Thursday 4 April 2019

Alex Steinherr X Primark Skincare

I make no secret of the fact I absolutely love browsing round Primark, admittedly I am usually looking for the latest Disney releases for one of my nieces or nephews to add to their collections, but just sometimes I am found in the makeup and skincare section because there is a whole host of hidden gems waiting to be found.
Alex Steinherr X Primark Skincare
The Alex Steinherr range is one of those ranges which really caused a storm upon its release.  My nearest Primark store is one of the places that I can usually find anything I am looking for, but even this range bewitched me having always been sold out.  Thankfully I managed to track some of the products down when I went to Westfield and I couldn't wait to give it a try.  Alex Steinherr is someone who should know her skincare, as former Beauty Director of Glamour Magazine she has worked with the likes of Elizabeth Arden and La Mer. Alex is passionate about using effective, proven and innovative skincare actives that actually reaps results and wanted to bring the benefits of formulations and technology more often found in the luxury or clinical market to the high street whilst making them affordable. Ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Niacinamide, Peptides and even Squalene all make the cut and what I really like is the no-nonsense packaging and the price point. There are roughly around 20 products, divided between five targeted lines: Pollution Solution, Pore Balance, Pump & Glow, Sleep Spa and Maximum Moisture to choose from.

We all know how much I love a good facemask and if you follow me on Instagram then you will have noticed a slight theme that runs through my photos when it comes to a Sunday and that is Self Care Sunday where I photograph the products I am going to be using to pamper myself.  Sunday is the one day of the week where I try to take an hour or two out of everyday life and concentrate on myself.  That means closing the door to the bathroom, getting into a bath of bubbles and applying masks to wherever I have a mask for.  The Plump & Glow Power Mask is described as being an intensely hydrating sheet mask and it was that alone that caught my attention.
Alex Steinherr X Primark Pump & Glow Power Face Mask
As I mentioned above, Alex is passionate about bringing ingredients to the high street which have proven benefits for the skin and within this mask, you will find ingredients such as Amino Acid which supports natural skin function and stimulates cells to produce more collagen and elastin, Hyaluronic Acid and Japanese Camellia, both of which host both hydration and moisturising properties and together this is said to:

  • be an intense re-plumping dose of hydration
  • a two-step concentrated skin refresher
The first part of using this mask is obviously Step 1 and here we have an Essence which is clear in colour and similar to a serum in texture and the idea is you pat it onto a clean face before moving on to Step 2.  Step 2 involves applying the sheet mask and I love a good sheet mask.  Given I applied an Essence, I hadn't quite expected this mask to be as wet as it was, but it applies like a dream and after 20 minutes, I removed the mask and massaged in the rest of the leftover liquid into my skin.  This makes a great mask if you have really dehydrated skin as there is no doubt it hydrates and refreshes the skin.

The second product which caught my attention is the Facial in a Stick (£5). Like most people, I love a good multi-tasking product and this one happens to be just that, but in a stick balm.
Alex Steinherr X Primark Facial In A Stick

Within this balm stick, the ingredients include Hyaluronic Acid, Dragon Fruit and Cactus Flower Extract and it is designed to remove makeup, plump and hydrate the skin. Looks wise, it reminds me of a lip balm, but on the chunkier side of things and it is quite firm and to use it, you need to ensure it hasn't been stored somewhere too cool because it doesn't do very much, but at a warmer temperature or with something slightly wet, it applies to the skin like a dream and works incredibly well as that first cleanse as the stick turns into a balm which makes it great for makeup removal and it works really well for removing eye makeup owing to its design.  I have found it to be moisturising when I have used it and I just love how easy it is to use.

Living in a big city like London, the word pollution is something to give anyone the shivers when you see what it can do to your skin on a daily basis. Included within the Alex Steinherr collection is the Pollution Solution oil-free Gel Hydrator (£5) and there wasn't any doubt in my mind that I wanted to give it a try.
Alex Steinherr X Primark Pollution Solution
I love the feeling of this on my skin because of its texture, it is light, airy and doesn't feel at all heavy. Working as a primer it features both Peach Flower Extract and Acai Berry alongside its own anti-pollution complex and draws on anti HEV light technology (blue light) to protect and shield the skin from external aggressors that we (or at least I) have learnt so much about.  I would like to think that by using products such as this as I am doing the absolute best I can to ensure I am protecting my skin.

Next we have the Blemish Rescue Plasters (£3) and they are described as being Hydrocolloid plasters for treating spots. They come in a packet of 20 and are infused with Salicylic Acid which works to exfoliate and unblock pores, Tea Tree Oil which kills bacteria and thankfully isn't too overpowering and Purslane which is an antioxidant and it also has regenerative properties.
Alex Steinherr X Primark Blemish Rescue Plasters
If you are prone to spots or have the odd breakout, then these blemish patches, which remind me a little bit of coldsore patches, are ideal to have. I am one of those people who hardly ever gets a spot, but if one does arrive, then it feels as big as my head, is usually hormone related and hurts a lot. Patches such as these are really common in Asian Skincare and I first came across them when I was first sent some Korean Beauty products, so naturally I am intrigued to see which works best, but having not had a spot since I bought them, I think they might just be a good luck charm. The patches are about 1cm in diameter and I have it on good authority that they do stop any spot in its track.

The final product in my Alex Steinherr arsenal is the Sleeping Face Mask (£5) and if you read my blog regularly, then you will be aware how much I love a sleeping mask, it is the perfect lazy skincare to look after your skin as you sleep. 
Alex Steinherr X Primark Sleeping face mask

My skin really doesn't like the constant change in weather as we move from having a beautifully spring warm day to a really cold day and I end up having to slap on as much moisturiser as I can, so something like this is the perfect solution.  Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, Willowherb and Chamomile extract which come together to moisturise and revive tired and stressed skin, all whilst you sleep.  Despite being as a mask, it does instead feel like a cream and once applied, it absorbs slowly and leaves my skin feeling as soft as silk.

What I have really loved about trying a few products from this entire range is not only how affordable everything is, or how it is split into different sections but that it is easy to understand and read as to what it is each product does. There is nothing over complicated about anything that I have tried and there is no fancy jargon to try and tell you what something should do.  Since purchasing these products, I have been back to Primark and purchased something from the latest collection which I will be sharing in a few weeks time.

Have you tried anything from this Alex Steinherr x Primark range?

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