Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Alive Magnesium PLUS Bodycare

The use of magnesium in skincare isn't something I am new too, in fact, it is something that I absolutely love to have. I have already shared from magnesium skincare products on Beautyqueenuk and explained that it is a naturally occurring alkaline macro mineral which is not only a key ingredient to overall bodily health but also for bone health and muscle strength too. I was kindly sent two products from the Al!ve range and they claim to introduce a multi-beneficial range of bath and body care products which work out as hard as you do.
All of the Al!ve formulations are powered by Magnesium and they contain proven natural ingredients including minerals and vitamins which work to boost the skin’s natural health, depending on the range, their natural aromas also help calm, stimulate or boost your mood.

Al!ve chose Magnesium as the hero ingredient because it’s molecular structure not only makes it easy to absorbed by the body but also* to work faster. Products like these work to support the natural functions of the body such as boosting energy production, combating fatigue as well as having anti-inflammatory properties.

As mentioned already, Magnesium helps our body function well and stay healthy; its chemical structure makes it easily absorbed and gets to work fast and some of its benefits include helping to: 

  • relieve stress and stiff muscles
  • improve joint health and circulation
  • aid nutrient absorption and skin hydration
As well as helping our body produce energy, something we all most definitely need from time to time I am sure. 

The first of the two products I was given to try was the In-Shower Moisturiser (£5).  Al!ve describe this product as one which works to simplify your daily routine by moisturising your skin whilst your shower.  Enriched with Kale and Wheatgrass which help to recharge your skin with nutrients which work to improve hydration.  

On the skin, this in-shower moisturiser feels just like a body lotion in texture and when I used it, I apply it to dry skin before stepping into my hot shower, giving it time to work some magic on my aching and stiff muscles. There is no standout smell to this product that I can describe other than it is a clean scent but what I do love is how it leaves my skin soft and smooth to the touch.

The second of the two products is the Al!ve Body Energising Body Gel Lotion (£5) and this is one that I really want to use on a hot summers day.  This lotion has cooling properties which as you can imagine feels incredibly soothing and refreshing.  Having had an ankle injury, I have found when it swells up, it feels incredibly hot to the touch, so this lotion gives quite the relief.

This time, the Gel lotion is enriched with both Sea Kelp and Arnica which work to help hydrate and enhance the appearance of skin.  The texture is that of a runny lotion, so less is definitely more and it absorbs really quickly into the skin, especially if you have just had a shower or bath and because there is Arnica and Sea Kelp within this lotion, there is a slight scent to it, quite an earthy like fragrance which lingers on the skin and I really like it. 

Both of these products are great additions to the bathroom and a good introduction to anyone who wants to try adding magnesium into their routines without breaking the bank. You can find both of these products and the rest of the range in Sainsbury's where they are currently on offer for around £3!

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  1. I think I'd me more inclined to try the lotion rather than the shower gel but magnesium in products definitely interests me x


  2. I didn't know that magnesuim was so good for the body. These definitely sound worth picking up!

  3. This sounds like something that my teenage daughter would like to try, I'll have to see if I can pick some up next time we are in Sainsburys

  4. I have never heard of this brand before, but the products sound really lovely and I love that they are super affordable too xo

    Makeup Muddle

  5. These sound like the perfect morning pick me ups!

  6. They look amazing! I might need to try them out soon!


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