Monday 18 July 2022

Aldi Lacura Flawless Veil Translucent Powder - Laura Mercier Dupe?

You might have noticed that Aldi Lacura has released an impressive amount of products in recent weeks - the Flawless Coverage CC Cream and Vitabase Moisturising Primer to name two of them. Today I am back with another product and that is the Aldi Lacura Flawless Veil Translucent Powder.
Aldi Lacura Flawless Veil Translucent Powder
Aldi Lacura Flawless Veil Translucent Powder
As you might have guessed, the Aldi Lacura Flawless Veil Translucent Powder has been inspired by the much loved Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder, which everyone, including myself, raves about.  The difference between Aldi and Laura Mercier is £4.99 v £34 which is quite the saving, but is the Aldi Flawless Veil Translucent Powder any good?

Well as always, the packaging is always a highly contentious debate and I don't think they are too similar this time, with the Aldi jar being matte white but with a shiny bronze, slightly domed lid.  Then with the powder, Laura Mercier prides herself on having a lightweight, exceptionally milled powder and it really is both of those, Aldi whilst being talc free, is slightly heavier, though still light enough that when applied you can barely notice it - that is once you have got the hang of applying it.

Right now in the heat, I am sure many of us are 'no makeup' and whilst I still wear tinted moisturiser, I tend to use a setting powder for those shiny face parts and with this powder, whilst there is no accompany powder puff, I instead use a small flat powder brush to dab it on to the areas I need to use it on.
Aldi Lacura Flawless Veil Translucent Powder
What this powder doesn't do is make your skin look as though you have just placed it in a bowl of talcum powder (thankfully), it also doesn't have a scent to it either.  What it does do is mop up all that excess oil, keep the shine at bay and does a pretty good job at setting makeup.  

When it comes to how long it lasts, Laura Mercier claim their version sets makeup for up to 16 hours, how true that is I don't know because I don't ever wear makeup for that long and if I am going out in the evening, chances are I will re-apply my makeup anyway.  The Aldi Lacura version definitely lasts 4-5 hours, even in this heat before you need to re-apply and it also does a good job at blurring pores and imperfections, just as the Laura Mercier one does. 

At £4.99 this is a really good back-up if you are very much a Laura Mercier fan, definitely worth trying.  You can find it in stores from 28th July!

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