Wednesday 3 April 2019

Revolution Foil Frenzy Creation Eyeshadow Palette

I cannot keep up with all of the launches from Revolution (formerly Makeup Revolution) and if I am honest, I haven't paid them that much attention, simply waiting for something to grab my attention, which it did with this Foil Frenzy Creation Eyeshadow Palette.  I am pretty obsessed with foil eyeshadows thanks to touch in SOL.  So as soon as I saw the Foil Frenzy palette on sale in Superdrug for just £8, I grabbed it and couldn't wait to try it out.
Revolution Foil Frenzy Creation Eyeshadow Palette
Revolution Foil Frenzy Creation Eyeshadow Palette Shades
Packaged in a hard plastic case, there are 15 shades which range from the neutral end of the spectrum right to the more colourful and daring.  So they have tried to cater for all tastes and styles.  Having watched a few videos of people swatching it and creating makeup looks, I was ready to get stuck in, sadly, that is where the excitement ended.  I understand a foil eyeshadow to be a product which is used to create a shiny, metallic and sometimes dramatic look.  Revolution describes this palette as follows:
We're going crazy for Foil Frenzy! Unbelievable colour payoff in just one swipe! The intensity of these eyeshadows lies in its extraordinary formula, in which the pigment is poured, not pressed.

Each pan offers an gorgeous creamy texture that transforms into a silky powder for an incredible high-shine finish. From bronze to burgundy, plum to khaki, this kit is brimming with 15 rich shades that truly pack a punch.

Uncover the pigment power for your most insane eye look to date.
I think saying 'unbelievable colour payoff in just one swipe' is incredibly far-fetched because unless you really wet the shade and then apply, the difference in that colour payoff is quite something and the suggestion is you only 'apply wet to amp up the drama' insinuates that you don't need to apply it wet unless you want some colour intensity.

The top row of shades is the absolute worst whether you apply with your finger, a brush, a sponge and even when they are wet.  I spent an absolute age attempting to get any kind of colour pay off from the top row to the point where I thought I was going to hit pan when swatching because I was pressing so hard.  From left to right you have a white shade and I really expected this one to pop and be perfect for that inner corner, nope, you can barely see it at all.  I followed on with the gold, rose gold, lilac and then copper shade and managed to just, get a shot of colour.
Revolution Foil Frenzy Creation Eyeshadow Palette Top Row Swatches
The swatch above is completely unedited.  It has been transferred from my memory card to my blog post and as you can see, it isn't great. In fact, the swatch on the left looks like the aftermath of trying to remove the swatch on the right, when colour payoff is so good it leaves a stain.  Sadly, the swatch on the left is using my finger and the swatch on the right is a wet swatch using my Real Techniques eyeshadow brush.  So not a good start.

Then I moved onto the second row and again this row moves from left to right with a champagne gold, mustard yellow, a purple, bright pink and then a dark copper red shade.  Again, making it swatch to get a colour pay off was difficult, but not as hard as the top row.
Revolution Foil Frenzy Creation Eyeshadow Palette Second Row Swatches
Again, an unedited swatch above does at least show colour pay off for three of the five shades, but it was hard work rubbing my finger back and forth across the pan to get any traction.  Then using the wet technique to see if there was a foil effect.  The Champagne Gold is a really pretty shade, but to me, it is not a foil or at least, not one that I am used to seeing, it has a beautiful shimmer as does the mustard yellow, but they are not foils.  The Purple shade in the middle creates some fall-out but it does blend really lovely, but again, it is not a foil, it shimmers with a few bits.  The last two shades on this row are real let downs and as you can see, what I expected to be a hot pink shade, is not at all, it is just a pink with little shimmer, no foil and disappointing.  The final shade is just the oddest of them all.  A red/pink shade which when swatched looked like a reddish-brown.

The final row happens to be the best in terms of swatchability, blending, application and colour pay-off and this is my favourite row of the palette but I would again question the 'foil' part.
Revolution Foil Frenzy Creation Eyeshadow Palette Third Row Swatches
Unedited again we have a light bronze coloured shade, a jade green, a deep bronze, a mid brown and finally a black shade.  Everything you need to create an incredible eye look but just no oompf if I am honest.  Again on the left, by this point I am using my fingers which are slightly wet so the colour pay off is quite good and then again, removed and re-swatched wet, you can at this point see a slight difference between the two ways I have applied it.  I had hoped the Green shade would be much brighter and the most disappointing shade on this row is the black shade which just didn't really change whether it was dry, damp or wet, it isn't intense, it isn't a foil and it works for a bit of a smoke out of the eyes, but nothing too dramatic.
Revolution Foil Frenzy Creation Eyeshadow Palette After Swatching
So on a palette which contains 15 shades, the reality is that about 5 of them are easy to use and work with but none of them gives me the foil effect I had been expecting.  This is the first let down for me from Revolution and given it promised so much and yet delivered so little, it isn't a product I can recommend anyone purchasing even at just £8.

Just recently Revolution has launched two further palettes within this range Foil Frenzy and Foil Frenzy Hybrid Palettes and I will be honest, given just how awful the Creation palette was, I wouldn't be rushing out to waste my money on them.

Have you tried this palette?

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