Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Ambiance London Bath Salts

This time of year when the weather is pretty grim and dark, the best place to be is in the bath, even more so when you have a brand new bathroom that you absolutely love being in!  I have said it quite a few times, but bath salts are completely underrated and they are one of my favourite things to have in my bath and if you read this post, you will see I was sent some lovely Luxury Bath Salts and a beautiful candle from Ambiance London.
Ambiance London Bath Salts Review with photos
For me, having a bath is all about relaxing, shutting out the world and focusing on myself, even if it is just for an hour or two a week. I've long since learnt that being in water or near too it is one of the ways I relax best.  I do love oils, milks and bubbles but salts are my go too for muscle aches, period pains, headaches or stress.
The ideal detox bath recipe for relaxation and self care this Autumn Winter… A sublime blend of magnesium rich Epsom salts, Mediterranean sea salt and organic essential oils, Ancienne Ambiance luxury bath salts can be used in the bath, for a softening foot soak and even as a body scrub. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians in particular loved the exfoliating properties of sea salt. 
Ancienne Ambiance Bath Salts have so many wellbeing and beauty benefits from helping refine skin texture to soothing sore muscles, but they are particularly good for gently purifying and detoxifying the body – a wellness and immune system boost that helps treat bloating and reduce inches for a temporary ‘slim-down’.
I was kindly sent two different bath salts from Ambiance London - Arangia Orange scented salts and Jasminium Jasmine scented salts. and they come in two different sizes of a sample size which costs just £5 and a 300ml bottle which is £34 here.

The Arangia Orange luxury salts are described as being ' a deliciously fresh orange zest fragrance, these salts are a great mood lifter' and as soon as you remove the lid, you get an instant hit of orange and ingredients within these salts include a blend of Epsom salt, Mediterranean sea salt and essential oils.  The Jasminium Jasmine luxury salts have a wonderfully sweet Jasmine fragrance with a hint of lemon and their role is to help uplift from low moments and also relax spasms and cramps.   As with Arangia Orange, these salts also include a blend of Epsom Salt, Mediterranean Sea Salt and essential oils.  Epsom salts are used because not only do they help you and your muscles to relax, it is said that Epsom salt bathwater can soften rough, dry skin, and exfoliate dead skin cells. Mediterranean Sea Salt is rich in minerals including the likes of potassium, iodine and magnesium, all of which help alleviate and soothe any skin conditions, while at the same time helping to calm and ease a restless mind or any tension in the body.

Why Use Bath Salts?

As well as using these salts in the bath, they also have other properties which include:
  • Exfoliating: As we all know, a routine body scrub will produce visibly softer, brighter skin and help good blood circulation. To use your bath salts in this way, you can apply them directly to damp skin or you can also mix them with olive oil or even your body wash too.
  • A Foot Soak: If you suffer from rough or hard skin on your feet, a foot soak with these salts will help to break down and soften that hard skin. The advice is to soak your feet once a week in warm water for around 10-15 minutes and then apply dry salts directly to your skin to exfoliate, rinse off and remove any excess skin with a foot file or pumice.
  • An Immune System Boost: As the naturally occurring minerals in these salts are gently detoxing, they will help to ease muscle aches, calm the body and help you get a good night’s rest. Definitely worthy of putting in your bath for that alone!
If you have never tried bath salts or have always assumed they are just something your Gran would use, then hopefully you can see they are not.  Ambiance London very much take bath salts to the next level, creating a luxurious product which not only smell just incredible but are as relaxing to the mind and body as they are kind to your skin!

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  1. I totally agree - the best place to be is the bath on these cold, dark nights! I really love the sound of both of these salts x


  2. I never used bath salts before and I never really knew the benefits of them before either, so this post was so helpful and informative! Thanks for sharing! :)


  3. I love a relaxing bath, need one asap!


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