Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Too Faced Damn Girl Mascara

If you asked me what my favourite makeup product was, you might be surprised to know it is mascara! I absolutely love discovering new mascaras and it along with lip balm, it is something I never leave the house without applying.  New to my collection from Too Faced is the Damn Girl Mascara* and whilst I am a huge fan of Better than Sex, does this one live up to it?
Too Faced Damn Girl Mascara
To look at, Damn Girl couldn't be more different to its counterpart if it tried and being the first mascara to be launched from Too Faced after that much-loved original, it is no surprise that it comes with some pretty big claims - 97% Full-on Volume, 100% Intense Black Lashes, 99% Long-wearing Results to name just a few. 

As much as I love Mascara, I am quite picky about what I do and don't like. I have fairly long lashes, so I don't want a formula that is overly wet and nor do I want one that clumps or one which leaves my lashes feeling wet and as though they are dragging on my cheeks.  This also affects the kind of wand that I like to use as well, if it is a big fat chunky wand, then it has to be one which doesn't overload itself with formula and equally if it is a thin spike wand, it has to pick up enough formula to cover my lashes.

Damn Girl is packaged inside an almost metallic purple cardboard outer packaging and the tube inside is just as beautiful, infact I prefer this tube to Better Than Sex. The formula of Damn Girl is described as being "a revolutionary creamy mousse, developed with a special blend of whipped melting waxes (waxes injected with air) that when layered together form one long, weightless super lash and delivers an immediate full load of extreme volume" and it also contains "innovative polymers", which claim to keep lashes flexible as they lift.
Too Faced Damn Girl Mascara
Too Faced Damn Girl Mascara
The wand is big, huge in fact and it is curvy, referred too as being the dual-fibre infinity brush and I fully expected to absolutely hate it as soon as I saw it, but not wanting to start off with a negative, I gave it chance and was actually quite surprised to find I really liked it, in fact, I liked it ALOT.  It does, as you can see, load itself up with a lot of product, but I not so much that it overloads your lashes, it is just the right amount to ensure the initial wiggle through lifts and coats without clumping and smudging.

The formula is the right consistency to not be too thin or too thick and it is such an intense black that you only need one coat on your lashes, two if you like that big fluttery look. As the formula isn't overly wet, it dries pretty quickly and as quick as it is to apply, it is as easy to remove using your regular eye makeup remover and a cotton pad. 

Too Faced Damn Girl Mascara is priced around £18 for a full-sized version and £12 for a travel size and can be found via Too FacedBoots, Cult Beauty, and Lookfantastic to name just a few. 

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  1. I need to try this!! I am a big mascara fan too! x


  2. Love the packaging on this product, it would look great in my make up bag!

  3. Sounds great and I love the packaging as well. I am a big fan of Too Faced products and will definitely be checking this one out.

  4. I have heard so much about this mascara but I'm yet to try it! I love the BTS mascara, so I know I'll love this after reading your review xo

    Makeup Muddle

  5. There was so much hype around this when it launched! It's actually less expensive than I'd assumed it would be so I might have to give it a go...

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty


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