Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Kevin Murphy Touchable Spray Wax

I am not lucky enough to be able to nip off down to the hair salon to have my hair blow-dried before a big event or just because I want a treat, but if I ever won the lottery, you would probably find me constantly doing exactly this. I do look after my hair, though I don’t have it trimmed a regularly as my local salon would like (I’m 8 months late for example) but I do wash and condition it, I do use a hair mask and I do use heat protection products.
Kevin Murphy Touchable Spray Wax
What I don’t like using on my hair are products that style it to a crisp - think mousse, hair spray, some finish sprays, gels and waxes. If I’ve taken the time to style my hair be it working with my natural curls or with my beloved GHD irons, then I want a finish to look natural, like I’ve just stepped out of a salon not covered my hair in gunk for which I will be sorry days later when I am still washing it all out. Not too long ago, I was kindly sent the Kevin Murphy Touchable Spray Wax to try. 

Described as being a workable and lightweight spray wax finishing hairspray. Touchable works to maintain not just texture and hold but to also reinforce the appearance of separation. I have never used a product like this before, it is as lightweight as a finishing spray but has the hold of a hairspray call without weighing down your hair and without being sticky or drying to a crisp.

There is no horrid chemical scent to this spray wax, what I like about Untouchable is that it is enriched with hibiscus flower extract for its conditioning properties, milk thistle for its well known antioxidant strengths, sea lavender to increase hydration and carrot seed oil for its beautiful natural scent and satin sheen finish. As you can see, Kevin Murphy has developed a product which gives you the ability to style and hold your hair whether it is poker straight or imperfectly messy whilst at the same time giving you something that works as soon as skincare, but for your hair. 

I’ve used this spray a lot more than I had originally intended too. It just so happens that when I’ve needed to make the effort with my hair, Mother Nature has decided to either open the heavens and literally give me a downpour to contend with, or it has blown an absolute gale which would usually see me rendering the “through a hedge backwards” look.

Directions For Use

Shake well before each use. Apply to dry hair as desired as a finishing spray and leave. It is perfect for all hair types, colours and textures and washes out as easily as it applies, with no white residue or sticky feeling afterwards. 

Kevin Murphy Touchable Spray Wax is priced at £24 for 250ml

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  1. I am the laziest person with my hair, so this may actually do me good!

  2. I haven’t tried any hair products like this - it sounds good!

  3. I think this would be so good on my hair!

    Erin || MakeErinOver


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