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Kevin Murphy FRESH & EASY Set

I have been loving getting to know the hair care brand Kevin Murphy, I have been lucky to try quite a few products from the range including a Spray Wax, A Dry Conditioner and today the Fresh & Easy Collection.
Kevin Murphy FRESH & EASY Set
The collection consists of three products - a shampoo, conditioner and a dry shampoo which work to complement one another.

The Smooth.Again.Wash is described as being a targeted smoothing and refining shampoo which cleanses, smoothes and softens thick, coarse or unruly hair. My hair is combination oily with dry ends, so at least once a week, I ensure my hair is treated to a mask to keep in as good a condition as possible.
Kevin Murphy FRESH & EASY Set
This Smooth.Again.Wash smells absolutely wonderful and it is packed full of amazing ingredients which work to cleanse and smooth the hair and they include:
  • Monoi Oil - A weightless restorative oil rebuilds the hair from the inside out.
  • Sunflower Seed Extract - Which is rich in Vitamin E and Oleic Acid to smooth and soothe the hair.
  • Murumuru Seed Butter - This is rich in essential Fatty Acids to help even out the moisture levels in the hair.
  • Olive Fruit Oil - This oil mimics the hair’s healthy oils and protects from heat and styling
Putting these ingredients together, you have a product which balances the hairs moisture without being overly heavy and weighing the hair down and leaving it greasy. 

The Smooth.Again.Rinse is my favourite product in this collection. I tend to use a conditioner just a few times a week and this has been the one I have used the most. As with the Wash, the Rinse is a targeted smoothing and refining conditioner for thick, coarse hair. It uses ion-based cationic technology, so the Keratin Protein mimics the structure of proteins within the hair to fit seamlessly where it is needed most for smoothing and refining.
Kevin Murphy FRESH & EASY Set
With this conditioner, you only need a really small amount, a little goes a very long way and resisting the urge to cover myself in the product because it smells that good is always hard. Once applied to wet hair, the advice is to leave it for a few minutes to work its magic. I only ever apply it to the lengths and ends of my hair. Upon washing out, the straggly mess, due to no hair salon visit for over 3 months, is actually silky smooth and those natural waves sit nicely rather than looking like a frizzy mess.

As with the Wash, this Rinse is packed full of amazing ingredients, four of which need a mention:
  • Monoi Oil - Also present in the Rinse, it contains a high concentration of Lauric Acid to penetrate hair shaft and smooth cuticle and control frizz.
  • Biomimetic Keratin Protein - This offers a highly targeted repair of damage to leave hair restored while adding a luminous shine.
  • Cocoa Seed Butter - works to improve the hair’s flexibility while adding moisture and softness.
  • Brazil Nut Oil - Thiis oil not only nourishes but also moisturises and reconstructs hair to smooth hair, fight frizz and tame curls.
This has been one of the best conditioning products I have used in a very long time and I have tried a few!

The third product within this collection is the Fresh.Hair Dry Shampoo and one thing about Kevin Murphy and his haircare range is that they know how to make a dry shampoo.
Kevin Murphy FRESH & EASY Set
Described as being a dry shampoo for the hair that removes odours, excess oil, and all those nasties which make your hair look and feel dreadful. My one issue with some Dry Shampoo's is the white residue they create, often making your hair look worse and your head itch. With Fresh.Hair, the product is so lightweight it doesn't create residue and a light spritz across the hair and a brush through leaves no trace other than a light citrus scent which comes from the use of antioxidant and vitamin-rich tangerine oil, which not only protects the hair against environmental stresses but also stimulates the senses with its refreshing citrus scent. It also adds shine to dull, lifeless hair.

This set retails for £45 via Kevin Murphy and each product can also be bought separately.

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  1. These products all look lovely, and the packaging is cute too! xx

  2. I want to try all three! I love this brand! X

  3. Oh I love dry conditioner. Not everyday do I want to wash my hair!


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