Monday 25 July 2022

Aldi Lacura Microblade Effect Pen

The Aldi Lacura Microblade Effect Pen is oddly not the product I’ve seen people raving about, yet I have absolutely loved using it. I have already shared the Translucent Powder Dupe, some of Aldi’s newest fragrance launches and of course that version of the Bobbi Brown Primer.
Aldi Lacura Microblade Effect Pen
As you can see, the inspiration has very much come from the Benefit Cosmetics Brow Microfilling Brow Pen, though ALDI is not the only brand to have been inspired - think Ciate, Lottie London and of course Revolution too.

The packaging might look similar to Benefit Cosmetics, though it is a much lighter shade of pink for the box with grey rather than silver. The biggest difference, as always is the price. From Aldi, the price is just £2.99, from Benefit you will be spending £20 more!
Aldi Lacura Microblade Effect Pen
The Aldi Lacura Microblade Effect Pen is available in four shades and I have the shade medium brown which I can get to work with my own brows. Described as being waterproof and smudge proof, once applied it is said to give you the micro bladed effect which lasts for 24 hours - personally I never wear makeup for that long, so how true that claim is I don’t know. 

With its clever micro tip, the pen is designed to help create ultra fine brows with ease lending the look of pro micro blading. The liquid brow-liner pen is made with a slanted, three-pronged tip which helps to mimic hair-like strokes and redefine the shape of your arches, or if you have gaps, the fill them in to create that fuller brow. As with other brands, you can also flip the pen on to its side to elongate the tail of your brow!

It did take me a good few goes to get to grips with using this pen, the first attempt I might have well have just used a sharpie pen, come the third and fourth attempt, much better!  
Aldi Lacura Microblade Effect Pen
Aldi Lacura Microblade Effect Pen
As you can see from the swatches, the lines are really fine when drawn and the harder your press, the deeper the brown colouring gets and once I have finished with my spoolie you comb through, my brows look less-over-tweezed-as-a-teen to something a little more respectable.

For me, this is one to look out this coming week in your local Aldi Store and that glorious middle eye - especially because it is just £2.99!

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