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Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Christmas Gifting with Dr Murad

The festive season has well and truly arrived with Dr Murad, who has some incredible gift sets on offer right now and I am sharing with you the Take Time Off collection*.
Christmas Gifting with Dr Murad
Christmas Gifting with Dr Murad
Christmas Gifting with Dr Murad
Sitting inside a custom designed, recyclable gift box which opens out to reveal quite the brilliant Skin Trivia Quiz and then sitting in the centre, almost on a stage is a 4-piece skincare collection featuring some of the best selling items.
Skip the lines. Visibly minimise fine lines, smooth away rough texture and rejuvenate for a radiant glow
Whether you have dry, normal or combination skin, this collection is designed for your skin type and inside you would find:
  • Retinol Youth Renewal Serum Full Size (1.0 FL. OZ.) - Worth £75 on its own, this product is just brilliant and I have a full review of it right here. To be used after cleansing, this serum uses the Tri-Active Technology mentioned above as well as Hyaluronic spheres which impart long-lasting hydration for that radiant glow. Then we have Swertia Flower Extract which works to increase resilience which in turn reveals a luminous, youthful-looking complexion. 
  • Retinol Youth Renewal Night Cream Trial Size (0.25 FL. OZ.) - Using the Murad Retinol Tri-Active Technology so whilst you sleep, the Retinol is time-released to work its magic in minimising the appearance of wrinkles and smoothing out the skin. 
  • Replenishing Multi-Acid Peel Trial Size (0.33 FL. OZ.) - I have a full review of this Peel right here. This is a daily bi-phase peel that accelerates cell renewal by 33% in just 7 days while nourishing skin to prevent dryness and reduce irritation which is all done thanks to its two-phase intensive treatment.
  • Renewing Eye Cream Trial Size (0.14 FL. OZ.) - This Eye cream has been specifically formulated with a powerful mix of retinol and rich Marine Kelp Complex which both work together to reduce the appearance of crows feet and dark circles whilst at the same time keeping the eyes moisturised.
I love how this collection has been put together and I am already a huge fan of the entire contents included.  It is a great way to get to know some of the best products the brand has to offer and for me, it is a great way to stock up on some of my favourites too.

As well as Take Time Off, there happens to be five other Dr Murad Christmas Gift sets on offer, I have one being featured in my Stocking Filler Guide in a few days time, but there is something for every budget, starting at £15 rising upwards to £110.  

Find all the Dr Murad Christmas Gift Sets here*.

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Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Moroccanoil Dreaming of Hydration Gift Set

I am definitely in need of a trip to the hair salon, I haven't been since February time and my hair is an absolute nightmare to deal with right now, my local salon however is all booked up, I wasn't quick enough to book in.  My hair is combination hair, much like my skin with greasy roots and dry ends, but over the last few weeks, i've noticed it has become a lot more dry from the mid-lengths to the ends.  So it is Moroccanoil to the rescue with this Dreaming of Hydration Gift Set*.
Moroccanoil Dreaming of Hydration Gift Set
Moroccanoil have a whole host of gift sets available* this Christmas and whether your hair needs a bit of TLC, repairing, or like mine, some hydration, there is a lot to choose from. This set features a curated selection of products to hydrate thirsty hair and they come packaged inside a very large wash bag. Inside the bag is a trio of products which features the Intense Hydrating Mask, the Hydrating Styling Cream and a travel-sized Moroccanoil Treatment.

So the products inside this Gift Set are:

Intense Hydrating Mask 250ml - This mask is perfect for those with medium to thick hair and better still, it only needs 5 minutes of your time. The mask is rich, it is creamy and it smells like a Caramac bar! Infused with ingredients such as antioxidant-rich argan oil which is the star of the show, you will also find other nourishing ingredients such as Glycerin which provides hair moisturising benefits and Linseed Extract which is not only a good source of alpha linolenic acid but it is also an essential fatty acid that helps improve the health of hair. 
Moroccanoil Dreaming of Hydration Gift Set
With this mask, once it is applied to your hair, of which you need a small amount, the advice is to comb it through an leave for between 5-7 minutes. It's job is to hydrate and condition while also improving hair's texture, elasticity, shine and manageability.

Hydrating Styling Cream 300ml: - Designed to hydrate and tame frizzy hair, this styling cream is a leave-in styling cream which is said to be the perfect partner for blow-drying as it smoothes flyaway hair, so gone is that static, which I definitely have a problem with, if I blow-dry my own hair.  Again, this cream is argan oil-infused, so it helps to add that shine and another ingredient worthy of a mention is Behentrimonium Chloride which is described as 
being an anti-static and conditioning agent.  
Moroccanoil Dreaming of Hydration Gift Set
To use this product, you can either use it on its own, or if you have thick hair, you can combine it with the Moroccanoil Treatment - it should be applied to damp hair and having use it a few times, my advice is a little goes a long long way.

Finally we have the Morroconoil Treatment Original 25ml - This is the product I am sure everyone has heard of, come across and used. It is this treatment which created quite the buzz when it was first released and I remember everyone using it, raving about and just loving it. It has been a while since i've used the Moroccanoil Treatment, but my hair definitely needs it and it is probably the product most people have used or heard of when it comes to the brand. 
Moroccanoil Dreaming of Hydration Gift Set
For centuries, women across the Mediterranean, where Argan trees grow, have used argan oil in their beauty regimen for vibrant, healthy-looking skin and hair. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which help to hydrate and soften your hair, skin, body and nails. For the hair, it helps to increase elasticity and helps to restore shine to hair that is dull and lifeless (like mine right now)

This treatment is infused with antioxidant-rich argan oil and shine-boosting vitamins,which not only helps with detangling the hair but also helps to speed up drying time and boosts shine. To use, it is really easy. Simply apply Moroccanoil® Treatment to clean, towel-dried hair, from mid-length to the ends and then either Blow-dry or let dry naturally. You can also add this treatment on to dry hair to help tame flyaways, condition split ends and smooth hair.

This really is a great gift set and each product is also available separately too, so you could make up your very own hair care gift set for someone.  This particular set is priced at £44* and is available from Harrods.

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Monday, 21 December 2020

Christmas Gifting with Burt's Bees

Once again this year, Burt's Bees have an incredible range of Christmas products for 2020 and today I am sharing some of them with you from stocking fillers and medium gifts sets which promise to keep you looking and feeling amazing from head to toe.
First are the Burt's Moisture Duo of which I have three different ones to share. Each one of the sets contain best known and time-tested classics from Burt's Bees.  They each retail for just £6.99 and make a really lovely stocking filler.
Each one contains everything you need for naturally beautiful hands and lips, nourish skin and the trio of options include:
  • Beeswax Lip Balm with Vitamin E and Peppermint which is accompanied by a Mini Hand Salve. 
  • Pomegranate Lip Balm with Mini Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream
  • Honey Lip Balm with Mini Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream
I really like the three different options and I am a huge fan of the lip balms, which are just incredible to use, if you have never tried a Lip Balm from Burt's Bees, then grab one! They are infused with Beeswax, a natural skin conditioner and Vitamin E to moisturise, nourish, protect and just give your lips some love. I believe everyone should have a tin of the Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream in their bags, on their desks, bedside table and so on. It has been specially formulated to moisturise and soften dry cuticles. Infused with sweet almond oil and cocoa seed butter as well as vitamin E and sunflower oil all of which help to nourish nails. It also has a wonderful fresh lemon scent. The same can be said of the Hand Salve as with the Cuticle Butter, this Salve is Burt's Bees' most intensive hand treatment, this formula is packed with botanical oils, herbs and beeswax to moisturise and give some TLC to those hard-working, rough, dry hands.

Next I have the Kissable Colour Gift Set (£9.99) and it one of my favourite gift sets within this collection because I am a huge fan of the product.
Christmas with Burt's Bees
Featuring three easy to wear shades of the best-selling 100% natural Lip Shimmers, each one is enriched with Shea Butter and antioxidant-rich fruit oils to moisturise and soften lips. The three shades are:
  • Watermelon - A beautiful Mauve shade
  • Peony - A light hint of pink
  • Rhubarb - Pinkish red shade
Each one has a hint of Peppermint, so when applied to the lips, there is a very slight tingle, but they are all so moisturising and nourishing and perfect to be worn on their own or with lipstick - especially a matte lip!

The next gift is called Beeswax Bounty (£11.99) and a brilliant name if ever there was one for a Burt's Bees gift set. 
Christmas with Burt's Bees
Perfect for the lip balm fiend, like me.  Inside there are 4 different lip balms which include:
  • Beeswax Lip Balm with Vitamin E and Peppermint
  • Coconut and Pear Lip Balm
  • Honey Lip Balm
  • Pomegranate Lip Balm
Each one of these balms is 100% natural and they are infused with natural butters and oils which help to hydrates the lips, leaving them soft and smooth to the touch.

The Hemp Hand and Lip Kit (£12.99) is the perfect gift for those who need to moisturise and care for their hands just as much as their lips.  This has been one of my favourite Burt's Bees hand creams to date.
Christmas Gifting with Burt's Bees
Featuring a moisturising Lip Balm which is made with hemp seed oil that is rich in vitamin E and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to renew, moisturise and nourish the lips. Working with the Lip Balm is the hand cream and it too is formulated with hemp seed oil, which as it is rich in vitamin E and those essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, it not only works to keep dry skin moisturised all day, but it does so without being greasy.

The final gift set to share with you is the Burt's Naturally Nourishing Treat Box (£16.99) and this is definitely the gift for fans of the brand, someone who wants to get to know the brand or just because.  
Christmas Gifting with Burt's Bees
The kit contains 6 moisturising products that can be used at home, on the go and for travel and they include:
  • Beeswax Lip Balm with Vitamin E & PeppermintInfused with Beeswax, a natural skin conditioner and Vitamin E to moisturise with an added touch of Peppermint with a delightful tingle.
  • Mini hand Salve - an intensive hand treatment for those hard-working, rough, dry hands.
  • Mini Soap Bark & Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream - provides a great cleanse of the skin to remove of dirt, excess oil and makeup while Chamomile and Aloe gently soften skin and a hint of Menthol cools and soothes to leave you feeling fully refreshed.
  • Res-Q Ointment - A wonderful salve which comforts and soothes skin with a blend of herbal ingredients
  • Mini Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream - helps to moisturise and soften cuticles with Sweet Almond Oil and Cocoa Seed Butter.
  • Mini Coconut Foot Cream - just the tonic to revive and rejuvenate dry feet. Enriched with a softening blend of Coconut Oil and nourishing botanicals, this cream will help prevent and protect dry, cracked and rough skin while daily providing a refreshing dose of Peppermint to tired, hard-working feet.
So everything you need from some head to toe pampering from Burt's Bees this Christmas and not only is everything moisturising and nourishing, it is all formulated without parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, SLS or synthetic fragrances

The Story of Burt's Bees

If you haven't heard the story about Burt and this brand it is really one which warms your heart, even though sadly Burt did pass away just a few years ago. It began in Maine about 30 years ago. Burt the Beekeeper was happily selling honey from the back of his truck. But fate had other ideas for the bearded hero when he met Roxanne Quimby. Burt and Roxanne hit it off and before long she was making candles with unused wax from Burt’s beehives. From those original candles to the iconic Beeswax Lip Balm, to over 180 products — Burt’s Bees has been guided by a single principle: Nature has the best answers. 

At Burt’s Bees when they say ‘natural’ they mean natural. On average, Burt’s Bees products are 99% natural with over half of the products 100% natural. Burt’s Bees believes you’re at your most beautiful when what you put on your body is from Nature — after all, what goes on to your body goes into your body. Burt’s Bees formulations support your skin with the nutrients it needs – and none of the chemicals it doesn’t. 

Burt’s Bees products help you put your best foot, lips, skin, hair and sense of well-being forward. Every day. Available in: Lip Care and Lip Colour, Facial Skincare, Hand and Body Care, Baby Bee and many more! Over the years Burt’s Bees brand has become one of the world’s leading natural personal care brands. Burt couldn’t be more proud. None of the products from this range are tested on animals and nor do they contain petrochemicals, phthalates, parabens or sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).

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Sunday, 20 December 2020

Christmas Gifting with Ted Baker

Christmas gifting with Ted Baker and their beauty collection is amazingly good, particularly this year when I am sure there is much more on offer than we have had in previous years.  Today, I am sharing with you three products, which if you go along to Boots, you can grab on an incredibly 3 for 2 offer!  So they are perfect for those last minute gifts you forgot you needed to go and purchase.
Christmas Gifting with Ted Baker
The three items I am sharing with you within this post, have been kindly sent to me. They are the Ted Baker Opulent Radiance Travel Mirror, the Ted Baker Pretty Little Bloom Opulent Crush Body Spray Gift Set and the Ted Baker Pretty Harmony Collection.

Starting with the Ted Baker Opulent Radiance Travel Mirror, which costs just £12.50 here*, and it is just absolutely beautiful.
Christmas Gifting with Ted Baker
Christmas Gifting with Ted Baker
With it's Sapphire blue outer casing, made from a strong, durable plastic, the detailing is quite something on the outside of the mirror. In the middle of the casing is a letter T, which stands for Ted and it clicks open to reveal the mirror.  Once opened, the mirror separates into three different panes of glass, the main one in the middle with two smaller ones to either side and when it is stood it, I was surprised at just how sturdy it is.  A much welcome edition to my travel bag, hotel mirrors are just not good enough along with the light, but the option to have this mirror with me is so useful.

Aside from handbags and purses, for me, Ted Baker is a brand I think of when it comes to perfume, fragrance and giftsets such as the next two I am sharing. Firstly we have the Ted Baker Pretty Little Bloom Opulent Crush Body Spray Gift Set.
Christmas Gifting with Ted Baker
At just £4, this Body Spray* comes packaged as though it is ready to hang on your tree and I absolutely love the grey and pink floral packaging. The Opulent Crush Body Spray which is 50 ml, makes a great stocking filler.   The Pretty Harmony Collection, which is made up of four products, one of which is the body spray, also includes a Body Wash, Body Souffle and a Bubble Bath.

With notes of white patchouli, raspberry and pear, this spray and the Pretty Harmony Collection is quite sweet but it settles to become quite a nice fruity floral scent.

For a Christmas collection, I am really impressed and there is a lot more to offer besides these three I am sharing with you.

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Friday, 18 December 2020

Pestle & Mortar Erase & Renew Gift Set

Pestle & Mortar is a brand I have a fairly limited knowledge about, though I am thankful I have quite a few products to test and try out over the next few weeks to share with you. Today is the turn of the Erase and Renew The Double Cleansing System and it is quite the set!. Combining two products to complete the favourite part of my skincare routine - a make-up removing balm plus a radiance-reviving gel cleanser and to complete the collection is a very luxurious cotton face cloth. Using the products together, Pestle & Mortar say that the regime allows you to achieve clear, clarified skin with improved tone and texture.
Dressed for Christmas, this kit, is presented in a chic and stylish cylindrical gift box and is currently on sale, here for just £45, worth over £50. Perfect for anyone who loves their skincare, wants to change up their routine, needs a double cleansing routine or happens to just love the brand.
Pestle & Mortar Erase & Renew Gift Set
The first step of cleansing with this kit, is to use the Erase Cleansing Balm (50ml). I am a huge fan of balm cleansers, so this ticks a whole lot of boxes for me.  The balm is, a really lightweight, non-greasy formula which comes with the promise to purify and refresh skin without over-drying. 

The balm is infused with Pumpkin Enzymes, Meadowfoam, Prickly Pear Seed and Grape Seed Oils which work together to remove even the most stubborn eye make-up, think that well-known mascara which is an absolute so and so to remove, well it stands no chance with this, these ingredients also nourish and protect against free radical damage.   What I love about balm cleansers is that for me, they don't leave my skin feeling stipped of everything, I have lovely soft and smooth skin to the touch after using and at this point I haven't even used the second product.

The second part of the cleanse with the Renew Gel Cleanser (50ml) is just a delight to use. It is designed to tone, tighten pores and leave the skin hydrated and illuminated without that tight skin feeling. Using a formula that uses Papaya and Mango Enzymes to eliminate dirt and impurities, whilst at the same time helping to tighten visible pores and minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Also included is a dose of Meadowfoam Seed Oil which works to decongest and clarify to leave your skin feeling incredibly smooth, hydrated and illuminated with improved tone and texture.

The final item which is included within this gift set is a Face Cloth. I am a big fan of brands who include their own face cloth with products, each and every one I have used has been different, but works really well with that particular brand. This one has been crafted from pure cotton and it is at dual-purpose cloth which features a muslin side to aid a gentle exfoliation and the buffering away of dead, dull skin without being too harsh on the skin, then on the second side is is a much softer and smooth surface and its job is to polish and perfect to leave skin with a radiant glow.

This is one incredible gift set and it is one I have enjoyed using since it arrived, you can find it on sale here with Pestle & Mortar or here* with Lookfantastic.

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Christmas Gifting with Pixi Beauty

From Pixi Beauty, a brand you will have all seen on my blog on quite a few occasions, is two gift sets which would make amazing gifts for a loved one this Christmas. Alongside the two I am sharing, you will find so much more on offer and now is the perfect time for grabbing some of the much loved Pixi Glow Tonic, especially if you have heard people, including myself rave about it, but still haven't tried it for yourself.
Christmas Gifting with Pixi Beauty
The first gift set I am sharing is called Let's Glow Gift Set (£20 here) and it is described as being an incredible collection of travel-friendly Skintreats, which is a must for any fan!
Christmas Gifting with Pixi Beauty
At just £20, this would make a great introduction to Pixi as a brand, not only do the contents come packaged inside a handy but cute clear travel pouch, making it ideal for travel or for just having in your handbag with some essentials in, there are is also four of Pixi's best-selling essentials.

  • Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser 15ml: A deep pore cleansing mud, enriched with 5% Glycolic and soothing botanicals. Formulated to provide effective cleansing, yet is mild enough for all skin.  Can be used AM and PM.
  • Pixi Glow Tonic 40ml: This Iconic Pixi Beauty Product is formulated with 5% Glycolic Acid. Exfoliates, brightens and smooths skin.
  • Pixi Glow Mud Mask 15ml: Stimulate, clarify and brighten skin with this revitalising mask. The mineral-rich treatment absorbs oil, draws out impurities. Designed to be used in the evening.
  • Pixi Glow Tonic Cleansing Cloths : Take off makeup quickly & conveniently with these on-the-go cleansing cloths that gently remove even waterproof formulas in one easy step. There are 10 cloths in the pack.
This is such a cute gift set it is hard not to love it, there is a chance to try everything Pixi does best and a whole lot more.

The second gift set from Pixi Beauty is called the SkinTreats Multi-Toning Gift Set and again priced at just £20 here, it is an absolute steal. If you know anything about Pixi and their skincare range, then the one product that you will have come across, tried or even heard about is the infamous Glow Tonic.  Glow Tonic was the very first product I tried from the range and moving forward a fair few years, the Glow Tonic range has expanded to a whole plethora of products and with it, more tonics and even bigger product collections.
Christmas Gifting with Pixi Beauty
This Multi-Toning Gift Set shows off the best of the best when it comes to Pixi Tonics and inside the box there is three of the seven tonics from the Pixi Collection and because each one is a 40ml, there is more than enough product to try thoroughly before deciding which one works best for you and your skin.


  • The first product is the Milky Tonic and it contains Jojoba Milk to help rehydrate and nourish the skin. 
  • The second is the much loved and iconic Glow Tonic which, if you didn't know contains Glycolic Acid to enhance the glow of your complexion
  • The Third is the Retinol Tonic which contains Retinol and its job is to renew and smooth.
Together, these two gift sets are just delightful and again, if you have a friend, family members, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or someone else who loves their skincare or needs a nudge to try something new, these two offerings would give you just that and they are so well priced and packaged, they look divine.

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Thursday, 17 December 2020

Christmas Gifting with Alpha-H

A have a huge amount of love for the brand that is Alpha-H and whilst I am trying out their brand new Liquid Gold Midnight Reboot Serum, I have some Christmas Gift Sets to share with you. Alpha-H, if you are not aware of them, are a brand which has a great story to tell, one from the personal perspective of Michelle Doherty (who sadly passed away), the incredible lady who evolved this brand into what has become today and one which is quite the phenomenon.
Christmas Gifting with Alpha-H
No gift from Alpha-H would be right if it didn't include Glow Tonic, for Alpha-H it is where it all began, got noticed, took off, became a bit famous and is possibly the one product everyone will think of or have heard of.  I have featured Liquid Gold in its many forms on my blog quite a few times now.

The Liquid Gold Ornament (£18 here*) features a 30ml bottle of Liquid Gold. This product, which is described as being a powerful night-time resurfacing treatment, works to tighten and revitalise tired, ageing skin as well as helping to radically improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, open pores and acne-prone skin conditions. 
Christmas Gifting with Alpha-H
It is packed full of amazing ingredients such as Liquorice which helps combat acne and hyperpigmentation and Glycolic Acid (derived from sugar cane) to jump-start the skin's metabolism - refining its texture by dissolving the bonds that hold dead skin cells together, so they're sloughed away.

The second kit, which is just incredibly cute, is called Let it Glow (£29 here*) and it contains three amazing products, which for an Alpha-Holic are absolute must have back ups of and for anyone who is curious about Alpha-H, this is an amazing place to start.
Christmas Gifting with Alpha-H
Firstly we have a 50ml bottle of Liquid Gold, same as the one mentioned above, just a slight bigger bottle.  The second product is a 30ml bottle of the Balancing cleanser which is a product I loved from the very first use and one which has featured on this blog ALOT. The cleanser works as a 3-in-1 treatment - a makeup remover, cleanser and toner. It is enriched with ingredients such as Aloe Vera to condition and soothe the skin alongside Vitamin E to hydrate and neutralise free radicals. I absolutely love how my skin feels, instead of being dry or taut it is instead cleansed and smooth so I don't feel the need to smother my skin in as much moisturiser as possible. The final product within this trio is a 30ml Daily Essential Moisturiser. This cream has an SPF 50+ and is a broad spectrum, sweat-resistant, water-resistant cream. Enriched with antioxidant Vitamin E, calming Aloe Vera and pure Cera Alba (extracted from Honeycomb) which come together to help to lock in moisture and support the skin’s lipid barrier for longer lasting hydration.

So there we have two amazing products for Christmas and they are perfect for those who know about the brand that is Alpha-H or for someone who just wants to get to know them and see what all the hype is about!

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Christmas Gifting with Ark Skincare 2020

Christmas with Ark Skincare for 2020, is one which comes with a whole host of gift sets, in a range of budgets and which feature some amazing products.  Whether you are a fan of the brand, new to the brand, curious about them because you have read many amazing reviews, this is the best time to grab something and try it.
Christmas Gifting with Ark Skincare 2020
If you didn't know, ARK Skincare formulations are split into three age intelligent families within the range; the first is age protect which is for teens & 20s; then we have age defend which is for those in their 30s & 40s and finally we have age defy which is for those who are over 50. These ranges are supported by skin perfectors which are highly effective treatment products to target any specific skin concerns, and skin essentials which are chosen according to lifestyle. The unique combination of products for age, concern and lifestyle creates a bespoke programme for each customer.  So choosing a gift for yourself or someone else, from Ark is a little easier than with most brands.

I was kindly gifted two of the stocking filler products, which at £15 each (worth £25) they are a great introduction, they come beautifully packaged and it is like a try before you buy, by that I mean a full sized version of the product.

The first giftset comes from the Skin Essential range and with this mini duo you get a 50ml Hydrating Beauty Mist and a 50ml Pre Cleanse & Make-Up Remover - two products I happen to absolutely love!  The ARK Skin Essentials range contains the daily essentials designed to support your Age Intelligent skincare regime.
Christmas Gifting with Ark Skincare 2020
The Pre-cleanse Makeup Remover is the first step of your double-cleanse and its job is to dissolve away every last trace of make-up, daily grime and any excess sebum. It uses ingredients such as Avocado, Grape Seed and Kiwi Oils which not only nourish the skin, but are also rich in Omegas 3,6,9. Then there is the inclusion of Margosa Leaf extract and Zi Cao, which alongside the Ayurvedic herb soothe sensitivity and offers antibacterial properties. Plus we also have Vitamin E which acts as an antioxidant and anti inflammatory.

The Hydrating Beauty Mist has been on my work from home, work station for months now and has been my go too when ive been sat working away at the laptop and need a quick refresher. It uses ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid which hydrates the skin, helping to relieve dryness and allows increased flexibility. Then we have Wild Water Mint, Aloe Vera and Allantion which come together to soothe and calm skin, before Goji and Blue Lotus provide high levels of nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants to detoxify and offer anti-inflammatory benefits.

This is an incredible duo of products and if I was to recommend any of the products to a friend of relative, these are the two that I would start with.

The second stocking filler gift is part of the Age Defend Collection, which is a perfect stocking filler for those in their 30's & 40's and it again contains two mini products. Those two products are Age Defend Conditioning Cleanser 30ml and the Age Defend Replenishing Moisturiser 30ml
Christmas Gifting with Ark Skincare 2020
The aim of the Age Defend collection is to boost the skin's collagen production and minimises redness for a calm, supple complexion. With the Conditioning Cleanser, it is not only a ultra-nourishing cleanser, but it is one which helps with skin’s natural exfoliation giving that clear, radiant complexion. It also does a really effective job at removing make-up and excess sebum to leave your skin feeling clean, plump and supple. It uses ingredients such as Moringa Oil which removes impurities and gently exfoliates. Then as well as the inclusion of Omegas 6 & 9 to protect against moisture loss, we have Kiwi and Passion Fruit Lipids which quench the skin, and Passion Fruit which also helps reduce sensitivity and redness.

The second product, which is the Replenishing Moisturiser. This cream is packed with natural moisturising agents such as Shea Butter and Olive Oil, but it also contains clinically proven wrinkle plumping peptides, including CoEnzyme Q10 and Matrixyl, so not only does it smooth the skin, it also plumps and tones, and diminishes signs of premature ageing. Then we have the inclusion of Passionfruit seed oil which is rich in fatty acids with anti inflammatory properties so it helps to alleviate signs of stress. Then comes Blue Lotus which provides antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties to soothe sensitive or irritated skin, before Persian Silk Tree extract works to reduce the signs of fatigue, minimising dark circles and under eye bags.

These are just two of the many offerings from Ark Skincare for Christmas, which you can see here, and what I love is that there is not only something for every budget, but there are also gift sets with beauty tools, candles, oils, lotions and a collaboration with Spacemasks, which I think is really exciting!

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Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Christmas Gifting with Ren Clean Skincare

Bold, bright and beautiful is how Ren Clean Skincare are describing their Christmas. This year they have collaborated with German illustrator Lisa Tegtmeier for a 'dynamic Christmas Clean to Planet gifting collection'.  Each gift set is described as being confident, colourful and with a courageous design that celebrates our planet, each one if gifted inside a sustainable box which is so beautiful you will not want to throw it away.
Christmas Gifting with Ren Clean Skincare
I was kindly sent two of the products from the Ren Christmas Gift Sets* and there are six on offer in total. So whether you are, like me, a massive fan of REN, want to discover more about the brand or simply want to stock u on your favourites, there is something to celebrate each of the best the brand has to offer.

The first product I am sharing is one of my 'must-have' items from REN, it is something I am never without on my bedside table and possibly, one of my most repurchased items.  The Evercalm Overnight Recovery Balm (£50), which featured in my Ren Skincare Heroes post back at the beginning of the year.
Christmas Gifting with Ren Clean Skincare
Christmas Gifting with Ren Clean Skincare
This Balm is literally perfect for anyone and everyone who feels their skin is in need of some TLC. Whether your skin dry, irritated and is in need of some calming, this balm is a miracle working. This balm is really rich and is said to feed your skin with lipids from Olive, Almond, Borage and Linseed oils, all of which have been activated so they are easily absorbed into the skin. Coming together they all work to intensely nourish and moisturise your skin whilst you sleep. Within this balm, you will also find both Jojoba and sunflower oil which support the skin's natural lipid balance which in turn helps to strengthen the skin protective barrier. Then we have an ingredient called Beta-glucan which soothes and alleviates signs of irritation from dryness.

Priced at £50 here*, every jar sold, REN will donate £1 to Planet Patrol to help keep our oceans and waterways cleaner worldwide.

The second gift set within my collection is the Body Bliss Rose Duo and if ever there was a duo to try from REN, especially if you love the scent of Moroccan Rose, then this is the one you need.  I absolutely adore the scent of rose and both of these products are just stunning, featuring one of the world's most expensive essential oils, rose otto oil is known for its ability to soothe and calm, leaving skin soft and cleansed, and the mind de-stressed.
Christmas Gifting with Ren Clean Skincare
Christmas Gifting with Ren Clean Skincare
The duo included within this set is the Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash and in the same scent, the body lotion. Infused with the most wonderful aromatherapeutic Rose Otto Oil, plus a blend of Palmarosa and Geranium Oils, not only is the scent uplifting, it leaves your skin delicately scented, smooth and feeling moisturised. Using the two together intensifies that incredible scent on the skin whilst the fragrance from the body wash, lingers throughout the house too.

Worth £50, but on sale here* for just £40, again for all sets sold, REN will donate £1 to Planet Patrol to help keep our oceans and waterways cleaner worldwide.

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Monday, 14 December 2020

Christmas Gifting with Living Proof

I am a huge fan of Living Proof haircare, particularly the Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo and have featured them many times on my blog.  Today I am sharing the Living Proof Volume, in an instant kit which would make an amazing gift.
Christmas Gifting with Living Proof
Christmas Gifting with Living Proof
Living Proof as a brand, has been developed by world-class biotech scientists and beauty experts, who have taken it upon themselves to solve the root causes of everyone’s top hair concerns - be it frizz, damage, and fullness to name just a few. With their team of stylists and scientists, who analysed 100's of competitive products that have been on the market the last 30 years, what they found was that the traditional beauty industry relies on heavy silicones that mask hair symptoms but don’t really solve them. So, choosing to approach haircare and the concerns it brings with them from the perspectives of pharmaceutical, medical and biotech's, who have continued to work with some of the world’s greatest stylists and industry veterans to create some amazing hair care.

This particular hair care kit, Volume, in an instant, brings together two of the brands Full Dry Volume in 95ml and 238ml cans.  Described as being a weightless styling spray that adds body and bounce without crunchiness or stiffness and it uses molecule etas which are incredibly lightweight. 
When hair falls flat, you feel flat – which is why the brains and beauty experts behind Living Proof’s bestselling Full Shampoo strove tirelessly to develop new and innovative technology, to create body and volume that lasts! Enter: the Full Dry Volume Blast, a wonderful spray supercharged with the brand's Volume and Texturizing Molecule (ETAS).
The etas which is referred to as being the volumising and texturising molecule that Living Proof have discovered, is a better way to create volume and texture on hair without heavy powders weighing hair down. It is almost as light as air and provides instant, weightless volume and texture that lasts, transforms fine, flat hair into voluminous styles and most interestingly it works on dry hair for results anywhere, anytime.

For me, I have fine hair but also hair which is dry at the ends and greasy at the roots, so I have to be careful about product build-up because it can irritate my scalp and equally, I am not a fan of crunchy hair brought about by many other styling products on the market. So for me, this is the best there has ever been to give that volume and oompf, without the tangles and the white powdery mess.

This kit, which is available on Cult Beauty, is priced at £30 which is an absolute bargain and alongside this particular kit, there is also a few others on offer too.  So if you need to switch up your hair care and your hair styling, Living Proof will tick a lot of boxes for you.

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Christmas Gifting with Tropic Skincare

Christmas with Tropic Skincare is always a wonderfully colourful affair and 2020 does not disappoint! I was lucky enough to be send a range of items from their Christmas Gifting options to share on my blog and whilst I have opened up most of them and used the products, they are fabulous gift options, not forgetting they are also vegan and cruelty-free!
Christmas with Tropic Skincare
This year's gift collections are a nod to the brands humble origins – Founder, Susie Ma, and her market days. Each product is designed to bring you or your loved ones little moments of joy.
Whether a collection reminds you of your favourite hot drink from your local cafĂ© or it helps you to drift off into a more fulfilling night’s sleep, each one has been lovingly made to celebrate the little things that we no longer take for granted. If you want to show your appreciation for those you wish you could hold a little tighter this festive season, those whose love wraps warmth around your heart, however near or far, then you've come to the right place. Send a little love this year. Do a little thing.
I was kindly sent a cracker, a drum and a bauble, within which is a collection of products Tropic have chosen to be part of their Christmas set.

The first item I want to share is the Tropic Skincare Little Cracker of Joy - The Butterbalm Collection (£24) which comes packaged inside a beautifully bright and colourful cracker.
Christmas with Tropic Skincare
One of the best things about winter is all of the limited-edition coffee and hot chocolate options that appear on the menu, definitely the case for me anyway! Taking that into account, Tropic Skincare has a trio of indulgent butterbalms in Hazelnut Mocha, Almond Matcha Latte and Coconut Hot Chocolate. Having been decanted straight into their very own joy jars for a fresh-as-they-come treat, as soon as you remove the lid, the intense scent hits you and it is absolutely divine. You can apply the Butterbal,s to your lips, or any areas that need some extra tending to, such as your nails, elbows, knees and dry cuticles.

The next gift is the Joy Drum and I have the Unwind Me Collection (£28) .  I am sure we can all do with an excuse to take time out, relax and unwind and everything you see within this drum, is just that.
Christmas with Tropic Skincare
Featuring a selection of lavender-infused products, they have been chosen because they not only give you that excuse to press the mute button on a busy mind so you can get a restful night’s sleep without any tossing and turning, but also because they give you some me time for a pamper session. Inside there is three products which are - So Sleepy Bath Foam which I absolutely adore, it smells incredibly relaxing and really helps you to unwind, So Sleepy Whipped Body Velvet which is the perfect post-bath treat because it just melts into the skin leaving behind this most amazing scent and then we have the Temple Roll-On, a product which is ideal to be added to those pulse points before bed.

The final package I have to share with you is the Your Best Skin Bauble (£28) and this is perfect for any skincare fan because it really shows some of the best Tropic Skincare has to offer. Available in three different options - Clear, Glow and Nourish.
Christmas with Tropic Skincare
I have the Nourish COllection which is made up of 4 products plus a Bamboo Face Cloth, which is one of the best I have ever used! The Nourish Collection is designed for skin that’s fatigued and flagging, with the team over at Tropic selecting a bundle of products to give it a healthy boost. 

Inside the Bauble, as well as that Bamboo Cloth is the Smoothing Cleanser, an oilp-based cleanser which does an amazing job at melting away everything in its way - makeup, pollution and bacteria to name just a few. It uses jojoba oil that has similar properties to your skin’s own sebum, then we have green tea extract to fight free radicals, and finally aloe vera juice that provides a rush of moisture, it leaves the complexion soft and springy.

Then we have Rainforest Dew, a serum which floods the skin with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, then with the inclusion of Elixir which is packed with omega-rich ingredients that nourish and hydrate the skin, along with vitamin E to stimulate collagen. Then Finally with Skin Dream, is described as being "mission to seal up any cracks in your skin’s barrier function (which happens naturally with age)". It uses shea nilotica and murumuru butters to give a melt-into-skin formula which is non-greasy or tacky. also included are the likes of olive squalane and oat oils for nourishment. 

This year, I think Tropic Skincare have done an amazing job at putting together a collection of gifts which contain everything you could need for a bit of me time or a pamper session and without pricing them at the high end of the scale, making them affordable and amazing value for money.  

Alongside the three gifts I have shared within this post, there is a whole lot more to choose from and you can find them all right here.

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Sunday, 13 December 2020

Stocking Filler Gift Guide 2020 - Tools and Accessories

Christmas time is always a good time to stock up on those tools and accessories that you need, whether it is a new pair of tweezers or a hair brush, there is destined to be a gift set which ticks every box you need. For today's Stocking Filler Gift Guide, I am continuing my series, which has so far has featured Skincare with Bathroom and Makeup still to come, but right now it is the turn of  Tools and Accessories.
Stocking Filler Gift Guide 2020 - Tools and Accessories
One of the best discoveries I have ever come across is the Stylpro, a gadget which can make the life of every Makeup Artist, Beauty Blogger and Make up Lover much more fun and less of a chore. The StylPro Glitter Gift Set is the perfect gift to give.
Stocking Filler Gift Guide 2020 - Tools and Accessories
The Glitter Gift Set contains everything you need to ensure your makeup brushes as clean and dry and inside you will find:
  • Glitter STYLPRO device
  • 2 x Glossy Black STYLPRO Makeup Brushes
  • Recyclable STYLPRO bowl
  • 8 x Flexible silicone collars 
  • 150ml STYLPRO Makeup brush cleanser
Described as being a washer/dryer for your brushes, everything you need in one package to keep your brushes clean and dry and instead of taking hours to complete a task, it now takes minutes and if I dare say, gives much better results than you would ever get washing each brush by hand. In stock at Just My Look for just £39.95 here.

I have featured the Manta Hairbrush on my blog here, but I still firmly believe everyone needs to read the story of how it came to be the product it is and why it was created.
Stocking Filler Gift Guide 2020 - Tools and Accessories
Today, I am sharing the Manta Hairbrush with Mirror (£28.50).  This product, which has won many awards, now features a mirror on the easy to grip handle which makes it perfect  for on-the-go beauty touch-ups. The Manta hairbrush is ultra-gentle fso there is minimum hair breakage when you use it.  Suitable for all hair types including fine, fragile, thick, curls, coils, children, men, and hair extension wearers, it is heat resistant up to 80°C and because of the patented Flexguard engineering which enables each bristle to have complete 360 degree motion, this helps the brush and its bristles to gently loosen knots and keep the process snag-free. On sale with Manta here.

Want to be SmoothAF this Christmas or know someone who does, I have a brilliant selection of products, from the no mo-stache collection, all of which can be combined to create an amazing travel kit and they come packaged inside their very own pouch or can be purchased separately.
Stocking Filler Gift Guide 2020 - Tools and Accessories
I have three products from the collection - The no mo-bush, the no mo-unibrow and finally the no mo-stache.  
  • The no mo-unibrow is a pink mini tin, exceptionally cute and inside you will find 20 hypoallergenic waxing strips for your brows, a pair of tweezers and a sachet of Post-Wax Aloe Cream to soothe any redness and calm irritation. 
  • The no mo-stache facial razor is a great tool for those who’re eager to eliminate their peach fuzz. The award winning No Mo-Stache’s Facial Razor glides through facial fluff and helps to tidy brows or neaten whiskers. 
  • Keeping with the kits comes the no mo-stache facial hair waxing kit. Again packaged inside a tin, it contains 24 hypoallergenic waxing strips and the post-wax aloe Vera cream
  • Finally we have the no mo-bush bikini wax kit. This kit, which is packaged in a large tin, features 16 hypoallergenic waxing strips and two sachets of Aloe Vera cream to again soothe any redness and calm irritation
These kits are readily available via Cult Beauty* and prices start at just £6.50.

As a member of BeautyPie, I am quite a fan of a few of their products and have written a few posts on whether or not I feel the membership is worth its money.  The latest addition to my hair care collection and a product I am a huge fan of are the Silk Hair Scrunchies.
Stocking Filler Gift Guide 2020 - Tools and Accessories
Described as being a specially selected, super strong elastic interior and made from a 100% pure silk exterior, these silk hair ties are beautifully crafted to glide against hair, eliminating the static and frizz and at the same time cutting down on the number of split ends. BeautyPie has them listed as being priced at £35 but as a member, I managed to get them for just £14.95, which for 6 is amazing value for money and so far, they have lived up to their promises.

From the Bodyshop, I bought the Facemask Brush (£8 here*) in store towards the beginning of lockdown when I went to stock up (panic buy) the Ginger Shampoo and Conditioner, which we both just love.
Stocking Filler Gift Guide 2020 - Tools and Accessories
I am a huge fan of facemasks, in whichever form they come, but with something that needs applying by hand, rather than just a sheet, I have long since stopped using my fingers and in absence of my spatula (needs replacing) I decided to use a brush and this is the one. Featuring long tapered bristles to ensure an even application over the whole face, the tip is slanted to allow the application of the mask to reach all the corners and niches of the face, evenly and without it becoming an arduous task.

Would any Tools and Accessories Gift Guide be complete without the inclusion of a pair of tweezers from Tweerzerman?  This year, Tweezerman celebrated their 40th Birthday and their beauty tools include now include a huge array of products such as manicure/pedicure tools, mirrors, various brow tools, lash curlers, men’s shaving tools and, of course,the famous Tweezerman Slant Tweezer.
Stocking Filler Gift Guide 2020 - Tools and Accessories
Still the best tweezers I have ever used, ones which never go blunt, always remain in shape and are as sharp years and years later. Within this gift collection I have a Tweezerman cracker which features a pair of Aztec Eye tweezers. Widely available from many retails, including Boots, a pair of tweezers like these cost from £12 upwards.

I s any tools and accessories guide complete without the inclusion of a Razor? From Gillette, I have the Venus Extra Smooth Sensitive Rose Gold Metal Handle Razor (£12.99 here*), which is one of the best I have used from the brand! Quite the statement considering I have used so many different offerings over the years.
Stocking Filler Gift Guide 2020 - Tools and Accessories
Described as featuring the SkinElixir lubrastrip which activates when wet, providing your sensitive skin with a perfect dose of protection from nicks, cuts and irritation while shaving. The Razor, which is made of solid metal, is curved to fit snuggly into the palm of your hand and with 5 diamond like coated blades, it does the task in hand effortlessly.

So here are just a few last-minute ideas to fill those stockings and complete your Christmas Shopping! As far as I am concerned, if you don't have the tools for doing the right jobs, there isn't much point even doing the jobs in the first place!

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