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Kevin Murphy Young.Again Dry Conditioner

As a brand, Kevin Murphy is one I am just getting to know and not so long ago on my blog I shared the Touchable Spray Wax, a product which I really liked.  Today I am back with another product from the kevin Murphy range and this time it is the Young.Again Dry Conditioner and it really intrigued me.
Kevin Murphy Young.Again Dry Conditioner
Kevin Murphy Young.Again Dry Conditioner
I am sure we are all aware that as our skin ages, so does our hair and many of us sit around waiting for those grey and white hairs to start showing through.  For some people, it is much earlier than others, for some it really suits them and for others, it horrifies them. I am somewhere in the middle of the two, I have blonde hair, which in the winter is darker than the Summer but having lighter hair means I am starting to get my fair share of white hairs, not something that surprises me too much because as a child, my hair was almost white anyway.

To help protect our hair as much as we can, Kevin Murphy comes to our rescue with his Young.Again range.
Created to counteract the oxidation process caused by straightening irons, blow dryers and colourants which, much like rust, causes decay and ageing to the hair. There's a YOUNG.AGAIN for every step of your haircare routine, from wash & rinse to masque & oil, and last but not least the newly launched Dry Conditioner.

The Dry Conditioner has been designed to revive your hair in between washes as well as give you more time between shampoos without having to forgo that softness and moisture that comes from freshly washed hair.  I am guilty of overwashing my hair, it is mentioned pretty much every time I step foot into a salon and the conversation as to 'what products do you use on your hair' begins.  I overwash because I live in London and the air is grim, travelling around on public transport is grim and just sometimes when you get home, you want to wash the day away and this includes from your hair too.

So working to enhance shine and relieving dullness, Young.Again Dry Conditioner helps to not only get rid of those pesky flyaways but it also effectively smoothes out the hair with the aim of giving you a fresh and styled look within seconds. Well almost seconds, but more like 20 minutes because it takes so long for me to do my hair.  This conditioner has been infused with sunflower seed extract and babassu oil which together deeply condition the hair, it also uses Panthenol (Vitamin B5) which is said to deposit deep into the hair to make it easier to brush, comb, and style leaving you with a silky finish. Immortelle, the signature ingredient in the YOUNG.AGAIN product range has also been added for its ongoing ability to help protect and soothe the hair from the elements and environmental stressors.

I am not going to lie, here we have a product that moisturises, nourishes, conditions detangles and has antioxidant properties all whilst being sulphate and cruelty-free.  For my hair, what I love is that despite has greasy roots and dry ends when used, this dry conditioner can give me an extra day, two, if I am really, cannot be bothered, between washes of my hair, when beforehand it would be every other day without fail.  It manages to make my hair look and feel as though it has been freshly washed and also masks that grim smell of London, one I can't quite describe but essentially exhaust fumes and smog just about cover it.  It also doesn't leave any white marks in your hair and when you comb through, it doesn't create a snowfall effect either.

The Kevin Murphy Young.Again Dry Conditioner priced at £24* for a 250ml can and is definitely something I intend to keep in my bathroom cabinet.

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  1. I saw this the other day when I was browsing CB and was instantly intrigued as it sounds pretty different! I really like the sound if it x

  2. I have only tried the Dry COnditioner from Kardashian Hair, and I loved it, so will definitely check this out!

  3. Well this is different... I think I want to try it!

    Erin || MakeErinOver


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