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Ecooking™ Starter Kit With Cleansing Milk

It was just over a year ago that I was first introduced to the Danish brand E-Cooking, one which was created on the kitchen table of its founder, Tina Søgaard, who took it upon herself to create her own skincare. Producing noticeable results, it wasn't long before family and friends became desperate to get their hands on Tina's creations and thus E-cooking was born.  Since that introduction, I have become quite a fan of the brand's products, especially Multi Balm, which I have purchased a few times.
Ecooking™ Starter Kit With Cleansing Milk
Today I am sharing with you the E-cooking Starter Kit with Cleansing Gel, something that would make an incredible gift for anyone you still have left to find a present for, more so if they are on a journey to find the perfect natural skincare.  This kit is described as being:
A luxurious skincare kit with everything you need when travelling. Ideal for flight journeys as the kit comes in a practical, transparent bag, that meets rules and regulations onboard international flights. The EVA-material is environmentally friendly.
Inside you will find 8 products from the brand to test and try and what I love about it is that each product is a decent enough size that you really get a good feel as to whether or not it is for you.  
Ecooking™ Starter Kit With Cleansing Milk
So what will you find inside this Starter Kit?

Cleansing Milk, 50 ml - This Ecooking Cleansing Milk not only nourishes and cleans but it also moistens your skin too. Described as being ideal for those with sensitive or dry skin, this Cleansing Milk is a gentler form of cleansing than cleansing gel and it contains among other things organic sunflower oil and organic glycerin that together calms and moisturises.

Face Mist, 50 ml - This Mist is described as being a refreshing and firming spray for the face which uses organic Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Cucumber and Chamomile. On the skin, when spritzed, it is really refreshing and definitely a great pick me up for that mid-afternoon slump. It moisturises without removing or moving any makeup that you are wearing.

Day Cream, 15 ml - This cream is described as being a moisturising and nourishing day cream which reduces fine lines and prevents the signs of ageing. It uses Hyadisine, which keeps the skin moisturised and improves the structure and the surface of the skin. Hyadisine adds an instant and long-lasting moisturising effect and an instant improvement of the lines and structure of the skin. You will also find Trylagina which is an ingredient that leaves your skin with refreshed glow and attacks any kind of problem that might occur to your skin during a long life. The cream also contains Wheat Extract, Sunflower Oil and Shea Butter.

Night Cream, 15 ml - This is a cream which ensures you long-lasting moisture balance and reduces the depth of fine lines in the skin visibly when used over a period of time. Using Argireline, a Hexaptide, which means 6 natural Amino acids come together to work and reduce the depth of the fine lines. The fine lines appear due to the facial muscles being overly stimulated. Argireline works in the same way as Botox and makes the facial muscles relax naturally. Trylagen works to boost the collagen of the skin to give it a fresh glow.

Multi balm, 15 ml - As I have already mentioned, Multibalm is one of my favourite products from E-Cooking. Described as being a multi-purpose-product that can be applied on dry skin in the face as well as the body.  It will come as no surprise that it contains a whole host of amazing ingredients which care for the skin - Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Organic Argan and Olive Oils all of which hydrate and protects the skin.  Delisens which reduces itching and inflammation, Xpertmoist which is a highly moisturising and regenerating ingredient.  

Multi Oil, 10 ml - Sticking with multi-use products, next we have Multi Oil and this is a first-time use for me and it definitely won't be my last.  Described as being a unique, multi-functional 100% organic oils and essential fragrance extracts from orange and lavender, it can be used for several purposes and they include - a conditioning treatment for your hair, a cuticle oil, a shaving oil, a massage oil, eye makeup removal, an oil to be used under your serum, a scalp treatment and many more options. 

Serum Capsules - I am a huge fan of skincare when it comes in capsules like this because not only does it make travelling much easier, you also don't have to think about how much product to use, it's been decided for you.  These capsules are described as being an anti-ageing serum with a natural Botox effect. One of the main ingredients is Hexaptide, which is said to help reduce the depth of the fine lines of the skin with a visible effect. Hexaptide is a natural alternative to Botox and it is said to have a documented effect when used continuously.

The final product within this kit are the E-cooking wet wipes and you get ten of these in a packet. Described as being extra soft wipes with a cooling and refreshing effect. These E-cooking Wipes are designed to help with the cleansing and moisturising of face, neck and decolleté. Can also be used on dirty fingers. The product is also enriched with Aloe Vera extract, which is well known for its nourishing and softening effects.

I think this is an incredible introduction to E-Cooking as a brand and definitely, a great way to get to know some of the hero products which has to include Multi Balm.  It is priced at £40 but if there is one product you really love the sound of, then the good news is that they are all available individually and you can find them all on Feelunique.

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  1. This is a brilliant set. I love this brand and my sister in law has fallen in love with it since I introduced her to it x

  2. This skincare brand sounds and looks brilliant, love the simple but classy branding! I have never heard of this brand before, I must check her out! Great review! Cecilia xx

  3. Wow what a set!!! I must admit I've not heard of this brand (I'm a sucker for sticking to what I know) but that starter kit seems like a great way to try something new :)

  4. I need to try this brand - I love a good skincare set x

  5. I think I've only tried one of their products before, so this would be the perfect set to try more of their products as I know how much you love the brand xx


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