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Fresh Soy Face Cleanser and Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask Review

If ever there has been a brand that I really wanted to try it has been Fresh, mainly because of all the hype surrounding the Soy Face Cleanser which everyone I know who has tried it, has raved about. So, off I went to visit the Fresh store here in London on Seven Dials and it was quite the experience because not only did I have the entire store to myself, but the sales girls were an absolute delight to deal with and I got to swatch, sniff and try absolutely anything and without being rushed and I came away with two amazing products to try as well as an abundance of samples. 
Fresh Soy Face Cleanser and Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask Review
If you didn't know, Fresh launched back in 1991 as an apothecary store curating upscale, natural beauty products from around the world, fresh has transformed the skincare industry with its pioneering use of natural ingredients from soy and sake to sugar. fresh marries world-leading, good-to-skin ingredients and centuries-old cultural beauty rituals to deliver sublime products with mind-healing and skin-transforming results.

The first product that I was definitely not leaving the store without was the Soy Face Cleanser (£11.50) and it is described as being a beautiful formula that gently and effectively lifts away makeup and impurities while balancing and nourishing your skin.  
Fresh Soy Face Cleanser and Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask Review
This cleanser is pH-balanced gel which is infused with what Fresh called soy proteins which are rich in amino acids to help maintain healthy-looking skin. Added that there is cucumber extract which is calming, borage seed oil for its nourishing benefits, rosewater for its balancing properties, mallow flower extract which hosts anti-inflammatory benefits and sunflower seed oil which helps to retain moisture.

I am a huge fan of cleansers and tend to double cleanse every evening. What I like about this particular cleanser is how clean it makes my face feel after using, perhaps an odd feeling to try and describe, but when you live and work in London, your skin can feel really dirty and there is nothing that beats that feeling of a double cleanse to essentially take the day off and by that I mean makeup, skincare and all that dirt and grime which seems to cling to the skin, so much so your cotton pads turn from white to a deep grey in one swipe. This is a cleanser which doesn't strip the skin or leave it feeling dry and taut, in fact, it is the opposite and for me, it is like using a cleanser and moisturising cream in one.

The second product I picked up is the Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask (£21) and as soon as I read the description of it being a five minute facial in a jar, I was sold.  I am a huge fan of face masks and try to use one a week during my weekly pampering session.
Fresh Soy Face Cleanser and Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask Review
Fresh Soy Face Cleanser and Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask Review
Fresh describe this Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask as being one that is designed to combat signs of tired and overstressed skin, perfect for my needs right now!   

This mask combines a potent blend of kombu seaweed flakes, red algae particles, and lotus seeds that work to refine and smooth skin texture.  Then there is the inclusion of sea fennel extract and its job is to help to smooth and enhance suppleness, this SOS treatment resets the complexion, granting a gorgeous glow thanks to fresh's Super 7 Complex, which Fresh states is a blend of 7 super-charged ingredients (lemon, cucumber, fig, starfruit, sea fennel, lotus, okra) that helps to hydrate, improve radiance, and promotes a youthful-looking complexion.

To use this mask, the advice was to ensure you have cleansed your skin first and then apply a generous layer to damp skin using circular motions and then leave it to work its magic for up to five minutes, once that time is up, apply some warm water to the mask and massage the skin before rinsing. I have combination/oily skin and it often leaves me with dry patches of skin on both cheeks, so a mask which can calm the redness and help deal with dry skin is ticking the boxes for me. Thanks to the inclusion of coconut shell powder, this mask provides a real gentle exfoliation that buffs away dead skin cells without scratching the skins surface to leave behind soft, smooth skin. It does have a light scent of cucumber which I really like the scent of and this is the perfect mask for using a few times a week. 

I think it is obvious that my first delve into the world of Fresh has been a successful one and I cannot recommend these products highly enough, it is obvious why the Soy Face Cleanser gets so much love and the mask is just divine to use.  I now have a whole list of products I really want to try from the brand and there is so many to work through it could take some time.

Availability and Price

Fresh products are available in most John Lewis stores and stand-alone Fresh stores, but you can also find them online via Cult Beauty and SpaceNK too.

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  1. I love that cleanser and the mask sounds amazing - a 5 minute facial? I'm in! x


  2. I love their lip balms - I need to try their skincare x

  3. I love that cleanser so much! All their skincare is really nice!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  4. I want to try that Soy Cleanser, so many bloggers love it! Tina x

  5. I love the cleanser, it is so gentle but effective!


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