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L'Occitane Aqua Réotier Mineral Moisture Mask

L'Occitane is one of those brands who continue to come up with something new that excites me, their last two products which I shared on my blog - Delightful Tea Shower Foam (here) and Immortelle Reset (here) are two products I have since purchased myself because I adored them. Today sees the turn of the brand new Aqua Réotier Mineral Moisture Mask  (£32 for 75ml) which is an addition to the Aqua Réotier collection(review here) and is a product I have had for quite some time now.
L'Occitane Aqua Réotier Mineral Moisture Mask
L'Occitane Aqua Réotier Mineral Moisture Mask
L'Occitane state that they are always finding new ways to harness the benefits of its natural treasures, the one in question being the Réotier spring, which emerges from the mountains and contains water like no other.  This water has travelled for centuries through underground rock and on its journey, it has gathered minerals and heat from deep within the earth.  The end result is spring water that is incredibly rich in calcium, an ingredient that is key for healthy skin.

This Aqua Aqua Réotier Mineral Moisture Mask is silicone free and you can't help but notice just how blue everything is. Described as follows:
An ultra-hydrating mask made with mineral-rich Réotier water, hyaluronic acid and water-binding molecules, to intensely quench skin's thirst whenever your skin needs it most.
Its frosted non-oily texture wakes up your skin and helps to minimise pores appearance. Skin feels recharged with moisture for a healthy-looking glow. 
At the heart of this mask are what is referred too as a powerful cocktail of high-performance hydrators such as Hyaluronic Acid to keep the skin feeling moisturised.  
L'Occitane Aqua Réotier Mineral Moisture Mask
This is in part why this mask can be used in two different ways:
  • The first is a night mask: To use, you simply apply a thin layer of the gel-like cream to the skin, avoiding the eye area and then allow it to sink in and then work overnight. The following morning, you simply wash it off and continue with your skincare routine. 
  • The second way to use this mask is as a moisture shot. When you feel that your skin is thirsty and is in need of a shot of moisture, grab the mask and apply a generous layer to the face, again avoiding the eye area. Then after around 10minutes, wipe-off any excess mask using a wet cotton pad.
For me, I don't have a favourite way of using, both work equally well. If I have time in a morning, then I like to use the mask as a quick shot of moisture before applying any makeup and it makes a great base to work with, if I feel my skin is particularly dry and needs a bit more love and care, then I opt for the overnight use.

What I do love about this Mineral Mask is the texture.  It is light and airy and doesn't leave the skin feeling weight down, greasy or tacky to the touch. It absorbs pretty quickly when you use it as a night mask because you are only applying a thin layer to the skin but as a moisture shot, it takes 30-40 seconds longer to work its magic. 

Priced at £32 (here) you can see this Aqua Réotier Mineral Moisture Mask and the rest of the Aqua Réotier Collection.

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  1. I love the moisturiser in this line so I'm sure I'd love this mask! xx


  2. Thanks RACHEL. Now I need it! You're such an enabler... xx ❤️

  3. Ooooo it sounds beautiful! I think I would love it! love a hydrating mask!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  4. Oh wow this sounds unbelievable! So hydrating x

  5. I have to admit, whenever I shop at L'Occitane I usually stick to my old favourites. Clearly I need to branch out more because this sounds lovely.

    Roxie |


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