strawberry and Lemon Fruit Extracts which work to gently exfoliate and lift dead skin cells revealing clear luminous skin.  The face sheet is also Argan Oil based to help keep skin hydrated.
The MaskerAide beauty mask sheet is specially cut to fit the contours of your face, though slightly on the larger side which leaves enough room for you to tuck it around the underside of your face to ensure it snugly fits. Once the sachet is open, the sheet is visibly soaked with what are referred to as antioxidants and they act as an incubator blocking the air from your skin to allow your pores to open and fully absorb the masks full beauty benefits. It smells absolutely incredible, really fruity and fresh scented.

Detox Diva by Maskeraide
Detox Diva by Maskeraide
Detox Diva by Maskeraide
Detox Diva by Maskeraide
Detox Diva by Maskeraide

As soon as the mask is on the face, there is an immediate cooling feeling which is really relaxing and it works to stimulate blood flow and awakens your skin. The instructions state to leave the mask on your face to work its magic for 15-20 minutes and then simply remove, lightly rinse your face and pat skin dry.

To add to the list of nutrients, MaskerAide masks are free of:
  • Parabens 
  • Harsh Dyes & Pigments 
  • Mineral Oils 
  • Artificial Fragrances 
  • Benzophenone 
  • Glycerins
My skin absolutely loved this mask.  Not only did my skin feel incredibly refreshed and hydrated but also soft and smooth to the touch.  Long gone is the dryness feeling and left in its place is glowing skin.  Since using this mask, I would be more than happy to try others from the same range, there are six in total to try and each sachet contains one mask.

Have you tried any of the masks from Maskeraide?

Thursday, 23 October 2014

WOW Facemask

Now I love a good face mask and I have tried quite a few in my time. I try to make it a weekly ritual that I will spend at least 2 hours of me time to pamper myself from head to foot. When I was asked if I would like to try the new WOW mask, I hadn't finished reading the introductory blurb before i quickly responded 'Yes please'.

That blurb reads as follows:

"WOW mask is a brand NEW Bio-­peptide Aqua Gel mask that contains innovative natural ingredients to restore the skin’s tone, elasticity and hydration to reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles. It releases the essence of nature’s most potent skin-loving plants at exactly the right speed for your skin to get the maximum benefit".

The packaging of the mask is quite something and there are little anecdotes which really made me chuckle such as "WOW are dedicated to the caused of perfect looking skin without the intervention of needles or a pact with the devil" an important yet light hearted statement.

Clinicians in Switzerland and beauty fanatics in California came together to develop this mask using ingredients that help to restore the skin’s tone, elasticity and hydration as well as to reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles. The mask isn't a cream, lotion, potion, powder or watery substance, instrad it is a Bio-peptide Aqua Gel Mask, which comes in two pieces to cover your face.

When it comes to using the mask, you need to ensure that your face is as clean as it can be and then dried. Then placing both sheets on your face, allow it at least five minutes to settle onto your skin, the reason for this is because it does feel a little slippery when first applied, but given those five minutes, all you need to do is sit back and relax for between 20-40 minutes as per the description on the packaging. After those allotted minutes, of which I chose 40, you simply remove the sheets from your face.

Institute Hyalual Switzerland, a scientific research centre dedicated to skin rejuvenation, created the mask as the simplest and most effective way to combine the moisturising effect of Hyaluronic Acid (HA), Argireline (famed for its skin firming properties) and RMCP-complex (a combination of ingredients that include fruit and leaf cell culture and flower extract). It’s the interaction between HA, Argireline and RMCP-complex which results in such a complete anti-ageing effect. The mask also uses newly developed Transdermal Cosmetics Delivery technology which is activated by skin temperature to allow the ingredients to reach the deeper layers of skin. This means that WOW mask provides 200% more hydration than other collagen-based moisturising treatments.

So after all that sciencey bit, what you are getting is a fantastic sounding face mask, which is very unlike any other that I have tried and when I did get round to using it, my skin had been a real nightmare all week. I don't suffer from breakouts as such, but my roseacea had flared up on both cheeks, it tends to do so when I am stressed, then it goes again within a week to ten days. So I decided to put this mask to the test and this is the result!

As you can see my cheeks beforehand were quite red, not as bad as they usually are, but it is obvious that I am not just flushing!  Then you can see the mask on my face after I first applied it, then as it begins to settle down on my face and form a sort of second skin, it is quite hard to describe, but it does feel really cooling on the skin and it does smell amazing, not at all chemical and really natural.  Then after I had removed it, wiped my face clean, the redness is a whole lot less than it was, infact amazingly so, I took a lot of photos of my face just to ensure it wasn't the light or the darkness, it was just the effect of the mask and one which remained for two weeks after using it.

The phrase "It’s not magic but 
WOW mask offers the best that nature and science can provide in terms of beautiful and youthful looking skin". I think is one that certainly speaks for itself.  Soft, smooth, moisturised and hydrated is exactly how my skin felt for days after using and the experience was incredible.  This mask isn't cheap, infact they come in a box of five and are priced at £99.99 which means every mask is valued at around £20 and I actually think it is well worth the money spent.  If my skin ever had a really bad Roseacea break out I am reaching for these as it is the only thing to date that I have found which works.

Do these sound like the type of mask you would love to try? 

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Heaven Skincare Bee Venom Face Mask

At the beginning of the year I did a post featuring some of the products I wanted to try in 2014, many of which pricked an interest due to some odd ingredient.

I was lucky enough to be sent some of the Heaven Skincare Bee Venom Face Mask**, a product favourite of some of our Royal Family Members, which is how I became fascinated by it – I am a huge Royalist and if it is good enough for the Duchess of Cambridge, it is good enough for me right?

Well once I had it in my grasp, the whole idea then became much scarier, I mean actual bee venom on my face, why on earth would I want to do that?  Well this is why:

Heaven's Bee Venom range is the only Bee Venom range that contains the special ingredient abeetoxin™..  It softens lines and wrinkles whilst plumping and firming. It is a luxurious cream that you will see and feel working instantly, leaving your skin looking its youthful and radiant best.

If that isn’t enough to capture your interest it also contains Manuka Honey which is renowned for its soothing and healing properties as well as softening and calming Shea Butter which also has moisturising properties and finally Rose and Lavender essential oils which are also both hydrating and moisturising when on the skin.

Heaven Skincare Bee Venom Face Mask

Heaven Skincare Bee Venom Face Mask

As mentioned it does contain Bee Venom which claims to control the facial muscles for immediate lifting, tightening and firming, whilst getting to work on frown lines and wrinkles which is something I am always looking for, paranoid that I am getting old before my time.

The actual cream itself is not overly thick but you only need a small amount to cover your face.  So having cleaned and cleansed my face I took a few deep breaths and applied the mask as instructed to do so. There is a slight scent to it, definitely honey was the ingredient that I detected over and above anything else, but it glides onto your skin effortlessly and gradually sinks in.  Once your whole face is covered, you leave it on for 20 minutes before washing it off.  Once it was applied, I was sat on my bed relaxing and after about 6 minutes I felt my face start to tingle; it wasn’t unpleasant in any way, infact it was a relief to know that something was happening, I wanted those 20 minutes to hurry up so I can have a look at my face to see what the affect was going to be.  As soon as my time was up, I grabbed my Washi cloth and duly removed the cream or what was left of it, from my face and this is where I was so impressed.

Before using the cream, I had slight dryness on both cheeks and on my forehead between my eyebrows, it is a constant problem when the weather changes from cold to warm, no matter how much cream I apply, it always comes back.  So, having used this mask, not only did my skin feel smoother than it ever had before, softer than I have ever known it to be, but it was free from dry skin, I had a natural glow and even though I have hardly wrinkles, there was no sign of those that had been there, my skin felt tight and the puffiness under my eyes from lack of sleep had also gone. I was quite literally astounded by how good this was after one use.  

Now two days on, my skin is still soft and smooth and there is no sign of the dryness on either cheek or on my forehead, no wonder it is such a big hit with members of the Royal Family and now me!

Heaven Skincare Bee Venom Face Mask

Heaven Skincare Bee Venom Face Mask

As well as using this product as a mask, you can also use it both in the morning and in the evening by applying a small amount on top of your moisturiser.  I am yet to do this, but I intend too because I really want to see what the difference in my skin will be like.

This product for me is wonderful, now I have it in my grasp I am not willing to let it go, I have never tried a product like it nor been so impressed by its results, they more than live up to the claims and it is no wonder that Deborah Mitchell, CEO and founder of Heaven Skincare has won awards for the abeetoxin™ ingredient. 

Prices start from £25.30 and more information is available on the website which you can find here

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sample Sunday

This week I thought I would bring back Sample Sunday as I have been making a conscious effort to use up some of the samples of products that I have and use up the sample sized tubs, tubes and bottles of other products that have come on various trips away with me.

This is my progress:

Givenchy Noir Couture Mascara which is from a Glossybox and I had two samples of it - I actually really like this mascara, though I didn't love it. The sample itself is just 1.5g and lasted for about a week, so not really enough to gage a formed opinion, but I did like the brush and you can see more detail about it HERE when the first sample appeared.

Soap & Glory Scrub Of Your Life  - One of my favourite products from Soap and Glory, I love the fact I can have travel sizes of this and take it with me when I go away. It is apparently the Ultimate soapy, super-smoothing body buffer.  I love the scent and how effective yet gentle this is on my skin.  It retails for around £3 for this travel size and it does last a long time.

Next up there are two Montagne Jeunesse Facemasks.  I am a huge lover of facemasks and love trying them out and these particular masks are just complete bargains.

The first is Chocolate Mud Pie which is an indulgent skin softening mask and it combines Cocoa and shea butter.  This mask smells good enough to eat, it is like someone pushing your face into a lovely chocolate cake and you leave it on for 15-20 minutes, it dries, you rinse it off using warm water and it leaves you with lovely soft to the touch skin, for 99p this is a total bargain and I got it from Asda.

The second is Manuka Honey Peel Off.  Now I love love love facemasks which you peel off, I know I have probably mentioned it before, but there is something so satisfying about waiting for a mask to dry on your skin and then getting to peel it off, yummy.  Anyway, this mask is described as being a famous natural cleanser and it contains Manuka Honey and Jasmin and as with the other mask, cleanse your face, apply, leave for 15-20 minutes and then peel it off.  Another fab mask for 99p

Next comes three Jenoris sachets which I got back in July from the London Blogger Meet and there are two hair masks and a shampoo within this collection.

The Keratin Shampoo, which is sodium chloride free, contains Omega 3,6 and for a healthy scalp and shiny hair.  It includes Keratin for long-term protection, moisturises the hair whilst restoring its natural gloss and vitality.  I actually quite liked this sample, it smells quite nice in that it has the clean smell and it didn't irritate my scalp and my hair was lovely and soft after using.

The Pistachio Hair Mask is described as being ideal for treating split ends, dry, coloured or lightened hair and as with the Keratin Shampoo it contains Omega 3,6 and 9.  With this mask you apply to your hair after washing and leave on for just 3-5 minutes before rinishing it off but if your hair is in a bit of a state, you can leave it for up to 12 minutes for a more intensive treatment.  I am not too sure this mask did anything for my hair in all honesty, it smells lovely and is easy to use but my hair didn't feel any different after using.

The Keratin Hair Mask is again sodium chloride free and is enriched with Omega 3,6 and 9 as well as Pistachio and borage oils as well as keratin to moisturise and give long term protection to your hair.  After using it claims to leave your hair with perfect softness, shine and glamour.  I preferred this hair mask to the pistachio one but again, I didn't really feel too many benefits of using the mask, it would make a much better conditioner in my opinion.

Apivita express beauty with Apricot - this is a gentle exfoliating gel with apricot and I got the sachet from the London Blogger Meet.  This was my first introduction to Aprivita and I loved this gel.  It smells divine, as though someone has just squeezed the life out of some apricots and put them into this sachet.  It is a gentle but effective exfoliator and it leaves your skin feeling super soft after using.  This is a brand I want to explore further.

Elemis Fresh Skin Skin Glow - Put simply, I am a big big fan of this product and I did a whole review of it which you can find HERE and it is a product I would buy again.

Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm - This product has quite a few mentions on my blog and has its own review which you can read HERE.  Before I got it in a Glossybox I had heard so many people compare it to Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour cream which I dislike, I fully expected to dislike this product as well... WRONG... I love it and am sad it has run out, though I fully intend to purchase a full size version.  it has been an absolute lifesaver in this cold weather, I smother my lips in it before bed and it also makes a great base before applying lipstick.

So those are my empty samples for this month and I think I have done quite well in using them up and remembering to keep them for this post.  Have you ever tried any of these products, are you a fan of any of them?

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