Monday 27 June 2022

Aldi Lacura Vitabase Moisturising Primer - Bobbi Brown Dupe?

Fans of Bobbi Brown’s popular Face Base primer might have to look twice with a new release from the Aldi Lacura range! Meet Vitabase Moisturising Primer which, at a first glance you can see exactly where its inspiration has come from and why it has been quite the TikTok phenomenon!
Aldi Lacura Vitabase Moisturising Primer - Bobbi Brown Dupe?
Aldi Lacura Vitabase Moisturising Primer - Bobbi Brown Dupe?
The Vitabase Moisturising Primer from Aldi Lacura retails at just £5.99 but the Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base will cost around £46.50, so already that is quite the saving, if indeed Aldi does prove to be a dupe! Let's see.

Firstly is the packaging, both have an outer white box which describes the product inside and then both have a glass pot, again detailing what the product is.  At a first glance, they are similar but not identical, personally I think the Aldi Lacura bottle is far sturdier of the two.  

For products that are described as dupes, texture and ingredients for me are what makes a product. Starting with the texture, from Lacura we have a texture which feels very much like a moisturising cream and it is slightly thicker than Bobbi Brown's version, but only just and admittedly, I am a fan of both textures. On the skin, from Aldi Lacura, Vitabase glides onto the skin effortlessly and isn't greasy or tacky and it has that fresh light zesty scent to it.  So we still tick those boxes for being similar but not identical.
Aldi Lacura Vitabase Moisturising Primer - Bobbi Brown Dupe?
When it comes to ingredients from Aldi you have Vitamins B, C and E alongside Shea Butter, Sodium Hyaluronate and Geranium Oil and from Bobbi Brown you won't be too surprised to find the ingredients are the same as those I have listed from Aldi Lacura, only Bobbi Browns trumps the grapefruit scent as being energising and within Vitabase it is pink grapefruit.  This has been one of the closest dupes I have come across and yes, I am using that D word that I don't use too often.  Used in exactly the same way as Bobbi Brown, it is faultless for me.

If being on a budget is where you find yourself, then the Aldi Lacura Vitabase Moisturising Primer is one to find and buy in bulk.  There is absolutely nothing I dislike about the product, it performs just as well as my Bobbi Brown version and at a saving of £40, worth every single penny!

The Aldi Lacura range of beauty and makeup products is not one to ignore, from their Pro Collagen range to the fragrance range it is always worth keeping an eye on what is coming next.  On my blog, I have quite a few newly launched products to share over the coming weeks.

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