Monday 27 January 2020

Hair and Scalp Care with The Body Shop

When I am stressed or feeling run down, the one place it shows the most is on my scalp, it becomes a dry irritated mess and an absolute nightmare to deal with. I have used a whole lot of products over the past few years to help soothe a dry itchy scalp and whilst browsing my local BodyShop store, I was chatting to a store assistant to said I give the Ginger Scalp Care Shampoo and Conditioner a try, as well as the Fuji Green Tea Refreshing Purifying Scrub Shampoo to help.
Hair and Scalp Care with The Body Shop
I had not noticed any of these products in the store on previous visits for the Banana Collection, but I was willing to give something new a try.  The Body Shop state that the Iconic Ginger Shampoo and NEW Ginger Conditioner are the ultimate power duo to help reduce annoying dandruff. Not only do they soothe your scalp and clear loose flakes, the invigorating formula also keeps your hair looking and feeling stronger and healthier.

The Ginger Anti-Dandruff Shampoo (£9.50 400ml) is said to be for a dry, flaky scalp but definitely was my issue and both the mister and me have become huge fans in just the few months we have been using it.  The shampoo is blended with ginger essential oil from Sri Lanka, birch bark, white willow extracts and Community Trade honey it doesn't have a strong scent of Ginger, if I am honest, all of the ingredients come together and create quite a sweet fragrance with an undertone of Ginger, something I am pleased about.  Texture-wise it is quite runny, so you really do only need the smallest amount to create a lather on your hair and it washes out incredibly easy with warm water.  The Ginger Scalp Care Conditioner which is also blended with ginger essential oil from Sri Lanka, birch bark, white willow extracts and Community Trade organic aloe vera and as well as being designed for a dry and flaky scalp, it is also for those with weak hair.  Scent wise to me, there is a definite hint of Ginger, though not too overpowering and texture-wise, it is as you might expect a conditioner to be, slightly thicker than shampoo but not as thick as a hair mask.  Again, you need a really small amount on your hair and I always leave a conditioner on for a good few minutes before washing off.
Hair and Scalp Care with The Body Shop
Together, these products are incredibly calming and soothing on the scalp. If you have ever suffered from a dry scalp and one that is incredibly itchy, you will know how frustrating it can become when all you want to do is scratch and make matters worse.  With this duo, that want to itch disappears as soon as you have washed your hair and even I was impressed by that because it wasn't something I was expecting.   It isn't by any means a miracle cure, it doesn't solve the dry scalp overnight and with one wash, it does take a good few uses of the shampoo to actually work, but work it definitely does.  The conditioner is a really nice addition too.  I only use a conditioner at most twice a week as I like to use a hair mask at least once a week, though with having an irritated scalp, I have not used one incase it makes matters worse.

The next product I bought is the Fuji Green Tea™ Scrub Shampoo (£15) and it is said to help stimulate blood flow and whisk away impurities like dust, smoke, sweat and styling residue.
Hair and Scalp Care with The Body Shop
For those with a normal to oily hair and scalp, which again is definitely, this Scrub Shampoo blends Japanese green tea, mint menthol, salt crystals and Community Trade honey from Ethiopia.  As it is a shampoo scrub, the idea is that you stir the scrub well before first use as it is quite solidly packed into the tub and then mix a teaspoon of the scrub into the palms of your hands with water, I use warm water. Once you have made a paste, you then massage it onto your scalp, which needs to be damp and then use it as you would a shampoo and massage your scalp before rinsing.  Once I have this on my hair, I use a comb to add a little extra bit massaging action.
Hair and Scalp Care with The Body Shop
There are many things I love about this scrub.  As you can see the salt crystals on the side of the tub are definitely present and they are soft enough to help remove build up and dead dry skin from your scalp, but not so abrasive that they scratch the skin.  On the hair, this shampoo scrub smells absolutely divine with a clean scent and it leaves my hair feeling incredibly clean and refreshed, which is exactly what you need after a day out in central London with all the smoke, smog, dirt and pollution.

The Body Shop has quite a few products within their hair care collection and whether you need a shampoo, conditioner, a treatment or a styling aid, there is a lot to choose from. 

 Have you ever tried hair care from The Body Shop?

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