Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Ambiance London Phoenicia Cedar Candle

One thing I love about Christmas is the cosiness of getting home from work, lighting some candles and watching the TV or curling up with my blanket and a book.  The lastest candle to my collection comes from Ambiance London with the Phoenicia Cedar Candle and ever since it arrived, it has been burning for a few hours every single day. I am already a huge fan of the candles from this brand and last year feature the Bacca Berry candle on my blog.
Ambiance London Phoenicia Cedar Candle
Ever since we had our bathroom renovated, I have been lucky enough to use some really incredible products and accompanying this candle was two bottles of bath salts which will feature within their own blog post soon. For anyone who isn't aware of the brand, Ancienne Ambiance is a London-based luxury niche brand which was founded back in 2004 and they specialise in creating fine fragrances, home fragrances, body-care, perfumes and natural hand-poured scented candles. Everything you find from Ancienne Ambiance is paraben free, has been created using natural ingredients and has recyclable packaging.

The Phoenicia Cedar Candle is described as being warm and woody and one which is 'An inspiring scent which is uplifting and warm, perfect for a cozy ambience'.  So this candle was placed in my new bathroom and it is just as described - warm and uplifting.
Ambiance London Phoenicia Cedar Candle
When it comes to burning a candle, we can all just go out and buy something that smells alright, but for me, a candle is so much more than that, it is something that should be relaxing, clear the air or even be uplifting in the scent it releases.
A fragrance of freshly cut cedar-wood blended with fresh herbs, Phoenicia evokes the lovely aromas found in the forest of Becharreh, in Lebanon, home to the oldest cedar trees in the world. The Phoenicians believed the wood of the glorious cedars to be the sacred wood of the gods and used it to honour their ancestors, a task to which the ancient orient attached deep importance. The cedar tree was also thought to be an emblem of prosperity.
The first thing about this candle to stand out is the scent before the candle is lit, the beautiful woodiness of the cedar notes which gives it a spicy warmness which just fills every room of the house and rather than being the more masculine scent I was expecting, instead what you get is quite the opposite.

Each candle within the Ambiance range has been hand poured right here in the UK, and it’s a slow-burning natural wax with a lead free wick. Each candle also comes packaged inside a straight glass jar and because it is a huge 200g sized candle, it has a burn time of around 60-65 hours which is really impressive and it costs just £44.

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  1. It sounds like a gorgeous scent and I expected the price to be higher. What a gorgeous gift this would make! x


  2. The candle looks and sounds incredible!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  3. The candle sounds lovely x


  4. Oh my gosh this candle sounds incredible! I would love to give it a go, it sounds perfect for cosy winter nights xx



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